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Posted 24 April 2023

Rain-X Rain Repellent 200ml - £4.50 @ Asda

£4.50£6.9936% off
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Product Information
Rain-X Rain Repellent ensures you have clear visibility when driving in wet weather. Once the Rain-X Rain Repellent is applied to the windscreen, it forms an invisible hydrophobic coating that repels rain, sleet and snow. Raindrops bead up on contact with the super slick coating and are blown away by the aerodynamic wind flow from driving. Safety is then improved driving along in the wet and rain both during the day and night.
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  1. NoCare's avatar
    This stuff is terrible on the windscreen, if you turn your wipers on, it causes a haze on the windows which takes a few seconds to clear with each wipe of the blades. Terrible. Avoid.
    crypt_keeper's avatar
    Been using it for years and never had any issues
  2. CupN00dle's avatar
    This is brilliant if applied correctly.

    The ones that say it isn’t haven’t done so and it doesn’t work properly

    Can drive down 30mph roads without using wipers
    crypt_keeper's avatar
    I use cotton pad to apply on clean windows and wipe it away with damp rag never had any issues and literally saved my ass when wipers stopped working couple hundred miles.away from home.
    Only works on 30mph for a few days after application tho does the job on motorway speeds for a couple months
  3. malarkeymarc's avatar
    Forget motoring, shower screens is where it's at for this stuff. Always worth having in.
  4. SonsOfDog's avatar
    Mrs uses this on the shower door and bath screen. Works a treat
  5. mattrixdesign2's avatar
    I use this on side windows, glass roof, and rear (if there are no wipers). I would not use it where wipers are used, for one its not needed as the wipers do their job and wipe, and you can also end up contaminating the wiper blades and get awful screeching sounds.
  6. Busterbunns10's avatar
    Terrible stuff. Will cause streaking and you can’t get off once applied.
  7. RedSeat's avatar
    Leaves a smeary mess on the windscreen.As others have said avoid.
  8. Roger_Irrelevant's avatar
    Skeptical, surely the wipers would wear it off after a while.
    Darkraiser's avatar
    Should last a while before you notice the water drops no longer beading.
  9. Paul_Slater's avatar
    Great product for ALL your car windows, expecially the side and rear windows...
  10. thenineteenninety's avatar
    What's the difference between this and uses a cleaning wax on the windows?
  11. DealHub's avatar
    Standing surface water on side windows and wing mirrors is a safety concern, this would be a great deterrent for that.
  12. jonbee56's avatar
    It's great stuff, but you've got to apply it following the instructions... most bikers I know use it on the visors
  13. cb789's avatar
    is there any way to get this stuff off the screen? i never applied it, but i think the previous owner did and i suffer with the terrible mist others have said,
  14. RD43's avatar
    My windscreen wipers take all the rain away for free, why should I buy this ?
    sinu0us's avatar
    you have wipers on your side windows and mirrors?
  15. Headnogood's avatar
    I put a shot in my windscreen wash when I fill it up and defo makes a difference especially on motorways.
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