Posted 12 February 2023

Crown Matt Emulsion Paint - Pure Brilliant White, magnolia & soft grey 10L - £15 each or 2 for £22 @ Wickes

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Wickes have 10 litre tubs of Crown emulsion paint for £15, plus you can get 2 for £22. Brilliant white, magnolia and soft grey colours available and you can mix & match. In store & online.
Wickes More details at Wickes
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  1. Miss_understood's avatar
    The soft grey sounds nice.
    Crown paint is usually good quality but the trade version doesn't seem to get good reviews. Tbh I haven't used crown for a while so their standard paint may not be so great anymore either.

    Anyone tried the grey? (edited)
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    We have the soft grey in our living room and dining room. It’s a very light grey and looks good. Not the best picture,  it gives you an idea 49546915-Q21t2.jpg
  2. RaMoS87's avatar
    Used this to paint a room white, 3 coats just to get a semi even finish. Marks easily, transfers if rubbed against and cannot wipe, goes transparent when wet. Awful stuff sorry OP but honest review
  3. peridot's avatar
    Worst of the budget brands. Leyland or Johnstone’s are better value.
    L33kor's avatar
    Leyland is decent
  4. ggeessbb's avatar
    Worst paint I've used, couldnt get a decent finish with it. Crown shouldn't be selling this stuff, drags down their brand reputation. Used the Leyland 2 for £26 from Screwfix and that was fine.
  5. L33kor's avatar
    Ok for under coat but avoid for top coats it just doesn’t seem to cover well,just my own experience with this,nice price but poor paint. Crowns not what it once was.

    just give 50l brand new away because its so bad. (edited)
    BarneyRubble's avatar
    agree it is very thin compared to say the dulux white
  6. Mjcscc's avatar
    Worst paint I have ever used. Would never by Crown Paint again. Took 5 coats to get a fully even coverage. Marks easily, rubs off easily, within no time it looks tatty and needs repainting again. Wilko own brand is so much better for the price! (edited)
  7. issynazar's avatar
    Comes off like powder.

    Will only use stuff like this watered down for a mist coat if it's a fresh skim, or as a base coat when trying to cover up something regrettable from the past.
  8. Oakley777's avatar
    We bought this and painted one wall, it gives off a horrible smell, like a mouldy smell, sort of wet clothes that have been left in the washing machine. . It took days for it to go. I was all set to return it but my son took it off my hands. (edited)
  9. smokedsausage's avatar
    People WILL buy this because Crown name on the tub but really should stop making dirt cheap rubbish paint that takes 4 coats and like ,milk and not wipeable whatsoever.... Perhaps leave that to B and M s of this world as this just sadly tarnish Crown and Crown trades good name.

    Their marketing team needs to get a grip on this rebrand as a cheaper range so people know what buying.

    P and D 30 year
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    Can you recommend a good white Matt emulsion? Just used dulux and it’s going to take 4 coats.
  10. 4q2's avatar
    Never had a problem with it, good price
  11. Madcow's avatar
    Just used it to decorate a bedroom and I am pleased with the results. I made sure it was mixed well using a mixer paddle in a power drill. The grey covered over light blue easily. But I did give it 2 coats just to be sure. White on the ceiling was fine. A game changer for me was buying a 12” roller to use, it covers a lot of wall really quickly. £9.99 in Screwfix for the frame, 2 rollers and tray.
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