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Andrex Supreme Quilts Toilet Tissue, 54 Rolls for £19.99 prime(SnS £18.99) (Non Prime add 1p sim Card) Delivered @ Amazon UK
Found 25th MarFound 25th Mar
S&S £18.99 Six packs, each containing nine toilet rolls 160 sheets per toilet roll Each toilet roll is 4-ply Andrex Supreme Quilts has plush layers of tissues for deep, qu… Read more

Nice trick (y) 🏾


I know what you mean. I keep a length of hosepipe hidden in my bathroom for such occasions, I run the water Hot then attach to the sink straight into the loo, work a a treat at keeping it clear ;)


Do you find the supreme blocks the loos up because it’s too thick. I always stick to the classic now.


Ouch dont split them when wiping bum in anger later


Excellent price. thanks

Andrex Classic Clean Toilet Tissue 16 Rolls 2 Ply £6.00  ( free C&C ) @ Wilko
Found 13th MarFound 13th Mar
This Andrex Classic Clean Toilet Paper has been designed with cleanliness in mind, hence why it includes a touch of cotton. Each roll perfectly balances strength and softness with … Read more

Currently waiting on this (replacement) order Cusheen 60 Quilted Luxury Lemon 3 Ply Hygiene Toilet Tissue Paper Rolls (Actually 5 packs of 12 rolls) @ 9 +3 free Sold by: Avant-Garde Brands @ £16.73 from Avant-Garde Brands via Amazon. Item(s) Subtotal:£16.73 Postage & Packing:£0.00 Total:£16.73 Total for this Delivery:£16.73 We 1st ordered 2 packs for 2 addresses (me & a neighbour) Order Placed:28 February 2019, delivered (via Myhermes) March 2nd but delivered 2 x Lavender, where as it should have been 2 x Lemon (a minor detail) The replacement ;) was offered & shipped (again, via Myhermes) on the 9th, but Myhermes look to have LOST it? the LAST scan was 01:16 - Tue 12 Mar & we are now 22:45 - Wed 13 Mar "Your parcel is at our local depot and on its way to you" (poo) All that aside? I suspect the ASDA SHADES may well be a better deal over all, in the QUALITY department, while only being a "shade" out on cost....As fer the deal, the ANDREX. I didn't realise Andrex was only 2 ply.


Andrex clasic is £7.50 for 24 in Tesco


Personally prefer Asda Shades quilted. 16 rolls for £5.50, thicker than this and feels nice on my tushie.

Andrex 16 Supreme Quilts Toilet Roll £6.50 at Tesco
Found 2nd MarFound 2nd Mar
only 40p a roll

Cheaper to lease, then give it back after 2 years instead of paying the balloon payment.


I only charge 20p a roll. ;(




I bought some cheeky panda bamboo toilet paper at tesco. got a toilet blockage a few days later. don't know if there's a connection.


Tesco are also selling Puppies on a roll, 24 for £8

24 Pack of Andrex for £8.99 @ Poundstretcher
LocalLocalFound 28th FebFound 28th Feb
Family size pack of Andrex for £8.99!!!
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Good old predictive text ay lol, as I've never heard of Andrew :/


I buy Supermrkets own brand I find that good enough. Andrew is ok when it’s on offer though.


£8.75 via Ocado.


Andrex ain't worth the price imo, as long as my finger doesn't go through as I'm wiping the big paper at 27p per roll does me and my family. Each to their own though


I am quite capable of doing maths, thank you. Didn't think Home Bargains actually sold Andrex.

Andrex Classic Clean Toilet Tissue 9 Rolls £3.25 @ Wilko free C&C
Found 17th FebFound 17th Feb
This Andrex Classic Clean Toilet Paper has been designed with cleanliness in mind, hence why it includes a touch of cotton. Each roll perfectly balances strength and softness with … Read more
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18 rolls for £ be worried about what's left under your finger nails after wiping with what sounds like such a top quality roll.


you can get 18 toilet rolls for £1.99 in b N m stores. Is that a good deal or does andrex toilet roll give you less bum fluff?


Heat added (y)


Very low quality bog roll. You can get the much better Waitrose 9 packs for the same price.

Andrex Classic Clean Toilet Roll 12 Rolls £5 @ Asda
Found 16th FebFound 16th Feb
Andrex® wants everyone to feel as clean as possible. Since 1942, we have been committed to delivering outstanding quality and helping the nation's families to feel clean and confid… Read more

35p per 100g based on 118g per roll Not cheap, can be had at 23p per 100g


41/42p per roll, not that great. I wonder if McDonald's will accept tgem.

Andrex Classic Clean Washlets Toilet Tissue Wipes with Micellar Water @ Amazon £9 Prime £13.49 Non Prime + 20% Voucher Please See Post
Found 2nd FebFound 2nd Feb
amazon have very kindly placed a 20% voucher on these that can be added to subscribe and save.lowest price is £7.80 as shown by my receipt. get them quick before all the vouchers g… Read more
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I bought this one a while back from Amazon. Ships from the U.S. and seemed a little pricey, but I it's just the right size for 2 packs, is good quality, sturdy and airtight, so the wipes won't dry out.


Seconded. Mine live on the top of the Cistern but if anyone out there knows of a dispenser I would would love to know too.


Can anyone recommend a good dispenser for these wipes? Mine live everywhere, sometimes even on the radiator (annoyed) .Cheers.


Its freezing lol. Unfortunately you need to hook it up to the cold supply as using the hot water supply could be dangerous. At the min its freezing but I expect it will be bearable June to September. Running it from the shower would be ideal but not practical. I am hoping to come up with some mixer arrangement using feeds from the cold and hot supply. This might do the trick but would need a plumber to sort it I guess

24 Rolls Andrex Classic  Clean £7.50 @ Tesco
Refreshed 9th FebRefreshed 9th Feb
Let the puns commence :) Around 31p per roll Classic Clean Toilet Roll Tissue Andrex Classic Clean. A touch of cotton. White. 24 Toilet rolls. Average 200 sheets per toil… Read more
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not available online


Not the best price as I bought a couple weeks ago from my local Tesco and the same item and it was on clearance offer at £1.85 - wow price! I went to other store and it cost full price, I was simply lucky with my local store a couple weeks ago :) :D


Best bog roll on the market (best not cheapest): Aldi Saxon Softest Luxury 2 Ply 220 sheets per roll Sheet size: 125mm x 105mm £2.79 for 9 rolls (31p per roll) As soft as Andrex used to be.


Well it is the case because even by giving the number of sheets doesn't tell you that it's 20% less. Anyway is poundshop quality bogroll so I'll give it a miss.


Never seen that at £13 lol PMSL

Andrex Gentle Clean 18 toilet roll £4.13 instore @ Tesco
LocalLocalFound 10th JanFound 10th Jan
Reduced from £8.25 to £4.13
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HUKD rocks


Very useful post as in my local the price on the shell was still the full price, however scanned as 4.13. If I am not aware of this I would have missed.


Scanning full price in Loughborough


Full price in Coventry Walsgrave store. Just had one scanned.


Sounds serious....

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Andrex loo rolls  -9 pack £3 @ Morrisons
Found 9th JanFound 9th Jan
Morrison's company wide - Andrex toilet rolls 9 pack £3
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Depending on how many sheets per roll have.... I always buy online Renova, pay 18£ for 60 rolls 2ply and it last for 4 - 5 months (family of 4)


Cheers for the photo - I got slammed for one of my previous deals for taking it on the stairs


Meant to Add this is branch specific - Morrison's is company wide


And if you are lucky you can find them but my local on has none


Tesco have 12 for £2.75

Andrex supreme quilted toilet tissue 12 pack @Tesco
Found 9th JanFound 9th Jan
Andrex 12 roll quilted toilet tissue. Found in my local Tesco reduced from £5.50. Go bog a bargain! :)
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Picked some up today, thanks for posting


Must be store specific.


Good post. I've just bought 9 andrex rolls for £3, which is also a good offer 😄


It’s a shït deal 🥴


Check for laundry marks as it doesn't appear in other stores

Andrex So kind Aloe Vera 16 rolls £6 @ Tesco EXPRESS
LocalLocalFound 6th JanFound 6th Jan
Available @Tesco's Express NOT the supermarket who are charging £9.25 Hubby just bought these. I personally think these are the best, softest loo rolls ever, I always buy them on … Read more
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Cheers. I'd spend WAY more if I went in there though (lol)


Also 9 rolls for £3.50 in Morrisons

Andrex Supreme Quilts Toilet Tissue 54 Rolls £21 @ Amazon
Found 4th JanFound 4th Jan
I could see this going very cold but for £1.02 extra compared to a previous deal that went very hot, I'll take a punt. Very good toilet paper, 39p/100 sheets. Hasn't been around th… Read more

Oh sorry buddy . But still rather pay £12 for 45 . As it’s still a better deal .


3 ply. With balm. If you're chafing, you're attaching the stuff to a power sander! 2 ply is not the same, or as good.


I just use these, may be bit more in price but gives inner satisfaction


This should do ya then


Costco one is 45 rolls . Not 54 rolls

Andrex toilet paper 24 rolls. Wilko instore - £7.50
Found 27th Dec 2018Found 27th Dec 2018
In store. Can't find it online
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Pink packaging :) noticed in store yesterday


pink packaging (Gentle, with puppies) or blue packaging (Classic) please? Thanks.


Good (not so) review......................... "Not very nice. Low yes - butt very rough."


Yes I could have shortened it Lol


Andrex Supreme Quilts 16 Pack 50p @ Sainsbury's Craigavon
LocalLocalFound 5th Dec 2018Found 5th Dec 2018
Andrex Supreme Quilts 16 Pack 50p @ Sainsbury's Craigavon
£0.50£6.5092%Sainsbury's Deals
Andrex Supreme Quilts 16 Rolls Family Pack only 50p in Sainsburys Only 2 left on shelf which I got. Worth a check in ur local
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Nobody is getting the deal the op took the last 2, press expire another pointless local deal that's not available.


The predecessor to Supreme Quilts (just Quilts) were better, but despite that these are my bottom's favourite wipe. However I won't be making the journey to the Outer Hebrides of Northern Wales to get this store specific bargain. Good find though.


Store specific which the OP had the last two of (annoyed)


Is this available in Londonderry Northern Ireland?


£8.50 in Nottingham!

Andrex gentle clean 24 rolls £7 @ tesco instore/online
Found 2nd Dec 2018Found 2nd Dec 2018
Andrex gentle clean 24 rolls £7 @ tesco instore/online
24 rolls andrex gentle clean marked up at £7.50 scans at £7.00. Also online at £7.00 .

Try Charmin . I use to like Andrex but they changed it . It use to be soft like a puppy but , now it is like thin sandpaper . Using this on my piles use to bring a tear to my eye , literally.

24 Andrex classic white for £7 at Waitrose & Partners instore
LocalLocalFound 1st Dec 2018Found 1st Dec 2018
24 Andrex classic white for £7 at Waitrose & Partners instore
2 x 9 packs of classic white Andrex on offer £7 at Waitrose. However they still have stock of the 9 pack with 3 rolls extra free, the offer works on these as well (the guy at the c… Read more

The ones with the puppies on are Ridiculously thin, you'd be better off using Izzal


All of the above. Just don’t scrunch and scrub you monsters


Poll: Upstroke? Downstoke? Alternate? Vote Now!! (excited)


this deal isn't about a 24 pack. It's about 2x9 packs that MIGHT have 3 free in each


Think the Tesco ones are the "puppies on a roll" type that are slightly thicker or something else quality wise.

Andrex Toilet Tissue 24 Roll Puppies On A Roll £7.50 @ Tesco
Found 27th Nov 2018Found 27th Nov 2018
Andrex Toilet Tissue 24 Roll Puppies On A Roll £7.50 @ Tesco
£7.50£10.5029%Tesco Deals
Andrex Toilet Tissue 24 Roll Puppies On A Roll £7.50 @ Tesco

Now scans instore at £7. Plenty in Ashby De La Zouch


'Product unavailable'


Starting tomorrow, 28th Nov.


Terrible you need to be looking at how many sheets are on a roll not how many rolls are in a packet, you should never buy toilet roll that has under 220 sheets. Andrex these days are terrible quality, less sheets and full of dust. Supermarket own brands are much better and the ones from Lidl.


Was in Tesco just an hour ago and didnt see this at all! Only could get pack of 16 for £5.25.

Andrex Washlets Gentle Clean Flushable FOUR PACKS on Amazon Prime now £2 ( orders over £15 £3.99 for two hour delivery orders over £40 free)
Found 26th Nov 2018Found 26th Nov 2018
Andrex Washlets Gentle Clean Flushable FOUR PACKS on Amazon Prime now £2 ( orders over £15 £3.99 for two hour delivery orders over £40 free)
4 packs of Andrex Washlettes for 2 quid.. usually 2 quid each I believe. This is on prime now ... may not be in or available in your individual area. Hopefully be helpful to some… Read more
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So the house should smell, no thanks


using toilet paper for the worst of the job and flushing that and using one of these after and popping in the bin is the best idea


£3.99 now


This makes no sense. Most people have a separate small bin in their bathroom for disposing toiletries that is easily tied up and thrown away. Also how about not using them in the first place and enjoying the comfort of not complaining once the system gets backed up. I think you've completely missed the point of the comment you were replying to. Toilet tissue exists for a reason and if you need to clean excessively to the point that toilet tissue isn't enough, maybe take a shower or use a bidet.


Please people, none of those are really flushable! They cause untold problem to the water system and environment. Please bin them!

Andrex 40 wipes x 5 (RRP £6.00) £1.25 Amazon FRESH
Found 24th Nov 2018Found 24th Nov 2018
Andrex 40 wipes x 5 (RRP £6.00) £1.25 Amazon FRESH
If you ain't tried amazon fresh you can a free 30 day trial if with prime. If you ain't tried prime yet you can also get a free trial. You can also get 10 packs for £2.50.
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Not available in my location


Only for selected locations ;(


Amazon Fresh requires you to spend over £40 iirc, and even more to get free delivery last time I signed up, so not a great deal imho.


It was always out of stock


If you order 5 you'll save £5 which makes it £1.25. We'll that went quick oos at the moment should come back in stock.

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