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£5 off £40 Fuel at BP via Nationwide Simply Rewards and BPme
01/12/2018Expires on 01/12/2018Found 17th NovFound 17th Nov
If you have a nationwide account, sign up to nationwide simply rewards free Then pay for your fuel at BP using your nationwide card on th… Read more

The BP station can already be 10p more than local supermarkets in London, so not a great deal.


A fiver off will bring BP fuel down to the price of other stations. BP always seems the most expensive!


Same problem here too


I've just had a response, so fair play and my £5 has been granted.


Takes 3 days to show in your account . They are having teething troubles , as the first time I tried it ( 2 weeks ago ) my card was declined ! So I rang them and they admitted to problems with BPME at their end and gave me the £5 compensation even though I bought no petrol . The next day it worked fine - So £10 off £40 worth of petrol :D . It appears to be account specific (or maybe once per account ) as I haven't got the offer this time round :( .

ASDA reduced the petrol price to 119.7p at Barns Hill, Birmingham - possible National
Refreshed 16th NovRefreshed 16th NovLocalLocal
Just seen ASDA reduced the petrol price to 119.7, I don't know if it's national. Less than 120p after long time..

Same at wigan


There is a 8ppl wholesale cost between the two fuels, hence the difference. No one subsidising one against the other. Unfortunately it often widens at this time of year, as there is higher demand for diesel as it is used for heating too.


Not sure as I'm sure I read that diesel is a byproduct of production of other things from oil. But then there was something a month or so ago about an improvement in the refinement of petrol which made it cheaper to produce.


That's nice. Why is diesel so much more expensive at the moment though?


Same at Hatfield

Fuel yoghurt breakfast 150g @ Homebargains for 29p
LocalLocalFound 11th NovFound 11th Nov
Fuel 150g raspberry and blueberry with quark, seems lot cheaper than anywhere else by far and it's good for a quick breakfast if rushing to work,had plenty in at nottingham. In-sto… Read more
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Will be stocking up on these. Thanks


I saw these. My store had banana and strawberry flavour as well.

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Costco unleaded fuel now 120.99p Glasgow
LocalLocalFound 7th NovFound 7th Nov
Says it all in title

Diesel drivers, how good is this? Let's vote.


ASDA 120.4 £ Leyton London


Ah you're right - they owned 25% at one point and I thought I'd read they bought the lot, but googling suggests a Canadian firm bought the other 75% up...


Tesco seemed to have shares in them or didbut not fully owned by them. Most fuel cones from the same refineries just the company’s own additives added.


They're supplied by Greenergy (now owned by Tesco) so it should be similar to Tesco's fuel offering, albeit they add their own additive mix when delivered to the Costco forecourts which boosts them above most supermarket offerings. It's not particularly scientific but my 2013 Diesel VW Tiguan seems to get around 2mpg more when drinking Costco's diesel than it does out of ASDA/Sainsburys in similar journeys. Just a shame that the Cardiff warehouse is rented and they don't own the carpark to build one - limits me to when I'm passing Bristol.

Unleaded Fuel @ Tesco for 123.9 per litre
LocalLocalFound 7th NovFound 7th Nov
Probably the cheapest that I found. Price at Tesco Barnsley.
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Asda £1.22


(I drive a diesel... can you tell? :D )


There's no tax changes though... this is all about fuel retailers milking it.


So, diesel price going up and petrol price going down...this is the game about how to adopt the idea about moving from diesel cars to petrol cars.... (annoyed) . A good deal for petrol car owners (y)


121.7 at Morrisons in Heckmondwike

Asda, Morrisons and Sainsbury's have reduced petrol prices by up to 2p a litre - drivers will pay no more than 122.7p per litre
LocalLocalFound 6th NovFound 6th Nov
Asda, Morrisons and Sainsbury's have reduced petrol prices by up to 2p a litre. Asda said its new national fuel cap means drivers will pay no more than 122.7p per litre at its 31… Read more

Price at my local ASDA 24hours petrol station was 122.7, BUT.. the station was closed, actually blocked by shopping trolleys.. Who needs that price reduction if I have to buy fuel elsewhere? :\


You're just swapping fossil fuels for materials that just as damaging to the environment. Lithium is our new fossil fuel and it is just as bad as our addiction to oil has been. But hey, as long as your city has lower emissions that's ok. Doesn't matter tht your "green" car is powered by electricity made by burning coal and other fossil fuels, or that only 5% of Lithium batteries can currently be recylced, or that it costs twice the energy to build an electric car in the first place, etc.......


All whilst being powered by Electricity that is only 30% "clean" and with batteries that'll end up in landfill.


In my head, I feel it's better for the engine. As I said, I FEEL ( :) ) that the engine is a little smoother on the posh juice, and with the cleaning additives, it certainly isn't doing it any harm. Purely subjective, but I ran 2 diesel Mondeos which are known for injector failure, for over 125,000 miles combined, and the only issue I ever had was a split turbo pipe on the earlier one. Faultlessly reliable in the engine area. This was when the price gap was much smaller, and where I noticed the difference in fuels more, so I ran pretty much entirely on shell, as there was station round the corner!


I always had his question if it was better for the engine and if it did more mpg... So thank you for answering when it gets cheaper I will try it out. Thank you

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£20 Free FuelInsure your car with and get £20 free fuel
Found 5th NovFound 5th Nov
How do I claim? To be eligible to claim the reward, you’ll need to have purchased a single annual car insurance policy through between 1st October 2018 and14th Nov… Read more

Can't remember the last time I saw a texaco petrol station




Because its already been posted before.


I'm just curious as to why this is being voted cold? I'm renewing my insurance today and confused it bring me the same quotes as the other providers, but obviously has this as an added bonus - is there any glaring reason I should avoid/people are voting cold?


Why would I want free fuel when I can get a carboot meerkat for free elsewhere?! (lol)

PETROL £1.22 PER LITRE @ Sainsbury's (Castle Vale, Birmingham)
LocalLocalFound 2nd NovFound 2nd Nov
Castle vale Birmingham SAINSBURYS petrol £1.22 PER LITRE

Got any deals you'd like to post - or are you just waiting for the fruit to fall from that money tree? Typical socialist.


Spoken like a true tory, maybe we can take the money from the most vulnerable in society and pretend the despicably rich (who don't pay their fair share) aren't affected/are the cause of the problem?


Should call it theft taxation cos getting taxed twice on the same product is theft. :)


Taxation on petrol and diesel is exactly the same, 57.95p fuel duty per litre + 20% VAT.


Taxation, diesel in reality is cheaper.

Ultra cheap fuel! @ Shell station in Apsley £1.07.6 a litre
LocalLocalFound 1st NovFound 1st Nov
Today only.Petrol station has been reopened today
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No, only chicken and fish.


That's approximately 20p cheaper then anywhere else...


Must have a ‘use-by’ date of today !! ;)


Yeh! When it got past 79p I was thinking it was starting to get daft! "Imagine if it got up to a quid!"


I remember when I first started driving in 2006, the price was around 85 pence. I thought that was expensive at the time!

DIESEL Fuel For Life - For Him - EDT - 125ml @ Boots - £39.49 (Free Order and Collect)
Found 1st NovFound 1st Nov
DIESEL Fuel for Life Homme is a mythical elixir that evokes images of something that’s a source of energy and fuels a passion for life. These emotions combined with sexiness and se… Read more

Same price on Amazon. Better deal if you have Prime.

£5 off fuel with the Esso app when you spend £10+ when paying via Paypal
Refreshed 14th NovRefreshed 14th Nov24/11/2018Expires on 24/11/2018
Get £5 off fuel when paying with the Esso app using PayPal. How to get this offer: 1) Tap 'Save Offer' and log in to PayPal. Saving the offer constitutes acceptance of the Terms a… Read more
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When is the last day to use this offer?




Did the offer correctly and never got the £5 off. Just got an email tonight reminding me to use the offer before it expires.. err..?


Tried this today! I went to the petrol station, signed into the app, chose my payment method, PayPal failed so I tried again and it worked the second time, waited for the pump to be authorized, filled my car up and £5 was deducted off my total bill! It worked out far cheaper than anywhere else! Plus I got 200 Clubcard points on top as well as double points. Thanks OP


Just used offer - every little helps. It is a bit of a faff, I went last week and the service was down, so only filled up with £5 of diesel as my local Sainsbury's and Tesco are cheaper. Tried again tonight and it worked. Even though it takes a few minutes to get authorised - Paypal won't debit my bank account for 14 days - which is a bonus.

Sainsburys Arnold Petrol Station - £1.22.2 Unleaded
LocalLocalFound 29th OctFound 29th Oct
Sainsburys Arnold has the cheapest Unleaded ive seen so far. Cheaper than Asda. Diesel is still 1.31.3 unfortunatly.
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When you write a figure in pounds and pence that extends to fractions of a penny there's no need for a second decimal place. The title should say £1.222


hey Arnold!




Ffs lmfao xD


Is the Petrol Station named after Arnold Schwarzenegger? Because... <insert drum roll> I'll be back, for more petrol. It's been a long day (embarrassed)

Ravpower 10000mAh car jump starter for upto 3L petrol engine inc flashlight, usb charger & 2.5 year warranty £30.99 delivered @ Amazon / SVT
Found 23rd OctFound 23rd Oct
I have the slightly different version of these as I have a 3L diesel and this one is for upto 3L petrol engines and I have to say its been great and saved me twice when my son left… Read more

I don't know if this is any good, but at least it is cheap-ish another Ravpower with lower battery power. but still, not such a good deal compare to the OP


Is there any on offer now which is good


Wow, gotta keep an eye out for that one - it looks good!


Last week when I saw the deal, I told myself I don't need it, so I didn't buy... This morning my battery was flat and I hope I had it in my hand :( should have listened to the gut!!


code no longer works "The promotional code you entered is not valid.". Shame.

Redex fuel clean for petrol and diesel - £2
Found 20th OctFound 20th Oct
Redex fuel clean for petrol and diesel half price at Tesco. Its that time of year to get the car in order for winter and thought it would help someone

I'll try another, Kingston Park deffo £4. Cheers.


Still £2 in my local Tesco half an hour ago, shelf label says offer runs until the end of the month.


Would reccomend millers ecomax instead of this. Lasts 10 tanks full. I occasionally use this if its on offer for £2 as it wont kill me to throw some redex in every couple of months but, millers is what i use every fill up


I usually find them half price in Tesco and Asda. Check after a month or 2. Sometimes they sell engine coolants for half price too which is good deal


£4 now.

BOGOF on 5w40 5L fully synthetic Triple QX engine oil petrol or diesel 10 litres for £25.99 with code free delivery or c&c @ Euro Car Parts
Found 19th OctFound 19th Oct
Ends midnight tonight BOGOF on 5w 40 Triple QX fully synthetic for petrols and diesels engine oil with code OIL11 at Euro Car Parts. Add one then add the code and it auto adds an… Read more

Still available with code


Iv picked this for a £10 before at euros


These are usually about a tenner in store most days!


i had the same thoughts.... but im sure my T5 1.9tdi is 5W/30 They recomend this one for vags on euro but for that price i would buy this as parks said it was the right one for mine (just give them your reg & their check) But this guy is selling a kit with the GM oil for the VW, Europarts gm oil - So who knows.......!! :/ :/ So Im sticking to the quantum 3 :S


Yeah went to collect some deionised water that I reserved online with a discount code... Luckily their staff where nowhere to be seen when I went to collect so I had plenty of time to kill and it was at that moment that I spotted exactly the same product cheaper in store at it's full price....

Energizer AA and AAA batteries 4 pack £1.25 in Tesco petrol station
LocalLocalFound 16th OctFound 16th Oct
Energizer AA and AAA Batteries pack of 4 £1.25 at Tesco petrol station found in Coventry Rico arena store.
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10p of a litre of fuel when you spend £60 at Tesco
Refreshed 17th OctRefreshed 17th OctLocalLocal
10p of a litre of fuel when you spend £60 instore and online starts tomorrow at Tesco last for the next 3 weeks between 15/10/18 and 04/11/18.
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I stand corrected ;) , maybe they should change the terms and conditions to reflect it, instead of making me and others like me seem stupid.


Yep - I just returned from Tesco and this works fine as long as the Total to Pay is above £60 before you hand in any other coupons or vouchers.


Just back from Tesco - total to pay = £60.29 after 25% wine discount applied. The cashier accepted my £7 off £50 shop voucher, so total to pay reduced to £53.29. I still received a 10p off petrol coupon with my receipt, so it works fine.


Sorry for the spelling mistake


What can I do to get this? Spend £80 easily at Tesco & no pumps or Aldi? Again, you don't know when you're winning, enjoy ;-)

Sainsbury's Diesel £1.29 per Litre - Gloucester Sainsbury's
LocalLocalFound 14th OctFound 14th Oct
Went to fill up my car on a journey at this Sainsbury's in Gloucester. Was surprised to see the price of 129.99 per litre of diesel. Cheaper than the Southampton area and London ar… Read more
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£1.21 at costco fuel stations


That petrol? 125.7 diesel @asda tamworth today morrisons always a few pence more expensive was 127.7 friday @morrisons


Ah well the art of dialogue and discussion has changed that ;D


A reminder of why we're in correspondence: I said "This is a deals site, not a political sounding board". I'll stand by that, as will HUKD. Your deal posting history suggests you may have overlooked that.


Still haven't really addressed the core issue... no counter argument and therefore an attack on spelling. If you have anything useful to add then do not comment. And you should be flattered that I called you a "smart guy" ... kisses Lastly wikipedia doesn't count :D

Redex Fuel System Cleaner £2.00 Instore Wilko Slough
LocalLocalFound 13th OctFound 13th Oct
Found In Wilko Slough, for both petrol and diesel. May be national, worth a look. Redex diesel system cleaner keeps injectors cleans by breaking down and safely removing harmfu… Read more
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So agreed and there have been reports that it can actually damage your catalytic converter. It should not be used often and can damage rubber seals where they come at numerous sealing points on any diesel and petrol cars. Long term trouble that's all. If you need a decent cleaner you buy a good one that has been proven and even then it won't bee too effective.


Have any motoring shows or magazines actually tested this stuff to see if it offers any more than the additives added to modern fuels? Same with the oil additives and so called 'friction reducers' against the additives in modern engine oils. YouTube tests show exactly the same mpg before and after on long term tests. An old mechanics trick is gun cleaner to flush out the fuel system but make sure u change the fuel filter soon afterwards...


VW should bulk buy this stuff (lol) (lol) (lol)


To judge from how often this is posted on here at this price, this seems to be the usual price. Occasionally on special offer at £4


helped my car pass a previously failed MOT diesel emissions test.....heat from me..

£10 TCB on fuel when filling up at various fuel stations - bonus for referral scheme!
Found 10th OctFound 10th Oct
This latest £10 fuel deal is a simple click away and still valid until midnight tomorrow - you just need to keep hold of your receipt. The offer is available at Tesco Morrisons S… Read more



"Offer valid from 08 Oct 2018 to 14 Oct 2018" so I'm assuming the receipt would have to be in that specific date


Is there any t&c of when the date has got to be on the receipt and can it be used with fuel cards receipts


No #10 offer here, but I'm thrilled at the one especially for existing customers - 10p off a can of soup


Limited to 4000. You probably won't get it anyway but worth a shot if you happen to have filled up today.

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