Posted 26 February 2024

Argos Google Pixel Deal £125

So went through the whole jumping through hoops to avail of £125 voucher for trading in an old phone when purchasing the Google Pixel at around Christmas time.

Eventually I get an email saying they will issue the £125 a few weeks ago, but did not receive it so I emailed them and now they inform me they cannot issue as the phone I sent in was worth £0, despite the voucher working/being accepted and them writing to say they would issue.

I completely object to this. Can anyone provide any advise on how I should proceed with dealing with this?


Samsung Galaxy J3 (2016) SM-J320FN is marked as a £0 value device which we only accept to recycle.

Please be aware that, if a device has £0 trade-in value, the promotion is not eligible for it.

This is laid out in the terms and conditions of the trade-in service, which you agreed to.

Please feel free to review the terms and conditions here:…spx

The section we are referring to is at the very bottom of the page, these were added specifically for this promotion.

The automated messages cannot take this into account, explaining the discrepancy which we can only apologise for.

However, we cannot release payment on a trade-in order for a £0 value device.

If we can be of any further assistance, please do not hesitate to contact us.
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    Could likely play on an interpretation of

    Written contracts
    7.—(1) A seller or supplier shall ensure that any written term of a contract is expressed in plain, intelligible language.
    (2) If there is doubt about the meaning of a written term, the interpretation which is most favourable to the consumer shall prevail...
    Reg7, The Unfair Terms in Consumer Contracts Regulations 1999…ade

    The t&c clause referenced by the seller is:
    Eligible trade in devices are any devices that are listed on the Argos Trade In website, with a trade in value. Any device not listed is not eligible for the promotion.

    meaning of a written term... which is most favourable to the consumer
    is the the literal statement that your device was unquestionably allocated a trade-in value:
    of £0,
    as seller could have simply expressed that model as qualifying for
    "free recycle service only",
    and / or presented the contested t&c clause
    in plain, intelligible language
    possibly refined to something similar to
    Eligible trade in devices can be identified on the Argos Trade-In website.
    Any device not listed or having £0 trade-in value is not eligible for the promotion.
    Devices having £0 trade-in value will be accepted for recycling service only.

    not seen the text of the automated email indicating (confirming?) £125 voucher will be issued but if deemed to be part of the contractual journey (and/or detrimentally misleading) then when combined with above you could likely indicate you have suffered loss,
    and losses are generally recoverable should you choose to be firm, have the patience of a saint and are prepared to throw money and time at a few letters/postage; likely progressing to additional £35 minimum to Moneyclaimonline - recoverable should MCOL find in your favour.
    Minor note that you would be claiming for cash, against a value-less virtual(?) voucher that only has monetary value when redeemed.

    If seller (Likewize Services UK Ltd) remains obstinate, maybe the first approach would be to request Argos offers opinion of its partner's questionable procedures / practices?
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    What he said
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    • Must have a trade in value

    You could argue that they showed trade in value as £0 which means it was assigned a trade in value