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Costco Fuel Station now open in Leicester unleaded at £1.147, super unleaded at £1.209, diesel at £1.247
Refreshed 17th AprRefreshed 17th AprLocalLocal
Unleaded at £1.147 Super unleaded at £1.209 Diesel at £1.247 Fill yer tanks. Ideal for those who live and commute in Leicester. Decent fuel as well. Question and answers at htt… Read more

No, I'm not. You are :) The discount doesn't include fuel! Never has done. You need to purchase over £2,000 per year in store to make the cost difference back. So unless you spend £200 per month the gold membership is not worth it. I would further suggest that often savings are better at supermarkets on some items, so that extra spend probably needs to be higher per month as not a true saving on what is possible if you split your purchases wisely. I've had gold, and hold trade now which is fine for me.


I,m sure it used to include fuel. In any case. I find that being a costco gold member pays for itself just buying other food and household products with the 2% cashback. And you get thebenefit of the very cheap premium fuel...I wasn't suggesting that you should join and only buy fuel... thanks for pointing this out though. (y)


Hi. Just wanted to confirm that the fuel is included in the 2% cashback? On the website it states it excludes fuel. Thanks


Agree. Copying the barcode results in the valid members name appearing on the pump display then you are paying with a debit csrd with a differdnt name. That mismatch will get picked up then they match the point of sale time with your reg on the forecourt number plate recognition camera's.. and you are nicked for fraud. So Bargain Bert, Just get a membership like the rest of us you tramps ar*e.


You are missing the point. Yes pay standard membership and still get the fuel at this price but the membership has cost you. You don't get the 2% back on purchases. Buying a gold membership gets you the 2% cash back which negates the cost of the membership.. do you get it now ?

£10 Cashback on £10 Spend on Fuel through TCB
Found 15th AprFound 15th Apr
This deal says there is a £10 cashback for a £10 spend on fuel at Tesco, Morrisons, Sainsbury’s, Asda, the Co-operative, Esso, BP, Texaco, Gulf, Jet, Murco and Shell. Apparently it… Read more

It ended on 20th april as it wasn't showing up. It was definitely not available all day on sunday.


Hey guys, We just did want to manage expectations here a bit and make sure that everyone's aware that if you re-join us we do have ways of ensuring this is only for new members. We do value our existing members and do things where we can, please don't create a new account if you have one already expecting the cashback as this won't be awarded. Thanks guys :) Best wishes,Matt


Thanks for sharing this OP! Offer came at the right time now that fuel prices are rocketing up!


Don't know why the mods expired it but whatever.



£104 Extra OFF with Code! RANGEMASTER Kitchener KCH90DFFBL/C Dual Fuel Range Cooker - Black & Chrome £994 @ Currys
Found 13th AprFound 13th Apr
Do not use the Curry's on site code, log in to your Curry's account first, then add item to your cart, then add code to box, to get an EXTRA £104.90 off the sale price, which b… Read more

Its dropped in price again, so its £899.10 with the code


Correct... I have put £994 in the HUKD title, as "some" buyers, may have to pay for delivery up to £50 as its MASSIVE if they cannot wait for free delivery slot!


Just do not use the "curry's" one that pops up?? It's £944 all in, including the FREE delivery, which is anything from £20 - £45 a pop, depending on slot days and large appliance weekend rushes (y)




1049 less 104 is not 994 unless the 1049 shown inc their 50 voucher, I didn't log in to check till final stage

Save 5p off every litre of fuel when you spend £40 or more in store (Apr 8th - 14th) - Morrisons
Found 8th AprFound 8th Apr
Offer back running from Morrisons until Sunday April 14th. Usual terms, save 5p per litre when you spend £40 in-store. The promotional small print... 5p Fuel Offer - Terms and… Read more
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I'm sure this has been extended for 1 week


I regulary choose a cheaper petrol station even if its just 5p litre saving. That £2 and buy me 6 cholate bars in Poundland (cheeky) Edit: I save £4 a month, which is £44 or 144 chocolate bars over the year (unicorn)


Once again we are saving just a few quid... Why is this a deal...


Plus they've upped prices of their fuel, so that £3 saved is long gone and it's win win for Morrison's!


Heat from me, as I also had a 1875 points voucher if I spent over £25. I agree that some supermarket petrol may not always be quite as good as other 'brands' but if you have an old car with over 220000 miles like mine then I don't worry (shock)

10p off per litre when you spend £20 in store @ BP
07/05/2019Expires on 07/05/2019LocalLocalFound 8th AprFound 8th Apr
Customers who spend £20 or more in store (exclusions apply*) will receive 10 pence per litre off their BP petrol or diesel fuel purchase. Available in all BP with M&S Simply F… Read more

don't forget you get about 4 quid worth of shopping, so realistically you would only need 800 litres to break even


Lov it


Doesn't seem to exclude adblue? Buy 30l (if you have 3 spare adblue cans) then get 10p off fuel.


So what additives are in BP 95 octane compared to Asda's 95 octane?


Do the Maths, I would agree that BP is generally around 8p more expensive than the other Cheaper Stations. So spend £20 gets you 10p off per litre on your next fill, 10p minus the 8p you would have saved by not using the Cheaper Stations means you save 2p per liter, 20 quid divided by 2p is 1000, fill up 1000 litres on you next fill and your at break even point (ie you got your £20 spend back) can your Car hold 1000 liters in one fill up. Or look at it another way, fill up 1000 liters over time by using the cheaper Station and youve just saved yourself £80 by not using BP in the first place.

Buy car insurance through and receive £20 worth of Texaco fuel for FREE
31/05/2019Expires on 31/05/2019Found 7th AprFound 7th Apr
I did this last time the offer was on, and my voucher took a few days to come through, can spend the £20 on fuel or anything in the shop. Also confused beat other sites at the tim… Read more
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I tried direct-line and found it much cheaper than any other comparison page. Not voting as some might still get it cheaper.


Make sure you check all the details that these comparison sites autofill for you once they transfer you to the insurers own site. Had it put incorrect info in on nearly every occasion when you go back through the quote. Usually because the questions the comparison sites ask don't quite match the wording of the insurer. Nothing major but worth double checking, has also reduced the quote before as well.


anyone who doesn't change annually is most likely gifting money to insurers anyway. Havning had both Elephant (admiral) and Aviva deal with non fault claims I've had, Aviva were leaps and bounds above Admiral. Worth bearing that in mind.


Aviva wanted 980 quid for a second car, admiral charged me 330. Never again. The sales rep was shocked when I declined his offer, "but it's a good deal it's fully comp!" Can't wait to change provider at renewal time for my main car.


car insurance is so expensive specially in London, we only use car for like 30 minutes in a week, and that is only for going to Asda, and we are paying £1900 yr insurance, we are looking to sell car and using taxis which is more cheaper.

Diesel Only The Brave Tattoo 125ml EDT for him £34.99 delivered @ The Perfume Shop
Found 6th AprFound 6th Apr
Less than the 50ml bottle. Free Delivery within 3-5 working days. NOTE: The perfume shop are doing 10% off a £40 spend with code 10OFFAPRIL19 which ends on 9AM Friday 12TH Apr… Read more
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Totally Agree this stuff is really nice and lasts, brilliant - have some heat!!!!


Love the fragrance. Remains on and detectable from about 2metres for half the day. I got 200ml when it was on sale for £40.


Cant say it lasts too long but certainly liked by all when I wear it


I would take it back as if it's not fake there must be something wrong with it as yours appears to have no longevity


Its my daily spray for work as its pretty cheap and long lasting. Lasts all day for me but I purchased from The Perfume Shop.

Redex 250ml Petrol Injector & Diesel Fuel System Cleaner £2 @ Wilko
LocalLocalFound 30th MarFound 30th Mar
Diesel fuel system cleaner link Both petrol injector and diesel fuel system cleaner reduced from £4 to £2 at Wil… Read more

Want something that works? I was recommended the following by someone who exclusively works on engines, apparently taxi drivers swear by it and it cleaned the head of my 4AF nicely which had over 200k on it:


Higher octane fuel will increase power and miles/ gallon in a car which can detect knock and advance ignition timing accordingly :{


Nope it won't. By all means Google it and find out for yourself.


But surely the premium is of higher octane and you get performance hence more miles per litre


As others have suggested this is the equivalent to filling up with super unleaded or the super diesel equivalent. BUT this is a much cheaper alternative as a full tank of this premium fuel will set you back £5.50 on an average 55 litre fuel tank, as premium is approx 10p per litre more expensive. This costs £2 and is half a bottle per full tank, so effectively £1 as opposed to £5.50. A no brainer for me. I love all these self proclaimed experts claiming it's snake oil or a facade. What redex actually does is boost you fuel to give it additives to make your fuel super unleaded/diesel, but at a much cheaper cost. So you can buy supermarket fuel which doesn't have all the fuel additives, add this save money and get premium fuel.

250 Bonus Nectar points with BP Me app (Up to 5 times)
LocalLocalFound 30th MarFound 30th Mar
250 bonus points every time you fill up with BPme, up to 5 times. Expires 24th April 2019.
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Not on mine, my partner's or my Dad's.


No longer available


Mines just triple points

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Men's's Fuel Core Coast V3 Running Shoes/Trainers (Size 7.5 Only At This Price) @ Amazon - £22.92
Found 27th MarFound 27th Mar
Good price, though only size 7.5. New Balance Men's Fuel Core Coast V3 Running Shoes, (Blue/Black), 7.5 UK 41.5 EU Features & details … Read more

Haha, I rarely forget which phone people are using if they tell me :D it's an affliction.


Can't believe you remember that with all the deals you've be part of. Reckon it should see the decade out. Still doesn't miss a beat. So I reckon I'll miss the honor 8x and 9x and go for the 10x


Cheers, how's the 7x, still going well?


Size 7.5 now £70. Size 8 less than thirty quid. Average sizes 8.5 to 10 around £30 something



Now Live - Save 5p off every litre of fuel when you spend £40 or more in store at Morrisons until 7th April
Refreshed 3rd AprRefreshed 3rd AprLocalLocal
Saw this in the fuel garage this evening. Spend £40 or more and get 5p off every litre. Not a great saving but better than nothing. Offer starts in store tomorrow and runs till Ap… Read more
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5p off all the time and 2% cash back at Costco better fuel more miles per tank winner all round . Down side you have to have Costco card .


Too far from me. Surrounded by Sainsbury and Texaco.


Sounds like managed decline maybe, wouldn't be surprised if your branch is earmarked for closure , soon to be replaced by likes of aldi


If you looking for a LOT of coke I know a guy!


I agree but Tesco Asda are stocked up. I just think that my local Morrison’s is awful no stock in there !

3% off Shell fuel for First Utility Customers
Refreshed 25th MarRefreshed 25th Mar
Over the weekend First Utility have rebranded to 'Shell Energy' ( ). When I've logged in it has asked me if I have the Shell app on my phone to get an addit… Read more
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What should I use? Stick to Morrisons?


That explains it then lol


Seemingly linked to this offer (incase people miss it) is the possibility of £2 off a £10 fuel spend at Shell. See thread here.


Just switched to them ourselves. Beat our current prices by £200 & were the cheapest by a pretty big margin, checked all the comparison sites going first. Will never use this offer though, the shell garages near us are always way more expensive than the other ones.


hmm shell energy pays me (solar power) i wonder if i still count as a "customer".

Silverline Plastic Fuel Can - 5 L, Green £3.31 + £4.49 delivery (Non Prime) @ Amazon
Found 23rd MarFound 23rd Mar
Looks like a good price to me - cheapest its been as per the 3Camels. Works best if you have prime, else the deliver costs would make it not so much a deal in my view. Descripti… Read more
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£4 @ Wilko Instore for those without Prime:


Excellent, I was loooking for one for the lawnmower yesterday, heat.


A gallon is 4.546 litres so this will take a car which does 40 miles to the gallon (mpg) 40+ miles which is certainly enough. Most lawn mowers have something like a 0.4 to 0.8 lite tank so again this is loads. Also lots of laws with regards to how much petrol you can keep at home, how far away from house and in what.


Petrol stations will get in to a huge amount of trouble if they let anyone use a 10 litre plastic can, max is 10 litre for a metal can or 5 litres for a plastic can.


Cheers bought one

New MERCEDES-BENZ E CLASS DIESEL ESTATE E220D SE 5DR 9G-TRONIC now £29786 (saving 27%) @ Drive the deal
Found 23rd MarFound 23rd Mar
Been checking on this one for a while..... Seems the better engined E220D estate version is currently a better price than the lesser powered E200d model which is more money @ £2979… Read more
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I guess it's expired now


True. We keep our cars a long time but got rid of our Saab estate when the ved changed - we calculated that the road tax would soon be a third of the value of the car, making it hard to sell on. I had forgotten though that ved is calculated differently nowadays though - as another poster has said, the ved won't be £450 forever and will drop to more reasonable levels.


Yeah but the 5 series is much more expensive than this in the real world. I didn't like the E220d, the 520d was too expensive, the A6 was right at the end of its model life when I was looking, so I ended up in the V90. Which is perfect, no 5 series, but perfect for what I need it for.


Very ugly


That sounds like bad luck - I’ve had the C-class since new (2016) and only issue I’ve had was an auxiliary battery not charging. Fixed under warranty.

Join Shell Go + & receive £2 off your Fuel
Found 15th MarFound 15th Mar
Ensure Activation through the App or via Online How Shell Go+ Spend at least £10 on fuel or £2 in the shop* to collect a visit Scan Scan your app, card or key fob every… Read more
FoxRaynard (confused)


calm down and don’t get angry lol you are a bit of a monkey aren’t you!


I don't like this new system, I fill up a whole tank every 4ish weeks so I'll get a reward in 2020! Pants!


The fuel rewards aren't very specific yet, but the terms say that after 10 visits you should get at least £1 off fuel. If you are willing to restrict how much fuel you put in at any one time, and especially if you tend to pop in the shop and buy a sandwich or whatever separately then you could save a bit more on fuel than with the old driver's club. 500 litres of regular (£600+) or 250 of V Power (£300+) was £2.50 back on the old scheme. They did do the odd email promo where you gained 40 points or so which helped, but it had conditions and time limits. If you never put in say more than £15 (approx 12.5 litres) at a time, therefore £150 for 10 visits (125 litres) and you only get £1 in return, this will still earn you a little bit more back at minimum fuel reward rates. £150 per £1 reward, £450 spent for the same £2.50 reward that was ~£600 spent before. If you use V power I believe you get another £3 after 300 litres. So 10 x visits of 30 litres = at least £4. Potentially more I guess if they clarify the amount of fuel reward you get. Luckily my favourite Shell station also sells these delicious chocolate cakes for £2 so I have an even better reason now to indulge.


Calm down nutjob. It was supposed to be written on the duplicate post. Someone needs anger management. The new duplicate of this post has now been removed.

Makita DTD152Z 18v LXT Impact Driver £49.99 / Milwaukee M18CSX-0 Fuel Sawzall Reciprocating Saw​ £122.99 @ powertoolmate / Ebay [Body only]
Found 15th MarFound 15th Mar
A couple of good deals on eBay this morning at Powertoolmate via eBay . Could be worth having a look to see if anything you've had your eye on has dropped. Spotted this Impact Dri… Read more

Hey, I'd not seen it this low myself, I did check price history too. Obviously the chart may be incorrect though, don't think it tracks anything with vouchers etc... :)


the impact has been on this price forever... good price for the milwaukee, voted hot for that


Cancel that they’ve been taken down now


Was looking for the cordless router kit on eBay and there’s some advertised at much less than everyone else and showing the power tool mate advert ? When you look it’s some moron selling with zero feedback ,surprised they haven’t been removed


Been buying loads of Makita stuff of Powertoolmate for work recentley. So far so good

Montpellier 90cm Single Cavity Duel Fuel Range Cooker in Black MR91DFMK £289 with code + 2 Year Guarantee @ Co-op Electrical
Found 13th MarFound 13th Mar
Thought this looked a great price for a dual fuel cooker and comes with a 2 year manufacturer guarantee - use code MAR20 to get for £289 delivered. Next best price outside of Co-… Read more

Avoid SHOCKING appliance


Oh shoot. Was dillydallying too long. Ah well.


That was quick


I couldnt find that many reviews but given the price and warranty looked a bargain. Sold out now anyway, have expired. thanks


Is this actually any good? No professional reviews at all

McCulloch petrol Brush cutter instore or c&c online at B&Q for £70
Found 13th MarFound 13th Mar
Mc culloch 40 ccpetrolbrushcutter b&q wenesbury ws10
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Picked one up in Lakeside Thurrock today. They had quite a few on display. Didn't realise how big the brute was. Had difficulty loading into my Focus estate. If collecting bear in mind it's in the region of six foot long!


Ordered many thanks for posting. In stock for delivery


OOS !!


Ah this is the b40...looks to be back in stock for delivery also! The b33 which was on offer has just arrived on my door step this morning too ! Anyone had any experience of these? Much difference between the b33/b40? ...


Model nŕ?

Mcculloch B33 B Petrol Brush Cutter with Bullhorn Handle, 33 cc, Cutting Width 52 cm £60 @ Amazon
Found 9th MarFound 9th Mar
They won't deliver to my address, otherwise I'd order a few of them for resale. Mcculloch B33 B Petrol Brush Cutter with Bullhorn Handle, 33 cc, Cutting Width 52 cm

Order cancelled, no stock


missed it oos



Build quality doesn't appear all that but at £60 worth a punt!


Temporarily OOS but can still be ordered for future delivery.

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