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Purchase 10 issues of The Spectator for £10 + get £20 John Lewis/Waitrose voucher via The Spectator

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£10 for 10 weeks + a £20 John Lewis/Waitrose voucher > then £26 every 3 months (£2 a week) > increasing to £41 every 3 months after your first year
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  1. Wise.deal's avatar
    Once you have received the JL gift card is it easy to cancel? And no further payments will be incurred?
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    The Spectator is actually very good if you decide to cancel. They don't make it difficult and even if you forget they have been known to refund you if you call them straight away after payment is taken.

    Personally, I think the Spectator is well worth subscribing to at the full price. The only magazine that I know of in the UK that goes out of its way to publish both sides of a debate on contentious subjects.
  2. bootflea's avatar
    Tory propoganda
    FRESHHHH's avatar
    Never read it, but Wikipedia seems to agree. Probably not worth reading if so. Although maybe it's worth a trial?
  3. Ridgehead's avatar
    Annoying! Just renewed on an offer of 12 issues for £12 with the £20 voucher. Good deal, free £10.
    Jay_Ma's avatar
    Same….. I should have waited
  4. jimmyjazzisjazz's avatar
    Absolute no-brainer
  5. beppusteve's avatar
    ties in nicely with the whiskey clearance waitrose is having
  6. stewart_brown's avatar
    I read the spectator and have even before Boris Johnsons term at the helm I studied Maths so try to bring arguments down to the moral and economic facts of the argument, I have seen articles that do not match economic facts or research on numerous occasions. I worked in investment banking so would not classify myself as left wing , we would probably agree on much, I would encourage people to read all magazines, our only disagreement is that it is balanced .I won't mention Europe as I believe there are many areas were the magazine is non factual, this does not mean it is not entertaining. The magazine caters to a right wing audience and that is not an issue as it can be nice to have your views endorsed but you should be aware that in reality that's what magazines do to retain subscriptions
    smellyonion's avatar
    Would you say that economics is purely logical? It's way more messier. It is intertwined with culture, sociology, psychology - so many systems at play.

    There is no such thing as right or wrong economic policy. One economic policy in one country, would be a mess in another.
  7. stewart_brown's avatar
    Totally agree but when you misstate the economic facts and don't mention there are alternatives there is bias. When growth, unemployment, investment differ from actual or only one side is stated there is bias, I was talking about dogma which leads to mistating or missing facts. This happens in all media sources but the spectator has taken a view on Europe and Climate change , in other areas it is often less bias, check
    Analysis of “Ocean acidification: yet another wobbly pillar of climate alarmism”in The Spectator, by James Delingpole, the article headlines alone shows a bias and a lot of fact is missing or wrong. I read the spectator and often double check articles, if you are an Austrian or Keynesian economist you have the same facts but disagree were they will lead, if you disregard facts that don't support your view that is not bias free. As I said I read the Spectator and would recommend it..
  8. Newbold's avatar
    Regardless of the very obvious political issues here, beware of giving them access to your bank account via direct debits - they can be very difficult to shake off, they take unauthorised payments, and in my case I had to reclaim it from the bank because the Spectator just ignored all requests for a refund. They really are sharks of the worst sort.
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