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Simoniz 5 piece car cleaning collection - in store £10 @ Morrison’s
Posted 14 h, 14 m agoPosted 14 h, 14 m agoLocalLocal
Simoniz 5 piece car cleaning collection - in store @ Morrison’s Crawley. Can’t seem to see it online, so presuming in store only.
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Insect & Tar Remover, Ultracare Alloy Cleaner, Upholstery & Carpet Cleaner, Back to Black Tyre Shine, Mixra Glass Cleaner

Cherry Bomb - Luxury Car Care Shampoo *Limited Edition* Yellow 5 Litres £18 delivered @ EZ Car Care
Posted 19 h, 21 m agoPosted 19 h, 21 m ago
Cherry Bomb - Luxury Car Care Shampoo *Limited Edition* Yellow 5 Litres
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EZ products are the Best I've used in over 30 years of car cleanin and valetin for myself and professionally! their products are all very easy eused and do what they say on the tin of you follow the directions correctly, I stock up every time they have offers like this one on - another good time to buy is when they offer to double your quantity for the same price, keep an eye on their FB page for offers and reviews


Ended up spending A LOT (lol) All because of hotukdeal (again) (lol) Seems to have a better reviews than autoglym.


Also got the snow foam on offer too!


Personally, get good results and pleased with "Meguiar's NXT" & "Meguiar's Gold Class" car washes.


Gtechniq W1

Aroma Car Air Fresheners reduced to clear in Tesco Purley - 40p
Posted 23 h, 49 m agoPosted 23 h, 49 m agoLocalLocal
Car Air Freshner
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Update: tesco longton these have been reduced to 40p today when I checked


Definitely agree and had 3 of these now. Smell goes a lil fast as I take the whole Freshener out the pack but smells great!


Couldn't agree more. Fyi it lasted well over couple of weeks for me but then again, I rarely drive with windows down.


I will try that if I can find in my local, reason I said what I said in my 1st comment, is because they last for like a few days and the smell goes. the can ones usually are the better option for me, slightly more money but the fragrance lasts a long time (especially if you open the tin bit by bit :)


These were RTC at 75p in longton last week so they must've reduced them further

Car Engine Oil Shell Helix HX7 SAE 10W40 Part Semi Synthetic A3 B4 5L  £16.66 @ eBay / carpartssaver
29/06/2019Expires on 29/06/2019Posted 25th JunPosted 25th Jun
Part Semi Synthetic 5L

Fully synthetic or nothing

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Castrol EDGE Titanium 5W-30 LL Full Synthetic Engine Oil 4 Litre - £30.85 @ castrolapprovedstore_opieoilslimi eBay
Posted 17th JunPosted 17th Jun
Sold by Castrol on thier eBay store. Castrol EDGE Titanium 5W-30 LL Full Synthetic Engine Oil 4 Litres 4L. Check compatiblity here:… Read more

5£ a litre is the correct price . Anything else someone is making too much profit .


EURO Car Parts 5L Shell Helix Ultra 5W-30 Helix Ultra Professional AG 5W-30 - 5Ltr £49.49 £27.22 USE CODE: 'SHELL45'


Oil check that out :D the castrol link is useful to keep.

Wiper Blades & Screen Wash 50% off today EURO CAR PARTS - Cherry Screen Wash - £2.95
Posted 13th JunPosted 13th Jun
It’s raining It’s pouring The old man is snoring On HUKD WE ARE SCORCHING!! With this offer for 50% off wiper blades and screen wash!! CHERRY SCREEN WASH 5 L = £2.95 Aero twin w… Read more

Or sneaky link to cp4l here. Cherry Apple ;)


The cherry screenwash is £1.94 on car parts 4 less. Free delivery too. Just Google cherry screenwash on google and use code mid20. (cheeky) Not got a clue why anyone would vote hot tbh.


The screen wash is £2.95


cold, same bosch wipers are cheaper on Fleabay


Good deal, thanks. I found carparts4less a few pence cheaper than both wiperblades and eurocarparts but they are all very close. probably worth paying attention to whether a twin pack or separate blades are cheaper if replacing both front. Although its pennies

Kent Car Care Micro Fibre Cloth (6 Pack) - £3.83 (With Code) @ Euro Car Parts
Posted 12th JunPosted 12th Jun
Use code sun50 Kent Car Care Micro Fibre Cloth (6 Pack) Professional quality microfibre cloth. Ideal for removal of polishes and waxes. The microfibre designs minimises scratches… Read more

can anyone recommend a alloy wheel brush ?


I use the Meguiars Lamb mitt, been using them for a good few years now. I did used to use microfiber mitts but stopped as I find the lamb ones much better


Has anyone tried the Kent wash mitt? Is it better to pay the extra and get lambs wool? Recommendations appreciated


Cheers op


I mean to the average Joe they probably don't care about marking the paint or don't even know their doing it, but with me being a detailed it's a hate of mine lol. Probably had thousands of these over the years, but worth every penny

Car Sponge - Jumbo Size , Now 25p @ Tesco
Posted 10th JunPosted 10th Jun
Jumbo size car sponge , now 25p ;)
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Try I've used these to buy most my products, they're great with advise too. Gyeon products are very good


Personally think you cannot go far wrong using autoglym products.


As others have said, please don't put this anywhere near your paintwork. Great for doing wheels though :)


No mate, I just buy online or local detailing shops. I did used to by bulk from EuroCarPart as they couldn't be beated on prices. The Meguiars I buy 3.6litre bottles of stuff like APC, hyper dressing, last touch, super degreaser etc then dilute it down what ever ratio is needed. I just help people out when ever I can if they need advice


U have a shop?

Halfords Wheel Chocks £5.12 with code @ Halfords
Posted 8th JunPosted 8th Jun
The Halfords Wheel Chocks are used to stop your car rolling while using your lifting equipment. These chocks also feature a rubber base for added grip and support. Halfords… Read more

I got mine in a Halfords kit but they must have updated the design as mine haven't got any bits of rubber on.


Got some of these in a kit with a trolley Jack and axle stands. Good on the flat when jacking the front, however can slip on concrete surfaces at higher angles once the rubber perishes/scrapes away.


OMG just what I need, so fed up of my car rolling away while I'm in the gym!


They lasted me a whole one job until I forgot about them after I was done and just drove past them leaving them flat (lol)


Errm that was bit of a joke. Also you don't need to be the Hulk, just have a few Morrison breakfasts and you can just hang off a branch ;)

Triple QX - All seasons screenwash - Multiple fragrances - £2.95 @ Euro Car Parts
Posted 6th JunPosted 6th Jun
5L triple qx concentrated screenwash Use code Flash50 to bring the price down to £2.95 - Free click & collect to a local branch. Fragrances: . CHERRY . APPLE . TUTTI FRUITY … Read more



Code appears to be still valid..


Not much point there's always a discount code on eurocarparts


Is it still that price? Did you think to contribute to the site and post it?


Was cheaper the other day with code spring55.

2x10 Litres of Adblue - £20 store collection only at Halfords
Posted 3rd JunPosted 3rd Jun
Seems like a good deal at £1 per litre, for those driving newer diesel cars.
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I didn't read your article because your original comment was PATHETIC and still is You don't know me therefore how can you make such as statement about my education? However for anyone reading this you have proved youself to be clearly well educated..... 'u muppet' (sic) If you know what a debate is then you would also realise this isn't a debate. Not that it matters to someone so highly educated as yourself who clearly gets a kick out of calling people school ground names. Something I can bet my life on you wouldn't have the nerve to do to me in person. Bring on your next PATHETIC response


LOL, its an article not a comment u muppet. Owned again, go get an education before you even dream of debating with me


Not really its just a pathetic comment

Sharpharp Ya just got owned (y)


Errm no it’s not

Guild Dual Action Car Polisher - £40 @ Argos C&C
Posted 2nd JunPosted 2nd Jun
Guild Dual Action Car Polisher 600w


So... What did you use with it?


Thanks, good to know


No a pad on the end of a drill would make it worse as it just goes in a circle motion. This is a buffing machine specifically made for polishing out imperfections. And yes I did use a abrasive liquid wax.


This guy makes a lot of sense without the hype.... A lot more videos for washing, cleaning, polishing and waxing your car on his channel.

Car Wash Bucket Bundle now £4.50 with code @ Halfords
Refreshed 11th JunRefreshed 11th Jun
Update 1
Deal is back, use code CARDAD
Free Click & Collect, code ends tomorrow. Use code CARDAD at checkout. Halfords 10 Litre Bucket Halfords Microfibre Cloths 5 Pack Halfords Car Wash Sponge Halfords Car Wa… Read more

You can get a much more solid bucket from Wickes for £1. I don't think any of this package is worth it, even if you have to pay more. You'll end up doing so anyway because it's not good enough unless your car is largely worthless. Except maybe the microfibre clothes. They're small but it's handy to have a selection for different liquids you're using.


Just waiting for the BOGOF of their screenwash!


Still can't see how being left with a broken bucket & 50p's value worth of cloths can be worth £4.50 of anybody's money


Indeed that was why I bought them cos I thought it would be a snug fit but it's not . I was going to return them both but just thought for the hassle and cost of sourcing a replacement it would be better to just modify the grit guard . To my memory the guard did float when you first filled the bucket but once pushed to the bottom I don't remember it ever coming up . But now mine is a snug fit so I've never had it come up even during filling.


Description for the grit guard says it's compatible with two buckets, the 20L is the only one I could find on ECP. I worked out MOGG105 is the Trade Quality 20L, MOGG83 must be a 15L so makes sense that it would be slightly small for the 20L. It doesn't float at all does it?

Prestone 2L Concentrated Screenwash - £1 instore @ Asda
Posted 26th MayPosted 26th MayLocalLocal
Spotted at Asda Superstore Washington. They had shelf full. Concentrated Formula so can make 15-20L out of 2L for Summer. I feel they are much better than Euro Car Parts Screenwash… Read more

£5 at my local Asda too, even did a price check at the till!


Best screenwash on the market.


£5 at my local asda :-(


Good stuff, usually pick it up in costco for about a fiver for 5 litres so this is a bargain


Been using this for years - great stuff

£10 of fuel for 'FREE' from any supermarket or petrol station from 24th @ Topcashback (New Members)
Posted 24th MayPosted 24th MayLocalLocal
A new fuel deal from will instantly save drivers a whopping £10 off their fuel bill. All you have to do is fill up your tank and take a photo of the receipt. N… Read more



It's in the "snap and save" section. If you can't find it go to the search bar and type snap & save.


Or you can downgrade to the Classic account...


And £5 goes to TCB for keeping your yearly membership live!


Just downloaded topcashback as never had it before but cant find the £10 offer of fuel on anywhere?

Halfords Trade Card - add card number to account for trade card prices online
Posted 20th MayPosted 20th May
Wasn't sure whether to put this as a deal, voucher, or discussion. For those with a Halfords Trade Card, you can go to the link and login to your account and add a trade card numb… Read more

Is it for everything with different % of discount ?




Im an appreciation technician but when i went to get my card they never asked me for proof that im in the trade


Nothing is to stop me doing it. Hence why I offered.


Maybe you're lucky and yours don't care, mine is clearly by the book. Yes but what's to stop you ordering for someone else to pick up, as all they ask for is a name when paying on collection.

AA Compact Universal Bulb Kit, inc H1, H4 and H7 bulbs - Bl @ Amazon Add On £2.50
Posted 19th MayPosted 19th May
Part Of The Amazon Add On Program So £20 Minimum Spend Required.The AA Compact Universal Bulb Kit contains the 3 main types of Halogen Headlamp Bulbs and a collection of other bulb… Read more
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I bought one of these and have used a couple of bulbs out of it (not the headlamp bulbs admittedly) and they have been fine all through the winter until and are still going.


Home bargains kit was total crap, this looks very similar. 2 bulbs I replace blew within a fortnight


I would rather pay more for something that's relevant useful and long lasting, myself. Not dealer rates but there's plenty of other choices. I've bought junk and regretted it too many times with products that fit poorly and don't last long.


Please provide info' + a link to where you buy such high quality, good value, vehicle-specific bulb kits (I'm not finding any online, and the dealership for my car is expensive). Thanks.


You are not required to carry bulbs that don't even fit your car!! There are plenty of ways to get a spare bulb kit without buying low quality generic packs that don't even match your car, without having to spend a significant amount of money.

Turtle wax PRO Wash ‘N’ Wax @ Costco for £15.58
Posted 19th MayPosted 19th MayLocalLocal
Cosco can be quite expensive for some things however as I was browsing today they had - Turtle Wax PRO 25Litre - £15.58 cheapest I’ve seen for a while, so picked myself some up! C… Read more

This stuff never foams up like fairy liquid does and fairy degreases aswell Peeps always say don't use fairy though coz it damages rubber seals but il be honest in my experience of cleaning my own cars for the last 20 years I've never seen perished rubber Who knows


Since like always at this price. Not bad for foam Lance as well.


Hahaha my thought exactly! A lifetime supply would do me! (lol)



Do you wash a lot of cars, or just looking for a lifetime supply? There's probably 2000 washes-worth per container.

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