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unleaded £1.149 and diesel £1.239 at Sainsburys Leicester
26/12/2018Expires on 26/12/2018LocalLocalFound 8th DecFound 8th Dec
Fuel price at Sainsburys Melton Road, Leicester: Unleaded 114p Diesel 123p Not sure if its nationwide

114.7p for petrol at my local asda


Sounds good. You start.


Let's start the hotukdeals fuel protest


Ages ago when oil sterted to go down in price they said fuel will drop to less than £1... Then decided they just wanted to pocket the money, Kept quiet and never mentioned it again... It costs them even less now too


Same price in Asda Abbey Lane Leicester

Costco unleaded 113.9p/ltr.,premium unleaded 117.9p/ltr.,  premium diesel 121.9p/ltr
Found 8th DecFound 8th Dec
Regular unleaded 113.9p/ltr Premium unleaded 117.9p/ltr Premium Diesel 121.9p/ltr Deal is at all UK Costco fuel stations Prices include VAT. Deal guaranteed until tomorrow

As this is off topic maybe worth checking Costco's website or have a look at my post above.posted at 17:57. If you spend a lot there you could get membership with 2% cashback. Now back to topic...


Likewise it may cost some people more to get to Asda than Costco and 80p is better in your pocket than theirs (assuming you've got a petrol car , the difference is an extra £4.80 for Asda's diesel) off! Also while your at Asda spending more money on fuel you may well buy crisps/chocolate/drinks/sandwiches etc which you wouldn't otherwise buy. More people (especially price conscious ones) would prefer paying less than paying more especially given Asda isn't Shell/Esso (other branded fuels exist) not that branded fuels are any better or worse as all fuel has to meet relevant British Standards whether branded or not. Now back on topic...


114p for unleaded, it doesn't show the .7 on the sign outside. It's hardly a rip off on unleaded. On 100 litres it's a difference of 80p compared to Costco. For some people, it will cost them more than 80p to get to their nearest Costco, whereas Asda's are more locally. If the Asda unleaded is the same elsewhere, some people may prefer it


How is that a con? They charge the price they want, no one is forcing you to buy it...


I’ve also got this question. If so, what’s the cheapest way to get membership?

Asda To Cut Petrol Prices Again By An Additional 2p a Litre  - £1.14
LocalLocalFound 7th DecFound 7th Dec
With oil prices falling Asda is set to reduce petrol and diesel prices for the fourth weekend in a row! Customers will pay no more than 114.7p a litre for petrol and 125.7p a liter… Read more
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I would also like to add that Asda fuel is not as good quality as for ex. Shell. So you car will use more petrol overall. Never been really bothered about chasing up cheap fuel as in general on weekly or monthly basis you will save pennys. If you a HGV Fleet owner - then yes. Every penny count. Don’t get me wrong you’re welcome to buy any place you like. Its your money and you savings (£1) (lol)


Ignorant comment. Look at the bigger picture - if Asda reduce their fuel prices, others follow. Asda seem to be the only ones to ever actually REDUCE their fuel prices. Without them who knows what we'd all be paying for fuel....


Whatever ..


You say "all over the net", and yet the first page of Google is full of forums/technical articles stating the contrary to your claim. It's incredibly damaging for you to encourage people to pay premium prices on a money saving forum


There are no caveats - it's all over the net. It's like drinking buying food from poundshop v Waitrose. I know I'd eat . Factual information. Kindest regards

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Free £35 Fuel system service with any Halfords Service
24/12/2018Expires on 24/12/2018Found 5th DecFound 5th Dec
Was just on Halfords Auto Center website as my car is due a service and spotted this on the side. Free Fuel system service (normally worth £35) with either an interim, full or ma… Read more

Same here. Passed with no advisories amd certainly WOULD recommend for an MOT. Paying for them to fit a bulb or some wipers is a different matter.... although some people don't want their hands dirty regardless of cost


Wouldn't really call that hostile... Better let everyone know that any deal where you get something free with a purchase if you use a code not to bother anymore. Any buy one get one free deals or anything, don't post them because "Mr_xx" doesn't like it.


I presume it was the bulbs they'd installed upside down? How do you even do that? XD


Same terrible experience here. Friend took theirs in for the “free mot”. Got a huge list of issues and fails, took it to the local main dealer to have fixed as the car was from them originally and wanted original parts (who you would expect to also want to make money) they said there was non of the faults that Halfords found and did the MOT again and passed. They passed the details along to whoever regulates them and a complaint to Halfords resulted in a instant £50 voucher and apology (which in my book is a “pay them off quick and sweep it under the rug” admission)


Halfords autocentres are the biggest ripoff in my opinion. I took up the free mot offer and they gave me a list of a million faults. Some serious that the car was unroadworthy. Then took it to an independent garage who passed it with minor advisories. Saved well over£500 there.

Save on your fuel prices @ Esso via BlueLightCard
Found 5th DecFound 5th Dec
Save money on your fuel for emergency service workers at esso just noticed this deal probably still cheaper at your supermarket but a saving is a saving
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There is nowhere for me to put in the BLC reference when I attempt to sign up, anyone mange to get round this?


Just type esso into the search bar, for me it was the last displayed result. (y)


Company’s in search type esso


How did you find the info pls? Iv searched for it but cannot locate it, thanks in advance :)


Mmm I don't have a Blue Light Card, but I've got my military ID + Defence Discount Card. Think I shall have to inquire at my local Esso regarding this. Cheers op

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10p off per litre with a £20 spend in store @ BP with M&S Simply Food
LocalLocalFound 4th DecFound 4th Dec
Spend £20 in store on shop goods and receive 10p off per litre. Can take advantage of the Takeaway Banquet deal - 2 mains and 2 sides for £10 or Prosecco 2 for £16 Usual exclusions… Read more

I suspect the BP garage is in close proximity to an Asda or other supermarket forecourt as that's the only time they drop the price and even then they're normally a couple of pence a litre more. Probably making UK drivers pay for their negligence in the US and elsewhere!


Yes Gift Cards, Top Ups, Lottery and Tobacco excluded


Are gift cards excluded?


It was in a Simply food store


I was wondering the same!

Sainsburys - Diesel 1.21 petrol 1.17 Aberdeen
Found 1st DecFound 1st Dec
Sainsburys at Aberdeen has reduced fuel today. Now: 1.214 for diesel 116.9 for petrol Cheapest diesel in town!
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Leicester Sainsbury’s is also £1.16




Got this alert from this morning.


There was a more significant drop earlier in the year that didn't drop prices hugely. Unfortunately prices aren't as responsive when falling as they are rising. Also worth noting that oil is priced in $, so if the £ falls further, you'll see higher prices


The price of oil has dropped 5% a barrel today. Expect further drops over the next 3 months. Should be down to about £1.08 by March

Petrol and Diesel continues to get lower at Asda 1.162
LocalLocalFound 1st DecFound 1st Dec
Asda have cut fuel prices again. - Petrol 1.167 - Diesel 1.272 Im not sure if its just nottingham or nationwide but either way, thats pretty good.
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Good. Seriously we should get the petrol garage companies to get rid of the decimal forever, it's so annoying. Why should we put up with this crap in this day and age, I mean 1p is the lowest denominator.


The only grey area they referred to was regarding the additive packages, they confirmed the base fuel was the same.. as it has to be by law to be sold in this country! As I told you, the additives vary from station to station, but a shot of Redex will balance out any "crap" additive mixtures.


Maybe you should help them conclude it then ... clearly their not smart enough despite acknowledging it.


Have we invaded another Middle Eastern country?


Sources for.. the actual British Standards? Okay.. What's difficult to believe? All fuel is made to the same specifications by the same refineries, and the only difference from station to station is the additives mixed in. The rules are very strict - you'll notice at the pump that the labels for the fuel state "conforms to British Standard XXXXX" or similar. EDIT: Your source actually confirms this... good job pal.

Cheap Texaco Fuel - £1.16.9 (Shropshire)
LocalLocalFound 30th NovFound 30th Nov
D A Roberts Grindley Brook Whitchurch Shropshire

Just follow the saying ‘if you haven’t got anything good to say don’t say anything ‘ people posting on here, including you, are doing it to help and don’t need sarcasm or negativity


Should stay at school and learn more uk geography rather than posting sarcastic comments on here


Been on here for 12yrs now it's what the site does to you after awhile, but im open to suggestions?


Heat - as luck would have it I’m driving past there later


Way don’t you move to another site as all you seem to do is post sarcastic posts

Asda to cut fuel prices from tomorrow unleaded 116.7p ltr // diesel 127.7p ltr
Found 30th NovFound 30th Nov
MOTORISTS will see the cost of filling up on both diesel and unleaded fall by up to 2p a litre at Asda petrol stations from tomorrow. The move takes force across the supermarket's… Read more

£10000 cheaper ford is not inferior to a prius. we are not comparing this to a car from china or korea for £5000, i chose a perfectly acceptable comparison 5 door family hatchback. there are higher models of the ford that still are under 22000. but chosing a standard focus 15000 to a standard prius of 25000. if you think spending £10000 extra on a hybrid then fine your choice. The MPG of cars currently and emmisions from exhausts are SO low they are not far behind. I am not going to reply any more


Is there any difference in the quality of fuel from different garages? I usually only use branded places but a mate of mine said that all fuel comes from the same refineries


To give some perspective to UK pricing. In Oz, petrol is 70p/litre, Sydney city trains, £2 for up to 10km, if going a bit further £3.50 for 35-65km . In Malaysia you can buy a bus ticket with no pre-booking and go hundreds of miles for £10 on good roads(nicer coach than nat exp, seats 3 abreast not 4, WiFi) a local bus ticket is 60p. It's up to the government to decide if it wants to make transport cheap... If they want to get people off the roads then it's possible.. Sadly the government are too busy filling their pockets and only thinking 4 years in to the future, not giving a second thought to what is good for the country and investing in better infrastructure..


Exactly, depending on model. The most basic Prius would cost exactly as you said - just below 25k. Although it is more expensive than the base price of a Focus, but should you choose a Focus with an engine and drivetrain to match Prius (it will be 1.6-liter diesel engine for economy and an automatic trasmission, at least) so that this comparison to be fair you will quickly see the price jumping to at least 23k! We are also talking about Focus C-Max because we also need to match Prius' capacity for this comparison to be fair. Even though the price is some 10pc higher it is definitely worth the premium for Toyota's reliability. Ford will probably fail after 150k miles, at least there will be a lot more to repair if you plan to keep it past warranty... You can't compare Ford to Toyota, the latter is so much better car.


Focus 15000 Prius 25000 Depending on model

Mammouth 4kg Tub for the price of 2kg!!! USN Muscle Fuel Anabolic Strawberry 4000g Powder with FREE Delivery @ Holland&Barratt
Found 29th NovFound 29th Nov
Think this is a price match gone wrong, as its on the half price deal leaflet but only the 2kg one, which is also half price but more than this 4KG size!!! Only posted when knew … Read more

Aye, up the RA!


Creatine monohydrate In the protein matrix ? Interesting :/ why even bother with this crap. Expensive and not very good. U can get much more calories in a homemade shake.


Found the culprit


(highfive) Brilliant!


Correct, that is what MFA's are mainly for (y)

Costco Fuel 115.9p/L unleaded | 124.9p/L Premium Diesel - Cheapest in the UK @ Costco until 2/12/18
Refreshed 29th NovRefreshed 29th Nov
As above. Every little helps @ Costco. Members only - for those that wonder, you can’t fill up without a Costco card, borrow one from a friend or join up ( some decent savings to… Read more
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@118luke :p 'Do all cars have to pay the ULEZ? No. Only those with older - namely more polluting - engines. As a rule of thumb, petrol cars more than 14 years old and diesel cars more than four years old by next April will have to pay.'


ANYONE KNOW OF ANY COSTCO MEMBERSHIP DEALS ON? Eg groupon, living social where they do the membership at reduced costs or various vouchers making the cost minimal Thanks


1.54 in shell folkestone absolute con


My local petrol station is 135.9 for diesel, I remember it being 99.9 a few years ago


Oh, I may have been wrong then, sorry :S

Save 10p off every litre of fuel when you spend £50 or more in store at Morrisons. Starts 29th Nov-9th Dec.
Refreshed 29th NovRefreshed 29th Nov
Title explains it all really. Spend over £50 in store and save 10p per litre of fuel after. Open to UK residents aged 16 or over. Get 10p off every litre of fuel when you spend £5… Read more

Can I give the 10p off voucher to a friend or family? Of course they will not have accompanying more card if that is required to redeem the discount.


Combines lovely with the Baileys £10 deal (y)


You naughty, naughty, naughty boy! <3


Top deal!


I do agree with you on the beers. I am very picky with what lager I drink but the wines and spirits at Aldi are far better some of the more expensive brands and meat is the same if not better. I could recommend a few Wines and gins if you like

Amex spend £30 or more, get £10 back in fuel @ BPme App
Refreshed 28th NovRefreshed 28th Nov31/12/2018Expires on 31/12/2018
BPme app get £10 credit back when spending £30 or more on fuel using Amex

Went to two stations, when I got to the station it told me service not availabt at this station. Went to the second station has technical issues on 2 pumps. Gave up at the end.


This app as previously mentioned is a steaming turd. Tab with Nectar offers gives an error. Trying to select a pump when at the petrol station in the next town constantly gives an error. All unspecified errors.. trying to send them feedback doesn't give an error, it just doesn't sodding work full stop. We shall see how good ol' Zsolt reacts to my latest email come Monday.. he is awfully sorry about it all ;) his email complaint template must be going into meltdown!


The reviews for this app are woeful


I just do the full tank option and stop it just over £30.


Got this sorted and cashback confirmed. Thanks to whoever gave the tip to put a higher amount in for the value, I selected £35, but the pump barely dribbled it's way over the £33 mark.... Just as well I never picked £30, otherwise that would have kissed the £10 cashback goodbye.

Diesel Fuel For Life He Eau de Toilette, 125ml & John Lewis & Partners for £40.20
Found 25th NovFound 25th Nov
Seems like a great deal. Usually costs around £60.

No it works out even better (highfive) I was really wrong haha.


125 isn’t bad for £40 then from JL boxed etc.


I just checked and it was the 30ml significantly less... good price though... I think it was like 13 quid actually and there's seller listing for like 10 now


Can you share

Diesel £1.239 Petrol is £1.199 Sainsbury's Aberdeen
Found 22nd NovFound 22nd Nov
Sainsburys in Aberdeen has dropped Petrol and diesel prices. Diesel now 123.9 Petrol 119.9 Hopefully will help some people out.
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Drove past London New cross Sainsbury this morning, petrol 119.9, diesel 130.9. Previously I had a small diesel car and it was pretty efficient 1.6tdi, now a petrol hybrid even better for London.


Didnt realise price was falling.Pulled into Sainsburys Winchester earlier and unleaded was down 4p from Saturdays price to £1.21 a litre which was a nice shock.Sadly if its diesel your after it was a hefty £1.32.


Welcome to gods country.


Just making my way from LEicester now. A deal is a deal at the end of the day


Christ, it's £1.30 round here...

Asda petrol and diesel cheapest in country £118.7p unleaded and £129.7p
LocalLocalFound 22nd NovFound 22nd Nov
Fuel tomorrow at all 319 asda sites will fall to £118.7p unleaded and £129.7 diesel. This could be the cheapest in the country.
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Diesel was always cheaper to produce in the past but having done some research, it seems that diesel is now more expensive to produce...... by 0.5p per litre. One thing YOU might like to consider is whether this extra cost justifies diesel being 10p per litre more at the pumps, and another thing you might like to consider is why, when the cost of a barrel of oil has been under $50, have the retail costs not reflected this. Perhaps you could also explain why when the price of a barrel of oil goes up, fuel prices immediately go up, but when the barrel price goes down, fuel prices take an age to follow suit, if indeed, they fall at all. We've all heard the "it's bought in advance" argument but that works both ways. So if THAT isn't profiteering, perhaps you could tell us all what it actually is.


Diesel is more expensive to produce. One fact you might want to consider, until recently oil companies were losing money


Retailers make pennies per litre


That’s a rip off. Nearly five grand to fill a tank up. Flipping heck


i filled up yesterday for £1.34 a litre ..... i'm gonna drive around town making room in my tank tonight .... so i can get a bargain tomoorow (excited)

£5 off £40 Fuel at BP via Nationwide Simply Rewards and BPme
Found 17th NovFound 17th Nov
If you have a nationwide account, sign up to nationwide simply rewards free Then pay for your fuel at BP using your nationwide card on th… Read more

The BP station can already be 10p more than local supermarkets in London, so not a great deal.


A fiver off will bring BP fuel down to the price of other stations. BP always seems the most expensive!


Same problem here too


I've just had a response, so fair play and my £5 has been granted.


Takes 3 days to show in your account . They are having teething troubles , as the first time I tried it ( 2 weeks ago ) my card was declined ! So I rang them and they admitted to problems with BPME at their end and gave me the £5 compensation even though I bought no petrol . The next day it worked fine - So £10 off £40 worth of petrol :D . It appears to be account specific (or maybe once per account ) as I haven't got the offer this time round :( .

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