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PCR Covid Test for Green Country Flying - 50% Off with code @ RyanAir
30/09/2021Expires on 30/09/2021Posted 24th MayPosted 24th May
Heading to Portugal and found this as the best/cheapest option pre flight and including the required 2 day test on return. DESCRIPTION- Our green travel pack comprises 1 x pre-dep… Read more

showing me £129 plus 43 quid for test to release so in total £172 is there any cheaper option please?


Tell it to people having older parents in different countries whom they did not see since it all started.


Whilst your 100% right people want sunshine and heat.If we had the same weather from this time last year it would stop some from going abroad for sure.But it still isnt the same.Prices seem to of shot up here as well as people try to make back there money as quickly as possible,which is very short sighted of them.Yes there are people that have saved money in the last year but when you start spending it again on stuff that has been inflated it still wont go that far.And then next year they have made a rod for there own back and could well struggle,which will serve them right.Im looking forward to going away and as you said i think waiting at least until Sept / October is sensible that way all the testing problems etc should of been sorted and it be easier to travel.Fingers crossed.


Because, just like a flu, it will stay with us forever. Mutating every now and then. Removing silly restrictions will get us out of this mess.


Well said. Talk with your feet as they say.

48 hours sale with Ryanair Flights from £5 - One way
Posted 19th MayPosted 19th May
Please check before travelling whether your destination requires you to self-isolate when you arrive, or whether you will need to do so when you return to the UK. You can find f… Read more

Book for portugal and end up in Belarus if you've expressed any views against Lukashenko


Just to be predantic ;-), its the value of goods that has to be over £100 (and not more than £30k) and you don't have to pay for it fully to be covered i.e. part payment is fine. This is very handy for large purchases including cars. Obviously if the value of the flight here is less than £100 then you won't be covered. From Which : There are some limitations to when a card company is liable along with the retailer or trader. The goods or service you bought must have cost over £100 and not more than £30,000. Section 75 protection also requires your credit card provider and the seller of goods to be different parties. Section 75 will not apply if the lender is also the supplier. However, to claim under Section 75 you don't have to have paid more than £100 or the full amount on your credit card – the card company is liable even if you made only part of the payment (a deposit, say) on your card. It's the value of the goods you're buying that is key - not the amount paid on the card.


Hoping that their Belarus diversion has the ‘Ratner’ effect on this odious company.


Yeh it really is an absolute pain in the ass. I had to go Spain last month and the hassle was just ridiculous. Pre flight to Spain PCR - £89 Pre flight antigen to UK - 20 euro 2 day and 8 day test package - £120 (some were 300+ i got the 120 cheapest one very lucky as it was seling out quick) 10 day qaurantine - Called every single day, I missed one phone call and a guy turned up at my door asking for my passport All the while I have been fully 2 dose vaccinated for over 2 months now... it's just a gravy train now the covid industry making people rich with all of these tests on perfectly healthy people.


Nowadays only rich and desperate can enjoy bit of freedom.

£30 off return flights to Greece and Cyprus @ Aegean Airlines
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Posted 27th AprPosted 27th Apr
IMPORTANT: Travel is currently prohibited - UK hotels aren’t allowed to open till May 17, and international travel is still under review. So please be aware if you book this that … Read more

Good discount (y) The prices for dates/destinations I've checked are between £110 and £250 per flight.

Children travel for free from all UK airports to/from Greece this Summer (At least one adult and one child / infant) @ Aegean Airlines
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Posted 20th AprPosted 20th Apr
IMPORTANT: Travel is currently prohibited - UK hotels aren’t allowed to open till May 17, and international travel is still under review. So please be aware if you book this that … Read more

There is also a £30 off voucher code available (VISA30UK) which can be combined with this offer. Book by 30 April 2021, fly between 1 May and 31 October 2021 T&Cs: The offer will only be valid when the promotional code is entered in the "promotional code" field displayed in the booking form. It is not possible to use the offer through the booking process followed from the Low Fare Calendar. In case of ticket cancellation, refund policy will apply depending on fare class. In case of ticket change, relevant charges will depend on fare class. There is no limitation in the number of passengers in each reservation. The offer is only valid for transactions with Visa card. The offer applies to Business and Economy class tickets. Only one promotional code can be used in each booking. The promotional code can only be used once. The value of the £30 applies only to the fare and not to the total ticket value.


If India don't get on top of their very serious problem they are going to be in a very bad place. Most ICU's are already filled to capacity and ran out of Oxygen. Some real experts on here spreading misinformation. It's a myth Covid doesn't spread in warm climes and the link between heat and sunlight which does kill Covid has been misinterpreted, but this isn't much good in overpopulated slums with poor hygiene and sanitation. As others have said the official figures are also highly likely to be under recorded in India so it's likely to be much worse.


Because YouTube is the pinnacle of unbiased reliable information


I suggest you watch Indian news on the ground...fewer deaths in places like Delhi than in car deaths..oh how do I know? Because I'm Indian heritage and can understand the local news there. 2000 deaths in a country that has 20x the UK population equates to 100 deaths in the UK. India has 1.4bn citizens. Im not an epidemiologist...but I analyse data for a living..and rubbish data in ..leads to poor data out and poor interpretation. Like I said name a respiratory coronavirus that spreads in hot weather...there ain't one.. also back to India the cases/deaths only went up when they started their local roll outs. India has been pretty much Rona free for the whole thing, so why now? It's well reported over there that link. But you stick to UK news and fear . Want proof go on YouTube and search 'harmandir sahib live today' spot the mask or social distancing over any part of the last year. Or check out Florida or Texas Likewise the defer to 'authority' arguement is quite a weak thing to do , when you don't know the funding, interests etc of those 'experts'. You should also check global stat sites like statistica, and wonder why the global death rate was lower in 2010? If you go with approved 'experts' then Blair's dodgy dossier was correct and Saddam could strike the UK in 45 mins with wmds. Use your brain don't just repeat ...if you believe what you are told fair enough..if you don't fair enough .


Interesting! India is more than hotter than hell on this very day... yet only 315 000 new covid cases OFFICIALLY REPORTED in past 24 hours. A mere 2 100 official deaths in 24 hours. Could safely double these figures given rural nature and lack of medical facilities. Perhaps best to stick with what you know mate... far too many deck chair Epidemiologists around these days (ninja)

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TOTUM exclusive Student offer - Join Emirates Skywards today and earn 2,000 Miles instantly
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Refreshed 18th FebRefreshed 18th Feb
Please check before travelling whether your destination requires you to self-isolate when you arrive, or whether you will need to do so when you return to the UK. You can find ful… Read more

You never changed jobs in the same industry?


Hmm use to work with them in a partnership role... posts a deal to do with them??? Something fishy about this


We did a350 / Dreamliner I think .. and I’m 6ft 3 and had no issues . Emirates 777 are atrocious for legroom and they use them lots for the second leg of journey out of Dubai. Mind you after a year of going nowhere I would jump at the chance to travel with anyone . 😁


I had the same come to think of it but was able to go a day earlier on original flight times a quick call sorted it out. Mind you I seem to remember only finding out by chance when reviewing our booking. The 777 always puts me off Qatar unless you can get on a a350 which is almost as good as the a380.


Yep the a380 seems much more comfortable in economy , compared to the truly awful Boeing777 torture seats , anyway . But you are correct , we flew loads with Emirates without issue , but when a problem arises they are shockingly bad at solutions or compromise. They cancelled the flight completely with a months notice and booked us on flights with long stopovers both ways , refused to accommodate our seat requests we had booked on the cancelled flight . Sat us 30 rows apart , squashed in the middle , offered nothing in compensation . We gave up and cancelled the lot and went with Qatar , who don’t charge for booking seats together etc ( or didn’t ) with 90 minute stop overs and exceptional service , unlike Emirates .

Las Vegas - Luxor - 7 Nights - September 2021 Direct Flights - £546pp @ British Airways Shop
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Posted 19th Dec 2020Posted 19th Dec 2020
Las Vegas - Luxor - 7 Nights - September 2021 Direct Flights - £546pp @ British Airways Shop£546British Airways Shop Deals
Fingers cross that by September, Lockdowns will be behind us!!! Amazing deal for a hot 7 days in Vegas. 7th - 14th September 2021. Direct flights from Gatwick. DONT FORGOT THE RE… Read more

This was a terrible post


This is a good price although I’d definitely avoid the Luxor. The resort fees are just part of the parcel with Vegas, been there for years and I can’t see them going away. NYC hotels now also charge these too. Decent price but worth changing hotels, been to Vegas countless timesand booked again this year with BA on an unbeatable deal in their summer sale.


We are all different I have stayed in almost every strip hotel from tropical and Excalibur to Wynn and Encore and I would stay in Luxor I would not stay at Venetian ever again. I agree the property is lovely but it attracts a load of dicks from LA and on one occasion ended up in a nasty altercation that security should not have allowed to happen. When I asked the security guard that was literally 12 feet away why he did not get involved he told mete thought I had it covered


Very long time ago. Almost all strip hotels have a resort fee it is so the headline price looks lower, there is a case in the us court system about whether or not it is legal to have mandatory resort fees that you can’t elect not to have if you don’t want to have the free local calls, newspaper and the use of a fax machine. luxor was lovely then became a dump but is much better not but you no longer can get a room for $40 night all in, you get what you pay for


My prediction is that from summer next year you will only be allowed on an airplane when you've had your pretty low risk all round.