Posted 9 March 2023

Andrex Gentle Clean Toilet Rolls - 45 Toilet Roll Pack - £18.75 at checkout / £16.64 with Subscribe & Save @ Amazon

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About this deal

£2.34 discount automatically applies at checkout
and when you go with Sub & Save - price comes down to £16.64

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About this item
  • Gentle on your family’s skin - Andrex Gentle Clean toilet roll fragrance free, dermatologically tested
  • Enjoy our loveable puppy - Featuring puppy designs on every sheet, Andrex Gentle Clean is designed for all the family
  • Gentle on skin - The British Skin Foundation recognise Andrex research into clean and healthy skin. Andrex Gentle Clean is made with 100% soft natural fibres and gives a really gentle clean
  • Shower Fresh Clean - Try Andrex Gentle Clean with Andrex Washlets Moist Toilet Tissue and experience a shower fresh clean. They are safe to flush down your toilet, biodegradable and plastic free
  • Pack of 45 Toilet Rolls – Bulk buy this family essential with a pack of 45 Gentle Clean toilet rolls so you never run out

Product Description
Andrex Gentle Clean Toilet Roll is specifically designed to clean you and your family with a touch of softness.

Puppy love
Plus, each toilet roll is uniquely Andrex, with the loveable Andrex puppy embossed on every sheet to confidently care for your family.

Scan the QR code on pack to discover Andrex puppy activities for the whole family to enjoy! Use Andrex Toilet Tissue and Andrex® Washlets™ Moist Toilet Tissue for all day freshness†.

We’re using less plastic
Every pack of Andrex Gentle Clean Toilet Tissue is made using 30% recycled plastic and is still 100% recyclable.

At Andrex we’re on a mission to make our pawprint greener. We continue to work hard with our innovation teams to make our products and packing more sustainable. Our investment in technology Uses 66% less fresh water, has 67% less tissue wastage and reduces greenhouse gas emissions by 30%!

Shower Fresh Clean
Try Andrex Gentle Clean with Andrex Washlets Moist Toilet Tissue and experience a shower fresh clean. They are safe to flush down your toilet, biodegradable and plastic free.

Bulk buy your toilet rolls
You can’t go wrong with a roll of Andrex Gentle Clean toilet paper - so how about 45 rolls?

Box Contains
Each order comes with 45 x Andrex Puppies On A Roll Toilet Tissue
Amazon More details at Amazon
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  1. DudeDERAILED's avatar
    2 Ply
    Kartnet's avatar
    Only Paupers use 2 ply
  2. gravy_davey's avatar
    Wasn’t too impressed with these Andrex rolls. Thinner and smaller than I was expecting. Personally find Amazons 3-ply Presto! Better value. Being thicker I use less and each roll has 200 vs 170 for Andrex (which is like having almost 8 more rolls in the pack). With that in mind at the current price it probably breaks even between the 2 assuming your using the same amount. But when it drops below the £20 mark it’s much better value.
  3. bankbandit's avatar
    Offer still seems to be in effect. Just bought for £16.64. Despite the price bump, offer still applies at checkout for some reason. I did not previously have it in basket either.

    Hope it helps someone who wants to get in quick.
    sajidtg's avatar
    Thank u
    Don't know why it's keep getting expired. Discount voucher still applies at checkout and shows on main page too.
  4. anjr's avatar
    These are thin sheets of toilet paper, so not the standard you would expect from Andrex.
    bobjst's avatar
    These days, Andrex usually isn't the standard you would expect from Andrex. (edited)
  5. Cavs's avatar
    2 ply?
    newbie68's avatar
    I don't mean to be rude, but it says it's 2 ply several times in the comments above. Many questions people ask are already answered if people took a moment to read.
  6. adazza's avatar
    Bad reviews 2 ply.
  7. newbie68's avatar
    I find the fingers comments you get across 2 ply bizarre. It makes me wonder what folk are actually doing at the toilet. I have never put fingers through toilet paper of any kind (and I've tried them all at various times, including the worst) and I'm no delicate flower
    silver145's avatar
    try harder. Newbie.
  8. JCMITFC's avatar
    Need to fold 45 times for the perfect depth.
    coolhandan's avatar
    How deep do you need to go?
  9. dz1's avatar
    Why is this hot? It's 2-ply. Aldi 3-ply is £14 for 48 rolls.
    skippadd's avatar
    Andrex 2 ply = Aldi 20 ply
  10. Voli1984's avatar
    £15.59 thx 👌
  11. ppiddy's avatar
    2 ply or not 2 ply. That is the question.
    newbie68's avatar
    I doubt we will ever know - as there is nothing and will never be nothing to enlighten us of such information. One must accept that small defeat in pursuit of knowledge
  12. DonDraper's avatar
    Doubles as sandpaper for DIY jobs ...
  13. tsd1984's avatar
    Order for £16.64, cheers.
  14. Rob2210's avatar
    Ordered. Thanks OP
    jma39's avatar
    You won't be thanking the original poster when your finger pops through to say high to your sphincter
  15. maddoglewis's avatar
    bum deal
  16. VR46Tuff's avatar
    Thanks just ordered
  17. jma39's avatar
    Won't lie, I'm a 3 ply guy, 4 ply even better. But if you do opt for 2 ply, you're almost certainly guaranteed a cheeky little surprise from time to time, and you just can't put a price on that
    marteee's avatar
    Why are so many people wiping with their fingernails??!
  18. brendog1's avatar
    I can imagine my fingers going through
    Nicolas's avatar
    But wrong that
  19. EliTeAP's avatar
    god if i read the one "ply" one more time.

    i'm gonna cry
  20. Robmc888's avatar
    2ply toilet paper getting voted hot
  21. mbordacs's avatar
    £16.64 for me at the minute
  22. herrbz's avatar
    Is this not the standard price? 2 ply, low sheets per roll. Cold.
  23. Ian_Richards6's avatar
    Same price per roll as Tesco - 24 rolls for £10
  24. BeKind's avatar
    I used Plesh toilet paper once....let's just say...i got in touch with my inner self
  25. Zooicidal's avatar
    False economy when you need to triple up to avoid the finger surprise.
  26. Dr_OmniSpank's avatar
    Wait... so I'm wiping my A with puppies?
    SuffolkLad222's avatar
    Embossed puppy pictures. Maybe try a different brand if that's an issue.
  27. Steven1964's avatar
    If you fold it over twice, tear the corner off, you can pop your middle finger thru`. Makes sense.
  28. KellyHarrop's avatar
    £15.59 for me...
  29. Jayfra's avatar
    Needs to mult2ply the sheets per wipe
  30. alexma's avatar
    2 ply = brown ballerina
  31. pmba's avatar
    This is back on, ordered!
's avatar