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BELKIN MagSafe 3-in-1 Wireless Charger (White) – £107.98 inc. VAT instore @ Costco, Birmingham

£107.98£139.9923% off
In store: Birmingham · Costco Deals
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I don't know if anyone is interested, but I saw this excellent deal yesterday at Costco Birmingham. More than 20% off compared to Amazon or John Lewis.

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  1. davidg_croydon's avatar
    What's mad is the people voting this deal cold. Is it cheaper than elsewhere? If yes, then it's a hot deal, just because *you* wouldn't buy it at that price is immaterial. It's a hot deal. Sadly many people won't see it due to the people on here who don't know a hot deal unless it's a pack of crips for 9p in a bargain bucket somewhere.

    Some people don't want to buy cheap crap, they want to buy good stuff like this, but at the cheapest price. (edited)
  2. teamhuw's avatar
    This is a good deal. It’s massively better than the iPhone MagSafe Duo Charger and it’s got a MFI certification so it can charge at the full 20w.

    I get this is a little more expensive than other options but it’s solid and should last you several generations of phones, so long as they keep the MagSafe standard! it’s a little confusing that people can spend £1200 on a new iPhone but complain about a very solid £108 accessory that they will use use daily!

    I have the 2-1 rather than this, but I wish I had spent a little extra now.
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    Isn’t MagSafe capped at 15W?
  3. BackupA2's avatar
    Unless it comes with the phone and the watch, how is this a deal??? Crazy.....
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    Because it’s cheaper than retail…. (edited)
  4. A57ton's avatar
    It’s a bit form over function, but it looks smart and it’s a decent discount if you’re in the market. Heat added.
  5. leeanne123's avatar
    Good deal. Voted hot. I have the pad version, will get this one at some point when i can afford it. Great product. Yet again people voting/commenting because you can get one like it for £30 off Amazon... (not to mention, to get one that has magsafe and an inbuilt watch charger rather than using your supplied Apple one seems to be a task in itself)
  6. Kear's avatar
    Been waiting for this to come down in price, my son has one and swears by it.. Heat from me good saving
    Update make sure its the newer model the WIZ017 not WIZ009 they are the same price but the watch will fast charge on the WIZ009 (edited)
  7. Ukguy101's avatar
    £108 quid for a charger, the world's gone mad! Lmao!
  8. walph's avatar
    I bought this for £140 at release a couple of years ago. Great charger. Feels very heavy with a premium build, and the MagSafe pad is rubberised unlike the official Apple charger - so no marks on my leather case.

    Agreed it is pricey and you could buy a few separate chargers for £15 each… but this is so convenient, it was worth it IMO.

    You can also wirelessly charge non-MagSafe phones on the base instead of AirPods if you need to, in case that helps anyone decide
  9. Lloyd's avatar
    @SirGiaf Thanks for your first deal post
  10. SajidAli-ad629.06113's avatar
    I have a esr version like this got it off Amazon and it’s fantastic. It doesn’t overheat and it’s very fast charging and has built in fan which esr call cryoboost and you can turn the fan on and off. Also it charges my wife’s galaxy fold too. And the customer support from esr is second to none from my experience. And it a bit less than this in price. I got mine on a deal for £57 and a few pence. (edited)
  11. the__cat's avatar
    Belkin are jokers!
  12. SirGiaf's avatar
    Such a shame. I would’ve never expected this deal to get so cold; I honestly thought it was a good deal and perfect as my first post.
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