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Microsoft Rewards points - March Monthly 2000 points (Different challenges)

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Task 1 - Launch the Rewards app on 7 seperate days
Task 2 - Earn 5 achievements in any Xbox One or Xbox Series S/X game
Task 3 - Complete 3 weekly sets
Task 4 - Claim your free sweepstake entries

Seems they have changed the monthly points challenges.
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  1. pj2412's avatar
    From Reddit (r/MicrosoftRewards) :

    ~40 easy achievements in Age of Empires II (10 seconds per achievement)

    I tried this on Xbox, but I’d assume it works with Windows as well. If anyone wants to bank easy achievements for Weekly Sets:

    1) Select Single Player
    2) Choose Skirmish
    3) Choose the Deathmatch game mode
    4) Edit game settings and choose Post-Imperial as the starting age
    5) Change Victory to Score
    6) Change the score to 4,000
    7) Choose whichever difficulty you want

    You will instantly win the game and get an achievement for winning a 1v1 match with your chosen civilisation. There are 30+ civilisations (a few are locked behind DLC), plus 5 difficulty achievements (each giving an additional achievement).

    Backing out of the game after winning is almost instantaneous, and going back into Skirmish saves your previous game settings. Just change the civilisation/difficulty as you require (edited)
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    Cheers, was looking for a new one. I think I almost used up Frog Detective as my achievement bank. The free Space station simulator thing is another decent one for a few quick achievements.
  2. showstopper's avatar
    5 achievements
    what the heck
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    Vampire Survivors chucks about 10 achievements per run at you when you're starting out. Also, it is a great game
  3. Diplo's avatar
    How do you see these challenges?
    jhhgreen's avatar
    They are on your Xbox in the rewards app
  4. tooplanx's avatar
    Don't think I'll bother then from now on!
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    Doesn't make any difference if you already do the daily achievements. There are plenty available if you sub to GPU, some more annoying than others. My cut-off point is 10 minutes, unless I end up enjoying the game and playing it (which doesn't happen that often, unfortunately).
  5. Hazzsta's avatar
    This is possibly the worst rewards programme I have come across. Difficult to understand and too convoluted and spread out with 'tasks'. I already have a job lol.
    Byno's avatar
    Had over £500 from it with no real difficulty so I beg to differ. Most points accrued while on a toilet
  6. supadryz's avatar
    They have up'd the requirements but have a whole month to complete as was 2 weeks proir
    tooplanx's avatar
    I hadn't realised that. That makes a difference.
  7. paul.robertsjHB's avatar
    At the time of me posting, "Launch the Rewards app on 7 separate days" isn't registering just yet. Just so you know.
    3 weekly sets now though. Are we really eating that much of Microsofts profits?
    Silurianxx's avatar
    Same for me
  8. cas398's avatar
    Wonder how long it will be til they drop this to 1500
  9. Byno's avatar
    Making it easier to miss, surprised they waited this long to up the ante though to be honest.
  10. whatupdog's avatar
    is this on the xbox app or a separate thing?
    tonyyeb's avatar
    Xbox app
  11. seblog's avatar
    The achievement unfortunately never track for me, so I always have to open a support ticket but I loose the steaks.
    So frustrating as it was working great couple of months ago. MS not able to fix it, we tried everything
    naz4151's avatar
    Same boat. Do you have sky broadband?
  12. TheRealJoycey's avatar
    Assumed they’d reduce the reward first but making it harder to achieve makes sense from them 🤦‍♂️ Assume we have longer than 2 weeks to complete thankfully
    Byno's avatar
    It's now a month luckily yeah 🏻
  13. zoolander2's avatar
    How do you know when you have achieved the reward inside the game? Is it possible? I watched youtube and it seemed to take the guy minutes and what looked like a notification popped up at the top. I go in but come out to no achievement and have to start again.
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    Achievements pop up on the screen. So unless you have muted these in your Xbox settings then they should show up. Alternatively go into your Achievements and see if they did unlock.
  14. knibbsy77's avatar
    Anyone looking for easy achievements and a super addictive and fun game, vampire survivors. Been chipping away at the achievements for last couple of weeks
  15. hamsterpig's avatar
    Guts n goals also has easy achievements.
  16. jhhgreen's avatar
    Damn thing isn't recognising when I open the rewards app
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