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Mobile phones dominate everyday life in the modern world. They are tools for communication, work, entertainment, photography, making videos, gaming – the list goes on and on. Finding the ideal phone isn't always easy, but you can compare the latest sim-free and contract offers from a variety of merchants here on hotukdeals. Read more
Xiaomi Redmi Note 10S 64GB+6GB (6.43” AMOLED Display, 64MP Quad Camera, 5000mAh, MicroSD) - £119 (From 22nd Sep) @ Xiaomi UK
23/09/2021Starts at 23/09/2021Posted 6 m agoPosted 6 m ago
Offer from 22nd Sep via Xiaomi UK for the Redmi Note 10S via Daily Picks. Will be an offer for £119 for the 64GB variant. Specs: 6.43" AMOLED Display (20: 9) Side finge… Read more

Appreciate these offers have been pulled by Xiaomi in the past a few times - but this one does not seem impossible and I did ask Xiaomi chat twice earlier to confirm if the offer is genuine:

Nokia 105 plus sim card £2.50 / 24months and £0.50 per month for last 12 months at Sky Digital
Posted 2 h, 19 m agoPosted 2 h, 19 m ago
Nokia 105 plus sim card which gives you free unlimited calls and unlimited texts. You can buy it for £2.50 per month for 24 months and then £0.50 per month for the last 12 months… Read more

Sky always send out sim card with phone but it seems 100mb data is not there anymore, you have to remove it when ordering. I have attempted to amend the description to the best of my ability. Did you find this to be the case?


Pity they don't do the 100mb/U/U SIM as a standalone contract for 50p/mth. I wonder how much the monthly charge will have gone up by the end of the 3 year contract.


Now that you have cared to explain in detail, I understand better and thanks. No question of deleting the deal as HUKD mods don't allow it and varied comments will keep coming.


I got this for my son I was actually only after the sim. I have lots of data saved so I rang up sky they let me use around 40-50g of data to trade £30 off this handset.. Which meant I paid £12 to outright pay for phone... So the sim with it had unlimited phone calls and text and 100mb data.. But because the sim is on my account I roll data over to my son all the time.. Worth ringing up to find out... Sim is free until I'm. With sky so basically paid one off £12 for my son to have unlimited calls etc bargain


Advisors don't usually know what they are talking about if it's not on their script paper (lol) (lol) (lol)

Oneplus 9 pro - 100GB Data for £19 per month on Three for 24 months + £482.99 upfront via Affordable Mobiles
Posted 9 h, 58 m agoPosted 9 h, 58 m ago
Oneplus 9 pro for the equivalence of £39.12pm @affordable mobiles. £19 a month contract and £482.99 upfront When you pay, the £482.99 can be paid using an interest free credit ca… Read more

Decent price. Will probably be moving to Color OS instead of Oxygen OS soon though. Beta already confirmed.


Good deal if you looking for new sim contract otherwise quite close call


Yes does seem good to me if you are ok with Three (I know I am but a lot of people seem to have trouble). When I was with them a couple of years ago they may not have been the fastest download speeds but they always gave me fairly decent 3g & 4g wherever I was (streamed high quality Internet radio from Poole in Dorset to Harlow with it only dropping out once in the back roads for 3 or 4 mins).


Dragon, it worked out cheaper me doing it this way than buying it used from ebay.


Looks a good deal to me as have been happy with Three in my area and where I've travelled (and do lot of travelling for work). Although going to hang onto my OnePlus 7T Pro on EE for a while longer. 😁

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iPhone 13 Pro Max Vodafone 100gb £250 upfront + £43 pm for 24 months via Uswitch
Posted 10 h, 11 m agoPosted 10 h, 11 m ago
Seems like an okay deal to me. After cost of the phone £1,049, 100gb 5g line rental works out at £9.70 per month spread over 24 months.

Pretty sure most (if not all) are losing European roaming next year as we are no longer in Europe. It’ll be back to having roaming as an extra.


Sounds like it really needs an SD card slot for an extra 1GB memory card to be useful, it handling 8K video. Now that would be a thing.


That's correct. The 128GB versions have slightly slower storage, which is not rated fast enough to keep up with the 4K recording.


I just swapped for the 256gb version. An extra £100 upfront, same monthly bill.


Nothing,for recording professional mode videos you’ll need bigger than 128gb storage model

Google Pixel 4a - 128gb Storage - £270 upfront or £9pm x 30 months (no interest) @ Voxi
Posted 18 h, 43 m agoPosted 18 h, 43 m ago
Probably already know what this phone is like, the appeal is that this offer is you can buy this £270 or spread the cost over 30 months £9 monthly no interest.

The price isn't anything special to what we've seen recently, but 30 months interest free deserves some heat.


Think I'm done with Amazon warehouse. Bought a phone and some guy nicked it. So yeah. I'll be getting the Poco X3 pro at midnight today.


Mine has been working like a dream since bought it. Is there general evidence to show on a while they're unreliable? Not something I've come across myself.


And much better than the pixel.

jim.simmonds here's some video footage Keep an eye on Amazon warehouse for it. Defo worth the money, far better than the iPhone 11 I swapped it out for.