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Posted 16 April 2023

Direct Return flight to San Francisco (Departing LHR / Nov - Dec departures) - £313.61 @ Virgin Atlantic

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Good price for a return flight to San Francisco booking directly with the airline. Only hand luggage is included in the price (one piece up to 10kg)

"All passengers flying in our Economy (Light, Classic & Delight) or Premium cabins can take one piece of hand baggage per person weighing up to 10kg (or 22lb)."

Example dates:
3rd - 12th Nov
12th - 19th Nov
14th - 21st Nov
5th - 11th Dec

+ Many more

Virgin Atlantic More details at

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  1. flinnyourin's avatar
    The Tenderloin is worth a visit at this time of year 🧟
    xenole's avatar
    Walked through there a few times during the day and at night, and not the best place to be honest.
    Go over the Bay Bridge to Oakland and lots of homeless tent cities around the Metro station.
    Then again, same in Honolulu etc.

    San Francisco isn't too bad a place. Expensive a lot of the time, although some hotels can be decently priced from time to time - visit the Farmer's Market at the Ferry Building on say Sat morning to see things such as a organic carrot for £8 or something stupid like that

    Buses are easy to use to get from say Market Street to Alamo Square (Painted Ladies / Victorian houses); nice walk up to Twin Peaks; The Presidio; Golden Gate Park; Ocean Beach (nice trail past the baths to Baker Beach where the bridge picture was taken, to the bridge, Vista Point, Sausalito etc.)
    If you stay in the main tourist areas, it's fine. Always people about.

    Shopping wise, it sucks. Not much there to be honest.

    Best to spend a couple of days there and rent a car to drive to Muir Woods, Yosemite, or down the PCH to LA via Monterey etc.
    Or as someone said, up north to Oregon and maybe Seattle.

    It's like Santa Monica. Too many homeless people, run down with lots of closed shops although hotel prices are still $$$$.
    Easier to stay elsewhere and get the Metro or pay $1.75 for the Big Blue Bus from the airport area.

    As for New York having a lot of drug issues, can't say I've really seen anything (bar a couple of big trucks selling "medicinal" marijuana and related products).
    Piccadilly Gardens area in Manchester yes!
    Mainly weed in California. You'll smell it everywhere, and plenty of places selling it. Even had someone with a tray of joints walk through the carriages on my Metro train selling it. (edited)
  2. Shane_M3Ts's avatar
    What's with all the scare-mongering? San Francisco falls well into the bottom half of US cities as far as viloent crime goes.
    herrbz's avatar
    Same every time a Los Angeles/San Francisco deal comes up. "I read on Twitter that everyone is homeless or gets murdered!" etc etc
  3. WorcSource's avatar
    Just back from SFO and a Californian road trip - go there now, it’s an amazing destination. A lot of said of crime, it’s no different to any UK town/city - no impact for us.
  4. ChrisGibson's avatar
    San Fran isn't what it used to be unfortunately.
    montecarlos's avatar
    Went last year and don't get me wrong, it was good and nice sights to see etc but my god the drug problems. I saw stuff there I have never seen in my life living in the UK. Extremely grim.
  5. sparc's avatar
    It use to be a dream destination, for the last few years I only hear increasing worse things.
    herrbz's avatar
    Thanks for the anecdotal evidence
  6. po57405k's avatar
    Fly into San Fran and road trip around Cali/Nevada for two weeks
    gordo1964's avatar
    We did that in 2020. Great holiday. SF , Monterey, LA, Palm Springs, Vegas, Yosemite
  7. Madcow's avatar
    Yes. As Mark Twain said;
    “The coldest winter I ever spent was a summer in San Francisco”
    SahmeeP's avatar
    And he said this about Manchester...
    I would like to live in Manchester. The transition between Manchester and Death would be unnoticeable.
    Possibly just a grumpy get.
  8. Dr_OmniSpank's avatar
    Direct return? So you don't even land before coming home again?
    Bobef90's avatar
    Stay on plane
  9. crumpeteer's avatar
    Not a chance in hell
  10. fishie74's avatar
    Expect to see deals to Chicago soon.
    MadeInBeats's avatar
    What-a-ya mean, I went there in 1952, safest place ever. All this scaremongering has to stop. When I was walking down the street somebody just stuffed $50 into my pocket and ran off. Nicest place I've ever been to. They love letting off non-light polluting fireworks all through the day and night, that's how progressive it is there, sounds a lot like guns but it's a gun-free city so there's no way it's that. Democrat run for over 100 years so obviously it's a utopia and, just, just.... lovely!
  11. GordonGekko's avatar
    So we can only take one piece of luggage if we weigh up to 10kg?!?! I better start my diet now
  12. MadeInBeats's avatar
    A recent anecdote heard was a guy who has lived there for years was so sick of his car getting broken into and replacing the glass, he just left his windows down. He came down in the morning to find 3 homeless set up shop in his car! Apparently even if you just leave a jumper on the back seat, your car will get robbed.

    Hear nothing but bad things about this as well as most other democrat ran cities.
    Shane_M3Ts's avatar
    Apparently even if you just leave a jumper on the back seat, your car will get robbed.

    Guess we were lucky then. Over 10 years in SF and 20 on the west coast and never had a car broken into once.
  13. Madcow's avatar
    After a few days in the city get out of the city to Yosemite, down to Monterey and beyond, loads to see and do
  14. rinonir's avatar
    isn't it dangerous and expensive place now?
    why would anyone want to go there?
    valueadd101's avatar
    You could say the same about Manchester or London
  15. trevnod's avatar
    Always always only deals from London or Manchester for the most part. Almost never any deals from other UK airports 👎
    bargainbin's avatar
    Is it really that suprising? They're the biggest airports. Not like London or Manchester is hard to get to from anywhere in the UK including Northern Ireland
  16. musicfan's avatar
    Crazy that even long haul flights like this don’t include hold luggage anymore, still a good deal.
    jinkssick's avatar
    as long as that keeps the prices down i dont mind. we did Miami and caribbean for 3 weeks with just hand luggage carry on. 56cm bags.
  17. Leedavis1987's avatar
    Crazy how cheap this is compared to Japan which is like 1500 ☹️☹️
  18. theratedone's avatar
    San Francisco is not what is used to be. Very high crime, murder theft
    herrbz's avatar
    [citation needed]
  19. johnat107's avatar
    The dollar just kills the thought of me and the missus going again. I've loved the trips I've had there but age and the price precludes us going now. Majorca and the Costas are more our cuppa tea. (edited)
    custommade07's avatar
    It's a killer. £30 for the most basic of breakfast for two in SF. Two eggs and some toast and coffee. And that's not including tip!
  20. thegiant86's avatar
    I've been twice in the past couple of years and really enjoyed San Francisco
  21. skyebluebirch's avatar
    Be better if the dolla was good to thr pound.. remember going when it was €2 to the £1 waw super cheap
    afroylnt's avatar
    Good olevdays
  22. denwo1982_'s avatar
    It doesn’t look safe in San Francisco at the moment, would love to go but seeing too much violence on twitter
    afroylnt's avatar
    Is that not just Twitter?
  23. themachman's avatar
    Shame it's gone downhill this place.
    I loved it when I went about 15 years back
    Also went to New York

    Felt safer there than London in all honesty

    If you do go, make sure you look which areas to avoid, or just go to New York and my fave other place Phoenix, Arizona.
    Deaa's avatar
    Every city in the world has these problems, plenty of places in New York where you’ll find homeless people passed out on drugs. No way the place has completely changed in the space of 15 years, I’m sure it’s slightly worse as is most of the world today.
    This is a great deal and I’m sure most people would have a great time.
  24. sr_387's avatar
    apparentely alot of rental cars get broken into as tourists leave the luggage in the boot so its alot of smash and grab .
  25. warmasice's avatar
    Lots of crime. Gone downhill. Not what it was. I'd stay well clear.
  26. BeerGoggles's avatar
    I've never seen a crack den before, could be an interesting vacation.
  27. greg666's avatar
    Went the last time for a company training and paid for 5 days hotel $2900 and it wasn’t that great to be honest. I personally would prefer other locations as everything is super expensive. In my case I was lucky as I could expense everything but would not fly there for a private trip. Saw lots of homeless and lots of super rich very extreme in my view
  28. sydney871's avatar
    Isn't it cold in November and December?
    jinkssick's avatar
    yes highs of 14-18 c
  29. Ouzoherb's avatar
    You don't stay in sf you drive 3 hours to lake tahoe and go skiing.
    afroylnt's avatar
    Great tip; spent a week in Tahoe once and skied a number of resorts all easy to reach.
  30. SukhiSinghDhillon's avatar
    Link not working for me
  31. Rudess's avatar
    Price is excellent, I've been few months ago on the same flight and the service of Virgin has been excellent. If you are considering whether to fly transatlantic with BA or Virgin, I'd recommend the latter.
    0903markco's avatar
    I’d fly with BA …. Much better
  32. Boneym1967's avatar
    Booked for November, will be our 3rd visit to SF, great city and like any other place be aware of your surroundings!! Hopefully another trip to the Napa Valley for some wine tasting 🥂 Virgin over BA every time ✈️
  33. ck12111's avatar
    Any deals flying to New York?
  34. dennisd's avatar
    Cheapest i found is £442 for Nov 14th to 21st. I guess the deals gone?
  35. smokeycat's avatar
    Cheaper than flying to Spain with luggage
's avatar