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Updated 8th JunLast updated 8th Jun by Joshua_Blake
Windows 10 finally gets its own package manager to easily update software you've installed on the OS. Still in beta as the online software library becomes populated with more entr… Read more

That's the one!


choccy = ?


Didn't know about this, thanks


Ah! I thought it was a GUI based tool. It'll be interesting to see how it works.

And that's exactly what this is too. Pretty sure there's a 3rd party GUI if you must, that said no doubt one for Choccy as well!

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Updated 20th MayLast updated 20th May by neversay
Can anyone give recommendations on the most cost-effective compact ladder that could be used for cleaning upstairs windows? I've got a telescopic pole but not thrilled with the re… Read more

@furbars @Phsycronix @Modded @wayners @a666andy Thanks for all your kind responses. Sadly I don't have the easy-clean system, but that sounds great. I think a ladder (second-hand) is the way to go as I'll be sorting guttering on other jobs at heights. Although I will give the lance another try. At this minute it's raining so hard that my windows might just be cleaning themselves! (y)


Sturdy ladder makes it easy vs bouncing about. My triple I can walk up like stairs just about and feel safe. To answer. Plenty of second hand quality ladders so buy one. Triple is good because of the wide foot run especially if is double or triple wide. Also always ware healed boots to go up a ladder plus get device or someone to hold the bottom so it don't slip


Sorry no I've had it a few years now I'm not even sure where I got it from probably Amazon.


Do you have a link to the one you please? Looking for one myself. Our windows you can actually open wide and clean the outside from inside with a little stretch but would prefer a easier way.


Just as a point of interest - are these UPVC windows? Have you checked to see if they have the "Easy Clean" system? On mine, you open the window as far as it will go - push a button at the top and bottom of the inside of the frame - and the whole window will slide to the side so you can get to the "outside" pane to clean. When done, you slide the window back and it "clicks" to reset the button/position. As said, very 'easy' to clean! (y)

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Updated 19th MayLast updated 19th May by Luvmyboys
Thank you for reading. When copying and pasting folders from a laptop to a Hard drive, does the actual folder count as an I have 500 pictures in a folder but when copyin… Read more

Thank you for replying :)


Thank you :)


It doesn't mention it on the other post - but that extra file could be the thumbnail info file, although it's usually hidden. It contains info on how Windows displays the content of that folder...


:) see

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Updated 18th MayLast updated 18th May by matth9999
Hi all, I had a problem back in Dec when I did an update on windows 10. Didn't support graphics card. I managed to get around it and got PC functioning again all be it with error m… Read more

Could try "upgrade" Windows from a USB, should give you the option to keep files (that might be called Custom install). Sometimes an install over (keep files) is the simplest way to get Windows back into a consistent state


Loads of convoluted advice, first thing to try is boot to Safemode and install the Win 10 drivers: Maybe try clean the old drivers first. If your PC still works I'd not replace the whole thing, depending on the model that could still be a perfectly fine CPU for general use, lots of people are still running i5 2xxx's-4xxx's no problem even for gaming.


Your motherboard is over a decade old. Here is what I would do, not that you need to do that :) : 1) Backup your data partitions using This will even allow you to mount the backup file as a drive! 2) Fresh install of windows and install latest graphics driver for your card. 3) Test the system by doing some tests, use these: is a favourite for testing your memory. Check if your PC is overheating with CoreTemp: 4) You should now now if your PC components are good. If you are still having GPU issues, as someone said, see if you can borrow a GPU or run it in VGA only mode. 5) Now buy a new PC! :) Sell the good old PC components on Ebay, you will get good money instead of selling it as a whole unit. Not worth upgrading your existing setup.


From what I remember the cmos battery powered the system memory independent of the power supply. Replacing the cmos battery wouldn't help unless you also remove the battery,/ power supply. To reset my bios password I also had to jump the polarity on the cmos connector, then return to default. Password was reset at 0000. (my son changed password then couldn't remember it. He then downloaded a lot of msdos games and instead of removing them individually, removed a whole load of data and files including exe files- bless him) (mad)


Do you get the black screen after you logon or during the boot? If after you logon try pressing CTRL+ALT+DEL and see if Task Manager pops up.

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Updated 13th MayLast updated 13th May by GenuWhine
Hi, The bay is virtually empty of keys, does anyone know the cheapest place to get a windows 10 pro key?

thanks everyone


They all have zero feedback. Ebay doesn't like keys being sold and will kill the acc with in a few hours of the listing going live. I've bought 3 or 4 from zero feedback acc's and all have worked without a problem.


it changed in 2019 now covers intangible goods which includes digital purchases.


I use allkeyshop to price compare. On my phone so cannot quickly find a link of a place I have used before. But gamivo and gamers outlet and eneba are ones that ring a bell Usually £2.50 Edit... Here. I didn't use hrk before but did gamers outlet


Not sure, I ordered an audiobook. It was not delivered via email. Even though they said its not covered. I got a refund.

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Updated 11th MayLast updated 11th May by adrianmarsh
Hi All, I know this is a long shot but does anyone have a Linx Windows Tablet 12x64 if so... I need some advice in relation to a BIOS setting, sadly I have messed it up by resettin… Read more

MickSmith if you still have your issue then I might have some idea. If the bios can’t detect a valid boot partition it seems to hide that option. I ended up using gparted to wipe the ssd partitions, then I used the iso restorer from the Linx support site. That rebuilds the partition table if it doesn’t exist. You would lose all data on the device though sadly


I made the same mistake on a 12X64 I’ve been able to restore the screen. But the keyboard (UK) is a mess for me now with some keys not mapping out. I’ve also no idea of the camera/Bluetooth values (I’m trying the above). ive reached out to Linx support but no reply yet. I wondered if anyone could share either a video or screen shot of all the settings so I can compare individual settings. I know that’s asking a lot, so thanks if anyone can. This is the most useful set of posts I’ve found so far. i can’t find anything for the keyboard that’s obvious and my most serious missing config. Physically all working prior to reset.


Hi. Thanks for responding! Conscious it's an old topic but had exactly the same issue. I got a micro HDMI cable and was able to get the screen sorted but now it's booting to the shell prompt. Tried several fixes related to the uefi boot but can't get it to work. The boot options just has uefi boot or disable but can't boot to the SSD or even a usb windows boot disk.


This is a very old topic, I sorted it, but as for the Black screen of Death, you need a Mini Hdmi Adapter - HDMI then connect to your TV where you can see the BIOS on your TV screen, make the changes necessary.... to get the screen back from the Black screen of Death you need to refer to the photo I enclosed when I started this topic... SELECT PRIMARY DISPLAY IGD PANEL CONFIGURATION EDP, LG MIPI, just set everything as I set mine to as shown in the picture then everything will work again.


I have a 12v64 and when going in the BIOS to prioritise boot from USB (so I could rebuild windows) it asked me to apply the optimum BIOS settings - mistake as now I have the black screen of death where I cant get back into the BIOS and I cant add a monitor as it doesnt have a mini HDMI out! Any ideas - Rusty_Wires : what firmware did you find / apply?