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95dB Super Loud Alarm Clock with Bright Flashing Light, Bed Shaker and Snooze Function USB Charging Port - £40.20 @ Amazon

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About this deal

About this item
  • ✔️ EXTRA LOUD ALARM - With its 95dB loud alarm, the WAKE 'N' SHAKE Curve is the ideal alarm clock for people with hearing difficulties and heavy sleepers. If you are wondering how loud this alarm really is, think that the sound made by a hairdryer is usually measured at around 95dB as well.
  • ✔️ VIBRATION PAD - If its extra loud alarm doesn't wake you up, its vibration pad surely will! Included with the product, this pad can be placed under your pillow or mattress, and vibrates when it is time for you to get out of bed.
  • ✔️ SNOOZE BUTTON - Our vibrating alarm clock has an adjustable 5 to 60-minute snooze, as well as a 1-hour alarm duration. Pressing on the alarm's large snooze button when it is ringing will mute the alarm and allow you to enjoy a few extra minutes of sleep… until you are eventually woken up again.
  • ✔️ 4 ALARM SETTINGS - Depending on what works best for you, have our deaf clock wake you up with either its vibration pad, both its alarm and vibration pad, both its flashing light and vibration pad, or all three at the same time!
  • ✔️ BRIGHT AND LARGE DISPLAY - The 5-centimetre-high red digits on the WAKE 'N' SHAKE Curve’s display also make it an ideal alarm clock for the visually impaired, as they help you see easily what time of the day _ or night, it is. And if you worry the brightness might disturb your sleep, simply decrease it by pressing on the alarm's dimmer button, you can choose between 3 levels of brightness.4100380_1.jpg
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  1. sarden84's avatar
    Miniature Curved monitor, wonder what FPS this bad boy could handle lol. 
    bananabandana's avatar
    I'm sure it can run Quake
  2. bananabandana's avatar
    Remind yourself every morning that you still have a healthy heart... until you don't
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    Yep, this can't be good, would give you a scare every morning and tachycardia. I prefer to wake up gently with an alarm that slowly increases in volume. The trick is to keep your alarm or phone outside of arms reach so you have to get up.
  3. KevlarMonkey's avatar
    Turned my pc into something like this at uni to make sure I got to lectures on time. Now I use an android app that needs an nfc chip to switch off the alarm (and vibrates my watch, slowly increasing alarm volume etc). I put the chip by the time coffee machine.
  4. adski's avatar
    Bedshaker eh
  5. Gitfinger's avatar
    I'm sure the neighbours will be pleased...
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