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Turtle Wax 53342 Hybrid Solutions Ceramic Wax Spray 500ml - £14.40 Prime / +£4.49 non Prime at Amazon & sold by Turtle Wax Europe
Posted 1st JulPosted 1st Jul
Posted this a few weeks ago when it was £14.40 at Halfords instore (still is) but with postage, it bumped the price to just over £18. Looks like Turtle Wax have matched the price … Read more

Wow, looks gorgeous. Been finding it so hard keeping my black cars clean from experience. Wish I had this stuff on my older cars.


Tempted to try out their compound polish. Currently using G3 Premium with the DA, doesn't dry out so much on the car. It's nice and oily so won't burn the surface so easily.


Don't think the wet car spray is as durable as this stuff. I think you'd have to spray the wet car wax every time you wash the car whereas you'd only have to use this once to twice a year. Best to coat it twice (leave 24 hours between coats).


(y) 🏾 Thanks, I'm sure you won't regret. Try and use the damp microfibre method if you have enough cloths.


Heat added as even with my Halfords Trade card this is £16.20. Occasionally used Turtle Wax (Dry and Shine) which was very good. However changed to a ceramic wax which cost £19.99 for 6 ltrs and included a spray bottle when it was on offer! Whole car done in under 15 mins. The picture showing me taking a picture is actually the reflection off the bonnet of my 32 year old Ford Sierra which is used most days and in original paint. Here's pics of it done with the "new" ceramic wax I'm using. Water still beading well after a month.May open up a can of worms for dedicated detailers if I mention what it is

Simoniz Water Blade Squeegee £2 at Tesco
Posted 26th JunPosted 26th Jun
Half price for loads of Simoniz products in-store and online Tesco Simoniz Water Blade Squeegee £2 Simoniz Microfibre Wash Mitt £2 Simoniz Alloy Wheel Cleaner Trigger 500Ml… Read more

Any grit that has been left behind after washing especially after rinsing with a hose pipe or pressure washer the blade drags the grit across the paintwork/clear coat thus scratching the paintwork, they use these at a lot of hand car washes because they remove water faster than using other means and it makes me cringe when I see them using them on a 6 month old black M3 BMW next to where I work, either let the car dry naturally or use a microfibre drying towel.


I'm confused, if you wash your car and remove the grit and dirt why would it scratch? Is it a course blade?


Buy the half price drying cloth instead, can use it on the paint as well.


Yes. And windows instead of an expensive and relatively large Karcher Window Vac. Definitely don't use on a car unless you love scratches.


Car scratcher 3000, we call them ;(

Simoniz Anti-Glare Glass Cleaner 500ml - £2.50 (Prime) / £6.99 (Non Prime) @ Amazon
Posted 25th JunPosted 25th Jun
Removes insect deposits, traffic and tobacco film Suitable for interior and exterior glass Night time glare is reduced by the advanced streak-free formula Comes in a 500ml trigg… Read more

you cant use this on a tv


also at tesco for the same price


Our window cleaner finished so I diluted some car screen wash into a sprayer bottle - worked a treat and much more economical.


Ordered, heat added. Saves queueing up at Halfords


3 In 1 Car Back Seat Cover - keep your car clean & protected £9.99 Free Delivery Using code at Roov
Posted 24th JunPosted 24th Jun
3 In 1 Car Back Seat Cover Dogs ( kids:-) ) Car Back Seat Cover is the ideal solution for keeping your car fresh, clean and protected multi-functional design car cover if your d… Read more

Cute doggie


Any animal pics, will vote hot.


When did women start having ball sacks? ;) who said I was a bloke?


Might stop your sweaty ball sack from stinking up the upholstery too. Win win. (lipstick) (:I


Need this, dont have a dog, but will hopefully stop the mrs from getting her make up all over the interior....

Simoniz Upholstery Cleaner with Brush 400ml - £2.50 Prime / £6.99 non Prime at Amazon
Posted 23rd JunPosted 23rd Jun
Guaranteed fast removal of stains and odoursAt Simoniz we have a dedicated interior range which contains decades of expertise to help you valet every part of your car. The fabrics… Read more

Ignore the negative comments (skeptical) . This stuff works great and cannot be beaten at this price. I personally use it to clean up the mess after the kids and dog have been in the car. The included scrub brush head thing works a treat on 'rubbed' in sweets/food etc



This or one very similar is £3 in b and m stores usually


Thank you for posting. We have added your thread to the Highlights section (y)


You sharted a shart of times gone by

20% off servicing at
56° Expired
Posted 21st JunPosted 21st Jun
Just booked a service and seen on the website that you get 20% off with code SERVSALE20 Ends at 5pm today!

Thanks for posting and a belated welcome to hotukdeals @rickeshpatel92


They ruined 4 wheels after fitting tyres, previously they let me drive out on new tyres with pressures ranging from 12psi to 80!


Had only bad experiences with these, took a car in for a service and brake fluid change, could see they hadn’t changed brake fluid so took it back, they changed the brake fluid and spilt the fluid all over the headlight and bumper, ruined the headlight cluster. Not been back since


I've been using them for 6 or 7 years for MOT and servicing. Not had any issues. Never tried to up-sell anything.


Never had any issues personally but like any garage you will always find some trying to make easy money for jobs that don’t need doing especially after so many been closed over the COVID shut down there will definitely be a lot more trying to make up for lost work

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Simoniz Leather Wipes 20pack, £1.50 / Simoniz Anti-Glare Glass Cleaner 500ml, £2.50 at Amazon (+£4.49 non prime)
Posted 19th JunPosted 19th Jun
Decent saving here. Simoniz Anti-Glare Glass Cleaner Product Description Ensure high-visibility through your car windows whilst driving Results in pristine clean windows wit… Read more

Done a nice job on my sons leather seats, but are slippery , can't complain for £1.50 , check local Tesco as seem to be mixed pricing, But all half price


These are leather wipes :)




Absolutely terrible wipes. They make windows worse, not better.


Use a decent cleaner and leather protector, e. G: poor boys. These are essentially hygiene wipes.

Meguiar's Ultimate Car Wash & Wax 1.4L - £15.60 Prime / +£4.49 non-prime @ Amazon
Posted 19th JunPosted 19th Jun
It's been up and down in price for the past few months, this is the lowest it's been since approximately July last year. Great stuff for the motor when sat on the driveway during C… Read more

Good reviews. Might give it a go.


Even second hand VW's need some loving :)


Didn't Max Mosley do the same :D


Heat, I use the same stuff on my German Whip to achieve that silky smooth finest, highly recommended. 8)


Plus you can get an extra 10% off Halfords with the AA and some others

Autoglym Interior Shampoo, 500ml £6.91 @Amazon (+£4.49 Non-Prime Delivery)
Posted 18th JunPosted 18th Jun
This easy to use spray and wipe formula removes stains and grime from synthetic fabric upholstery, carpets, roof linings, vinyl and plastics. A carefully balanced blend of surface … Read more

Yeah it’s certainly worth a buy.


Cheers mate I've ordered one see how it goes


That's fantastic, thanks so much for the advice. First time I've had a car nice enough to spend this time on, it's all a novelty for me! XD


As f As for super resin Polish, I'd get a microfibre Polish applicator and go in overlapping circular motions. Leave for a few minutes and it should go to a haze. Then Polish off with a dry microfibre cloth Also since you mentioned Super resin Polish, the best thing to do after that is to apply autoglym extra gloss protection. That'll make the paint stand out. To summarise: 1) Wash car with a car shampoo, not fairy liquid. My own preference is Autoglym Pure Shampoo. 2) if needed, get Iron fallout remover from Meguairs or Autoglym. You may need tar remover if you have black spots on your paint work. Also a clay bar with lubricant if your paint is rough when you run your fingers through it- but not necessary if the paint is not too bad. 2) apply super resin polish 3) apply gloss protection


Thanks :) , but actually it's the exterior one I'm most worried about, just wanna make sure I get the right thing to not scratch the paintwork, any recommendations for a cloth or whatever I need to apply it? Edit - just seen your other comment, thanks. Microfibre cloth it is! (y)

20% off Axle Stands & Trolley Jacks - Halfords
Posted 18th JunPosted 18th Jun
Halfords have deals on all there Axle Stands & Trolley Jacks 20% off Halford Trolley Jacks and Axle stands

I doubt it. But you can use your AA / NHS / Shell / insert other scheme name here discount, usually 10%, and you can use discounted gift cards (10%) to pay for it. Potentially a further 19% off


£22.80 instead of £24 on this link


Does this stack with Trade cards?

Redex Diesel Fuel System Cleaner 250ml @ Tesco - £2
15/07/2020Expires on 15/07/2020Posted 18th JunPosted 18th Jun
Product Description Revitalise your diesel vehicle with the fuel system cleaner Helps remove harmful deposits around diesel injectors 250ml cleans 2 full tanks of fuel, suitable fo… Read more

Good luck finding the pros - it's a con!


Redex just flogging placebos to grandads now. Modern diesel fuels have all additives and cleaners already added. If u really wanna flush the system use gun cleaner fluid and then change fuel filter soon after. Old mechanics trick


2 pounds a bottle is good price, only if u need it.


Only marginally beneficial on older vehicles with specific injector issues, but a good deal if you need some!


This is like putting diesel in a bottle and selling it at 4x the price.

Redex Petrol Fuel System Cleaner **250ml** - £2 (Prime) / £6.49 (non Prime) @ Amazon
Posted 17th JunPosted 17th Jun
£2 at Tesco if you prefer Redex RDX10 Petrol Injector Fuel System Cleaner Keep your car clean on the insideRedex cleans your fuel system to: Reduce emissions Restore per… Read more

What’s the difference


Scrolling fast I thought it was ketchup a weird shape for ketchup bottle (lol)


Buy Forte or Wynns not this rubbish!


I think he ment.. reduced on Amazon


Dumped a bottle of this into my tank has haven't used the car in a while.........not noticed a difference myself but hey for £2 it's not the end of the world!

Turtle Wax TW120 pressure washer 120 bar 1600w for cars & patio for £87.55 delivered using code @ eBay / FFX
148° Expired
Posted 16th JunPosted 16th Jun
Less than £90 for a 1600w pressure washer seems pretty fair to me. Use the code PANORAMA for the 15% discount off the price. Comes with all the mod cons. 120 Bar and can't see ps… Read more

You can ask me - C110 Nilfisk lasted 2 years 2 months then motor burnt out last month.


Here you go. Better flow rate and you can ask anyone about their reputation, I've had this one for 10 years kept in a shed and still going strong Just noticed it's or of stock but can get for another 20 quid With more accessories


Closest equivalent same pressure but smaller motor - currently out of stock, but Amazon pretty good at getting stock in if you pre-order. £85 Can't say if it is better. Nilfisk C120


Would you have a link for the Nilfisk please?


So you have had one of these and a Nilfisk and therefore can speak from experience I take it.

Slick-50 Engine Treatment 750ml £13.97 @ Amazon Prime / £18.46 Non Prime
63° Expired
Posted 16th JunPosted 16th Jun
These are cheaper than the smaller 500ml bottle's, a 3rd party seller also has them listed for £13.00 with free delivery, however the sellers feedbacks are not great, so I would ra… Read more
Get deal*Get deal*

Like graphite, molybdenum disulphide & tungsten disulphide, PTFE is a SOLID dry lubricant. These are used quite successfully in all sorts of applications, like washing machines & vacuum cleaners. However any professional engine oil formulator will avoid these things like the plague! Everything that goes into oil, including all the additives, are LIQUIDS or oil soluble solids. Indeed the additive manufacturers go to great pains to eliminate extraneous solids & minimise the potential for cross-reactions which might result in formation of solids in situ. All those specs you see on the side of your oil can (eg API SN, ACEA C3, MB 229.5 etc)? I'll bet a penny to a pinch of salt that not once in the entire history of motor oil development, has any spec ever been passed where the oil has contained dry, solid lubricant. That should tell you everything you need to know about SLICK-50.


No different from catrol magnatec ;)


In what?


Yes!!! ENJOY 😃


Made by Miller's oil

Engine Oil 5 Litres Fully Synthetic - Shell Helix Ultra Professional AF SAE 5W30 - £19.99 delivered using code @ carpartssaver / eBay
256° Expired
Posted 16th JunPosted 16th Jun
My usual oil and wait for it to hit below £20 before I purchase (thanks to hot deals)coming in at £19.99 with free postage hopefully if use to some one Please note you must use co… Read more

Many Thanks. I found it a bit cheaper - £22.39 , here:


OK so consider cheapo oil thats half the price of the VW stuff. If u did cheapo oil change every 5k or VW oil change every 10k the oil cost over time is the same. But I would go for cheapo every 5k. If u use a garage then ask a good VW indie what oil they normally use and also what oils customers use when they supply thier own. Also the owners forums if u really want to get into it deep. Also try typing 'vw diesel engine oil' into ebay and read the oil reviews.


2016 passat bluemotion diesel. it does have a DPF too


Oh OK I've learnt something today.....i thought the DPF did the job that the saps oil additives used to do...... Thanks


Is it a brand new Arteon or 10 year old polo? That'll help to decide

20L Mannol ENERGY 5w30 Fully Synthetic Engine Oil, £28.39 with code at lubriagecarpartsaccessories/ebay with code (10L for £18.39)
256° Expired
Posted 15th JunPosted 15th Jun
Nice offer for some decent oil here, might suit someone. 10L Mannol ENERGY 5w30 Fully Synthetic Engine Oil Corresponds with requirements / specifications / products: SAE 5W-30… Read more

You need this stuff, not quite as cheap but still got the discount deal:-


£28.79 with free delivery for me also.


Been using various Mannol oils for at least 4 years now. Tractor oils seem very good, also the farm trucks with turbo's diesels (premium range oil used) and also the family cars. I always pick the relevant oil (C3 etc) and haven't had a bother. I can't fault it. I've also been using their gasket products and again, good stuff. I understand if your vehicle is under manufacturers warrenty people are nervous of using Mannol products if its not factory approved, but most of these people don't change their own oil anyway so whats the issue. No garage I know would be able to tell the difference even if something did go wrong. Not many of them have a lab!


VW Golf?


Drink responsibly....

Autoglym Super Resin Polish 1L at Amazon for £12.65 Prime / £17.14 non Prime
Posted 14th JunPosted 14th Jun
Limited time deal, and only a few pence more than the 500ml bottle! Autoglym super resin Polish imparts an exceptionally high gloss shine to all types and colours of automotive pa… Read more
Get deal*Get deal*

Can anyone recommend a decent wax after applying this polish?


Thanks, will try it. I have used Gtechinq W6 Iron and General Fallout Remover but disappointed with it


My friend recommends g101 to remove bugs and blood splatter.


Got white car and cannot get rid of bloody bugs


Why 3 times? (confused)

Autoglym Polar Seal 1L £13.98 (+£4.49 Non Prime) @ Amazon
Posted 12th JunPosted 12th Jun
Part of the Autoglym Polar range Polar Seal - Pressure wash coating Polar Seal is a protective coating that has been specially formulated for application through a pressure washe… Read more

Tbh your probs get the best result with a drying cloth, natural or manufactured one. Don’t think your want to put more products on top of this.




Just use this. Far easier, as long as you have a snow foam Lance.


I usually use Meguiars quik detailer or quik spray wax as a drying aid. Would I still use that on top of this? Or just use this and not bother with the Megs?


Ordered mine and used it this weekend. This stuff is amazing. I was glad to see rain Sunday morning to watch the water bead off the car!

AutoGlym polar blast 2.5L snow foam £12.52 (Prime) / £17.01 (non Prime) at Amazon
Posted 12th JunPosted 12th Jun
Polar Blast - Pre-wash Snow Foam Polar Blast is a snow foam pre-wash that should be applied using a pressure washer. Covering the entire vehicle exterior with a magnificent blanket… Read more
Get deal*Get deal*

Nice one!


I managed it in the end too, some of the advisors act like you are taking it directly from their pay, others just give it to you. Took me 3 chats to get it done.


I bought it for around £14 a few days before they reduced it. Hopped on Amazon chat and they refunded the difference.


Have you used the Bilt Hamber stuff?


Which is the best foam lance and lamb wool mix to use?

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