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Posted 10 May 2023

2 x AVON ZV7 225/45 R17 94W - fitted tyres - £151.98 / 2 x Fitted Avon ZV7 225/40 R18 92W - £171.98 @ ATS Euromaster

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225/40 R18

Product details

The Avon ZV7 is our high performance tyre focused on delivering safety with 'A' grade wet grip.

  • A high performance tyre with 'A' grade wet grip.
  • Large circumferential grooves clear water quickly to reduce aquaplaning
  • Wet grip is optimised with a new tread pattern featuring 3D sipes
  • New polymer tehnology and advanced mixing techniques provide better wet and dry grip, reducing rolling resistance and greater fuel efficiency
  • Reduces noise from tyre/road interaction
  • Available in 15" to 18" rim diameters with V, W and Y speed rating
ATS Euromaster More details at
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  1. thedealsman's avatar
    This or two Michelin Primacy 4+ Tyres fitted for £50 more all in.... hmm
    Little_Casper's avatar
    I had the XL versions of these on my old van and I'd say they're pretty good, however for £50 I'd probably go with the Michelins because they wear well and the ZV7's have been known to develop cracks over time; although I had no problems in the year I had mine I particularly like the wet performance and they don't produce crazy amounts of road noise.
  2. MichA3l's avatar
    had brand new Avon tyres on my A3... After 10 months-4k miles starts cracking - perishing,had to return them back to the garage. no more from Avon..
    Newmz's avatar
    Same! Two of these on our Seat Leon, *less* miles than you managed before cracking picked up at next MOT.
    Really poor tyres for this and won't be getting again either
  3. Frank_peterson's avatar
    Got these as 18” on my megane .  Within 1 year all the treads started developing cracks .  Not sure if I would buy avons again 
  4. Ralph888's avatar
    Suffered side wall cracking with these after 3 years and 5k miles. MOT picked it up but put down as an advisory. Pretty annoyed as there is 6mm thread. I suppose I could buy some black rubber latex paint to tart them up but I shouldn't have to.
  5. MrHappy37's avatar
    I had 4 year old goodyears with 6mm tread that failed the mot for cracking sidewalls. When getting the new ones I was told that most tyres do this now. Maybe something in the compound has been banned for not being environmentally friendly? The advice from goodyear was never put any chemical on the tyres (like tyre shine).
    Dmitry_77's avatar
    Chemical? LOL tyre is made of fully synthetic rubber
  6. miaomiaobaubau's avatar
    Any good to eat? Getting cheaper than food.
  7. bobbitchin's avatar
    Is this a good deal? I'm not overly concerned about the brand, more what kind of deal this is money-wise. As long as they are ok tyres. Anyone?
    Little_Casper's avatar
    A few years back A1 Autocenters did a full set of 225's for my van and that was only £250.
  8. RagnarUK's avatar
    Anyone know what Nexen tyres are like?
    I can get 225/50 17 for £80 fully fitted each,but how do they compare to big brands?
    fanexgal's avatar
    let me know if you get any good tyre at this size
  9. thehbhatt's avatar
    Need 225/55/R17 any deals around?
  10. slu79's avatar
    Hady eyes peeled for months now for 205 50 r17 deals, like gold dust.. no idea why but that size seems to be so expensive even compared to larger or lower profile options.
  11. originalli's avatar
    I thought Avon is doing cosmetics LoL
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