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Deliveroo is a food delivery service covering most areas of the UK. Customers choose meals from local restaurants on the Deliveroo website or app, then the restaurant prepares and packages their items. Finally, a Deliveroo rider picks up the order and in most cases delivers it within 30 minutes. Orders can be placed up to 24 hours beforehand. How to redeem Deliveroo vouchers

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£10 Discount
£10 Discount
Deliveroo £10 off £15 spend for new customers (Selected accounts) Region Specific (Manchester area) @ Deliveroo
Deliveroo £10 off £15 spend for new customers. Appeared on screen when I downloaded the app. Expires March 7th This offer is possibly Manchester only. I tried a London postcode an… Read more

Has this worked for anyone in London? West London? Thanks.


Deliveroo has the best customer service out of the top 3


No problem. Please give me your address to forward to. Its likely to arrive cold so please bear that in mind.


We will deliver to your house


I am in a small town in Berkshire and its working. Certain areas only.

£10 Discount
£10 Discount
£10 off £15 spend for new customers using code @ Deliveroo
£10 off £15 spend with Deliveroo for new customers only. Use code WEGETFOOD. Not a fan of Deliveroo myself but hopefully it helps someone. Ends on the 28th of February.

Ive tried uber successfully a few times with different devices, emails and cards and so far seems to work fine. Has anyone tried a browser in incognito mode with a revolut card?


Uber works for me but the solution can be quite convoluted. If you have a spare phone you can factory reset it each time you use the app for an order. Otherwise the next best thing is an android emulator/VM like bluestacks. You'll need a new number, new email address, new card and probably a VPN of some sort. I tend to use referral codes and it can work quite well that way. It's probably not worth doing unless you have the patience and technical knowhow.


Revolut cards get blocked a lot on Uber


It is a pain and a half. Ive had to faff around with bluestacks and that does work and seems to be the only way. but still new sim and new card. do you know if revolut virtual cards work with ubereats? ive yet to try.


Uber Eats is a headache as Uber tracks people like crazy. Even use new device, new IP, new card, new name, and a pickup order and Uber can ban you. It's the next best option now Deliveroo has ended though. Just Eat generally give same discounts to everyone no new user deals really.

£10 Discount
£10 Discount
£10 off £15 Spend for Deliveroo New Customers / Selected areas
Use Code WELCOME10 worked for me found offer on google just as a sponsored add the promo code expires soon I believe within a few days

That’s called a threeway


I'm in one of those areas, code not working for me either


new customer Liverpool, code didnt work for me. but free delivery till 4 january


I'm a new customer but not valid for me (confused)


Worked last weekend but not working now. Anyone had any luck with this?

£5 Discount
£5 Discount
£5 off £10 spent @ Deliveroo (Selected accounts)
Selected account only but maybe national although t&c specify Coventry only.

No they just said the code is offered by a third party so they can't help


Any luck?


Trying my luck here to see if they'll offer me anything (popcorn)


Does this run out Sunday or Monday?


Well this has made me happpy, thanks man!

£5 Discount
£5 Discount
Deliveroo twist on EOTHO, EATIN in Sep to get £5 off £20 spend
Every Monday to Wednesday in Sep get £5 off £20 spend using codes below: between 01/09/2020 and 02/09/2020, 'EATIN1';between 07/09/2020 and 09/09/2020, 'EATIN2';between 14/09/2020… Read more

I have deliveroo plus so I get free delivery over £10 order, so this all comes off the food bill. I'll take it!


Doesn't apply to all restaurants


Ah, makes sense.


Deals were merged, duplicate was posted.


That links to this same deal you commented on?

£10 Discount
£10 Discount
£10 Voucher for Deliveroo Ordered - Google Local Guide (Account Specific)
I got this email stating the treat to shop from local restaurants. It is account specific for those who are part of Google Local Guide programme The voucher is valid till 16th J… Read more

You can go and collect food but selected restaurants only. Just rolling out now so not much choice yet. Would be interested in trading your Deliveroo voucher for something else, PM if interested.


can no yes got the email with a voucher but can not be bothered setting up a deliveroo account for a tenner


Did you get an email with the voucher code? I'd use it for £10 off if I was you


thanks i guess i will not bother to use this voucher as i prefer to go and collect food


thanks i guess i will not bother to use this voucher as i prefer to go and collect food

Get 1p off your order @ Deliveroo (minimum spend £10) + get a chance to win Emirates FA Cup QF tickets or £150 credit - use code at checkout
Get 1p off your order at Deliveroo (minimum spend £10) + get a chance to win Emirates FA Cup QF tickets or £150 credit - use code at checkout Code - IAFA5WIN As shown in screen… Read more

At least they have some spare change!


Does anyone ever win anything :/


Pay for delivery every time, no thanks :D


Order a 100 separate times and save £1 but it could be the winning ticket (lol)


The audacity...

£6.50 Discount
£6.50 Discount
*Student Offer* Great deal for deliveroo via the UNIDAYS APP
If you a student download the UNIDAYS app and register. You can use it to get a one time use code for your first and second deliveroo order. You can then go thru the process of… Read more

DELIVEROOOOOOO! Who ordered wings? ;)


As soon as I heard 'DELIVEROOOOOO!!!' I ask Google to mute the TV. So irritating voice and the ad being clearly misleading was another frustration. People who never ordered from there before may have thought it is some kind of food aggregation service which delivers from multiple restaurants in 1 order but obviously that's not true.


How was it irritating? She just sounds like one of my teachers from high school. Actually, now I think about it, she looks like her as well. Could it be? Haha (lol)


I was wondering what happened to it, so glad it was banned as that advert was the most irritating one on TV! The new ad is blander but that's better than the previous. This deal is not new, been around for a long time. Using a referral code you get £2.50 off x 4 so perhaps better for some.


That advert was banned. Now, who ordered wings?

Best Deliveroo deals from our community

10 Piece Original Recipe Chicken £10 @ KFC via Deliveroo - local delivery fee (price depends on area) & 49p service fee applies
10 Piece Original Recipe Chicken £10 @ KFC via Deliveroo - local delivery fee (price depends on area) & 49p service fee applies£12.48
10 Piece Original Recipe Chicken £10 at KFC via Deliveroo - local delivery fee* & 49p service fee applies *Delivery fee deoends on how far you are from the restaurant
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i'd even make road taste great. i'd food prep you a weeks worth of food and you'll never tell if it was fox or beef.


oops so it was, kfc still though. never again absolutely disgraceful can't believe so many pay for it on a regular basis


O2 Priority £10 off £12 was Uber Eats, unless you are referring to another offer?


"Road kill would taste better" I am never coming to your home for dinner. XD


Yep easy mistake to make. :) I have 3-4 KFC branches delivering so I can tell just by searching. Just Eat are the only company to stick to fixed delivery fee + service charge, probably to get more people to use their couriers, but don't think it will last much longer given the other 2 have changed.

50% off entire menu at Tim Hortons Bury Mill Gate (via Deliveroo - delivery fee & 49p service fee applies)
334° Expired
50% off entire menu at Tim Hortons Bury Mill Gate (via Deliveroo - delivery fee & 49p service fee applies) Not sure if other Tim Hortons are participating but worth checking y… Read more
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Also at Connswater Belfas


When I was on holiday in Toronto, I was addicted to their French vanilla coffee. Amazing.


That's something I never knew (the ice hockey thing) - you really do learn something new everyday! (y)


It's Canada's biggest Coffee Chain, it outnumbers Starbucks there. It's named after a former Ice Hockey player.


It's a pretty well known brand, I'm surprised you haven't heard of it - it has only been in the UK since 2017 though

Deliveroo - St. Valentine's day promo - Buy footlong sub and get 3 cookies for free from Subway from 12/2
177° Expired
Apologies for posting another subway deal. Thought this is good offer for someone who can’t go out or wants to get their subway delivered. Link to offer and list of non-partici… Read more

Not the first time someone will have exaggerated on the length (lol)


Really appreciated my contact free delivery last night! (lol)


That's the way the cookie crumbles


It’s never a foot long 3 cookies free there pushing the boat out there . Are they taking the biscuit


Post away nihir, I don't see why you or anybody should ever have to apologise. I (fer example) will simply scroll down the pages, ignoring anything of NO interest OR stuff I've already got, but if I was up fer this deal? you'd ave MADE MY day (y)

Spend £20 today at Deliveroo - Get £10 off next order (Account Specific)
253° Expired
Apologies if this only for certain people Cyber Monday is here and we’ve got another massive deal that’s not to be missed! Spend over £20 today, and we’ll send you a code tomorro… Read more

Same with me too (excited)


Go to your order, "Order help" - "Something else" and select live chat. Hopefully they'll fix that for you.


Still no voucher for me. I had the deal advertised to me on the homepage of the app with no clear way of activating it other than placing an order. I made sure the food came to over £20 so there is no way I didn't fulfil it. But no code in my inbox unfortunately


How do you even sign up for discount codes from Uber Eats? I just can't figure it out


Got my code by email at 11:38 am today! Looks like I’m getting 2 Romana Pizza Express Pizzas delivered for a tenner! 😁😁😁

Free Magnum ice cream tubs delivered via Deliveroo (Leeds, London, Manchester or Brighton)
339° Expired
Free Magnum ice cream tubs delivered via Deliveroo (Leeds, London, Manchester or Brighton)FREE£0.01
Magnum is delivering complimentary breakable boxes featuring a tub of Magnum Double Salted Caramel to encourage the UK to reclaim their sofa as a place for pleasure and indulgence.… Read more
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Does anyone know what happened to the other locations? Its the last day but only one location has been posted on twitter


Posted on their Twitter just now.. In Leeds for today only, order your free Break into Pleasure box and reclaim your sofa with a Magnum Tub. Indulgence is just a click away... Just head to now @Deliveroo and order yours here:…


Not exactly available all over London. Good for those more close to the center


Most likely for London zone 1 addresses which most of us aren't in.


Oh sweet! I'm in range! Freebie! Thanks OP :)

Black Friday : 25% Off Orders of £20 or more (Subway/ Taco Bell/ Wasabi/ Byron/ Bella Italia and many more) @ Deliveroo
712° Expired
Black Friday : 25% Off Orders of £20 or more (Subway/ Taco Bell/ Wasabi/ Byron/ Bella Italia and many more) @ Deliveroo
A decent offer here next week if you were ordering Takeaway. To celebrate Black Friday happening on 27th November, Deliveroo will be offering a whopping 25% price drop on orders … Read more
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Does anyone have any deliveroo discount codes


Anyone know why we are celebrating "Black Friday happening" ?


£20 a massive amount to spend on a takeaway when you live alone. This is a very petty offer by deliveroo actually no offer


Nando’s are offering free delivery mon-wed regardless


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Deliveroo Service Guarantee - Get your order within 45 minutes or £20 credit back (selected restaurants only)
375° Expired
Refreshed 13th Nov 2020Refreshed 13th Nov 2020
Deliveroo Service Guarantee - Get your order within 45 minutes or £20 credit back Terms and conditions Offer available only with participating restaurants displaying the “Servi… Read more
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Someone I know got a voucher the other day, their delivery was 3 minutes late (popcorn)


Been waiting 17 days for mine and they care not a jott


this is exploitation of gig economy, the obligation to meet this will be on drivers/restaurants


Once and only once I got a delivery and it was not marked as delivered until the day after I received it. I wonder what Deliveroo would say if this service guarantee was available then? (popcorn)


I wish this was there when Deliveroo first launched in my area, always a shortage of drivers so everything was late. Now there's never a shortage, drivers have been saying it's been very quiet. Deliveroo knows time of delivery as driver marks the food as delivered when they give it to you

Free £5 Deliveroo voucher for next order when placing a Burger King order (min £20 spend) @ Deliveroo
183° Expired
Free £5 Deliveroo voucher for next order when placing a Burger King order (min £20 spend) @ Deliveroo£20
Free £5 Deliveroo voucher for placing a Burger King order (min £20 spend) at Deliveroo Hi hotukdealers, Enjoy all your Burger King® favourites on Deliveroo – and get £5 off your … Read more
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They didn't credit my account, had to prove that this offer actually existed, by that time all trace of it was removed from their website. Never using them again!


free £5 = good have to order Burger King = bad have to spend £20 and order Burger King twice = terrible sorry but cold


You also have to buy a drink, which they overcharge for even more on there.. not a good deal at all


It's more ideal for a family ordering and splitting the cost than one person ordering imo


On a minimum £20 spend that is a truly terrible deal unless you happen to spend £20 at Burger King anyway.

Free £10 Deliveroo voucher for tidying beach - fill a bucket of rubbish (Southend / Edinburgh / Blackpool)
2987° Expired
Free £10 Deliveroo voucher for tidying beach - fill a bucket of rubbish (Southend / Edinburgh / Blackpool)FREE£10
Deliveroo has launched an initiative at Southend, Edinburgh and Blackpool beaches in a bid to help clean up Britain's beaches. You have to collect a bucket from the Deliveroo staff… Read more



Another wise and witty retort, from you, that's very complimentary. 🎺🎺 I bow before thee oh majesty 👸 of the kingdom of wit. 🎺🎺


Mr "Trump" you're an odd one sir.


Meaning what? Sounds like you took my comment personally when it wasn't aimed at you or anybody else on the thread. The mug wasn't an indicator of the esteem I hold your digital scribings oh wise and witty one.


Yeah would be messy but not as messy as your banter 🤧

FREE £10 Deliveroo Voucher for NHS @ Deliveroo (Existing Signups)
703° Expired
Offer is back for NHS staff who registered with Deliveroo using NHS email. 70,000 codes of £10 value will be sent out via email this week! :) Confirmed by email sent from Deliver… Read more





Fair enough


This has nothing to do with the previous post from a teacher.


You're not an NHS worker exposing yourself to wards of people sick with covid. Give it a rest.

Newest Deliveroo Discount Codes:

DiscountDeliveroo Discount DetailsExpires
10£Get £10 off @ Deliveroo7/03/2021
£10Deliveroo £10 off £15 spend for new customers (Selected accounts) Region Specific (Manchester area) @ Deliveroo7/03/2021
£10£10 off £15 spend for new customers using code @ Deliveroo28/02/2021
£10£10 off £15 orders in Halesowen via Deliveroo (First Time users)21/01/2021
£10£10 off £15 Spend for Deliveroo New Customers / Selected areas25/12/2020