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Posted 18 April 2023

20GB data, Unlimited min & text EU roaming - £10pm - 30 day rolling contract (Uses EE & includes 5G) @ RWG

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Aware other RWG deals have been posted but I couldn't see this and I think its pretty good (I was unable to get the EE BT deals)

RWG runs on EE network, and supports 5G.
I don't think it includes WiFi calling though I did see on a forum that this is meant to be coming.
Unlimited mins, SMS & 20GB data £10/month
RWG Mobile More details at
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  1. albertbigndaft's avatar
    I reckon WhatsApp should work as it goes over data/Wi-Fi.
    I understand that Wi-Fi calling is a slightly different thing and as the OP indicates RWG don’t offer it yet but they state it’s on the way.
    From what I’ve read so far that’s been the case for a while (pending EE authorising I suppose) but it would be useful if/when it does get offered, for me at least. EE signals don’t go through my house walls so well.

    I’ve just (yesterday) ported my o2 number over to RWG on their £5 a month for 5gb tariff. It took about an hour to do that, all in.

    Depending how I get on with it, I will stay with them or consider shifting again to 1p mobile, as they offer Wi-Fi calling, also via EE, like RWG do. Problem for me is I’d then take out a £10 a month tariff as their £5 one only offers 1gb (trying to keep some costs down!)
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    I ported mine last Saturday 15th and as of today I am still without service on my new SIM or my old SIM there customer service dept are the worst I have ever dealt with in my life, u can't speak to anyone and they take days to answer email and then simply reply were looking into it, I would think very very carefully before jumping onboard with these amateurs, the cheapest deals are cheap for a reason and you can definitely tell this is cheap!!!
  2. Social_Solutions's avatar
    Sorry for the dumb question - wifi calling... I think I used to use this on o2 about a decade ago. Not sure if it's the same thing? - I take it video/voice calls via Whatsapp would work? We all just use Whatsapp for anything like that these days and would have thought many people do the same thing?

    Need to move us from VM. It's been like pulling teeth on the speeds and blackspots (o2)

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    Johnny_5 Author
    Yeah I'm with VM and kisses with O2, finding signal poor, hence the move. WhatsApp would work WiFi calling is just where it uses your WiFi to route phone calls in/out
  3. Dice19's avatar
    Is there a speed cap on data do we know?
    Johnny_5's avatar
    Johnny_5 Author
    I'm not sure, I did have a quick look but couldn't see anything
  4. CyberdUk's avatar
    Does it provide 5g, I can see mention of 4g only.
    Good deal either way
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    *All services now include 5G data!*
    My bad
  5. Aiadi's avatar
    Please approach this company and deal with extreme caution. I wish that I have looked at the recent reviews on Trustpilot before taking the plunge and buying from these cowboys. Took 3 days for a number port to complete and left me unreachable on my original number for all that time. Also made the mistake of purchasing one of their data only SIMs which remains inactivated after a week now despite multiple emails, support requests and messaging them on their facebook page. Just try and phone their support line and listen to the message stating that their agents are unavailable all the time and you will know what I am talking about here. I will give them to the beginning of next week to see if they will activate my SIM before reporting the issue to my card issuer and cancelling my accounts. (edited)
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    Hmm..there are few red (rather than red-white-green) flags with this company
    eg No order numbers or help ticket references
  6. huntk1's avatar
    I've been waiting 8 days for my number to port in. Absolutely ridiculous.
    No one replies to emails and no one answers the support telephone number.
    Avoid like the plague
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