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Fortnum and Mason Whole Beef Wellington Oven Ready half price - £30 + £5.95 delivery @ Fortnum and Mason

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Maybe a little indulgent but a good deal available from 28th December. Also 1.2kg avaible here

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Our exemplary beef comes from slow-grown cows who have led a free life on a natural diet of grass and hay. The chateaubriand is the thickest, centre portion of a tenderloin, roasted to tender perfection then wrapped in mushroom duxelles and a layer of crispy, buttery puff pastry.

A real centrepiece, this Beef Wellington is a superb, oven-ready dinner. Lightly grease a baking or roasting tray and place the fully-defrosted Beef Wellington in the centre. Brush the pastry with beaten egg. Cook in the centre of a fan oven at 185C for 40-45 minutes, or until the pastry has turned golden brown, ensuring the core temperature is around 56C. Turn the tray half way through cooking to ensure even cooking. The meat should be medium-rare. Remove from the oven and allow to rest for at least 15 minutes before slicing and serving. We recommend seasoning your Wellington with a sprinkling of salt before serving.

Please note this Beef Wellington will arrive partially defrosted, so it will need to be put into the fridge overnight to fully defrost. Before cooking, please check that the product has fully defrosted by inserting a skewer into the centre of the fillet, if there is no resistance then it is fine to cook. Please keep chilled raw 1-2 days, cooked 2-3 days.4055239-8j597.jpg4055239-WOvkM.jpg
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Fortnum and Mason More details at Fortnum and Mason
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    I'll have the footman collect one for the below stairs staff
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    500g total weight is 18oz, so take away the pastry etc and you aren't exactly left with much meat, it would be equivalent of 4 x 3oz small steaks or less if you allowed 6oz for the pastry and filling which should for example include olive oil, butter, thyme, chestnut mushrooms, flour, egg yolks, white wine and perhaps a little prosciutto.

    Maybe OK for 2 people but don't invite the family round
    It's about quality over quantity!
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    F&M have had some great deals this week. Smoked salmon is half price but the best deal is the whole ham £150 down to £50
    Cheers, managed to get some nice things that I probably overspent on but what the hell, it's only debtors prison.
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    delivered by Evri ? so your local depot will eat well...
    Or they will "lose" it
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    I wouldn’t mind this. Last time I tasted a Beef Welli was roughly 22 years ago.
    We get it quite often as it's regularly on offer at Donald Russell so no need to be waiting another 22 weeks, let alone 22 years
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    They use DPD.

    Don't expect it to be delivered before March.
    March 2024
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    500g for £30 plus delivery

    - make your own! If I can manage it so can you and it’ll save you some cash!

    49128885-IMZeX.jpg (edited)
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    I made one with venison tenderloin 49129079-UKCxl.jpgLeft out mushrooms because they're rank, and added wilted spinach and lentils.
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    Great food, love their hampers
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    Serves 2 does that. No way 4 unless you are on a really strict diet.
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    Maybe I'm a beef snob here but why would you been looking at at Wellington made with "Slow grown grass fed beef" but then be okay with it frozen.

    Is beef okay frozen, sure, does it detract from the taste absolutely. I've spend to many years watching Kitchen Nightmares to accept frozen on premium products that are better fresh

    Buuut heat added as this is a great price for what it is and for where it comes from. (edited)
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    how many does it serve?
    It says 4 the larger one is 6-8
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    Looks delicious
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    Not there;
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    If 500g serves 4 why does 1.2kg only serve 6-8.
    Big things take longer to cook and might dry/burn the end bits. You might have more waste after cooking
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    1.2kg still showing as £95
    It is for me too
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    I'll take two one for each foot thank you.
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    Only if someone else is paying
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    can it fit into an Air Fryer?....asking for all of the UK
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    Avoid! Maximum feeds 2 people, if not much hungry! Low-quality beef as well needs extra attention to achieve a mediocre result at best!
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