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Mobile phones dominate everyday life in the modern world. They are tools for communication, work, entertainment, photography, making videos, gaming – the list goes on and on. Finding the ideal phone isn't always easy, but you can compare the latest sim-free and contract offers from a variety of merchants here on hotukdeals. Read more
Huawei P40 5G + Huawei Watch GT Active 2 - 100GB data/ unlimited mins& texts 4G/5G £38x24 @ VirginMedia
Posted 6 h, 23 m agoPosted 6 h, 23 m ago
Free Huawei Watch GT Active 2 ( worth around £150 if I'm not mistaking ) 100GBData / unlimited minutes & texts + 5G as soon as Virgin will have it I know 2 and 3 years is a … Read more

"if" it stops.... I have a Google services id which is a massive plus.


The problem is that there is no recourse if these stop working. All you will then have is an expensive paperweight which will be difficult to sell.


I mist living in a cave... Heard about it, but didn't knew that they really have problems with this...


I've had pretty much all Google services on my p40 pro for a few weeks with no problems at all. Updates all work, banking all work, only thing I can't get working is Google duo and Google pay.


This doesn't solve the notification issue with WhatsApp or any other app that is reliant on Google's Firebase indexing service. No mobile payments are possible, and having to rely on flakey third party app stores for updates? No thanks.

OPPO Reno 6GB Ram and 256GB Storage 6.4" AMOLED, 48MP Camera, Dual SIM Smartphone - Black for £229 delivered @ Amazon
Posted 6 h, 44 m agoPosted 6 h, 44 m ago
Compact and sleek OPPO Reno. Reduced by £70 on Amazon and lowest price. Key Features: Unlocked & SIM Free 4G Ready for ultra fast network speeds Dual 48MP + 5MP re… Read more
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processor is better on the note 9 (not a lot in it though) screen goes to the reno, design a matter of personal preference, battery note 9 wins, UI again preference, maybe better chance of software updates for longer on note as its newer. Both decent choices


I would like to know too.


Nice deal OP


This or the Xiaomi note 9 pro both the same price ?


How's the software like what's the current software version?

iphone XS 64gb Grade A - £379.99 With Code @ eBay / the_ioutlet_store
282° Expired
Posted 9 h, 51 m agoPosted 9 h, 51 m ago
Thought I'd post this as mine arrived today, it has 97% battery health and is basically brand new, not a single mark on it. A lot of people are forking out £420 for an SE, but the… Read more

Sorry my mistake. This was what i intended For what its worth I agree with you on the which is better.


A link comparing the SE to the iphone released 2 gens before the XS, are you serious? .... The XS is a much better phone


Might be worth a swing, probs the same as music magpies grade A ;)


Tempted but only grade b left


Great price for grade A :)

100GB Data With Free Huawei Band 4 Pro + Huawei P30 Smartphone 128GB - £27.50 Per Month No Upfront Fee x 24m - £660 Total Cost @ Virgin
Posted 11 h, 6 m agoPosted 11 h, 6 m ago
Virtual certainty to go cold, but I shall explain anyway. I know virgin aren't popular, but I've never had issues with them, current 12 months into a 120GB Data deal and never let … Read more

£22 with without the Huawei Band 4 via mobilephonesdirect but on Vodafone


Black still available


Out of stock


Haha, it’s just so hard. I just buy a phone that’s new and hyped and I get it, after 3 weeks I’m like this definitely is not worth £1k (lol)


I'm the most indecisive phone researcher/purchaser known to man! I have so many T&C's of my own that retailers & salespersons beg me to leave!! That said, all the last phones that I've bought for my family or relatives were recommended by the RtHon Switchy

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Motorola G8 Plus 64GB COSMIC BLUE Smartphone £159 @ EE
Posted 13 h, 13 m agoPosted 13 h, 13 m ago
Take super sharp pictures and videos in low light situations, and beautifully vivid photos after dark with a 48 MP main camera + Night Vision. Capture the smallest details and enj… Read more
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That link is for the G8 Pro..


Reposting after 4 weeks allowed, but it is nice to acknowledge the previous /original!


Very few Moto G8 plus deals.


Good point. Didn't realise it was that long ago. Time is a bit of a blur these days (y)


To be fair here you posted that deal a month ago now and there's been hundreds of deals posted between now and then. I wouldn't have any issue with this

Pristine condition Samsung Galaxy S10 5G (256GB) in Crown Silver - 'Used - Pristine' £419.99 @ 4gadgets
Posted 13 h, 50 m agoPosted 13 h, 50 m ago
Use code TOTUM5 for 5% off original price of £439.99. Great price for PRISTINE condition Samsung Galaxy S10 5g 256GB in crown silver. Unlocked. Free next day delivery. 12 month… Read more

Great price and fantastic phone by all accounts. Tried the S10e, S10 and S10+ for a while and they were all great devices.


I ordered a Pristine S10+ 512Gb ceramic from 4gadgets and it was definitely Pristine.


Just bit the bullet and ordered the black one. Thanks OP


I just orderred the black version, with cashback it worked out £408.49 total. Just need Plusnet to start using 5g now, my bill went up by 7p today to £5.32 per month!

The best from 10 series.

Honor 20 Pro Phantom Blue 8GB 256GB Dual Sim Smartphone (Phantom Black) - £253 Delivered @ Honor
404° Expired
Posted 14 h, 6 m agoPosted 14 h, 6 m ago
Click VIP and add the £50 coupon, don't choose any free gifts, price will show as below £253, confirmed it works as I ordered it (shock) 48MP AI Quad Camera with Dual Opt… Read more

Not your fault. And let's be honest, I didn't need it!!


Damn, sorry man.


But nice way how to bring people to their site


Your order has been cancelled. You will not be charged for these items. If you have paid for the order, we will arrange a refund back to your bank or credit card accordingly.Sincerely, Your HONOR Team


Hmm they have cancelled mine, and refunded me (well, say they have will take a few days) that's a shame

Honor 9X Phantom Blue 128GB, 4GB, 4000mAh £166 @ Honor
Posted 14 h, 24 m agoPosted 14 h, 24 m ago
To get this price make sure you are signed up. Then click VIP under the price which will show £171. Then click the coupon button and CLAIM. DONT select a free gift. Then cl… Read more
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You aren't allowed to post deals from Xiaomi UK I think


(:I (:I no idea how I did that


Was £1,881.63, that's a good discount.


You should post it. £20 cheaper than the Amazon deal the other day unless I'm missing something?


No NCF wtf lol I have honnor 8x and I seriously could not be without NCF so handy

Oppo Find X2 Pro + Bang and Olufsen H8i 20GB/unltd mins & texts - £39/month + £299 for the phone = £1235 total over 2 years @
Posted 16 h, 1 m agoPosted 16 h, 1 m ago
Looks like pretty good deal to me. Total cost over 2 years it's just £1238. Crazy good deal if u think about one of the best headphones B&O itself cost around £250 u getting … Read more

Bought from O2 website for 929, 21 a month contract for air time, monthly rolling. Worst case it's 950 for the phone. Possible free Disney plus for 6 months too. Plus free headphones of course. I'll find a SIM only deal in August when my current deal runs out. And wow phones are causing strong opinions. I like the phone so I bought it. I think it's good for what I am paying. I'll sell the headphones through social media for 170 easily. Then I'll sell my p30 pro for whatever the going rate is... Hopefully the cancellation of the O2 airtime is straight forward. One plus 8 pro is very similar, but the 256gb is 900 pounds SIM free. Take off the headphones and your at around the same price. Though the oppo is 512gb. I once owned a Reno 10x zoom and it was excellent in some respects. Really excellent.


They've long abandoned blu ray players, they mainly focus on midrange phones in Asia and now Europe


Oppo are known mainly for their high end blu ray players and 4k blu ray players.


Yes I know, it doesn't change the fact this phone is very expensive The oppo and OnePlus share the same camera sensor, display. They are manufactured in OPPO plants and both company have their HQ's in the same building


OnePlus is owned by oppo

Sony Xperia 1 Black 6.5" 128GB 4G Unlocked & SIM Free Smartphone - £499.97 / Xperia 5 - £449.97 Delivered @ Laptops Direct
Posted 17 h, 13 m agoPosted 17 h, 13 m ago
Excellent sim free price with no o2 refresh messing around required (party) Xperia 5 link Unlocked & SIM Free 4G Ready for ultra fast network speeds Triple 12 Megapi… Read more

Yeah its lovely. But slippery! Im not clumsy but Im not taking the chance when out and about!


I'm u using mine without case, the back glass is stronger then you think, feels nice without case, I did originally have case.


My Xperia 1 speakers exactly the same, really loud stereo speakers, don't Evan need Bluetooth speakers when watching TV or sky on this. The key is turning on Dolby Atmos this makes the biggest difference.


Surprisingly great. Always lasted from morning to night. Never died on me. Impressed considering the size of the battery.


In my opinion yes. Totally worth it.

Google Stand Wireless Charger for Pixel 3 - £48.99 delivered @ O2 Shop
Posted 17 h, 40 m agoPosted 17 h, 40 m ago
Get help from the Google Assistant while you fast-charge your Google Pixel 3. Rise and shine with ambient lighting that mimics the sun. And relive your favourite memories with a sl… Read more
Get deal*Get deal*

Not voted but this seems expensive for a wireless charger.


Heat added OP


Agreed. Ordered another one for the bedroom 🤪


Agree it's too much, but best deal around and only way to get the additional features, so I bit!


Still about £20 too much for me (not voted either way)

Huawei P30 Pro New Edition 256GB 8GB Silver Frost smartphone + Free Huawei Watch GT 2e - £559 + £10 Top Up @ Vodafone
Posted 18 h, 39 m agoPosted 18 h, 39 m ago
Well it's here, and it comes with a free watch via redemption, and in a snazzy new colour <3 Multi-screen Collaboration, Seamlessly Working as One With just one touch, you… Read more

Battery life is amazing that's why both of us will now have the p30 pro and p30 pro NE


We ordered the phone but on contract as the wife wanted unlimited data and we get 35mbps and no broadband so rely on 4g but we find online chat is canny for upgrade deals.


I've been on Android 10 for quite a while (Mate 20X, as has boyf who has the Mate 20 Pro). I had a minor update about a week ago.


Wait few months price will dip


Sadly, that's the truth :( Hopefully we should be getting the android 10 update in the coming weeks as they did delay it (from May) Can't believe none of these manufacturers support devices for longer than 2 years.

Motorola G8 Pro Indigo - 128 GB Storage - 4 GB RAM Smartphone NFC 4000mAh Stylus - £289.99 @ Amazon
Posted 19 h, 17 m agoPosted 19 h, 17 m ago
On pre Order, for specs search G Pro NFC on this one, and comes with a samsung note type stylus 48 MP* triple camera system. Capture outstanding shots in any situation, from sh… Read more

Does what it says on the tin...




The G7 Plus had OIS, the next generation traded it for a higher resolution camera. Not sure about the Dolby, nor the objective merits of it anyway.


Thanks, What the camera like on them? Ive an ancient Axon 7, that has OIS and Dolby, which many phones do not have.


Yeah but you can unlock it for free (

iPhone 7 32GB Black EE £17pm (24 Month Contract) - Free phone, 2GB Data & Unltd Calls/Texts £17 p/m 24 months £408 @ Buymobiles
Posted 19 h, 49 m agoPosted 19 h, 49 m ago
iPhone 7 32GB Black EE £17pm (24 Month Contract) - Free phone Unlimited Texts Unlimited Calls 2 GB Data Free Delivery

I’m sure it would be reasonable for an iPhone 11 Pro too, but unfortunately you don’t get things for free.... The contract cost is £408 over 2 years... £300 approx for a brand new iPhone 7 sim free so your paying £108 over 2 years (£4.50 per month) for 2GB Data, unlimited minutes and texts... still don’t think it’s unreasonable to be honest. Plus like I said, not everyone has the cash to buy outright or wants to spend a lump sum when they can do it monthly.


It would be reasonable for an iPhone SE 2020.


Your not going to get unlimited calls, texts and 2gb data for £1 month.


But not everyone wants to buy the phone outright I guess, hence the point of a contract. I thought it seemed pretty reasonable perhaps for someone looking for a contract for their kids or for a light user (data wise).


iPhone SE 2020 is £11 more to buy direct from Apple (or 0% over 24 months) and then buy any rolling monthly sim.

Huawei P40 5G Smartphone 128GB 6GB + Free Huawei Watch GT2 £629.32 @ Amazon
Posted 21 h, 46 m agoPosted 21 h, 46 m ago
Claim your watch here Remember there are no Google play services installed on this device Huawei P40. Display diagonal: 15.5 cm (6.1"), Display resolution: 2340 x 1200 pixel… Read more

You mean the players edition? It's a china exclusive ATM. 2699 yuan is quite cheap though


There's a new version of the realme x50 called x50 play which is supposed to be between £300 to £400 ?


It is made in USA. That’s where was designed and tested. They assembly it in China because of cheap or even free labour.


Google play store installed on mine took me a day to get it working after it was installed used phone clone and got Halifax and barclaycard banking app working. No Google pay or contact less payments working currently AFAIK.


camera got piledriven!!!!!

Apple iPhone XR 64GB - £499 or 128GB - £539 @ Apple Refurbished Store
Posted 3rd JunPosted 3rd Jun
The Apple Refurbished section has the XR available in both 64GB for £499 and 128GB for £539. White and black only. Apple’s refurbs are basically brand new. The only difference wha… Read more

How is this not a good deal? It runs iOS flawlessly like all iPhones from SE gen 1 upwards and unless you need the better camera on the 11, this is a better deal for the same experience and build. Of course if you prefer OLED and must have it then you would not consider the XR, 11 or SE gen 2 anyway. If your waiting on the 12 series, likely to release in October at the earliest, the prices will be much higher than this deal - and again will still run the same version of iOS exactly the same.


I thought it was as it’s basically brand new direct from Apple.


Is this a good deal ?! X

Huawei Nova 5T 128GB Smartphone Blue / Purple - £249.99 @ Sold By Livewire Telecom Limited and Fulfilled by Amazon
Posted 3rd JunPosted 3rd Jun
With one of the biggest screen-to-body ratios around, the all-new Huawei Nova 5T takes smartphone design to the limit. Embedding the front camera within the screen expands the fiel… Read more

Same phone here, watch the next update mine updated last week and the update gave options to select 2 or more were Google services will be replaced with honor, Google assist Google maps and something else You can untick it to stop it doing so Usually I never read the updates just click install


On existing model lines it is, the Google ban came in force for future models that have only relatively recently started being released. So you will still see phones for sale, which are brand new as in not used /seconds, but the model was actually released some time last year, even. I got my Honor 10 lite last Easter, but it has been released some time prior and is still available from some retailers as new - and it also just got upgraded to Android 10.


Thank you , no great battery life isn't my number one priority, and I have just ordered one.


Unless great battery life is your number one priority, get this


Right decision time, again! This or the Samsung m30s, or the Huawei P smart z.

Iphone SE 64GB (Refurbished/Customer Return) 15 GB O2 Data - 20pm (27pm before cashback redemption) at Mobile Phones Direct
-196° Expired
Posted 2nd JunPosted 2nd Jun
All colours available. Seems to be decent deal. Sim Free Price is 369. Topcashback/Quidco also available. 15GB Data Unlimited Minutes Unlimited Texts Includes £168 cashba… Read more

Horrible dishonest company. Avoid.


cashback offers for mobile phone contracts are don't do well because they are misleading.


Not bad if this is your thing. Voted hot.


369 seems a fair price.


Can’t seem to see any contracts on that page no more has it expired?

Global Version Xiaomi Mi 10 Lite 5G 6GB 64GB Smartphone Snapdragon 765G - £321.98 @ Amazon Spain
Posted 2nd JunPosted 2nd JunShipping from SpainShipping from Spain
New release Mi 10 Lite, not to be mistaken with the mi note 10 lite (cheeky) My 10 lite 5G. Lights, camera and action. 48MP Quad Camera and 16MP Selfie Camera. Take fantast… Read more

Try the new pixel line in a couple months


Why are these phones so big, looking to replace xiaomi A2 lite as cracked screen. All new phones are around 6.5" which is just slight to big for pockets IMO, anything remotely near 6". Heat added by the way.


Just seen the Redmi 10x 4g for sale on geekbuying UK for £221 if anyone wants a more affordable alternative


I was looking at the Realme 6 Pro before the Note 9 Pro Amazon deal popped up. The 6 Pro looks good on paper, but I had doubts about the raised screen and didn't like the offset selfie camera. One detailed review on Amazon said that the front screen adhesive was also visible on his unit, amongst a few other negatives. Once the Note 9 Pro had dropped to £229 I couldn't justify the £70 price difference for the Realme.


Bit of a list if requirements there, but an s10 5G will fit the bill, however it would have to be a refurbished unit

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