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Posted 6 December 2022

*Solo* 7 Night Cruise - 1 Adult Full Board - P&O Iona North Europe 11th Feb 2023 (From Southampton) = £380 @ SeaScanner

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Fantastic price for a Solo 7 Night Cruise departing from Southampton 11th Feb 2023
Price says £380 per person, but put only 1 person (solo) and price is still £380 total = Bargain

The price includes
All meals
Daily entertainment
Port fees and taxes
Gratuities are included

Germany, Netherlands, Belguim

New Ship for 2021
33 Dining & bars
6 Theatres & Lounges
5 Pools

The ship is certainly striking. At the heart of Iona's deck plan is the dazzling Grand Atrium, with walls of glass on both sides spanning three floors, filling the space with light and sea views. Polished white marble and gleaming chrome add to the elegant, airy feel, while a curved marble staircase sweeps down into the centre.

The SkyDome is another 'wow' moment at first sight and a first for P&O Cruises, too. An enormous glass dome covers a double-height space on Decks 16 and 17, which serves as a pool, drinking and dining venue by day and a dramatic entertainment space in the evenings. Other intriguing features making their debut include a boutique, four-screen cinema, an intimate nightclub and the first gin distillery at sea.

Seascanner More details at Seascanner
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    I've been on Iona (HUGE ship) ....Food is good, Drinks selection VERY limited on the Drinks package (thankfully I liked the Chardonnay Tooma River, so I stayed on that) however not many cocktails to choose from if you buy the drinks package. Also DON'T book a balcony cabin on deck 8 ....people walking / sunbathing on the pomade deck 8 are level with Deck 8 balcony cabins and can look straight into your room (see photo below) ....I have booked again to go on Ion later next year. It is a lovely ship....and this is a GREAT price....Voted Hot....Thanks OP 48943430-74lmr.jpg
    if that picture doesnt put you off cruising nothing will.. looks like a (sunny) hospital waiting room
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    Hi, I am so tempted with this. Is there way to get your alcohol drinks included, and if so, how much extra is it please?
    Drinks packages here:


    From what others have said on previous P&O deals on here, it may be worth just paying as you go depending on how much you drink. Previous comments indicate the normal prices aren't too steep at all (a fiver approximately for a pint of Peroni - not Wetherspoon prices but definitely not extortionate). I love Peroni so that'll be my daily tipple.

    Remember tea, coffee, dispensed (not bottled) water and fruit juices (juices only served at breakfast) are included in the Full Board price without having to get a drinks package. This excludes Costa Coffee.

    It may be worth doing the maths and reading the terms on their website via the link above to see if a drinks package will really be worth it.

    Pay As You Go drinks prices below:

    cruisemummy.co.uk/po-…us/ (edited)
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    A great price but bear in mind the weather will be absolutely FREEZING!
    I am fairly sure you will get a cabin for the price and won’t be expected to sleep out on deck.
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    Tried to book for 3 but nothing available,
    I guess the mother in law will have to miss this one 😔
    Share a bed? There are a number of posters who regularly buy lingerie for their MIL, based on the comments i've read (edited)
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    I’m on it right now! Well worth it for that price
    what's the chances of that
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    Just meals?
    how expensive is the alcohol 
    Normal prices nothing overpriced
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    Bargain ! I’m on this cruise and paid a lot more.. it’s half term week for some so maybe worth bearing in mind.
    I'm on it too....hope it's good
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    We have permanent residence in the UK, without UK passport, do we need to obtain visas if we don't disembark the ship at different ports?
    I imagine so. You would probably only need one visa though mind as all these countries are part of the Schengen area. You still have plenty of time to get one.

    This link may be helpful.

    schengenvisainfo.com/app…er/ (edited)
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    Sold out !!!
    No you can still book, £380
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    What are the chances of there being noone in the swimming pool like in the photo?!
    On the Northern Europe cruise in February I imagine the chances of an empty pool will be pretty good. That pool area won't be heated to summer holiday temperature, and if the sea is a bit rocky they'll half drain the pool anyway.
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    Alcoholic drinks are limited to 15 beverages per 24-hour period just so as you are aware
    Bah. Dealbreaker right there. I'll stay at home! (edited)
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    "... the place where Titanic took off on its maiden voyage in 1912."

    Odd how they seem to think that's a positive!
    Surely the maiden voyage was Belfast to Southampton
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  14. Avatar
    I think MSC offer much better value. Some deals to be had on the Virtuosa and drinks packages / food quality/ cabins better.
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    Am afraid will not use P&O after they sacked ALL their UK workforce after they received furlough payments from government, they have got away with it….
    There are more honourable/trustworthy companies out there
    That was a different company, but P&O Cruises are very little better in their own practices - though they like to pretend they are.
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    Never done a cruise but this looks very tempting
    It's cheap, very cheap, but a cruise in N Europe in the middle of winter kind of defeats the purpose. Will probably put you off cruising.
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    I did book the same destination but departing in April. It would good to have some feedback from who is going in February (edited)
    We went in October, it is not the best ship and the skydome, although it looks good it is acoustically dead for shows and singers.
    We wanted to try out a different cruise line hence the booking as it was half the price of DCL who we normally go with.
    The itinerary is OK, there is a free bus into Hamburg, Rotterdam is OK, the cube houses are worth seeing as is Blankenburg, again a free transfer unless you are on a saver fare, then they charge you.
    The dining rooms are an absolute nightmare, understaffed and half empty even though you can't get a seat! the ones you pay extra for are all OK, my advice is if you want to avoid those buffets then ensure you book a slot at all the restaurants as soon as you board, the buffets are best avoided, overcrowded with kids running around in between the long queues picking things up with fingers.
    You can do this if one of you has something like medication to take a certain times of the day, we just told them that, whatever you do, do not miss your slot, you have a 15 minute window, after which your booking drops off the app so if someone is talking to the receptionist and you are close to your window expiry, be pushy, tell them and and just go in.
    It sounds rude, it is rude but it is the only way to get your booked table.
    The drinks packages are poor value and service is slow too, the other thing to bear in mind is that everyone in the same cabin needs to be on one, we had a child and couldn't get just a soft drinks package as we all needed to get them and we don't drink pop and certainly don't drink £80 worth of alcohol a day.
    You can take your own onboard and I suppose drink it out of a coffee travel cup or something.
    The cinemas are tiny, circa 40 seats so get in early.
    If you want to use the adults only area, that is another £40 per day pp and if you use the spa, they charge for the body scrubs etc you get free elsewhere, the spa was £130 per person for the week, it all tots up quite quickly.
    As for the 710 club, book as soon as you can if you intend going in.
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    Any one have discount codes for the parking nearby (AB Parking)? or cheaper alternatives?
    If you choose the select fare (about £125 more) - you get free parking plus £30 onboard spend and you can choose your cabin location and number. More details are on the P&O site pocruises.com/fin…bin

    There are also coaches that link in with the cruises eg Eavesway and Intercruise coaches. (edited)
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    There's no mention of how much time can be spent ashore. Does anybody know roughly how much time you get to explore each area please?
    Arrives in port early morning - departs evening, except for Zeebrugge when it leavea in the afternoon pocruises.com/fin…304
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    Here's a tip: If it's going to be rough (probably will be) you're far better off in one of those inside staterooms (a cupboard down near the boiler room ) than in an outside room higher up! One one cruise we used to meet the 'luxury accomodation' people at dinner to learn that they had had a bad night's sleep due to rough weather whereas we were unaware in our windowless broom cupboard!
    I know that on a ship the way to counter sea sickness is to look at the horizon, but clearly that is difficult in a windowless broom cupboard - I was wondering if a glass of water would work - set it down & look at it?
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    £54 per day is an absolute gift for a cruise, you'll barely get room only in a budget hotel for that. The sea may be choppy yes but these ships have excellent stabilisers if needed, Iona is brand new & top of the range so if you're 50/50 thinking... go for it.
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    Just booked. This will be my first experience of cruising. (edited)
    Me too, long overdue
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    Simon was on a cruise liner to Antarctica , that seems interesting.
    Amazing video that was. enjoy his content
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    cheaper than a week's heating
  25. Avatar
    Cheaper than heating the house!
  26. Avatar
    Thank you OP booked myself a bit of time away. Now that Ive split from my GF its nice to be able to get away without paying for 2.
    You’re a romantic 
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    Unbelievable price. Booked the 2 January 12 night Med cruise on Iona after seeing a deal on here a while back.

    Never been on a cruise before - if I like it next month I will consider this if the price is still good.
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    My name is Iona…wonder if they’ll let me on for free
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    Now £405 solo, still a great deal though. Ideal for a beer tasting tour of Hamburg, Rotterdam and Bruges. Heat
    Strange, I just tried now and it is showing £380 for me
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    48949982-MDnGK.jpg (edited)
    only copied above pic from another poster here. made me LOL
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    Kinda wish I was single right now...
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    All of us from here that are going should arrange a meetup onboard.

    I'm going
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    I was on Iona recently and this is a fantastic deal for anyone who can make it. Sadly, my wife said no!
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    Thank you for posting this @Sandy1012 my family and I are all booked. We cannot wait!
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    Don't forget your upside down pineapple for your cabin door! 😜
    Many peeps now googling
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    Sounds like a swingers club night... ASL?
  37. Avatar
    Southampton, Great Britain

    Welcome to Great Britain's most famous seaport and the place where Titanic took off on its maiden voyage in 1912.

    not exactly encouraging
    A truly ridiculous statement !!
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    Why does it give you that impression?
  39. Avatar
    What’s the usual prices of these cruises? Like if I went say April may how much different would prices be also? Thanks
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    Trying to book for 01/04/2023 at the quoted price of £427 per person but the cheapest I can get it for is £560pp. Anyone know how I can get the quoted price?

    I got that exact cruise for 509pp (adult) and 399pp (child) with Early saver, but it's a larger inside cabin that I have been able to select deck/room number. Try Iglu Cruises, they had a discount last time I checked. (edited)