Unfortunately, this deal has expired 28 May 2023.
Posted 22 April 2023

Wii Fit - With Balance Board (Pre Owned) + 24 Months Warranty - £3 (Free Click & Collect) @ CeX

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Wii Fit - With Balance Board (Pre Owned) for £3

Wii Fit - With Balance Board Discounted is £1 (Limited Stock)

Wii Fit Plus & Black Balance Board is also available for £4 (Limited Stock)

Wii Fit - With Balance Board

  • Lean to block soccer balls, swivel hips to power hoop twirls or balance to hold the perfect yoga pose. As you stand on the Wii Balance Board, included with Wii Fit, your body's overall balance is tied to the game in a way you've never experienced before
  • Wii Fit also uses the Wii Balance Board for daily tests. These evaluate two key measures that a household can track via progress charts
  • Body Mass Index (BMI) - A weight evaluation based on a ratio of weight to height
  • Wii Fit Age - The Wii Fit Age is measured by factoring the user's BMI reading, testing the user's center of gravity and conducting quick balance tests
  • Wii Fit includes more than 40 types of training activities designed to appeal to all members of a household. Training falls into four fitness categories
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  1. Peg.Man's avatar
    I brought my Wii down from the loft for the kids (4 and 7), both are loving Mario, Fit and Tanks from Wii Play (i think)
    No online chat, guaranteed kid friendly games. Harmless and fun.
    CEX has loads of stuff cheap for Wii.
    gajamaflake's avatar
    Or you can just hack it get them all free
  2. RetroJimmyX's avatar
    I've bought a few old gaming peripherals on the cheap from CEX and repurposed (e.g. PS3 eye camera for TrackIR). This board is quite hackable (bluetooth connectivity) and there's a few documented projects out there if you're so inclined...
    shak's avatar
    What were the other peripherals? I need a new project!
  3. Liam_Devine's avatar
    We still have ours hooked up to the wii u. Between wii sports, resorts, fit and fit u. The amount of content is insane and they give you your own personal trainer. Nintendo really don't do detail like this anymore
  4. Norcino's avatar
    Can it be used with the new Nintendo Switch?
    tr0r's avatar
  5. BoymeetsHUKD's avatar
    I use one of these to weigh myself, they're excellent accurate scales. Hooked it up to a rpi and it goes directly into garmin connect. I don't have a Wii. (edited)
  6. sureshot's avatar
    I remember when you couldn’t literally get these for love or money. I used to check here everyday, waiting for a siting!
    TheOak's avatar
    Same I even wondered if one day they would be collector's items and thought about buying them a load up
  7. phillyboy's avatar
    So many memories
  8. B1naryC0de's avatar
    I'd recommend Wii Fit Plus over the original, far more complete and expanded game
  9. carole.dawes's avatar
    My granddaughters still use ours 😁
  10. Plantus's avatar
    Ours has spent 99.999% of its life tucked under the couch and forgotten about
    sabresonic's avatar
    I think that's where ours still lives covered in dust LOL!
  11. sully01's avatar
  12. Chris.sss's avatar
    Nintendo should release the Wii u version on the Nintendo switch online as free.

    mainly just to calculate how many people still have the boards still active.

    I thought the chicken flapping game was fun. and I remember loving Shawn whites snow boarding back in the day.
    Hermaphrofight's avatar
    Why would they do this?
  13. doesitmatter's avatar
    24 months warranty for £3 item. Nice. Hope you have CeX next door.
  14. The.Fat.Cat's avatar
    Ahh, I remember the goold old days when these were impossible to find.
    They'd pop up on Tesco for £45, I'd instantly buy whatever they had and ebay them for double.
  15. Thar's avatar
    I ordered one when they came up on here a while ago and the order was cancelled even though in stock. Good luck to those who have ordered though.
  16. carlhoughton10's avatar
    £70 when they first came out if I remember correctly. Crazy how quickly they lost their value back then.
  17. robbiewin's avatar
    Good deal heat
  18. cycleman's avatar
    Would be all over this if only I could get the wii to work on my LG
    marka885's avatar
    I've ordered a wii converter for the TV off amazon. Hopefully will work, it was only a few £
  19. sabresonic's avatar
    I never knew they made a black version! Can't see any images and they only have the stock image... no mention of condition either unless I'm missing it somewhere?

    Good spot though... paid a few £ more for the one we had if I recall and now worth next to nothing! Maybe if you can find a black board it might be a little more rare and worth something in years to come...were they a limited edition or did it end up being mass produced in volumes similar to the white version does anyone know? (edited)
  20. hiimnewhere's avatar
    Remember the days of 1 per customer and you can’t buy one without buying a battery pack
    MrsMac17's avatar
    And the silicone cover… 🤦🏽‍♀️
  21. turtles1's avatar
    I remember selling one at a boot sale for £25 quid within minutes of pulling up.
  22. martinelsen's avatar
    what does this actually do????
  23. Jane11b's avatar
    Do these work with a tv ...r they difficult to connect up? thought it wd be great for my grandsons but cd never afford this before have on;y seen it on the big bang theory,,,please help
    thanks jane
    MrsMac17's avatar
    Hi, you need either a Wii or Wii U console to work alongside. Both can be picked up cheap enough from the likes of CEX
  24. Jane11b's avatar
    None available near me...Essex
  25. mac1611's avatar
    Great deal ,but ignore the warranty ,CEX are renowned for not honoring it. Their get out of doing anything is "it must be in exactly the same condition as it was sold " I learn the hard way when the hinge on my laptop started playing up
  26. retepetsir's avatar
    Decided to pay double for a black Wii fit plus board at £6. Went to collect and it's the white standard version - annoying! Albeit still cheap....
    coco96's avatar
    Should have told them it's not the same product whatsoever. It's pretty shady to substitute items without notice when it's not just a difference in colour, cheap price or not...
  27. mathews94's avatar
    Remember using it as a weighing scale with an app
's avatar