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Business Windows 11 Laptop

Looking to spend £1000-1200 on a new laptop for work.

Anyone have any suggestions on best places to look. Ideally looking to stay away from HP & Dell due to bad experiences in the past.

No massive rush on the need to fulfil. Trying to find a good balance of deal and laptop.

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  1. Willy_Wonka's avatar
    Not really a helpful description of your requirements.

    You can buy £350 laptops that are more than good enough for work & home (if there is any actual difference between work & home laptops other than maybe the location of the laptop)

    Perhaps you would like to expand on your description?
  2. bozo007's avatar
    And what would you be actually using it for? That will help decide specs. Secondly, if it is for work, have you asked your IT folks what would they like you to buy and what is warranty period that's required? It would be easier to get support that way. We buy with a comprehensive 4 year warranty and that itself adds to the cost.

    By the way, your previous experience with Dell and HP was with their consumer laptops or the enterprise ones? In my experience, Dell's Latitude line is very good; the consumer one is Inspiron. (edited)
  3. aLV426's avatar
    Are you just quoting that price as a flex? A good office laptop can be had for half that. Also even with the bad experiences I have had with Dell I'd rather buy a Dell than a Sony. It's not just the hardware - it's the software and ability to download the drivers - with Dell you just enter the service tag and you get tailored driver access. HP just lists the drivers for the same range as with most manufacturers...
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