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Updated 26th JanLast updated 26th Jan by tek-monkey
Hey there, smashed the screen on my P30 pro, been very happy with it up to now, so haven't been keeping track of newly released phones and tech, a bit overwhelmed by all the curren… Read more

I'd had the p20 for 3 years, and got the chance of the s21 ultra with a pair of buds for about 600. Even so I nearly didn't, but my wife needed a replacement phone so the Huawei went to a good home.


And I have mine. Nothing has come close to tempt me into buying a new phone.


I managed to destroy 3 Huawei pro series handsets over 2 days. Dropped a tumble dryer on my P20, dropped my P30, go a replacement next day and dropped it 6 times that same day. I decided not to replace the handset again as punishment to myself for such cackhandedness! I would be interested in what I could replace it with though - there doesn;t seem to anything to compare it to.


That's why I still have mine


Huawei pro series is outstanding on camera. P30 pro was something like £600 - 700 You can't expect anything with £250 - 300 match that.

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Updated 25th JanLast updated 25th Jan by Opethian
Hi, I have a Samsung S21 Ultra (Phantom Silver, 128gb) in pristine condition and would like to swap for a Pixel Pro 6. Just wanted to understand if a direct swap is a fair request … Read more

I think you made the right choice here. Even MKBHD stopped using his Pixel 6 Pro. Google's computational photography is indeed a significant factor, but with so many other wins for the S21 Ultra, it's the better choice. I have a Pixel 6 right now and I'm quite happy with it. But only because I found the preorder deal with the Bose700 headphones to be a real good one. But not the Pro. I can't justify the £300 price difference.


Thanks Opethian, I've decided to keep my S21 Ultra given peoples experiences with the Pixel 6 Pro. Missing Google's computational photography capabilities though :/


Sorry since I posted this, I have decided to keep my S21 Ultra!


I'll swap - i have a pixel 6 pro - white 128GB pristine condition


I have the Pixel 6, and you may want to have a double take on this. The S21 Ultra has a significantly better: * Battery * Zoom camera * Selfie-camera (objective) * Screen But try going to the expired Pixel 6 pre-order deals and posting a message there. I have seen a few people not happy with their purchase. You may find some luck there.

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Updated 21st JanLast updated 21st Jan by J_.
Which one do you think is better value? Pixel 6 used for under a month By my friend for 375 in pristine condition Versus Oneplus 9pro six months old great condition 430? No gam… Read more

If it's just the OS and updates you're after, you could put a pixel experience rom on the OP9. Comes with all the Google APPS, even the original pixel gcam software, and will probably be supported with updates longer than official pixel OS. But to be honest, Oxygen OS is really decent anyway. Oneplus support android updates for 2 years, and security updates for 3 years. Pixel, I believe, supports android updates and security updates for thee years. So there's no real issue with security updates if licking the oneplus. £400 is a reasonable price for a second hand OP9 Pro, as long as it's in decent condition. CEX sell it for £485 refurb


No I hadn’t made my mind up, I thought you were just making a general comment I didn’t realise you were comparing The two of them with your first comment. I know the nine pro is the better phone, obvious in terms of hardware, it was the software I was worried about regarding updates security and longevity, do you think of the hardware gains outweigh the risk of future updates lacking from One plus compared to Google? As I don’t need much power considering I don’t game, most important aspects of the screen and good functionality long-term. Do you think a secondhand nine pro for 400 is okay?


It sounds like you've made up your mind. The 9 pro is the better phone and offers the better price vs performance. It has a better CPU, more ram, better screen, higher refresh rate, higher resolution, more brightness, better battery, faster charging, 8K video. You might argue the pixel has a better camera for point and shoot, but that's about it. If you want a pixel anyway, buy a pixel


What is wrong with the CPU? I don’t game and I don’t really do anything too intensive, sure the CPU is fine for general daily use Don’t they fix things with updates as they remove bugs everything gets faster? It’s a secondhand phone, not sure if it’s under warranty when purchased secondhand? How are they with updates and security I was thinking Google will keep updating the pixel for a long time?


OP is a good phone, awful customer service if you need to deal with them though

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Updated 19th JanLast updated 19th Jan by thelatics
Anyone know of a worthy upgrade for the above phone. Looking to spend no more than £160 really. Had seen a deal for a Moto G60S but put off by some reviews, was tempted. Only… Read more

Pretty sure I have 6gb, AMOLED nice though


You're getting an AMOLED screen + extra 2GB RAM (if your phone only has 4GB). Or maybe up your budget.


Hmm, side by side that doesn't look like much (if any) of an upgrade, save a slightly newer processor & a 5000mah battery with quicker charging. Facing camera is less on the 10S too. Not sure it's worth me paying for very little movement forward but thanks for the input


Redmi Note 10S 6GB/128GB for £154 if you do the referral click.

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Updated 16th JanLast updated 16th Jan by smith2001uk
All, I'm looking for a high quality wireless charger compatible with the Pixel 6. Nothing too expensive. Any pointers?

I've got this one. I use it at night with the battery charging on slow mode setting it suggests. Works great and I hope it'll extend the battery life than using my 30w charger I have for the so called fast occasions. Think it needs a charging block though. I've got a Spare PD 3 slot for it on my block.

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Updated 12th JanLast updated 12th Jan by ComingInHot
Hi all, What phone would you recommend as replacement for Huawei P10 lite, budget £200 max. I've had it since 2017 after seeing a deal here and it's been great. Battery still l… Read more

Have a look at Motorola Moto G50 5G and Redmi Note 10 5G.

Sorry I forgot to mention, would prefer 5G Thanks, I find hard to find a replacement. P10 lite is an amazing phone and I paid £170 in 2017.


Hi Otto. My personal experience. It's very difficult to move from a P10 lite to Xiaomi unless you're happy to trade sleek, slim aluminium bodied phone for a bulky plastic one. I tried it, went back to P10 lite and then found a new Mate 10 lite. Larger, double the storage, still super slim and gorgeous metal. Best of luck 8)


Have a look at Xiaomi Note 10 pro if you don't need 5G