Unfortunately, this deal has expired 7 June 2023.
Posted 7 June 2023

EN+ 7.4kW Smart Home Car Charge Point £128.21 @ Amazon

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This deal is expired. Here are some options that might interest you:

This looks mega value for a home charger with all the features required.

7KW Smart Home EV Charge Point (Wifi,4m Type 2 AC cable), Cable Hook with Fittings, User Manuals, Mounting Template, Insulated Terminals, 2x RFID Cards.

Special featureIntegrate with Vehicle State of Charge, Earn Money - Set to Public Mode, Save Money with Smart Schedule (Cheaper Tariffs), Connect with over 150 000 on Roaming Network, New UK Regulation Compliant

  • EN+ Powered by Monta
  • Minimal size
  • Streamline design
  • Home use with intelligent App control Intelligent Control
  • Wireless communication (Wi-Fi/Bluetooth)
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  1. tappy's avatar
    I have this charger. I got it fitted by a fairly reputable company but I've had no end of issues with it.

    If you try and use the app to schedule a charge, it just fails more often than not. Despite the fact that it's about 2m away from the router. I was told when I purchased it that I didn't have to use the RFID but it seems that you do which is really annoying. The worst thing is that it often trips the fuse and I have to go outside to reset it every other night. Which is annoying at midnight.

    I have a Tesla Model 3 and it accepted the test charge from Octopus intelligent so that's a benefit. I had to disable Octopus smart charging though because of how often it was failing. So I use the Tesla app to schedule the charge at 23:30 and just make sure it's plugged in and I've tapped the RFID. Then I pray it doesn't trip again.

    I'd certainly not recommend it to anyone.
    mr_cheapskate's avatar
    Thanks tappy. Unrelated question - what's your thoughts on the Tesla?
  2. Codelas's avatar
    The question is, can you get a qualified electrician to install it and certify it
    TeamMCS's avatar
    According to the user guide there installation is 462 inc vat. So £590 all in assuming you have a 'normal' (standard) installation - whatever that means.
  3. TH85C's avatar
    Given the price of a house and an EV I would rather go with something a bit more tried and tested but it is very very cheap.
    andiron87's avatar
    Spend £40k on a car, get a cheap Chinese charger
  4. Mansuruz_Zaman's avatar
    Thanks OP! I’ve just ordered one, at this price it was too good to pass
    DinoSpumoni's avatar
    How is this charger? Would you recommend and how much did it cost to install?
  5. gram333uk's avatar
    fantastic price for a charger. I am not sure how all the app support/rfid/ scheduling will work considering my car has a schedule, octopus intelligent has a schedule, and the charger too...
    wonkothesane's avatar
    As I'm sure you know, Octopus Intelligent only works with certain cars or an Ohme charger.
  6. Zlatan9's avatar
    Interesting.Tempted to replace my 'dumb' rolec for this kind of money.Lack or reviews a concern though and to echo TH85C what are the benefits of the smart features. (edited)
    HellRazer's avatar
    Don't bother. Only replace if you need scheduled charging for day/night tariffs. Even then, most recent EVs have scheduled charging built in or there are workarounds to modify the Rolec for scheduled charging.
  7. wassap's avatar
    Bargain. Certification isn’t an issue, spark needs to ensure DNO is informed. I’m assuming this has PEN fault detection, that makes installs easier.
    Robdataff's avatar
    Electrical Safety PEN Fault, Over Current, Residual Current, Ground, Surge, Over/Under Voltage, Over/Under Frequency, Over/Under Temperature
    Certification CE - EN/IEC 61851.1: 2017, EN/IEC 61851-21-2: 2018

    Seems like it.

    Says you o ly get. A warranty if you use their installation team?

  8. FoxFan's avatar
    I believe the Monta app is supposed to be pretty good. I haven't used it, but looking at the detail you can also set it to be a public charger and get this paying for itself.
    dbeach's avatar
    its the same one that indra smart pro's use
  9. maakuji's avatar
    Would this allow scheduled charging?
  10. xynthian's avatar
    Good price. I’ve paid too much for my Ohme charger
  11. SpeedbirdB777's avatar
    On the face of it this seems like a mega deal!
  12. greenflower123's avatar
    Ohme is a rip off, go for Mr Charger (a franchise)
    sol.ein's avatar
    Do you have a link to a product?
  13. andywedge's avatar
    Great first post; nice find and thank you for posting
  14. dbeach's avatar
    New "UK Cyber Security Upgrade?" included?
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