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Morrisons The Best Turkey Cushion With Pork & Bacon Stuffing 1.375kg - £3.99 instore only @ Morrisons, Rotherham

In store: South Yorkshire · Morrisons Deals
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Website says £20.99 but instore says £3.99 plenty left at Rotherham and Bramley store .

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    49194874-grJWK.jpgLOADS at Bradford Five Lane Ends! (Left loads on the shelf) that’s Sunday lunch sorted for a while this lot was £40 (edited)
    Don't post that on here. The you should only take one crazies will be all over you!

    Well done !
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    Most supermarkets seemed to dump stuff early this year, aldi and lidl were reducing stuff massively the day before its date.

    Just about to cook a tomahawk beef Wellington I got from asda for a fiver, down from 58!
    pretty good
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    Best sleep I've ever had

    But the dogs went crazy (edited)
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    I asked an AI to write a story on this subject. It was chatGPT. Its a bit of a poor effort though

    Tim had always been a bit of an oddball, and his love of using turkeys as cushions was just one of his quirks. So, he went out and purchased the plumpest, most comfortable-looking turkey he could find. He brought it home and placed it on his couch, eager to relax.

    But as soon as he sat down, the turkey began to squawk and flail about wildly. Tim found himself bouncing up and down on the couch, trying to stay on top of the thrashing bird. His neighbors began to pound on the walls, demanding that he stop the racket.

    Despite his best efforts, Tim just couldn't seem to get comfortable on the turkey. He ended up bouncing off the couch and landing on the floor, covered in feathers. In the end, he admitted defeat and vowed never to use a turkey as a cushion again.
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    I will go & scout out what's on offer at my local Morrisons tomorrow 10am, even though I'm flying abroad later on

    Off to our place in the sun lol
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    What's the Philadelphia for?
    Lol my kiddo developed a taste for salmon and cream cheese on bagels…totally forgot about the salmon after I found this haul 🫣
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    Mmmm...these deals make me hungry. Not showing on my app, but I'm in London (it's out of stock, at £20.99!) Great deal
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    More cushion for the pushin’..?
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    Not that im an interior designer but it would be hard to match other home furnishings with that cushion
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    Just checked in my local store and no stock at all.
    Your locals not Bradford Five Lane End by any chance
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    Would these be ok for my new sofa?
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    Bad meat!
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    Just picked up at £3.99 from Bilston store still priced at £9.99 on shelf but scanning as discount price.
    Around 5 left at the time
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