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5GB Vodafone Red Extra Data Samsung Galaxy S10e 128GB Prism Black £656 With Code @
Found 14 h, 41 m agoFound 14 h, 41 m ago
Even better now, just reduced. Thought this was a cracking little deal, getting a decent chunk of data, and paying only £30 more than the sim free price in most places (not takin… Read more

Says "Sorry, this voucher cannot be used with this deal."?


Horses for courses. I have an S9 now which I'm happy with, much more than I remember the last time I used an Android handset, it's very good all round - I use an iPhone as my other phone. I had the XZ1 Compact before and was also happy with that. But the S10 has the extra camera that will be useful and is a similar size to the S9, I find the curved edge displays annoying but I will have to live with them.


I think you're missing a trick. Having had an in screen finger print sensor on a Mate 20 Pro, I prefer the regular capacitive type. I prefer flat screens , and again having experienced a big 6.4" screen I prefer the smaller and lighter handsets like my current S8 Your requirements may well be different to mine, but to me the S10e is the pick of he bunch. I wish they'd gone one step further though and fitted an LCD, and not oled. It would be the perfect phone for me then.

I wish they'd do similar deal on EE for the same price.


I am undecided. That Note 9 on EE deal the other day looks good to me too though the S10e just feels like 'the poor man's S10', no matter how they try and pitch it - same way as I'd never be happy with the iPhone XR. I think the telephoto lens is useful too though.

Three SIM Only - Unlimited 4G Data, mins & texts for £20pm - 12 months on the Advanced plan!
Refreshed 20th AprRefreshed 20th Apr
Back on for Easter. Unlimited data £20.00 a month* 12 month Advanced plan Unlimited minutes Unlimited texts Personal Hotspot Go Roam Around the World Go Binge
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She didn’t, all the U.K. security services said its wasn’t core networking to have Huawei base stations and transmitters. Low risk. Huawei CEO gave special mention of Threes U.K. new national 5G network without actually naming it... “in terms of the mid-frequency band, such as 2.6 GHz and 3.5 GHz, if the operator can obtain spectrum with 100 megahertz bandwidth, added with the massive MIMO technology, then it is possible for that operator to build a nationwide network. In this way, the users will be able to enjoy speed at several hundred Mbps or even more than 1 Gbps at every corner.” GOV security:


Lol, thankfully your south West not North West or your chances would be the same as telecommunications companies communicating with great customer care. Huawei was never gonna get banned, the Tories are banking on the Chinese post Brexit, if it ever happens - Nikki S was today announcing the manifesto mandated Brexit independence referendum is GO, Huawei got nothing special today in comparison...


Yeah just wishful thinking I think Onlydongles, I think my white cube of 4G wonderment will be in use for a long time yet. I'll pop a reserved sticker on the 618 just for you though, just in case. ;)


Its all well and good our Lady Theresa going against the grain of her advisers and overlord Trump. But how many regulatory hiccups & hurdles they throw up on the way remains to be seen. (Although I hope not) Still seems a long way off for us in London. Methinks, Three are not aggresive enough in their launch and making the big splash. I'll be happy & content to buy the used 4G router off you guys, even if they only improve their 4G offerings in my area. Its still flakier than a Cornish cheese pastry.


Lookie @seaniboy Oh goodie, now they can pop up a 5G doo da in my street tomorrow, and give me a white cube of 5G wonderment so I can test it for them. Hauwei 5G Go Ahead Sometime this week will do fine, no great rush. (y)

Huawei P30 1GB Data/Unlim Min/Text -  24 months @ £24.99 month & £49.99 up-front - iD Mobile
Found 23rd AprFound 23rd Apr
I found this via the comparison sites (moneysupermarket and compare the market), it is an exclusive deal not advertised on iD's website but available if you follow the link from th… Read more

I am paying £28 with EE no upfront and 4gig


So what?


Surely you should vote based on the merits of the deal itself, not based on that fact you would prefer a different phone and network? This phone is £699.99 to buy SIM free and the total cost of this deal including the contract is less than that!! BTW the Pro is available on the same contract for £34.99 a month and £49.99 upfront if you go via moneysupermarket or compare the market, again much cheaper than anywhere else if you can get by with 1GB of data...


Is not only the data but we all are looking for the Pro Version... maybe no upfront and a better network.


It's available on both compare the market and money supermarket but the link on this deal takes you straight to iD with the deal in your basket

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10GB data / 5000 mins / unltd txts £10pm for 12mths £120 Sim Only @ Virgin Media
Refreshed 17th AprRefreshed 17th Apr
12 month Sim Only 10Gb data for £10 50Gb data for £20 Your minutes allowance includes calls to UK landlines (beginning 01, 02 and 03) and calls and texts to UK mobiles. Calls to s… Read more
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Is it true virgin just put the price of the contract up mid way through and you can't do anything about it?


Still at £7 on mine 1x TCB and 2x Quidco


I just called EE and they price matched this offer, so if you can't be doing with the hassle of switching, it only took me about 10 minutes on the phone. I was on £13 for 6GB.


Thanks OP just changed to this deal, they changed me to the Igig 7 pounds per month deal today so it seemed logical to snap this up


Mine has now tracked at £35 how weird

Vodafone SIM Only Deals for £14 per month/year contract with redemption for 40Gb
Found 22nd AprFound 22nd Apr
Vodafone SIM Only Deals Sim Size All in One Get more for your money with a Vodafone SIM. Hassle and commitment free, you have the freedom to do much more. Product deta… Read more

Thank you, I will be doing this process for the first time next month. (y)


No, I order the new Vodafone SIM and as soon as it's delivered arrange the port. That way you always have data to use either on your old SIM or your new one.


Do you wait until your number has been ported to GiffGaff before ordering the new Vodafone SIM?


This has been expired but I can still see the deal!?!?!?!?!?


Affordable mobiles still show the 20gb red entertainment for £12 after cash back. But, they seem to only do postal claims which unless you pay for signed for will probably get "lost" unless someone knows if they now accept online claims like

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Huawei P30 Crystal 30GB data & unlimited calls for £33 pm with NO UPFRONT cost on EE Total £792 @ BuyMobiles
Found 22nd AprFound 22nd Apr
Get the latest Huawei P30 with its amazing camera for a reasonable £33 a month & a generous 30GB data & unlimited calls. No upfront cost. With EE who are number one in term… Read more
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Agree 100%. I already have Internet access on my phone 4 times faster than the fibre broadband in my home. I'm not really sure what the extra speed is going to get me. There was a 'security technology' specialist on radio 4 this Morning talking about Huawei's involvement in our 5G network - the most interesting thing he said was that in twenty years 5G will be underpin many aspects of people's lives. I assume he means self driving cars etc.. I don't think it's worth waiting for now if you are waiting for a new contract. Unless someone can actually say what benefit 5G will offer on a phone today... When I first read about 5G I understood it was being designed to allow greater bandwidth. Massively more connections to a mast at once. no more not having a network signal at midnight on hogmanay for example, and the driver for this is that so many devices in the futuere 'need' always on Internet (self driving cars, Internet connected fridges etc) that the 4g network can't cope with the predicted number of concurrent connections per mast.


Ye the white one will be the one I'm getting I would of got the flamingo pink but it's only in the us


The Prism White S10+ (which I have) is a nice colour, if you like your devices pretty (lol)


I'm gonna get the s10 I think I'll just buy a dummy p30 pro to look at the breathing crystal colour lol


I own both the P30 Pro and the S10 Plus. They both feel really excellently built, however overall I have come to the conclusion that the S10 Plus is a much nicer device overall, for the reasons below. I expect I will be returning the P30 Pro to Amazon: Better speakers on the S10+ (more depth and dynamics, stereo) Headphone jack (I find it useful sometimes, although I usually use Airpods) The fingerprint scanner doesn't illuminate the room when you press it. You can also turn the indicator off completely to minimise the chances of screen burn, which you can't on the P30 Pro. It also works with wet hands. Expandable storage (without having to buy a silly proprietary format) Nicer user interface. One UI is a massive improvement on previous versions of Touchwiz where EMUI still feels a little amateur in terms of its design, and still has one or two annoying quirks in terms of its battery management and overall functionality. Better snapshot camera in terms of reliability. When you hit the shutter button you know you're going to get a good shot on the S10+, where the P30 Pro can be very hit-and-miss Better updates from Samsung, where Huawei tend to be much slower in my experience (both my S9 and S10 Plus have April security, where the P30 Pro is on March, despite actually being released in April). Nicer screen. Very discernibly so to my eyes. The P30 Pro does still have a nice screen but the S10 just looks more 'painted on'. It also supports standards like HDR10, which the P30 Pro doesn't. The wide angle camera on the S10 is...wider. It's also better quality in terms of its output. There are other little things the S10 has that the P30 doesn't, such as faster WiFi standards. I'm not so bothered about these. The P30 Pro does have a slightly bigger battery in its favour (although I haven't noticed much difference from the extra 100mAh), it has the zoom camera (which is fun), and a good night mode.

Huawei P30 (3 Colours) 20GB 4G Data w/ Unltd Mins & Txts + BT Sport, Apple Music, 6 Months Prime Video - £31pm ZERO upfront @ BuyMobiles
Refreshed 19 h, 4 m agoRefreshed 19 h, 4 m ago
Decent deal with ZERO Upfront - Get some nice 'Freebies' along the way also, aval in 3 colours also including the crystal variant Whats included? 20GB 4G Data Unlimited Mins &a… Read more

Great find. My wife was wanting the P20 pro, but I think the P30 none pro would make more sense as the physical size is slightly smaller and the updated AI makes the battery life decent enough even with a smaller battery. Shame she has to wait till July, but hopefully it will have come down even more.


Has anyone used these as there's some good samsung deals


I will wait for p30pro or s10 plus


Wish i read the comments last night 😔 phone ordered last night, being delivered tomorrow, and just seen your comment lol. Nevermind


Bit of haggling with the network. Will have to do the same

30day 2/4GB unlimiteds £7/9 sim @ IDmobile
Found 19th AprFound 19th Apr
Includes Wi-fi Calling on Three without the ‘expensive’ price tag! Hands down beating Threes own 30 day plans: 1GB 600 mins £14/4GB Unlimited £16

On their website


'Includes Wi-fi Calling on Three without the ‘expensive’ price tag!' Where does it say that ?




I have changed my number on 12 month sim only. Sent me pac and informed next carrier. Painless Never done on PAYG. Maybe it's the same scenario?


Can you use a PAC code for Sim only (payg or contract)?

O2 SIM.15GB data/unlimited calls. Auto £125 cashback, not redemption deal £23 / 12mth (effectively £12.58 after cashback) £276
Found 16th AprFound 16th Apr
O2 SIM. 15GB data & unlimited calls. £23 a month £125 automatic cashback. Effective monthly cost becomes £12.58 No need to claim cashback. " automatically send you the advert… Read more
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As others have said, you can make this work. But in my experience you don't even need the PAC code, you can just take out a new customer contract and then get the chat service to swap the numbers and end the old one (as long as you're out of contract). I've never known another network to do this.


You get the deal from CPW and then call o2 for your pac number. Once you got that go onto o2 live chat and give them the pac code and they will transfer the number across straight away hope that helps


thanks for the info, so you but new carphone warehouse deal then ring o2 themselves or carphone warehouse live chat? sorry to be so clueless!


Thanks will check but any other deals do let me know pls


Virgin media are offering 10GB. 5000 mins for £10

Virgin Mobile Huawei Smart P 2019 with 100GB data possible cashback too £19 with 24 month contract @ Virgin Media
30/04/2019Expires on 30/04/2019Found 14th AprFound 14th Apr
Virgin mobile are, for a limited time only, doing the best deal on mobile contracts with 5000 minutes, unlimited texts and a huge 100GB of data. That's actually a 10GB contract wit… Read more

Using the phone for a couple of. Week's now great 4 the price


Just got the phone myself a few days and I have been playing with it. I am kind of shocked you can get this quality a device for just £200 sim free at with this contract at such a low price. It is absolutely leagues ahead of the Sony XA1 I had before! It's got better software, the camera's are amazing, and the screen is splendid. Audio performance is also stronger especially when hooked up the car stereo. The performance is great too... Not tried to to make a call and browse on 3/4g yet but will try it later.


Problem with virgin media while your on the call 4g or 3g signal drops bought this deal first day returning now because I talk to them and they said we don't have any control over what services we get from EE they said you cannot talk and browse at the same time when you can on EE not happy with virgin mobile cancellation process started now


100 gig deals it 4 me


No a bad phone

Samsung Note 9. 20GB data & unlimited calls. EE. £31 month & just £16 UPFRONT.  Nealry new 14 day customer returns. 12 months warranty.
Found 13th AprFound 13th Apr
Huge data with the EE who are the most expensive but have the best coverage. £31 a month & nominal £16 upfront. Almost brand new Samsung Note 9. £760 total cost.
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Now my order has been cancelled. Cowboys. I cannot recommend Fonehouse.


Just a heads up. My order has been delayed due to a lack of stock. I'm having difficulties getting response from them. Not impressed so far.


Thanks for the explanations (y)


Well they say it’s a hard cap but plenty have said they get over 60mbps. My uncle is on EE essential and he gets 75mbps at my house. On the EE forums EE themselves said that you will get exactly the same connection as someone on EE Max, it’s just that if speeds of 60mbps+ are available, priority will be given to those with the Max plan. They also said the same to me in store that the cap isn’t that strict. Personally I don’t see myself needing more than 60mbps anyway. Another difference though is that on Max you get 24 months of BT Sport and you can also use your allowance in countries like the US and Australia whereas on Essential you can only use it in EU countries. For me the main hesitation is being locked into a 2 year 4G contract when 5G is on the horizon. Three upgraded their customers to 4G for free but I’m not sure EE would do the same.


EE essential is fine, ok it's not as fast as max but probably still superior to a lot of other providers. One of the main differences between EE Max and EE Essential is the maximum download speed you’re able to obtain when connected to EE’s 4G network. The fastest download speeds are only available to customers with an EE Max price plan. In theory, you can get up to Category 9 LTE speeds with a compatible smartphone providing you live in a 4G+ coverage area (also known as 4.5G or LTE-Advanced). In theory, this can give you a maximum download speed of 450Mbps, but a more realistic figure advertised by EE is “up to 90Mbps”. You can check on EE’s website to see whether you’re living in a 4G+ coverage area. Customers on EE Essential will have access to double-speed 4G. This gives download speeds of up to 60Mbps (“as fast as fibre broadband” according to EE). This is a hard cap on the maximum download speed you can get, regardless of which network technologies are supported on your handset. In our opinion, the difference in download speed between EE Max and EE Essential only makes a very small difference to your experience on the network. As a benchmark, very few things actually require a download speed of more than 4-5Mbps. For instance, 5Mbps is already enough to stream services like iPlayer and Netflix in high-definition. The 60Mbps speed limit of EE Essential is therefore unlikely to make a major difference to your browsing experience.

Huawei P20 Pro 128GB 6GB RAM - 8GB data & unlimited calls - £24/month x 30 months at - £720
Found 13th AprFound 13th Apr
No upfront fees and £24/month for 30 months is a pretty decent deal from Sky for the Huawei P20 Pro 128GB 6GB RAM. Available in Black or Twilight colour. Ordered one on Thursday,… Read more

14 pound a month is just the price of the phone. My sky mobile SIM is 4.50.


Where did u get the 14 pounds a month deal?


I decided to get this. Just the 14 pound a month for 30 months for the device is still cheaper the 530 pound that Argos want outright.


As much as we appreciate the post. The phone is already a year old and has lost alot of value. I sold a brand new one for £350 this week. If you can afford it get a sim only and buy phone outright. But for a £720 outlay over 24 months it will probably get you the p30. not really the same deal. But just to give you idea of alternatives


Already posted. 30 months contract, COLD!

3 - Three Customers can Leave contract early due to price increase with no cancellation charges
Found 10th AprFound 10th Apr
Due to the price increass which is taking place 3 are allowing customers to leave early with no cancellation charges. Perfect chance to take a new contract or to haggle. See att… Read more

Not if you're only paying a fiver a month already, I think........


Just got my pac code, not sure why people are going on about hassle for 25p a month, this is to cancel your contact which should then get you a call from retentions to try and get you to stay. So will be at least £5 per month saving.


You have been misinformed. Pay rises in line with inflation aren't really pay rises, and if you don't get one then you're effectively getting a pay cut.


Thats possibly because you have a phone included.. Any phone contracts since May 2015 have had the RPI increase terms included. They just seem to have forgot to add it to the Sim Only contracts until December last year (this is why theres are 2 letters soing around and causing confusion).. so theres a limited number of people this actually applies too who were sim only with current contracts from prior to december 2018.


Im on Sim Only, with a contract starting before December last year, and got the notification that they were changing my terms to allow the increase, and then to actually implement the increase. It would have worked out at 45p. I used the online chat to express my annoyance about it and ask what my options were. The agent told me that to leave (I didnt ask about leaving just what my options were) I'd have to pay an ETF of 54.78, I pointed out the wording of the website/letter, as well as the legal position, got into an argument with him (his attitude was attrocious), ended up speaking to Customer Relations/Complaints, who reviewed the chat, and knocked £3/month off my bill. (and have actually taken off £3.10 on my latest draft bill) It's possible someone is drunk at the wheel of three's finances department. The whole affair ended with me paying £3.10 less that I already was. Clearly a sound financial decision.

EE SIM Only £20 per month for 10GB data Unlimited minutes (£9 after Cashback) @ fonthouse
Found 5th AprFound 5th Apr
EE SIM Only £9.00 per month/12 months £0 Upfront Cost + 10GB Data + Unlimited Minutes + Unlimited Messages
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Wondering the same! In fact they have direct transfer to bank, instead of sending cheque like!


Good price but seems risky as the reviews of cashback claims are not good.....................


Quidco have EE 20gb for £20, with £90 cashback at the moment. (Expires in 24 hrs from now)


I meant on other networks. I go on Uswitch or techrader too SIM only deals. Ironically it's harder to find on here. I must be doing something wrong. Can't find cheap deals for EE unless it's these cashback deals. Maybe it's because they have 6 months music and bt sport free


Where from ? Kindest regards

8GB Data, Unlimited Calls and Texts  - £7pm x 18 Months = £126, or £7.50 for 12 months, EXISTING SKY CUSTOMER ONLY
Found 2nd AprFound 2nd Apr
EXISTING SKY CUSTOMER ONLY, any sky service. Contract 18 months, £7 a month 8GB data, roll over for life of contact. Unlimited streaming for Sky TV customers Unlimited Calls and Te… Read more

Hi Anon I'm a sky customer and tried to get this deal and couldn't but got 8gb for £7.50.


Is it still active and were you a new customer


..looks like a good deal. assuming data capping is easy to setup?


I already have an offer on sim so can’t change the plan nor offer another sim. This deal is for new sky mobile customers with sky or someone that has one with no deal on there sim


I just got 8gb unlimited calls and texts for £5 pm so it's still active...

4GB Data - Unlimited Calls & Texts - 30 Days Sim @ Plusnet Mobile £8 Monthly (uSwitch Exclusive)
Found 2nd AprFound 2nd Apr
4GB 4G Data Unlimited Calls Unlimited Texts Smartcap 30 Days Sim £8 Monthly Premium texts Plusnet Mobile does not support premium or short code text services. Inclusive m… Read more
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The Sky £7.50 for 8gb data and unltd calls and texts is better if you can convince them to give you that price. Plus net are a crappy isp in my experience and tbh I think Bt is trying to kill them off.


Cheers. I don't need Wi-Fi calling as signal is ok but might try I D it calls are clearer with volte!


This is not wifi calling please click link below for detailed information


And the big benefit is it's done over Band 20 so significantly better indoor coverage.


is this for wi-fi calling please. I couldn't work it out. I don't know what wii fi calling is.

Huawei P30 (10GB data / unlimited calls  £31 pm & £25 upfront - 24M) O2 with free Sonos Speaker (worth £200) Total cost £769 @
Refreshed 8th AprRefreshed 8th Apr
The latest Huawei P30. Sensible monthly with a reasonable upfront & healthy 10GB data. Total cost over 24 months is £769. SIM free phone alone price is £699. 10GB data Unlim… Read more

Sonos reclaim day everyone.




Anyone know which phone would be better,The p20 pro or the p30 ?


Yeah. Finished yesterday for the speaker.


Deal is still on but can't claim the Sonos speaker anymore

Huawei P30 4GB/unlimited calls £29 a month £80 upfront 24m contract Total cost  £786 (Plus free £200 Sonos One speaker) @
Found 27th MarFound 27th Mar
At £786 for the 24 month term this is pretty competitive , especially considering free £200 Sonos one speaker. Use code SPC10 to get upfront cost of £80 Low monthly of £29 … Read more

Can't find these deal now


Have the Mate 20 Pro, awesome phone, been Samsung last 6 galaxy's too. Gutted the P30 Pro is 1080p screen or this would be a no brainer, but no way I'm downgrading the screen, that's the only bit you always use!


And I think that people forget the notch can be taken off and Huawei has an option for full screen mode on apps and games so you don't lose any of the screen at all.


Definitely the P30 Pro, it will feature the muchly faster and newest kirin, its camera is being upgraded and overall will be improved with newer features. Considering the Mate 20 is not that old the P30 is going to be much more impressive. I'm a massive Huawei fan and I have the P20 Pro but I shall be upgrading soon to the P30


I wouldn’t need to I’m iOS

Plusnet retention deal £10pm UNLIMITED minutes, UNLIMITED texts, 8GB data (30 days contract)
Found 23rd MarFound 23rd Mar
I was offered this deal Plusnet 30 days contract for £10 with 8GB of data, unlimited minutes and unlimited texts following a conversation with Plusnet Retentions department.… Read more

You're all very welcome (y)


Thanks for this


Their jealous matey


Worked for me. Thanks OP


That's an incredible retainer deal. Most £5 tariffs give you next to nothing data.

Three Mobile Pay As You Go Mobile Broadband 12 GB Data SIM £26.49 with code @ Amazon
Found 19th MarFound 19th Mar
Using the £5 off £25 promo today, I thought it was worth sharing the Three PAYG datasim 12GB was £ £26.49 Useful for travelling abroad, using in mobile, tablet or … Read more

Yep, I bought a couple a few years ago from Amazon, and one from eBay recently. I didn't know why the post I quoted (and the poster of this deal) says its not worth buying the 24gb anymore - it's far better value..


It lasts TWO years from activation. Ordered my 5th THREE 24gb sim card using BIGTHANKS from amazon. Ebay, cheapest £43.


Just bought a 24gb - is there anything I should know?


Cold because it is another version of the amazon voucher and not a real discount


Folks voting cold. Show me cheaper.....please!!! I need some Three datasims!

6 months of Amazon Prime Video on EE for FREE
Refreshed 16th AprRefreshed 16th Apr
Amazon Prime Video comes to EEYour train ride home just got a lot more interesting. We’re providing EE customers with six months of Prime Video on us, so you can catch the whole … Read more

Thanks the prime blue logo ones are free included in the ee subscription , and the others you buy or rent ,cool I thought they was all free , lol


The film's with the prime banner on are included. I think you have to pay for new releases


I've got ee prime video offer , but every time you select a movie to watch you got to pay , is that how it is


Does this work abroad with no data charges?


Second that! Not sure why in 2019 they can’t match the unlimited data offered by 3 and Voda?

Samsung Galaxy S10 with unltd mins and texts 15gb data on O2 £966 @
Found 12th MarFound 12th Mar
Here goes I am sure I will get an absolute drubbing for this but I thought it was a fairly decent deal. £150 upfront and £34 a month over 2 years. Given the handset cost is £799 … Read more

Will be too big for some but get your point


Samsung galaxy s10 5G will push the price of these phones down when it’s released as people will see that as the more premium one to get out the s10 range


True but face unlock is a gimmick anyway if you want true better security use a pin




Thought you were talking about bent iphones so i mentioned about Samsung hand warmers. Obviously we are talking 2 different things

Cap your mobile contract to £0 - hotukdeals guide to managing your mobile spend
Found 11th MarFound 11th Mar
In previous years, It was difficult to know whether you were able to cap your spending on a mobile contract. Normally, the method to do so was not well distributed, after all, limi… Read more

I thought it was 111


I think the WeQ4u app is more straightforward than saynoto0870. For a service that offers a bypass for premium rate numbers on mobiles they could at least optimise their web page for mobiles.


Some prefixes on calls make them chargeable.. not all call centres charge for it. 118 though? You sure it's not Maureen you're after? She's not free, but I hear she's really cheap


All mine are capped on Tesco


Thank you yes, I think I read that wrong.

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