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Asda mature cheddar cheese 750g £1.75 instore @ Asda small heath

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Asda brand mature cheddar cheese 750 grams from Asda small heath.
Plenty left short date middle of March 2023
Asda More details at Asda

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    Will check Asda in my area tomorrow thanx Op great spot
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    Have you the barcode please

    is the number you need?

    this is what is on the barcode
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    is this national?
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    Not in my store
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    Not in my store
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    £5 in mine
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    £5 in mine
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    GREAT price and spot OP!!

    Sadly they seem to have stopped stocking the 750g ones in our local stores.

    I remember buying these late last year cos they were getting stupidly expensive. The 750g was £3.50 (£4.67/kg). Decent enough BUT the exact same cheese in the 400g pack was £2.85 (£7.13/kg!!) so a 53% increase for the same cheese!!!

    Let's hope other foods don't continue to increase like cheese/dairy!!
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    Cheese has for some reason shot up in price it's profiteering in a big way and not only with dairy! Supermarkets should be ashamed of themselves! Got nothing to do with Ukraine I'm sure! It's to do with shareholders.
    Some people just make wild claims without any proof or knowledge, so thank God you are not one of those idiots.
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    Loving the fact this deal has now been credited to someone else

    apparently it had already been posted but definitely hadn’t!!

    anyways only posted as hoped it would help someone else 
    Yes I posted it but for some reason it was removed, I checked before I posted my deal and your post wasn't up. Dont worry I will clap for you so hopefully that will help you 😁
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    Any other stores?
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    my store still £5