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Road Angel Halo Ultra 4K Dash Cam - £160 delivered with discount code @ Road Angel

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Use Discount CODE CRD20 to bring price down to £160.00.


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Road Angel


Road Angel Halo Ultra 4K UHD loop recording dash cam
Road Angel is a new standard of quality, reliability and personalisation options. Now, we can introduce our brand-new Road Angel Halo Ultra 4K ultra HD dash camera.

Slick design, backed by British engineering, means dash cams have never looked so good or been so easy to operate. Inobtrusive while driving, its rotatable lens and discrete wiring mean you can capture remarkable full HD footage.

Both driver safety data, telematics data, lane departure and onward collision warnings are also provided to help improve the overall driver experience.

Built-in Wi-Fi
Super-fast built-in 5GHZ Wi-Fi allows quick transfer of the footage from the dash cam to your phone; it uses the Road Angel's Halo dedicated smartphone application to share videos with your insurance company, family and friends.

Built-in eMMC Memory
Combined with the aforementioned 5Ghz Wi-Fi the transfer of storage data and accessibility ensure data quality remains ultra-high definition with lightning transfer speeds ensuring shorter waiting times and zero buffering.

ADAS technology
The new Halo Ultra uses the latest ADAS technology to monitor traffic conditions whilst driving. The Halo Ultra can be used to make the driver aware of pedestrians, vehicle proximity, lane departure violations and other potential hazards.

Dedicated software app
The dedicated Road Angel Halo smartphone app allows quick and easy viewing of recorded footage, shows you where you've been and provides telematics data about journeys to improve your driving. You also can edit the super-high quality video footage when wanting to share it with your insurance company, family and friends.


  • Which Best Buy 2022 Dash Cam, Road Angel Ultra 4K Won the Which Best Buy Dash Cam award for 2022
  • 3 year Warranty as standard
  • 4K Ultra High Definition camera lens to ensure you capture every small detail and record all number plate with super high clarity
  • Built in 64GB internal memory so no need for SD Card and Built in Super Fast Wi-Fi for easy transfer of files
  • REAL PARKING MODE 24/7 - Records 24 hours 7 days a week! Giving you 365 days cover! This way your car is always protected, the camera must be hardwired for this to be active. The Road Angel Hardwiring Kit allows for the camera’s intelligent voltage cut-off to activate in order to protect your car battery from flattening!
  • WINTER HEAT MODE - The Road Angel-exclusive Winter Mode, available when using the Road Angel Hard Wire Kit, keeps the unit operating 24 hours a day, generating extra heat where needed to keep the windscreen glass clear of frost, Ice, condensation, and mist

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  1. muz379's avatar
    So dissapointing to see a camera at such a price point and with a quality lens/sensor and processor fitted with a battery . Capacitors are so much more suitable for this application .

    The lithium battery in this is essential for saving any recordings when the power source to the camera is turned off and in the top of a car windscreen subjected to the extremes of hot and cold It won't last anywhere near as long as it should .
    MOJOoo7's avatar
    Good post. Many people do not know this, then a few years down the line the battery is dead. I only get capacitor based cams.
  2. AzeemB's avatar
    I think i might buy this.

    is there a button I can press to save a clip.
    Super_Deal_Bro's avatar
    it saves all the clips, and no.
  3. Dylan244's avatar
    I know this is a dumb thing to ask but is there a step by step video of how to hard wire because I can’t seem to think how I’m not able to work out how you’d get the wire to the bonnet. Can’t seem to find a decent one on YouTube. (edited)
    danieldtaylor's avatar
    You can get the Road Angel hard wiring kit from Amazon for around £20. I think it has the built in park mode/battery monitoring function. Then it’s a case of ‘carefully’ removing the interior panels to hide wires and gain access to fuse panel. Use a multimeter of voltage detect screwdriver to identify a fuse (5 amp) to connect to.

    Fairly straightforward I think but take your time to understand the steps before attempting.

    Have a check on YouTube. Lots of videos showing dashcam hardwiring. (edited)
  4. marty101's avatar
    It this camera native 4k rather than upscaled from 1080p or 1440p?
    NewHolland21's avatar
    It uses SONY IMX415 which supports 4K so technically should be native
  5. bhaisab's avatar
    Can anyone recommend a cable kit to connect to fuse box?
    Super_Deal_Bro's avatar
    the genuine one
  6. djmutters's avatar
    Great deal but going to wait until summer when they bring our Pure Vision Dashcam and camera dector all in one.
    A57ton's avatar
    By camera detector do you mean laser or GPS based.

    I used to have an Aguri DX1000. Great quality and also included GPS based camera alerts, including mobile camera hotspots.

    In my option, laser detectors are pretty much useless these days. As soon as they go off it’s too late.
  7. Super_Deal_Bro's avatar
    This is an OK camera, but there are drawbacks in fitting it in a modern UK car as it is off centre (i.e. you can't mount it right side facing) which makes it cut off an area to the right of the drivers side
  8. yahya's avatar
    I've got this. Bang on! Video quality 10/10, still 10/10, night recording 10/10, only gripe is app is ugly, downloading videos is slow (just over a minute) you can only connect to one device at a time. I've got the hard wire kit but not installed yet. I'll wait till the weather warms up.
    chitychatty's avatar
    why do you want to dl videos?
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