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Get 80% off Final Value Fees for up to 100 listings (+30p handling charge) - selected accounts @ eBay

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Another -80% fee on eBay
What's it all about?
  • Get 80% off variable percentage final value fees ("FVF") per listing in final value fees if the item sells and pay no insertion fee. A fixed order level fee of 30p and other fees, including any International fees, still apply. Promotion is valid for up to 100 listings on eBay.co.uk in an eligible category.
  • Listings must start during the promotional period.
  • Listings can be auction-style or fixed price format.
  • The promotion start and end dates are included in the email we send to eligible sellers.
  • Items must sell within the first listing period.
  • Only sellers whose accounts are activated for managed payments will be able to activate the offer.

Sounds good, where do I find the Promotion and how do I sign up?
You can take part in the promotion on eBay.co.uk. Only private sellers registered for managed payments are eligible for this promotion. If you have already registered to managed payments, you have received an email with the RSVP link to the offer. If you have not registered for managed payments you will be prompted to update your details after you opt-in. You must opt in to the promotion by clicking on this link before any of your 100 listings start.

Anything else I need to know?
eBay charge an FVF when your item(s) sell(s). The FVF charged per order consists of: (i) a variable portion (“Variable Portion FVF”) which is calculated as a percentage of the Total Sale Amount; and (ii) a fixed portion (“Fixed Portion FVF”) for example 30p. The Total Sale Amount means the amount the buyer pays for an order, including the item price, postage, taxes and any other applicable fees.

The FVF Discount in this promotion applies to the Variable Portion FVF (net of any other discounts) in respect of the eligible items’ Total Sale Amounts. For example, if you would have been charged 12.80% on the Total Sales Amount, the 80% FVF discount will reduce this to 2.56%. The Fixed Portion FVF (e.g. 30p) will not be discounted. Therefore, the fixed charge of 30p per order will still apply.

You won't pay an insertion fee for each of the 100 listings. Listing upgrade fees will still apply and will be charged according to the eBay fees policy
eBay More details at eBay

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    Anyone got the 70 percent off link? (Assuming it exists)
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    Warning: Please read the T&Cs! I had a non-payer & so I used the 2nd chance offer to give the 2nd highest bidder the option to buy. The transaction went through, but I was charged the full fee instead of the 80% off. It's in the T&Cs!
    Bizarre system.
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    Seems to work but when I click on start selling it then takes me through to the app and under selling promotions it doesn’t show the 80% off fees
    Promo starts on Friday
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    You're not eligible for this promotional
    I always get this when clicking through this link, I have to wait until Friday when they send me it through eBay . Don't know why it only works for some through the link and not others .
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    Can you schedule listings to start on Friday and still get 80% ?
    Don’t listen to the other comment, you absolutely can. The listing won’t go live (and won’t have an item number attached to it) until the time you set it for. Just make sure the FVF offer is accepted beforehand. (edited)
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    Not the chosen one again :/ anyone seen it got one for 70% that's the one I usually get. Thanks
    I've read somewhere that if you accepted the 70% ones in the past before, you can no longer do the 80% ones anymore it seems or you are a lot less likely to get them.
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    Does anyone have the link which compares 80% off vs max £1 for different price points?
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    I don't understand this, I've not once got this promo
    Reasons you might not get it:
    1. You've ever changed your eBay country location
    2. You're seller account has returns, buyer protection claims, or late dispatch or late delivery against it
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    Any £1 fees?
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    Can I create listings now and save them in my drafts for when the deal goes live?
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    Does anyone know if you change the price (for example in a Buy it Now listing) after the initial promotional opening period but still during the active discount period if the discount s still apply?
    Yes you can change the price and discount will still apply
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    Declined due to cancelling 2 orders over Xmas after 2 buyers asked me to cancel their item but no to mark it as they asked for it to be cancelled - didn’t even know it was a thing when I cancelled it as out of stock and now due to this my account is under minimum standard to be accepted / so if anyone ever asks you cancel an order make sure you mark it as their request - I’m now banned from all promotions until further notice and it’ll be reviewed monthly - so I have to pay full fees on everything for now and I tried to reason with customer services and they were absolutely horrific in their response despite my account being 17 years old and 100% feedback - absolutely disgusting but lesson learnt 
    Keep hammering, similar happened to me and eventually got to the escalation team who listened!
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    Anyone dealt with a seller opening an 'item not as described' case and returning the item before the return was accepted by me?

    Further info:
    -In the case, I have the buyer admitting that they purchased the wrong product for their needs but that my product description WAS accurate. They just weren't intelligent enough to realise what they were buying
    -The buyer is unable/unwilling to share the tracking details

    They keep messaging demanding their money back even though my last message advised that the money back guarantee dictates that a refund is only sent after I've received the item back.

    I'm worried that raising with eBay (to close the case) might not go my way as eBay generally tends to side with buyers (regardless of common sense)..?
    Talk to eBay before the buyer does it.
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    yes back to the 2 weeks routine.
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    Always 70% for me now.
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    Nice one. I’ve got nothing sell, but was accepted.
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    Received 80% last week and 70% this week.
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    I only ever list things with these 'offers' otherwise its a rip off. Sold something recently for £7.50, postage £4.99. eBay fees were £1.90.
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    Shame it's so bloody difficult to sell on there. I still can't shift those Metroid games. Will be returning them to Amazon.
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    Works for me! Great spot!
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    Excellent, heat added
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    And me cheers op 
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  24. Avatar
    Uuuu hot Mario
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    Oh woow SO HOT

    HOT MARIO (edited)
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    Last week’s 70% off is the only that works for me. Thanks!

    Got locked out of all 3 offers last week because eBay palmed me off with a ‘prize draw entry if you sell an item’ incentive instead
    I've found if you regularly buy on eBay, they give you the offers. I only get turned down if I haven't bought from it.
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    Got a few things to sell. Thanks
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  29. Avatar
    Oh Ebay...how you mock me!
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    Quality. Been accepted.
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    Good timing..phone to sell
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    Sorry just realised it starts on the 27th 🙈
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    Haven’t had a selling promo for months now for some reason!
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    Just a heads up. I listed 6 items on ebay with this promotion and it didn't qualify for the discount as it was 1 listing with a quantity of 6.

    If I'd have listed it 6 sperate times it would have qualified. Total nonsense but cost me a bit of money which eBay refunded as a 1 time gesture of goodwill. Be careful
    Multi-quantity listings are excluded and have been excluded since FVF offers started half a decade ago. Common knowledge. It’s completely on you.
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    I personally think there's shenanigans going on at eBay regarding promos an how visibility is affected.

    I always have around 150 items for sale and when I sell some items, I add some more as I find more stuff to get rid of and maintain my listings at around 150 items.

    Anyway, up until Xmas, I'd list 100 on the 80% off promo one week and then two weeks later I'd list the other 50 or so when the next 80% came around. Rinse and repeat every two weeks.

    Well the beginning of this year eBay did not have any promos, so I had about 90 items end when the promo expired and two weeks later there was another promo.

    By this time tho', the other 50 or so items were due to end.

    This meant I had 150+ items sitting in my unsold items folder.

    So I listed all the most expensive items under the 80% off promo and the other 50 or so under the regular selling fees.

    In the "Custom Label (SKU)" field I entered "80%" for the items listed under the promo and *Standard" for those listed under standard fees.

    So roll forward to today an on checking which items have the most watchers and despite there only being around half as many as those under the 80% off promo, the items listed under "Standard Fees" have around the same amount of watchers.

    Not scientific proof by any means, but looks fishy to me.
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    Nice, got the 80% again.

    Definitely miss the old £1 FVF, this will have to do though.
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    Wow.. if only they could have this offer every fortnight this would be great
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    Thanks OP. That’s a couple of pricey camera lenses listed just now
  40. Avatar
    Thanks OP! Managed to forget to list stuff on eBay during the last one a couple of weeks ago, will do-so this time haha (edited)