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FIIDO D1 Folding Electric Moped Commuter Bike Three Riding Modes 14" Tyres 250W Motor 25km/h 10.4Ah Lithium Battery - £358.48 @ geekbuying
Posted 4th JunPosted 4th Jun
Support Duty-Free fast Shipping for these countries : Austria, Belgium, Bulgaria, Croatia, Czech Republic, Denmark, Estonia, Finland, France, Germany, Greece, Hungary, Ireland, It… Read more

Use mine perfectly fine in the UK. Even had 2 policeman register mine on Bikeregister inside the train station, got great comments from them. These are just old laws that they clearlydo not pay attention to. I can cycle my other bikes much faster than this bike so as long as its ridden sensibly it will be trouble free riding. No offence but i own one & use trouble free so I'm not going to waste my time reading something I already ignore


No it is not legal. If you can operate it to the top speed without having to pedal it is not UK legal. See the link about powered transporters at the top of this post. https://www.gov.uk/government/publications/powered-transporters/information-sheet-guidance-on-powered-transporters


Yes you can. Simply factory reset the computer with throttle & break lever & it unlocks to around 22mph depending on weight of rider/wind etc


Perfectly fine to use on roads in UK, been using mine for over a year. The bike has pedals which makes it perfectly legal for uk riding & a max speed of 15.5mph


Hey @YTS , congrats on your first post. Clicking through this bike is showing at £358.48, so I've edited the deal to reflect that. Seems like a decent competitive price for this :). The current legal guidance surrounding Powered Transporters has been added as info too! Looking forward to your next deal :)

100 x Black Plastic Replacement Dust Caps/Stems for Cars, Bikes - £1.40 delivered at chw1951/ebay
Posted 26th MayPosted 26th May
Back in stock, good value pack here. 100 x Black Plastic Car, Tube Cycle etc, etc Valve Dust Caps

Why doesn’t the deal show the price too? Like other deals show the price


👌 have a nice day


Don't buy them. Stop buying so much useless plastic just because it's cheap


Great, just what the earth needs, tonnes of these useless plastic little things ending up in landfill without ever being used


I blow into cap before replacing. Once screwed on tight what micron size dust particles can travel the length of screw thread between the cap and valve and get inside? I would probably buy the sealed caps if i was in the Paris Dakar rally but for the M1 I think I'll be fine with the budget ones.......

Cube Cross Race 2020 Cyclocross Road Bike 105 groupset, disc brakes, Schwalbe tyres £999 @ Tredz
606° Expired
Posted 25th MayPosted 25th May
Also available from Leisure Lakes for same price. Tredz have 6.6% TCB Not sure if any codes knocking about Mostly has current R7000 series of 105 groupset. Crankset is older gen … Read more

Must have been the company you work for, had 5 cycle to work bikes and only had to pay £10 for each at end of year, think you may have ticked the wrong box when completing payment.


My point is a huge number of so called German made products are simply re-packaged far east products. Many markets perceive German products as higher quality so that reputation is exploited commercially. When a bicycle frame has lower weight limits and a shorter warranty that would be indicative of a product that does not match the standards of a competitor's product with a longer warranty and higher weight limits. However Cube aren't alone in this situation typically many European and US brands simply import from the far east with or without local assembly, they constantly change factories to get the best prices and maintain their margin. The point is when you are basically dealing with an importer with inconsistent quality factor that into your buying decision. If you buy a Giant bike it will have high engineering standards and made in Giant's own factories. If you buy from an importer quality is unknown. As someone else pointed out some Cube frames have been appalling quality in the past, that could be a different factory to today or could be the same, how can we know. Quality is pretty much determined by the factory not the stickers on the frame.


That’s a pretty generic article about ‘made in Germany’, and has no specific relevance to Cube or indeed bike manufacture at all. Whereas, the examples I provide, specifically provide evidence of German assembly. Not reboxing, not trying to state ‘made in Germany’, but German assembly. Clearly some parts are made in Bangladesh and the Far East, but also quite specifically, the bikes are assembled in Bavaria. Not sure where you are going with this when the evidence is so clear and upfront. If you have problems with manufacturing of parts in low cost labour economies, fair enough, but you have no evidence to support your statements about ‘low quality’, ‘basic materials’, ‘poor quality control’ other than a personal view that this is how it is in relation to Cube bikes. We all have opinions and views on products, but please don’t try and pass this off as fact.


Not sure why I wrote Pakistan but I tend to write my comments very quickly. You have to understand a huge amount of German industry is what they call the last significant process where a product can come in and be simply re-boxed and get a made in Germany stamp. https://www.businessinsider.com/made-in-germany-2012-1?IR=T So as you can see from the article above. Cube can buy a complete bike manufactured in Bangladesh, rebox it and then sell it as made in Germany. The important thing is which factory is used to manufacture the bike, not which warehouse it is distributed from. That's not to say Cube don't properly assemble some bikes in Germany though.


Again - it’s Bangladesh not Pakistan. Splitting hairs you might think, and on the assembly of the bikes, the below states predominantly German assembly; google.co.uk/amp/s/singletrackworld.com/2016/08/factory-tour-cube-bikes-new-german-factory/%3famp The bike radar article below actually specifically states; https://www.bikeradar.com/features/inside-cubes-german-hq/ ‘Every Cube bar some of the childrens bikes are assembled at the factory in Germany’

Continental Ultra Sport II Road Tyres 700x28c £11.99 + £2.99 del at Chain Reaction Cycles
Posted 24th MayPosted 24th May
Good quality medium range tyre for road bikes. Lowest price I've seen for a while. Free standard delivery. Just ordered 2 700x28c tyres for £23.98.which is less than the cost of on… Read more

Stuck with 23s, fitted the new ones today. Couple of blistered thumbs but they're on!


my 28's arrived but wouldn't fit, either side of the fork would of just made it but it was where the tread is that was touching the fork. I've sent back, pretty painless returns, I might try 25mm once this refund has gone through


Yeah I'm on 23s currently too, it fit in with the frame perfectly, as in it went in but no gap either side and wedges itself haha. Ah well, they'll go back, I have ordered the 23s from Merlin cycles instead as CRC has now gone up for the 23s in black.


I have 23's currently, I've gone for 28's with the thinking they are only a extra 2.5mm each side - fingers crossed they fit when they arrive !


I didn't heed the warning of an above poster and the 28s ended up being too wide for my forks, sigh... Back they go :/

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£20 off 4 Kumho tyres at BlackCircles
30/06/2020Expires on 30/06/2020Posted 23rd MayPosted 23rd May
Buy 4 Kumho tyres and get £20 off order total.
Read More

Never had Khumo before fitting ours and was debating to get some inkniwn name for abput £40, however I was told Khumo are middle range and decent, this is why ive paid more to get them. However, no match in comparison and I'm sure if I would have got some used Chinese tires for £10-20 each, they would have done the same job as the Khumo, considering they lasted only a year.


I’ve never had any experience with kumho tyres, but I can say that continental tyres wear out very quick if someone if thinking of buying them. Michelin’s do last the longest so it’s worth paying a bit more.


A few years back I've paid £350 for 4 Khumo fitted to our Toyota Prius. The previous tires, Bridgestone lasted about 5 years. Unless these were fitted wrong, I'm not impressed with Khumo, they only lasted a year. We replaced them with Michelin and lasted 4 years. We paid £300 for Michelin all seasons, obviously my conclusion is we paid too much for the Khumo ones. We are replacing the tires today, again, all season Michelin, £280 fitted at Costco. Have no clue how much are these Khumo as I've put my registration number and it gives me the wrong size, but based on my experience and also considering I paid less for a better brand, I will not touch Khumo again. This does not means the deal is bad, but Costco does about £50 off for M8chellin if you buy 4.


Not working


Doesn't sound that great a deal if you need to buy 4 tyres and cover the cost of fitting?

Goodyear Workwear Mens Waterproof Steel Toe Safety Boots, Brown, UK8 - £17.95 (Prime) / £22.42 (None Prime) @ Amazon
188° Expired
Posted 18th MayPosted 18th May
Goodyear Workwear GYBT1536 Mens Waterproof Welted Mid Cut Work Safety Boot S3 SRC, Brown, UK8/EU42 Goodyear Workwear GYBT1536 S3/SRC Waterproof Safety Work Boots A stylish w… Read more

Tired - goodyear..... i’ll get my coat (flirt)


He's right. Heavy boots are tiring and they don't need to be. I had bought some deWalts once and they where good but terribly heavy after a few hours. My whole legs ached at the end of the day. Swapped them for some similar design V12's and the difference was massive. I can't get the same v12's now, so will give these a try.


What do you expect from working boots? :p


Look heavy, would probably be tired after wearing them all day.


says £30.14 now?

Pair of Motorbike tyres offer free delivery £99.98 @ M&P Direct
290° Expired
Posted 17th MayPosted 17th May
Pair of tyres size 180/55 zr17 and 120/70 zr17 weekend offer
Get deal*Get deal*

No, I was just shocked how little life they have in them


On bt015s?


I hope you are joking. I commute on a motorcycle. With sensible throttle I get about 15k miles on a set.


What a bargain. Nought some as spares for my Superduke 990.


I'm going for it was thinking of Road 5s but not going to get much riding this year and I don't like old tyres. Thanks for the post.

2 Michelin tyres up to £40 off or 4 tyres up to £80 off e.g. Pilot Sport 4 (225/40/18/Y) - 4 Tyres £253.52 (£287.12 fitted) @ Costco.
Posted 16th MayPosted 16th May
2 Michelin tyres up to £40 off or 4 tyres up to £80 off e.g. Pilot Sport 4 (225/40/18/Y) - 4 Tyres £253.52 (£287.12 fitted) @ Costco. Offer is for Costco members. Great all roun… Read more
Get deal*Get deal*

Thank you! Just checking as it's a good deal (y) 🏻


The Costco tyres are cheaper than Ford Gates prices with their crap 10% discount! I don’t compare rubbish/used/second hand tyres at £40 as some people happy with cr@p and complaining after 6 months that they need new tyres, what do you expect?


That's not Standard Membership (£15) that is Online Only and you can't visit the warehouse with it. Standard is ~£26.


Are you sure? The standard membership blurb says you can't buy tyres with it. 😔


Great deal for PS4's - heated!

Kärcher Alloy Wheel Wash Brush for Pressure Washer Accessory £14.53 (Prime) + £4.49 (non Prime) at Amazon
213° Expired
Posted 4th MayPosted 4th May
Compatible with Kärcher K2-K7 series pressure washers Ideal for hard to reach areas and small recesses The union nut ensures secure mounting to the trigger gun

To be honest go for a normal alloy wheel brush or wheel wooly and a good fallout remover like bilt hamber. I imagine quite awkward to use on the end of a trigger lance.


Fair enough (y) 🏻 can’t beat karcher stuff


I agree. £7 to £10 max.


Used it twice, mixed feelings, very bulky and not comfortable for me. Another garage treasure chest item, I would say. The quality and water flow is ok.


It depends on the alloys, the washer doesn't get into the sides of the rims on mine leaving them filthy, this brush gets it out nicely. It will very much depend on the number of spokes, I think my are 12 spoke from memory.

Black Circles 15% off tyres for NHS workers
30/06/2020Expires on 30/06/2020Posted 30th AprPosted 30th Apr
A nice offer if you need tyres and work for the NHS NHS Staff Discount To support NHS workers we’re providing a 15% discount on eligible tyres This is our way of saying thank yo… Read more

Just had an absolute disaster with black circles. Paid with paypal, paypal authorized, black circles said no record. Spent all morning chasing up, cancelled, then black circles took £400 again without telling me.


You are not wrong there sir. (y) 🏽


I was £25 for a puncture repair, new valve and balance at ATS Euromaster the other day. I left thinking it was expensive but then when you think about it there is a fair bit of effort to get the car in, jacked up, wheel off, wheel rim/seal tided up, tyre repaired, balanced and back on. I guess there are sizeable overheads for the garage, tools and of course wages. I guess the same £20-30 current day fitting cost is factored in on the new tyre costs. Every company still needs to make money.


Yea they go up slightly each year. That's inflation for ya...


Some of the more popular tyre sizes will be cheaper like 205/55/16. Larger tyres I suspect will still be expensive. I do think they should be fitted at the 15% off though. At least it is something though I suppose.

2 x Road bike tyres and 4 x inner tubes - £14.97 delivered @ Planet X
368° Expired
Posted 18th AprPosted 18th Apr
Cheap training tyres from decent brand, been using these for a couple of months with no issues. Tyres are reduced to £3.99 Tubes are £0.99 Postage is £6.99with dpd. Add 2 tyres and… Read more

Looks like it, glad I grabbed a few more for the kids bikes now (cheeky) 4 x vittorria grafite 26" tyres and 8 x tubes for £40 delivered, that keep em going for the summer.


Deal expired !


They easy to get on?


Ye I bought it aswel


Hope so as just bought some , but I'm not a biker

Riken Tyres 225/45r17 £47.95 @ autojama eBay
-284° Expired
Posted 18th AprPosted 18th Apr
These 224/45 r17 are £47.95 each or £168.95 Read eBay description for more details
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Retread save the planet


I actually believed that briefly.


But crap quality new ones can be allowed? This guy's a genius folks (lol)


Part worns should be banned in the UK, utter garbage.


Always one.

2 Michelin tyres up to £50 off or 4 fitted tyres up to £100 off e.g. Pilot Sport 4 (225/40/18/Y) - 4 Tyres £307.76 fitted @ Costco
740° Expired
Posted 16th AprPosted 16th Apr
Update 1
Offer extended until 31st May
Costco have a Michelin tyre promo starting from 20th April with up to a £50 saving on 2 tyres or £100 off when you buy 4 fitted tyres, the level of discount depends on tyre size. … Read more

Great deal, bought 235/40/18 XL PS4 from Kwik-Fit at the beginning of lockdown for £428, which was the best price then with mobile fitting. Only managed a few miles since but these feel like a much softer ride than the previous PS3's, and hopefully will provide the same performance and longevity, 30K+ on original set over 4 years. :D


I dont think so based on what they display on their membership page.


Just to make sure, online only membership for £15 isn't enough to buy tyres right?


So for 205/55/R16 Michelin Primacy 4 - two tyres fitted at Costco with the £30 promo discount is £106.76 total https://www.costco.co.uk/Tyres-Automotive/Tyres-Accessories/Tyres/Michelin-20555-R16-91V-PRIMACY-4/tire/p/777386 If I compare the same two tyres at Blackcircles (which looks to be the next cheapest) is £146 fitted, so nearly a £40 difference. So even if you need to get a membership for Costco the saving looks ok.


Fitting or not, whatever is cheaper. Looking for 205/55r16 tyres for front.

Simoniz alloy wheel cleaner £2.25 @ Tesco
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Posted 14th AprPosted 14th Apr
Alloy wheel cleaner at half price in Tesco, also cheaper currently than Europarts too. Can also be found at Wilko too: https://www.wilko.com/en-uk/simoniz-500ml-alloy-wheel-clea… Read more
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Alloy wheels come in various finishes, most alloys are painted and lacquered. There are some high end wheels which of course are either powder coated, diamond cut, anodised or chromed, but these are normally on the most expensive wheels. I would envisage that people who buy high end wheels probably would not use Cif on them and for us common folk who have a painted finish should most definitely not use Cif, it says so on the CIF bottle, not suitable for painted surfaces. I personally would not suggest Cif as an alternative though there are plenty other products that could be used.


If only I had a car. :D


There not all good you know. covers are ok,Get A nice set.


correct - CIF is a lot better and its £1 a bottle and works a lot better - voted cold.


You don’t need this stuff! It’s rubbish. cif

Schwalbe One Addix Performance Folding Road Tyre - 700c £16.99 + £2.99 del @ Merlin cycles
225° Expired
Posted 12th AprPosted 12th Apr
Schwalbe One Addix Performance Folding Road Tyre - 700c All-round road bike tyre. Schwalbe One’s road bike tyre technology of the highest level is fast, reliable and agile. A perfe… Read more
Get deal*Get deal*

Ok. Luckily I am not fast enough to be bothered about weight in the slightest.


Not sure about that but they're heavier is the stand out disadvantage for me.


Are the wired versions just more difficult to put on/take off?


Schwalbe One Vguard tyres are my first choice. I use them all year round with latex tubes. The rolling resistance is a bit worse on these tyres but still a very good price.


No idea as not used them. Could use this as a comparison https://www.bicyclerollingresistance.com/road-bike-reviews/compare/schwalbe-one-performance-2020-vs-vittoria-rubino-pro-control-2016

NHS Staff Discount for Car Servicing/ tyres / batteries at Kwik Fit
30/06/2020Expires on 30/06/2020Posted 12th AprPosted 12th Apr
Kwik Fit we are offering all NHS staff a 10% discount* on tyres, services and batteries until the 30th June 2020, as a token of our gratitude for your continued work and service. … Read more
Read More

Over priced tyres


......where do you dispose of your old oil and filter - all tips closed and cant go in household waste. Also kwikfit dont use cheap oil and neither do they use crossland filters XD - so its not a direct comparison.


Not a deal if they use semi-synth cheap oil and crossland oil filter!!!


I think rather than offer 10%, they could promise not to "find additional urgent repair". That would be more helpful and less stressful to NHS staff. I would avoid them at all costs.


10% off is embarrassing,do they REALLY think there doing them a favour ?.Thats the discount of yester year.Start at 35% at least.If i were NHS i would be inclined to go and pay full price and Harvey smith them.

4 x Goodyear Eagle F1 Asymmetric 5 - 225/40/Y18 Tyres £259.30 delivered with code @ Blackcircles
679° Expired
Posted 3rd AprPosted 3rd Apr
4 x Goodyear Eagle F1 Asymmetric 5 - 225/40/Y18 Tyres £259.30 delivered with code @ Blackcircles
£259.30£29612%BlackCircles Deals
Looks a good price for 4 x Goodyear Eagle F1 Asymmetric 5 tyres (225/40/Y18), use code 4GY25 to get 4 tyres for £259.30 delivered. This price is based on tyres delivered to home … Read more

Tell me about it...been looking for months for a decent offer, but nothing !


Remember fitting and balancing is usually £10 per corner so when you tot it up it doesnt seem that great a deal. The eagle F1s are supposed to be very grippy tyres but I'm looking for something that will last so I'm thinking Michelin or Bridgestone.


Great deal. I fitted these last year as was very impressed. Felt like a new car.


Just had two of these fitted on mine, couldn't afford all four yet as needed 235/40r18


Just what I need. Such a shame 225/45R18 are hugely more expensive. :(

4 x Toyo TR1 195 50 15 82V Proxes High Performance Road Tyres + £25 Amazon voucher = £125.96 delivered @ Demon Tweeks
936° Expired
Posted 3rd AprPosted 3rd Apr
4 x Toyo TR1 195 50 15 82V Proxes High Performance Road Tyres + £25 Amazon voucher = £125.96 delivered @ Demon Tweeks
£125.96£15217% Free P&P FreeDemon Tweeks Deals
Demon Tweeks have a promo offer on Toyo TR1 Proxes, where you can get 4 x Toyo 195 50 15 82V Proxes High Performance Road Tyres plus a £25 Amazon voucher for £125.96 delivered. If… Read more

Has anyone had this confirmed by Toyo? I was going to buy but then read the terms and noticed Demon Tweaks isn't in the list of participating dealers... https://www.toyo.co.uk/springpromo/terms


Are these any good? At the moment I have Bridgestone Blizzak LM-25 RFT. I do know Toyo are not RFT and summer not winter like Blizzak.


Toyo cover most sizes. That is a fairly common one so you should be ok.


Sorry for the noob question, but really out of my depth when it comes to tyres. My current tyres are 185/60/R15/84H - would these be "compatible"?


For people moaning about these being terrible, are you an 'enthusiastic motorist' or are you driving like most of us who just go from a2b at a normal speed and aims for 20k+ out of a set?

4 x Michelin Pilot Sport 4 - 225/40 R18 (92Y) £325.40 delivered / £275.40 including £50 instant cashback @ Camskill
649° Expired
Posted 1st AprPosted 1st Apr
4 x Michelin Pilot Sport 4 - 225/40 R18 (92Y) £325.40 delivered / £275.40 including £50 instant cashback @ Camskill
You can get 4 x Michelin Pilot Sport 4 tyres 225/40 R18 (92Y) for £275.40 factoring in the £50 April Michelin instant cashback promo debited back to your payment card. If you only… Read more

Just went to order these but saying PS4 in 225/40/18 are no longer in the promotion


"Get them delivered to your house and then have them fitted when the garages are open again" - Good point Cheeter - Currently nearly all the tyre factories in Europe and North America are closed due to Covid-19 so there are going to be big shortages of tyres in the near future especially from European manufacturers like Michelin....


Cold for me. My bmw has 225's front, 255's rear but the rears arent included in the offer. Fitting and balancing is £10 per tyre at most places. Would rather use blackcircles.


Always used Camskill for my tyres since 2003.


225/55 R17 sadly not included

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