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  • Child born between 6th April '86 and 5th April '03? You may benefit from looking at this.

    Had this sent via my local Freecycle group...thought I'd pass it on. The year before Tax Credits were introduced there was a different. non-means tested allowance available which was never advertised b... 15 Comments

  • Are Argos doomed????

    Just noticed on bitterwallet Argos's takings are down. Have a suite on backorder from them, think it will be ok ??. . http://www.bitterwallet.com/deathwatch-another-casualty-as-dsgi-sales-plummet/6251 48 Comments

  • Wedding anniversary ideas please

    It will be my wedding anniversary in june and we are planning to celebrate with friends and family, i'm just not sure what exactly to do or where to do it. Would have to be in london and was thinking ... 7 Comments

  • dog breeder?help

    hi...i have been searching for ages for a Yorkshire terrier,now trawling throught the spam ads from abroad(the ones that cannot spell and have pictures of calender puppies..then offer to ship the "bab... 24 Comments

  • Slimming World

    did it before for a few days but been on their website and i think my mindste jus was cr@ppy at the time....so wanna give it a shot. however a few questions for u SWers. . * can u REALLY eat and eat til... 13 Comments

  • Grrrr I refuse to go to bed until...

    I win a game of Spider! I've been playing for over an hour and not won. . Wish me luck. . What do you have to do before you go to bed? 25 Comments

  • B&Q Half Price Bathroom Kitchen Installations

    This is a warning about a current offer. B&Q are advertising 1/2 price kitchens and bathrooms, including installations. In November we got a quote for a new bathroom including the installation. It wa... 11 Comments

  • strange symbol on iphone what is it?

    just noticed the phone with 7 dots symbol on my iphone what does it mean cheers top right hand corner next to the battery 20 Comments

    the porterthe porter
  • Help ! Does anyone know anything about this ornament....... Florence

    Can anyone tell me whether this is worth anything or not ? It says "Florence" on the base with some little marks, but I cant tell what they say. 11 Comments

  • Change to working hours my rights

    i have been working for my employer for 5 years now and for the past 12 months my hours have been 4am -12pm 6 days a week.i was always on time and never took a day off work sick. on saturday i was tol... 12 Comments

  • Anyone used Redhill Appliances before?

    Looking at a creda tumble dryer and they seem about £40-50 cheaper than elsewhere, partly becuase only £1 delivery fee. . Just wondering what they are like as a company? Add comment

  • Is it worth changing to a water meter?

    Like most of us, I assume, we need to save money wherever we can. . Southern Water charges us £570 a year for water at our house. . Should we change to a water meter. . I really would be interested to he... 27 Comments

  • should i buy a new sofa now or wait till end of january ? advice please £1.00

    i have been looking at sofa's @ reids. they have some good deals on at the moment but I think that there might be better offers at the end of january. should i buy now or wait till end of january... 7 Comments

  • Buffet Food Ideas?

    Can anyone help with buffet food ideas, ive written sandwiches quiches etc but now my minds gone blank. . Thank you to all replies, it really will help me! :) 37 Comments

  • Cooker

    Needed cheap or even better free in the hull and east riding area for my babysitter, shes a great person but very short on cash as we all are it would be great to help her out. Thanks xxxxx 2 Comments

  • Yay I Passed!

    Hey HUKD. Passed my driving test - 2nd time. . So happy got myself a samsung nc10. . Does anyone know any good insurance companies? for young drivers (im 17). Ive got a 1.9 tdi 2000 seat ibiza.. . best qu... 36 Comments

  • Did anyone go to the Next sales/buy online in the sale?

    Hi all. . I just wondered if anyone noticed whether the 'Little Digger' range of bedroom stuff (bedlinen, curtains, etc) were in the Xmas sale. . I am looking to do my sons room out but the new range on... 1 Comment

  • topcashback £120 vodafone !!

    just seen on topcashback they are giving £120 for vodafone contracts and sim only deals, so if you do the £15 sim only as you cant do the £10 sim, it only validates in 4 months so thats £60 and £60 ... 11 Comments

    the porterthe porter
  • Any one want a JVC AV28T5SK for free.

    It is in excellent condition. Grey in colour. You can google for pictures. Needs to be picked up from Harlow in Essex BEFORE this Saturday. It is heavy!!. . . 16 Comments

  • Trade Depot Swansea Closing Down - Sale On

    OK, I know what your thinking...should post in the deals page...but to tell you the truth, my dad text me earlier, so rather than risk being shot down in flames coz I havent got any examples of whats ... 7 Comments

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