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10% off tyres for private cars when you buy online @ National
Found 17th JanFound 17th Jan
Enter the code at checkout to get 10% off all tyres at National Tyres and Autocare. Says on the card Valid until 28/02/13, but I just tried and it still works!
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Also worth trying tyreshopper.co.uk can usually get a discount code from TCB as well - seem to be a National owned subsidiary


Lol .mine aren't and would like to keep that way .


Usually write off national tyres, but a Goodyear Efficient Grip on 205 55 R16 V is cheapest I can find on national with the promo code. Voting hot


Bad experience for u. My alloys are all scratched so am not concern about that.


Trouble is local back st tyre fitters can end up damaging your alloys .I've had 2 incidents now where I've supplied tyres only for them to scuff the rims .Not good on expensive alloys .I would pay a bit extra knowing a company is using the best fitting machines .Can recommend Costco who did puncture for 10 and not a mark on alloy.

Half price front wheel alignment £14.50 with code, National Tyres
Found 11th JanFound 11th Jan
Half price for the front wheel alignment. Use the code DV127 online or print the voucher to present at the centre. Price £14.5

Expensive original price I can get the tracking done for £30 at my local alfa romeo main dealer by trained technicians instead of nationals trained chimpanzees


sorry, tyrecity fixed the issue :P about £60 for 2-wheel tracking though which was ridiculous


This offer is national tyres :/ :/ :/


Don't bother my local didn't even do the locking nuts up correctly had to go back and the steering wheel is off more than it was before!


I took my Golf Mk4 in a few years ago on this deal as it was tracking left, three of them stood looking at it and then I was told it couldn't be done as the sub frame was buckled. I was quoted a lot of money by them to replace it but managed to obtain a second hand one and booked it into an independent specialist. I went back to collect the car and asked the mechanic how bad the sub frame was buckled, I was told nothing wrong with it and that he'd tried to call me to ask why I was changing it, I told him what they'd said and he just rolled his eyes. Never been back to them.

10% off Goodyear, Pirelli & Michelin Tyres (When Purchasing 2 or More)
Found 4th JanFound 4th Jan
Whilst it's not as good as the 20% off from November 2018, but it’s still a saving if you're about to buy some tyres imminently.
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They have been like that for decades, nothing has changed you will get the same stories in every kwikfit thread and any forum. They once tried to tell a family member they needed a new cat, theirs was faulty car didn’t even have a cat and they were dog people as well :)


Had that once having a car service with them. Received a call from them saying my brake pads are worn and needs replacing. Funny thing was that I replaced the pads literally the week before the service, when I told him that, he just said it's ok then.


I wouldn’t let anyone at Kwikfit near my car


Went to one in Reading for “discounted” MOT. Everything was fine, except for (guess what?) Tyres. The chap did me a “favour” by not failing my car as long as I agree to change the tyres immediately while it’s up there. Said that way it won’t show up on my MOT history. little did I know about the scam and agreed. They changed it with the most expensive tyres as I did not know better. Most costly tyre change I ever had. Now that I have a few white hair and know a lot more about cars, I can’t believe I fell for it. Never going to KwikFit ever again. There is no such thing as a discount with them. They will find out a hundred other ways to make up for it


It’s like all garages everywhere, though. I use the one in Northallerton and they’re spot on, they have a great work ethic and will take you out to the car to show you any issues they’ve found. They take pride in their service and never force me to buy anything at all. I’d rather they found stuff that needs work so I can make an informed decision to keep my car running. It’s unfortunate you’ve had issues with the one near you, though.

'Free' dashcam with 4 Pirelli & Michelin crossclimate tyres @ Kwik fit
LocalLocalFound 30th Dec 2018Found 30th Dec 2018
Seen in local Kwik Fit. Not sure if it's national!

(lol) (lol) (lol) (lol) (lol) (lol)


That may be a joke but a family member was told their car needed a new Cat years ago. Car didn’t have one to start with and they were dog people.


Only speaking from experience, they tried to sell me two new front tyres on my Robin Reliant...disgusting.


Username checks out (flirt)


Jumping on the Kwik Fleece bashing bandwagon - Anyone that doesn’t know/doesn’t care for cars would see Kwik Fleece as the ‘go-to’, unfortunately there are millions of people in that demographic which is where Kwik Fleece found their market.

Festive Holiday Savings at National Tyres and Autocare. Extra 10% OFF selected tyres
Found 27th Dec 2018Found 27th Dec 2018
10% OFF Avon, Bridgestone, Pirelli and Sailun tyres exclusive to online purchases. Use code JINGLE10 at checkout. HURRY! Offer ends MIDNIGHT Monday 31st December 2018.
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Because Blackcircles and TyreShopper are better and cheaper. The 10% offer only covers about 3 brands of tyres most are not interested in.


Good find. (y) 🏻


feeling cold!


Shame Michelin wasn't included...need a new front tyre 225 55 17 Y soon...


Not sure why this is Freezing National are a quality firm good prices and sound knowledge unlike kwikfit which are full of Muppets (stay clear if you have tpms on your car)

5% discount on all winter tyres, complete wheels with winter tyres and snow chains with code @ My Tyres
Found 21st Dec 2018Found 21st Dec 2018
Discount code: CMSRDUK18 (not combinable with other discount codes) Period: 20.12.18 - … Read more
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Mixed reviews


If I buy large quantity could I get more discounted price?


https://www.tyre-shopper.co.uk/special-offers/discount-codes They're usually cheaper along with their discount codes

Cheap michelin tyres + even cheaper on a Monday @ ATS Euromaster
31/01/2019 at 02:59Expires on 31/01/2019 at 02:59Found 8th Dec 2018Found 8th Dec 2018
This deal may be of use to someone out there needing new tyres. So michelin currently have an offer on at ATS euromaster until the 31 of January. You also get an additional 10% o… Read more

Just bought 2 cross climate tyres. Besides working out significantly cheaper than Kwik Fit and Blackcircles they’re also offering a free echo dot. Saved money and got a wee Alexa!




I’ve activated it quite a while back and never get any offers, probably because I’ve never purchased anything on my Halifax. Did your cashback offer page specifically show ats euromaster cashback?


I wouldn’t buy a budget seat belt. Why do the same with your tyres? I’ve had cheap tyres on previous cars over the years and I wouldn’t do that anymore for the sake of a few quid. I really can tell a difference.


It’s in the ‘cash back extras’ area of your online banking you need to activate it before making the purchase and then pay with your Halifax debit or credit card

FIRESTONE ROADHAWK 205/55R16	91V​ £52.98 @ britanniatyres
LocalLocalFound 29th Nov 2018Found 29th Nov 2018
FIRESTONE ROADHAWK 205/55R16 91 Reserve online All inclusive, internet only, fitted prices inclusive of valve balance casing disposal and VAT.
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I just got 2 of these fitted today. Couldn't find good deals over black friday / cyber Monday. These are premium tyres which cost just a little more than ditch finders. Also this is standard price, not an offer.


Not many cars with 26inch plus rims?


I've got them. Paid around £67 per tyre about 6 months ago and think they were really good value, so at this price it's a no-brainer for me. Really good grip on both wet and dry, could be a little quieter, but it's not a big issue and you can't expect too much at this price level. Not everyone is aware, but Firestone is a brand that belongs to Bridgestone and they, obviously, share most of the technology advancements between themselves.


toy car*


Most bicycles have bigger wheels than cars.

Two Goodyear Vector 4 Season Tyres Fitted (225/40 R18) - Costco £176.98
Found 24th Nov 2018Found 24th Nov 2018
Costco offer on all season Goodyear tyres. Two fitted for £176.98 (£88.49 each). Offer: Buy 2 get £51.80 OFF; Buy 4 get £103.60 OFF. Need to be a member to get price.
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Does some else sell you the tyres?


I have to say they are very quiet. They replaced Continental Contacts which had super grip, but that came at the cost of increased noise in the cabin. My rationale for choosing the Michelin was the same as yours seems to be; impressive wet weather performance, great fuel economy, quiet in use and with genuine snow traction when needed.


I think they'll be next for me for the same reason. I like how well they do in the rain (which to me seems far more important than the odd day of snow we get in the UK) combined with low rolling resistance. Will have to see if the head to head tests include those Bridgestones and how they got on


Clever. I see what you did there Micky...


2 or 4! What about my Reliant Robin? (annoyed)

4 TYRES FOR PRICE OF 3 TOYO T1-R @ DEMON TWEEKS 4 from £101.28 delivered eg 195 50 15
Found 23rd Nov 2018Found 23rd Nov 2018
Been on the prowl for a good tyre deal and found this Lots of different sizes in stock for this tyre The price for mine (205/45/16) is 4 @ £162.75 £196.11 Fitted by Demon Tweeks (W… Read more

I guess brand new tyres are much grippier than well worn ones, hence slight mpg reduction perhaps


I'm going by the mpg figure the car is giving on my weekly 320 mile round trip. I reset it each time and it always shows 48mpg but this week it's dropped to 42 after having these tyres fitted.


3 days doesn't give you much time to calculate fuel consumption? Unless you're doing a few tanks a day! ;)


Has this offer finished


Had these fitted to mine 3 days ago. Fuel consumption is much worse! It has dropped from 49 to 42mpg! Anybody else find the same?

20% off premium tyres at Kwik-Fit when you buy 4, 10% (BFKF10) when you buy 2.
Found 23rd Nov 2018Found 23rd Nov 2018
20% off premium tyres at Kwik-Fit when you buy 4, 10% (BFKF10) when you buy 2. Haven't seen more than 10% on tyres for over an year on any retailer. Other offers too.
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Kwik-Fit worked out to be a fraction cheaper - by 11 quid (including free brake check and Hunter will alignment check). However, it depends what tyre size you need - give it a go and compare the end prices


Are the prices higher than tyresonthedrive?


Yes on quidco.


ahh bummer, that in the T&C for kwik fit purchases?


Just a caution, Quidco may not pay as voucher has been used.


Ah didnt know this, could have saved myself another £40! Lol.


There's a 20% off if you buy 4 at kwik fit code BFKF20


Not strictly true, they normally run £20 off when you buy 2 tyres, £40 off when you buy 4 and so on. If you are spending over £100 a tyre, this is the better deal.


...its £11.50 regardless of if its 2/3/4 tyres. If you are ordering 2, then i dont think £5.75 delivery per tyre is bad! Especially considering size and weight.


Their prices look good until factor in delivery charge of £11.50 for 2 tyres

4 x Michelin CROSSCLIMATE+ 225 / 40 R18 92 Y Tyres - £374.46 (£93.61ea) fitted + free Amazon Echo at ATS Euromaster
Found 22nd Nov 2018Found 22nd Nov 2018
Been trying to find a good deal on these tyres for my car and think I just found a great combination. Bit of a lengthy method but seems to work - will probably work on other Michel… Read more

Got my Echo, just sold it on ebay for £72 so my 4 tyres worked out at £29.50 each fitted all in after all the discounts and selling the free gift.


Got my Echo now, just sold it on ebay for £72 so my 4 tyres worked out at £29.50 each fitted all in after all the discounts and selling the free gift.


Ring ats, they've been very helpful to me and followed up to ensure I had received mine.


Still had no Echo, raised a complaint via PAYPAL now


2 x Michelin Crossclimates fitted on 24th Dec for £172.78 , free fitting &10% off Monday Fitting also quidco tracking : ATS Euromaster £8.64 Tracked Amazon echo arrived today :) 13 Dec 18

10% off selected tyres @ national tyres
Found 22nd Nov 2018Found 22nd Nov 2018
Black friday offer at national tyres offering 10% off selected tyres . Order your tyres from midnight tonight! 10% OFF SELECTED TYRES 10% OFF SELECTED TYRES 10% OFF Avon, Brid… Read more

Thanks, i bought bridgestone tyres. Saved me £40


How do i get ATS discount?


For some reason they remove the avon tyre i wish to buy,,, !!!


I went to their website and Recommended tyres were Rovelo and Sailun. No thanks.


Have a look at ATS euromaster. They offer 10% for saturday afternoon fitting. Plus 5.05% topcash back.

10% off 2 or more pirelli tyres plus 8% quidco @ Kwik Fit
Found 20th Nov 2018Found 20th Nov 2018
18% off pirelli tyres until midnight tonight
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Drops the mike


I'm a pedant that knows better than to give KwikFit any more of my money. While not being enough of a braggart to try show my earnings off. Ignoring the error in your maths, cashback is never guaranteed. £40k a year tax free income, that's not easy to come by. Normally requires, tax free residence somewhere, a lottery win for life, cash in hand income or benefits. Don't worry you don't need to spoil us. You've done so much already.


Fair play but they have to pay Voucher10% off two or more Pirelli tyres (includes mobile tyre fitting) + up to 8% cashback Voucher terms and conditions | Expires in 2 hours


I spent over 400 quid on tyres at quick (poo) and they never paid out on quidco never again cold for me.


10% off with a further ‘possible’ 8% is not an 18% saving. It is a guaranteed 10% with a possible 8% off the 90% after the 10% End result you could save Upto 17.2%

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