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£25pm GoodyBag with giffgaff / SIM Only Plan / Always On* data, Unlimited minutes, Unlimited texts at giffgaff Shop
Posted 3 h, 53 m agoPosted 3 h, 53 m ago
Always On data With Always On you get 80 GB of data at full 4G speed. After 80 GB of data used you'll experience a reduced data speed of 384kbps from 8am to midnight. You may noti… Read more
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Giffgaff is getting priceyyy


They also throttle speeds as it's a virtual network. I tested with O2 sim and Giff Gaff sim, same phone, and speeds dropped on giffgaff. Be wary people.


£25 and it’s not even true unlimited


Better deals elsewhere,saying that I'm a giffgaff customer lol


Cold, you can get a better deal from 3 or even vodafone at this price

Vodafone 5G Sim Only - Unlimited Minutes and Texts, 60GB for £20 pm (£150 cashback - effective £7.50 per month / 12mo) @ Affordable Mobiles
14/06/2020Expires on 14/06/2020Posted 7 h, 17 m agoPosted 7 h, 17 m ago
Good price after the cashback, leaving an effective £7.50 per month for 60GB of unrestricted 5G speeds from vodafone. + £150 Cashback by Redemption Claim cashback by sending in … Read more

What's the difference between those two? Which is easier? Thanks


Am I right in saying you save the 20% portion of your bill that is vat if you pay off the contract in advance?


If you have the money pay your contract off earlier saves you a bit of money overall and get this deal now


In the legal bit...'Secure Net - Red Extra and Entertainment plans come with a free three-month Vodafone Secure Net trial, to help protect your device from online treats.....' I wonder what an online treat is?


To cut a very long story short, it's likely down to how I handled my finances when I was younger and stupider :) I've got a number of defaults on my credit file that are still years away from dropping off so that'll likely be the reason more than anything.

Unlimited Data, Minutes & Texts - 18M SIM Only for £33 p/m £594 @ O2 Shop
10/06/2020Expires on 10/06/2020Posted 10 h, 15 m agoPosted 10 h, 15 m ago
18M SIM Only £33 p/m Unlimited data Unlimited minutes Unlimited texts Choose 6 months of Disney+, Amazon Prime Video, or more. O2 Travel Inclusive Zone - Roam at no extra cos… Read more
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You can also get £40 cashback through Quico



Where is this deal?


Product ID : 22068050 Remove Vodafone Multi SIM card 5G - 12 Months - Size Multi Stock In stock SIM card - New Contract Unlimited data (5G) Unlimited minutes Unlimited texts Your pay monthly plan will be adjusted every year by the rate of inflation Pay today Change SIM only plan OFFER £120.00 120 Pounds Cashback

Samsung Galaxy Tab A 8 LTE Refurb 32GB Tablet With 6 Months Disney+ - £71.50 @ O2 Refresh
236° Expired
Posted 11 h, 14 m agoPosted 11 h, 14 m ago
Great price for this refurb tab 32gb, £71.50 Upfront, scroll to the bottom click on "see our plans" then choose the 500mb option for £71.50 Upfront with a £6 monthly charge, which … Read more

Strange one here, just had a call from O2 regarding my failed purchase earlier. after I said it went OOS after I changed my Browser (TCB really) he just said ahh OK thought he might of been able to sort me out for a minute


It does every now and then 🤞


Mine was on the Huawei P30 deal when i cancelled straight away and lost it. This time i'll take Mr Switch's advice and let it run a month before cancelling.


Awesome! Then this is a wicked deal. Will keep an eye out for the stock then (y) as O2 normally comes in and out, right? Thanks mate.


No, once you have the disney+ you have it.

Three sim Only deal £11pm 6 months then £22 Unlimited Everything 24 months
25/06/2020Expires on 25/06/2020Posted 16 h, 7 m agoPosted 16 h, 7 m ago
Three sim only deal £11 per month 24 month contract Unlimited minutes and texts 5g ready at no exta cost Personal hotspot Go roam around the world Go binge (watch/go on offline :N… Read more

good deal, but dont expect 5g until 2022..........been waiting for nearly a year now (my office is in central london) and still nothing. Jumped to 02 2 weeks ago, and even got 5g at home....


Still £10 a month here on a 12M contract after a bit of a Faf £96 cash back


Data speeds are awful, whenever I away from home it seems to struggle. This was the message the other day. Never used to be like that.. I tried using the speed test before that message but it could not even link to the server🤷 to do the test


I'm leaving 3 now after one year away from EE (going back to EE). I was paying £22 for unlimited everything. It sounds brilliant, its just the signal isn't that good and unlimited data is only great if you can use it. If it works in your area then this is a good deal, it just seems that EE has better coverage and higher speeds. 2 years is a long time for a SIM contract too, you'd have to be confident of the service in your area. Thanks for posting anyway.


Been with three for years. Have cancelled yesterday as 90 of my calls drop now in my town. Ridiculous

£15 Monthly - 20GB 4G Data - Unlimited Call & Texts - 12 Months Sim £180 @ EE via uSwitch
Posted 20 h, 28 m agoPosted 20 h, 28 m ago
20GB 4G Data Unlimited Call Unlimited Texts 12 Months Sim £15 Monthly £180 for 12 Months
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Here’s an old screenshot of a speedtest my friend did almost two years ago on EE. He regularly sent me screenshots of download speeds noticeably faster than that from all over London and surrounding cities. Other than Virgin Media customers, most people didn’t have home broadband with 200Mbps+ download speeds and definitely not 55Mbps upload back in 2018.


Go Faster £2 BT squeezing every last penny out


Depends how saturated a area is, EE will cap you when it needs to. EE is the worst performer region wide here, the speeds are that horrific that o2 beats them, then Three & top dog Voda.


My EE is essentials - capped to 60Mbps. (y)


Yes, they now charge extra for their fastest speeds called 4GEE. £2pm extra a friend of mine now pays whereas a few years ago he didn’t pay any extra and also the speeds were significantly faster (200Mbps+). (skeptical)

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20GB Data, Unlimited Minutes & Texts - 18M SIM Only for £15 p/m £270 @ O2
10/06/2020Expires on 10/06/2020Posted 22 h, 15 m agoPosted 22 h, 15 m ago
£15 per month for 20GB of data, unlimited minutes and texts! Get 20GB for £15*, for 18 months. For a limited time only. Ends 10 June. Choose 6 months of Disney+, 3 months of Aud… Read more
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Yeah I guess every supplier will have some customers who have bad experiences, sorry you were one of them. But I believe smarty/3 boast 99.8% 4G coverage throughout the country


I was with 3 before moving over to o2 and they were absolutely awful!! Never again but that’s just my experience with them


Yeah easily. Smarty for example shares the same coverage as 3. The larger known mobile network providers are now the worst ones to go to for deals


But can others supply you with the coverage of o2? I’ve been with o2 a few years now and never once had a problem with network coverage


Smarty offer 30GB a month with unlimited texts and calls for £10 a month and it's a 1 month contract so can cancel any time. There are also plenty other suppliers and better deals out there

Sony Xperia 1 Mark II 256GB 5G Smartphone + Sony WH-1000XM3 Headphones - £799 With 6 Months Disney+ @ O2 Refresh
Posted 4th JunPosted 4th Jun
Camera 12MP Camera Talk Time Talk time Talk time: Up to 19.7 hours Weight Weight Weighs 181g Screen size Screen size 6.5 inch screen Click "pick one of our pre built plans"… Read more

How does O2 work out their data/airtime prices ? £24 for 15gigs a month is not particularly good, yet they have triple data offers on resellers, good sim only deals but rubbish when buying a flagship on a 3 year contract ??


Cheers for the reply. Ended up getting it on contract with a view to paying it off in August when I'm back in work. Gives me a bit more flexibility that way. PayPal's interest free period is relatively short so I don't want to be under pressure to pay it back before the interest starts accruing.


There is it's leaked a bunch of times :)


Your best bet would probs be using PayPal credit to buy it, interest free for a while I think?


Very tempted by this but coming from lg g6, I think this is just a little too tall. Im hoping there's an xperia 5 ii coming!

25GB 4G Data (Data Rollover) Unlimited Calls & Text SIM Only £12pm (12-Month total £144) on Virgin Mobile
Posted 3rd JunPosted 3rd Jun
25GB 4G Data (Data Rollover) Unlimited Calls & Text SIM Only £12pm (12-Month total £144) £10 Quidco cashback available. Edit: £15 TCB now available on the 25GB Data contra… Read more

Oh I see. Oh well still a good deal I guess. Hope my S9 will be good for another couple of years. Ty for the info.


Yes, unfortunately. You have to visit the merchant (Virgin Mobile in this case) via the link on either the Quidco or Topcashback site or app. If you don’t then you won’t earn any cashback as there is no record of you visiting via either of the cashback sites.


I just signed up for this deal. Is it too late to get the cashback? Won't have the SIM and switch provider for a few days. Never used a cashback service before...


Topcashback are now offering an exclusive £15 cashback on the 25GB Data, Unlimited Mins/Text SIM.


Email sent

Vodafone Business Broadband 24 months (35Mb) £345 Total (£315 for Vodafone mobile contract customers) + £95 Potential cashback via TCB
Posted 3rd JunPosted 3rd Jun
With Cashback works out at £13.80 p/m for 18 months. £12.20 p/m if you have a phone contract with Vodafone. Offer available on 63Mb package as well. £405 for 18 months. £375 if yo… Read more

This deal will go extremely cold!


What sort of deal is this? jeez


Are those prices plus vat?

100GB Data & Unlimited Minutes & Texts £20pm (24 months - £70.00 Cashback Possible) @ EE
30/06/2020Expires on 30/06/2020Posted 3rd JunPosted 3rd Jun
EE are again offering their 100gb data deal for £20.00 a month on a 24 month sim only contract. Just checked it also comes with 6 month free of one of the following - just remem… Read more
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Could I use Student Discount on top?

CaptainOffTheHook have a £20 per month with £120 cashback by redemption making it £15 per month


You have to join and go through them to the seller to get cashback.


Got to be kidding me! Ohh well I’m on a better deal now anyway


Too late!!

12GB for £10 at VOXI with unlimited calls, texts and picture messages
25/06/2020Expires on 25/06/2020Posted 3rd JunPosted 3rd Jun
Extra data on selected plans. Offer ends 25 June

Just had a text from voxi saying endless data coming to an end, was on 8gb chat customer service updated data extras to 2+2 so 12 gb, all is good


But does that mean you have unlimited data or it's just not telling you how close you are to your monthly limit?


No I'm not with VOXI but they replied to a load of people asking on Twitter saying it'll last for 24 months and I believe it says it somewhere in the advertisement / terms and conditions


Yes they did that to me, but went on live chat they confirmed that plan would show as 8gb but everytime it renews each month would be 8gb plan plus the 4gb extra for 24months , or until you cancel or change plan, so in short 12gb for next 24 months .


Hmm I got an email saying they’d added the freebie of extra gb for 30 days. Did you also get that?

Free £15 SMARTY account credit for joining a feedback video call on 4th June 2020 (check email for invite - existing customers only)
174° Expired
Posted 2nd JunPosted 2nd Jun
Free £15 SMARTY account credit for joining a feedback video call on 4th June 2020 (check email for invite) Eligible SMARTY customers are those who have received the email in the s… Read more
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I did the follow up question, they didn't phone during the timeslot I chose though. No hope now..


Did anyone here do this and how did it go then? Was it on Skype / Zoom etc?


They probably had no signal (lol) (lol) ;(


Anyone doing this today? They sent me a follow up question yesterday and then it said I'd be called in the afternoon yesterday but I never was.


That was 2 - 3 years ago so I couldn't remember their names. I will suggest you try all platforms as you won't always have the tasks. Most of them will send you an email when there is a survey that fits your profile. I was getting 1 - 2 every month

SIM Only 25GB, unlimited mins & texts, data rollover & free social data for £12 (12 mths total £144) on Virgin Mobile (uses EE) via uSwitch
Posted 2nd JunPosted 2nd Jun
SIM Only 25GB, unlimited mins & texts for £12 12 month contract (total £144) on Virgin Mobile via uSwitch Chat, text, share photos and more without dipping into your data allo… Read more
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hahah they have simplified things now. They give clear instructions and all I do is send past 3 months bills... let them deal with it :) and I get the cheques to deposit. Not sure when they will digitise the refunds, that will save a lot of time.. going to back I go once a year :)


going via quidco the 36gb for £13 is still available. **EDIT: At checkout it states "6gb data", so looks like the 6x multiplier isn't being recorded....or valid now.




I'm fine with this current deal. I saw the 36gb deal, but didnt feel I needed 36gb, even for just £1 more.


You should have done it yesterday you would have got 36gb for £13

Three Sim Only Unlimited Data, Minutes and Texts for £18 pm - £216 £40 Automatic Cashback 12 months at BuyMobiles
Posted 2nd JunPosted 2nd Jun
£40 Guaranteed Automatic Cashback (y) 12 Month Contract Only no 18 or 24 Months Trap! (y) £14.67 per month after automatic Cashback 12 month contract They will automatically t… Read more

It should be free. Or you can just use a different network. I recently transferred my three number to Vodafone sim then transferred it back to three. Free of cost.


I'm already on Three and want to transfer to a new three SIM - It seems I need to transfer to PAYG first to retain my number, but all PAYG SIM's now require topups or monthly fees? Anyone know which are still free to do this? Thanks


I was getting less than 1Mbps inside the house in Harrow over the past 6 months, been with them for years but PAC'ed out in the end as work calls were also being dropped regularly. Use the Ofcom signal checker with your postcode before you buy, it gives signal quality both indoors and outdoors. However, even if you have problems inside the house, you may do well with an external antenna connected to a 4G router like the Huawei B525 - a nice, cheaper and more flexible alternative to fibre broadband. Depending on your location, some are getting really good speeds on Three. I've heated as it definitely is a good deal for unlimited data, if you get decent speeds.


interesting...will give that a try then (highfive)


ok thx (y)

SIM Only no contract 10GB data, unlimited mins & texts + 100 international mins £8.95/month @ Lebara Mobile (uses Vodafone) via uSwitch
Posted 1st JunPosted 1st Jun
SIM Only no contract 10GB data, unlimited minutes & texts £8.95/month at Lebara Mobile via uSwitch Lebara Mobile uses the Vodafone network Get deal here
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Does anyone know if I stop my renewal on the deal for a couple of months when I am out of the country, does the deal still appear in my plan options?


Let us know what it's like I won't be getting one till July if Voxi actually does start counting .


thanks (popcorn) it runs on vodafone i will pay the money (strong)


Goes up to a tenner after 1st month don't forget.


thanks for this i just got this deal i will update you once sim has come (highfive)

Smarty £10 for 30gb data + Unlimited mins 1 month Rolling Contract
Posted 1st JunPosted 1st Jun
30gb data , Unlimited Mins and Texts . Yes it runs on Three but you can Swap network after first month if you don’t have decent experience. No long term commitment. Quidco £10 ava… Read more

We’re trying to help people by warning them of the pitfalls of this network. Everyone can give it a try and see what they think, which is what I did but if I knew then what I know now....good deal or not I wouldn’t have wasted my time


I initially had issues with them but network is all good now. Note: When contacting support/chat it said someone will respond within 24hrs but in my experience it took an hour and a half.


This is not a deal. It is the standard price and has been widely advertised for a long time.


If you mean VoLTE - sure do. Obviously depends if the mast you're connected to supports it though.


EU is included in your data amount. "Everything works like home. Data comes out of your monthly allowance or data add-ons. Calls and Texts are unlimited. No hidden charges. No extra costs."

10gig Sim Only Deal (18m) at BT for £15pm or £10pm w/ £5 Discount if Already a BT Broadband Customer
11/06/2020Expires on 11/06/2020Posted 1st JunPosted 1st Jun
Just got unlimited minutes and text with 10 gig data for £10/ month Used TCB and £42 has tracked. 40 gig with BT Sport also available for £15 plus £60 on TCB

Not heard of either shall explore. Don't like the long tie in/contract


Yes .. i will be be cancelling before Black Friday and get new a contract with cashback and freebies . Being halo customer makes this deal even better which i am


Tends to be for new customers rather than existing. Good deal though.


It’s a shame that no gift with this contract which is usually a speaker , Mastercard or so and also they made contracts 18 months . I signed up on Black Friday for £10(glitch) 40gb with jbl speaker and £60 quidco 12 months contract . 3 weeks later got option to increase to 50gb plan no extra charge.


Anyone around the East Midlands who can comment on coverage? I'm on 3, the past 12moths I've struggled hence looking to change but wanted to see how others faired with BT coverage.

o2 sim only plan - unlimited minutes, texts and 10GB data - £10/month + £120 over 12 months @ Uswitch
Posted 29th MayPosted 29th May
10 gig data Unlimited mins Unlimited texts 12 month contract £10 per month
Get deal*Get deal*

This suits me fine. Upgraded easily without having to get a new sim. Thanks!


This'll do me nicely. I already ordered the same deal from EE but o2 has better network coverage in my area.


That's for 18 months though. I went with Vodafone 12 months 60gb 5G deal with £11.67 after the £100 automatic redemption. Got confirmation of acceptance straight away. No trouble. Thanks anyway.


Try the link further down


with O2 for 15 years continously. Didn't want to call for this deal and wait in the queue so went with this link and got declined due to credit check. Unnecessary mark in my credit history. Ruined my day.

Vodafone 5G Sim Only - 60GB, Unl Mins and Texts for £20 pm - £100 auto cashback - eff £11.67 per month / 12 month contract @
Posted 28th MayPosted 28th May
Previously posted great deal, which is still live and available to order. Auto Cashback of £100 which makes a straight up cashback deal than redemption offers. 5G sim from Vodafo… Read more

i am interested in ;this deal, however i am a bit wary as when i choose £0 spend cap i get following message By selecting £0 monthly cap some services will be unavailable, including: Sending picture (MMS) messages, calling 070, 084, 087, 09 numbers, making calls and sending texts outside of the EU, text/call donations to charities. will this mean that i may not receive messages etc from my bank which may be classed as premium rate no.s can anyone clarify this please, beore i take plunge especially as it would affect credit rating thanks


ordered 4pm yesterday - delivered 11am today. Number porting across from Three on Monday. Will never go back to three.


Vodafone plans which has limited data, are full speed.


That one is better, but you have to claim cash back. This one on three other hand is automatic cash back, so you don't need to do anything. If you are methodical, and can periodically claim as per claim schedule, you get it for cheaper. (y)


Is this not better £8.50 a month after cashback

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