Just Eat discount codes

Just Eat Discount Codes

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Just Eat connects British diners with local takeaways. They offer a massive variety of cuisines, with easy to browse online menus, reviews and a quick, secure ordering system. There are also plenty of discounts available to Just Eat users, and they can be found as they are announced at the Just Eat hotukdeals listings. How to redeem Just Eat vouchers

All Just Eat Voucher & Promo Codes for January 2019

% off
% offSave at Just Eat with Up to 30% off Selected Takeaways & Restaurants

Conditions:Some location exclusions may apply. 

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15% off
15% off Just Eat 15% Off Everything (email invite)
Just had an email with a code for 15% off everything. Might be only for certain accounts I’m not sure. Ends 1st January @ 11:59 Happy new year everyone :)

MR6K-9ZTC till 11.59 tonight 15% of


I’ve requested a code on there, but I don’t think people know it’s there :/ . And I’m too slow to get one on these threads lol


Well... that’s flat out wrong. The email says it expires 11:59pm and I just used mine (at 6:50pm).


I tried the but they charged the same - so ordered via the app because then if they make a mistake- you have the order summary.


Well that’s not true, we order twice a week and never get them..

25% off
25% off Just eat-versary - 25% off (possibly account specific)
May be account specific but received a voucher today for 25% off, use by 26/12/18

Code here would be appreciated


It’s expired sorry


Would appreciate a voucher if anyone has. Going to have one tonight me thinks. Happy to supply any student related codes people require


Can i have it please ?inbox me


Hi does anybody have a spare code I could have please, last minute takeaway plans, merry Christmas everyone (y)

15% off
15% off JustEat - 15% off Voucher Code with google pay
Hi guys Got sent an email from Justeat for 15% off order using google pay. This may well be account specific but check your emails :) Also to note guys you have to use the Just-E… Read more

Does anyone have a spare just eat code please? Willing to swap for a free sky now tv week pass or any o2 priority code? Cheers TRS


Could I please bother somebody for a spare code? I'm registered with just eat and I have the app but these emails seem to miss me 🤷


So you’re advice is to order with Just Eat then contact takeaway to ask for a menu so next time you can order direct? Why not just order direct in the first place as every takeaway I know at least has a menu online even if they don’t have online ordering.


Best thing to do when using just eat is ask the takeaway to drop a menu in bag, screw those just eat charges


In that case the code would be useless for you since it only works with the app

20% off
20% off 20% off using Google Pay on just eat android app
Must be using Google Pay on Just Eat android app for the first time. Potentially account specific check your emails.

Has anyone got a code pls can give a cinema code over xx may not want one but I have got one this week


Spare code anyone please?


Does anyone have a code spare to kindly gift to me. My stomach is growling and the wind outside is howling...any code donation would be appreciated 8)


If anyone has a code they’re not going to use please pm me, Icey conditions, supermarket delivery cancelled, need to feed my brood :D


Anyone got a spare code going. Usually get some through friends accounts but they have not got any. Would really appreciate it.

15% off
15% off 15% Just Eat (Account Specific)
Check emails in case you have received a 15% code for the weekend. Probably account specific. Given delivery & surcharge, may be a better deal if you’re placing a large order… Read more

Has anyone got a code ? Thanks xx


Voucher codes is three pound off


4D6W-W0PT QKD0-RBD0 Google Pay Just Eat Codes £3 off £10


Already got one thanks anyway, was looking for 15% off code


I have 2 x £3 Google Pay Just Eat codes for 1st time orders - pm if you would like one.

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15% off
15% off Just Eat - Cyber Monday discount 15%
Hey all. Not aware of an active discount code on just eat that’s been advertised, but winged it and typed in CYBERMONDAY into the voucher/discount code section and BOOM, 15% off.… Read more

I never let him win :p


So he has his uses :D


My hubby pays ;) otherwise I wouldn't bother with pizzas (excited) (lol)


You'll get F A T....


I buy indian but this occasion it was special pizza £13 for 3 boxes or I would be paying more on just eat plus 50p.

25% off
25% off Check email 25% OFF code (or other dicount) for Just Eat til the 29th
Just recieve this email from JE. Giving 25% off because of issues this weekend.

It expired, unfortunately! If I'm sent any more spares, I'll share 'em.


Can i have it please?:)


Anyone got a discount code? Thanks!!:)


my restaurant has just eat, and i also use it myself. best thing to do is make a few accounts and never orde with them. just eat wont give you discounts if you're already ordering from their app. they want new customers, so a nice 10%, 20% or 25% discount is a way to get new people to use their app. the discount comes out of the visa pocket because they are running promotions to use the visa payment website. they lose money in that order, but in the long run, it should pay for itself.


Hi can I have your code please?

More Info
More Info £5 off just eat with visa check out
£5 off just eat with visa check out, need to save the offer on Facebook to get the code. facebook.com/340627227551/posts/10156745015887552/

Dont think they do this code at the moment


Hey guys my Mrs has FB but not me - any idea on where to find this £5 code


I agree but realistically how many people would do that, when they wanted a quick take-away, just eat, should make sure they have food standard ratings on there website up to date


Sorry I meant to say I would not be very happy


I agree it’s bad practise of justeat to not allow customers to see food hygiene of each establishment before ordering. However; a quick google “food hygiene rating, and your area” typically shows up where’s good/not good to eat at.

15% off
15% off Check your emails: Money off 15% off vouchers for Just Eat
Just received an email with a 15% off voucher code. Seems like they are sending it out to everyone. So be sure to check if you are ordering today. The voucher expires Monday just b… Read more

Spare code ND96-C7WL


So sorry I missed your reply! 😫


Thanks. I’m actually looking for one to use this evening. Thanks for the offer though, I appreciate it. Anyone else have a spare?


I may have a spare code for tomorrow. O ly reason is that I may use it tomorrow. Please message me after 6pm tomorrow and I will give you the code if unused.


Not sure if anyone has one, but if there’s a spare code going, I wouldn’t mind one please. Cheers

More Info
More Info Just Eat code - 10% off using code
This isn't a huge discount, but might work great with combined offers, like cashback and restaurants already giving discount plus this on top. 10% off until end of the weekend I b… Read more

So true. Its the usual story of loyalty not paying. They think you havent ordered for a while - they want you back. I had 3 retail shopping accounts with the same company (only as they bought other stores out and all ended up same). Stuck to one account a few weeks - then got codes for the others, so switched accounts - and then the first one sent me codes thinking id stopped buying. Saved a fortune but ended up being a shopaholic (lol)


Its been one a week since the announcement of hungryhouse closing. 25% OFF EVERY weekend since about April. Now its dropped to 20% Doubt it will last much longer. Before that i had never had codes for just eat. My codes still come from caroline@hungrhouse. Just making sure you migrate i think.


Simple trick, just create new Just Eat accounts and don't order through them. In a few weeks, you will get 20% off sent to your email every weekend.


I rarely order and only do when i get codes on one account I doubt u get one every week


Maybe you order more often than me or didnt update email address. Daughter says she doesnt either. I get one a week - and make one order a week with the code. After posting what they said on facebook - they spotted it and gave me 20%. Happy days.

15% off
15% off 15% off Just eat via Facebook messenger bot game.
I activated Just Eats Facebook messenger bot a while back. https://www.facebook.com/justeat Myself and a friend just both received a random message from them, after pressing a f… Read more

Facebook Messenger will only want that as they support video calls and sharing pictures. Not dodgy, works for me


Nope, doesn't work and wants access to your mobile's camera ... dodgy! All these hoops to jump through (and free personal data access for them) isn't worth it. (poo)


Anyone got a code. Thanks


Anyone got a code per chance? Cheers


Does anyone have a code there not using?

25% off
25% off Just eat voucher 25%off exp 10/06/2018
Just eat voucher 25% off unlimited use until 10/06/2018

Just had an email from hungryhouse offers £7 off a £10 spend on just eat card payments only. Wasnt sure how to post as a deal. Check your emails:)


"Voucher has already been used" it was a one-off


What an idiot...and this doesn't relate to gaming whatsoever.





10% off
10% off 10% off Just Eat voucher from Hungryhouse
Hey, Just tried opening the Hungry House app on IOS and was greeted with the attached screen, I’m guessing it should be the same for anyone with an existing account? Valid up unt… Read more

Got a 20% and a15% if anyone wants pm me :))


That's all right! Glad I could help, as some kind people on here have been generous to help me out as well. :)


Thanks a ton


Check your DMs! (worldcup) (y)


Any codes Please?? I have Wuntu app so can send any dominoes Costa or whatever when needed :)

£3 off
£3 off £3 Off £15 Spend (Card Payments Only) @ Just Eat
Order Over £15 And Pay By Card To Receive £3 Off

Code isn't working


Anyone got a code that don't need, please PM me.


Yeah, code doesn't work. Shame. £4 Voucher has expired as well.


Anyone got the £4 off code on? Can't seem to find it on vouchercloud


Code doesn't work.

15% off
15% off Just Eat 15% Off
Pay Via Card And Receive 15% Off

Can I have a code please , would be greatly appreciated thanks


Hey has anyone got a working discount code thank u


Anyone got any code, going to order some stuff tomorrow night so any code would be greatly appreciated, thanks


I have a 20% code. Pm'ed


If you rarely or never get any of these emails, it's because you use Just Eat too much (Like me...), they know you are gonna order often anyway so they don't bother sending you discounts. If anyone doesn't want their code I'd be happy to take it off your hands!

More Info
More Info 25% off Just-Eat (email from Hungryhouse)
Check your email for your unique code. Probably account specific for low frequency visitors - I only get codes to an email i dont check frequently and use on my main email just ea… Read more

Thank you lindus, but that code doesn't exist.... According to Justeat


No problem :D ive got another 1 !


Yes please lindus.... Thank you


Can pm it 2 u?


Yeah 4 pound of a 15 pound spend

25% off
25% off 25% off code for JustEat (email from HungryHouse) valid through Easter weekend
Worth checking your emails for this HungryHouse provided JustEat 25% off code to use before the JustEat facebook codes go live on Monday! Your 25% Easter discount is HERE - order… Read more

6804-M1PW 6F4K-HM0D DQ02-PP0F


G624-VGY0 :)


Anybody has spare code separate to order


Thanks for all your comments on here guys but you might be more successful on the thread for the Easter Monday specific codes here https://www.hotukdeals.com/deals/just-eat-magic-hour-25-off-just-eat-orders-on-easter-monday-via-facebook-2917134


could you pm me a working one please? i got a big BIG order would like to save thank you xx

25% off
25% off Just eat magic hour 28/03/18 get code 5-6pm use up til midnight
I have seen the post for magic hour on Easter Monday but I’ve just had an email from just eat about magic hour tonight. Get a code for 25% off then use til midnight.

Any codes please?


My code didn’t work but I messaged just eat via live chat and quoted the code and they said they’re having problems with them at the mo. Message them if you’re having probs with it and they may be able to refund you after purchase.


Thanks OP


My code not working either. Using iOS app


Tried this but it says code is not applicable, maybe it'll work for someone else, thanks for sharing.

15% off
15% off Just eat 15% to 50% code (check emails)
Just eat 15% code (check emails)

Just revived a just eat voucher for Easter 25% off


Really so did u order again and leave a review?? I didn't get any!


I was wondering if anyone had a spare Just Eat code please? X


No i got another yesterday ! (horror)


I am gonna try the multiple account thing maybe x

Newest Just Eat Discount Codes:

DiscountDiscount DetailsExpires
Up to 30% offSave at Just Eat with Up to 30% off Selected Takeaways & Restaurants20/03/2019
15%Just Eat 15% Off Everything (email invite)1/01/2019
25%Just eat-versary - 25% off (possibly account specific)16/12/2018
15%JustEat - 15% off Voucher Code with google pay15/12/2018
20%20% off using Google Pay on just eat android app13/12/2018