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20% Discount
20% Discount
Get Extra 20% off Selected Restaurants Near you on Cheeky Tuesdays at Just Eat
Expires on 31st Dec
Last used 7 h ago
ntsGet code & visit site*Get code & visit site*Get code & visit site*
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Minimum spend:£15

40% Offer
40% Offer
Up to 40% off Selected Restaurants near You at Just Eat
Expires on 31st Dec
To the offer
20% Discount
20% Discount
20% off all orders at Just Eat with Totum
Expired on 01/05/2022
Last used 9 h ago
Added by DougYam
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20% off all orders from Just Eat with Totum You need to get a voucher code from the Totum website or app Expires 30 April 2023 Offer expires 30th April 2022. For more details visit the we…
Added by suzaylogan
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2021 Student Beans voucher terms and conditions The voucher promotion will be applicable to all Student Beans customers on the Just Eat platform The voucher will be valid from 00:01 Monda…

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Just Eat 25% OFF - 28th ONLY - Selected restaurants / min spend £20
TODAYTODAYPosted 24th MayPosted 24th May
Just Eat are offering this Saturday 28th ONLY 25% OFF to order TAKEAWAY for UCL FINAL (y) XD ENJOY and WATCH the Game NO CODE REQUIRED Minimum Spend is £20.00
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I've also noticed that food on JE is MORE expensive than the same restaurant on FoodHub, Deliveroo and sometimes UberEats. The delivery charge is also always higher. I will always choose other services first unless the discount is just really good for JE


Bit confused,how are u getting this to work before 28th? Also which code do u put in plz?


So I can stack the 30% off from VC with this 25%?


How do you activate the 30% off from vouchercloud? When I go to the redeem voucher on the just eat website, I get "voucher or gift card not found" (annoyed)


The 30% off code above ^ works with click and collect and you can combine with the 20% offers too. I ordered on Tuesday and only got charged 50p service charge and 10p for a bag from the restaurant I ordered with free delivery

20% off takeaway orders £15+ every Tuesday - no code needed @ Just Eat
Refreshed 8th Oct 2019Refreshed 8th Oct 2019
20% off takeaway orders £15+ every Tuesday - no code needed @ Just Eat
Starting 17th September, Just Eat are launching 'Cheeky Tuesdays' which will give 20% off orders £15+ for both new and existing customers. The promo will be ongoing every Tuesday and no code…
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ok £3 ... and? much better? not worth it at all! Only if you have a big party and order lots of food


Maths not your forte lol


It’s barely any of them. Maybe 3% opted in near me.


20% off? Rubbish deal! What is that £2 off £15 spent! What a joke!

Just Eat offers via VoucherCodes
Posted 10th Aug 2018Posted 10th Aug 2018
Just Eat offers via VoucherCodes
Update 1
Free £3 Amazon Voucher with Orders Over £10 - Ends 25 / 4 / 21
Free £1 Amazon Voucher with Orders Over £20 - live 16/05/20 New deal goes live on Vouchercodes website giving £3 off on £15 JustEat spend. £5 Off Orders Over £20 with Visa Check Out at

Click on the link to generate new code - clearly says for new customers only but I’ve been able to use it on my account which I’ve used over past 4years



Stop chatting bull


They all must have been used or removed , there was 20% off first orders



Just Eat Offers @ Vouchercloud
Posted 27th Apr 2018Posted 27th Apr 2018
Just Eat Offers @ Vouchercloud
Go Via VoucherCloud to get the discount
Get deal*Get deal*

Click on the link to generate new code - clearly says for new customers only but I’ve been able to use it on my existing account vouchercloud.com/just-eat-vouchers Working with general offers too - | Glitch |


Posts arent deleted, they ate expired - but unfortunately for Vouchercloud or Vouchercode, HUKD keep these deals live as they dont like new deals popping up as it gets their affiliate cashbacks.


what is this post for if it is out of date by 2 years? Delete it!


£3 off £15 on vouchercloud. didn't bother starting a new thread as mods will accuse me of duplicating so bumping an old one. link below https://www.vouchercloud.com/just-eat-vouchers limited codes ends 18 Nov


Any codes

£5 Amazon voucher with orders over £5 at Just Eat via Vouchercodes
609° Expired
Posted 23rd FebPosted 23rd Feb
Starts Thursday 12pm - Ends MidnightInstall DealFinder and get a free £5 voucher when you order from Just Eat https://www.vouchercodes.co.uk/campaign/dealfinder-windfall-justeat How to ge…

Had to message support, who are always ace, but got my voucher this morning! Thanks again OP.


Did anyone have any joy yesterday? Will leave it a couple of days and then ticket support...


Have you tried contacting support? They're really helpful when I've done that in the past!


Be vary with these VoucherCodes, am still tracking gift card for a dominos order made two months back !


Ahhh missed this. Already ordered food


I rarely have take aways, but combine this offer with the Flux/Monzo McDonald's/Just Eat, it's an offer I can't refuse. Otherwise if I need McDonalds I'm a 8 min bike ride away


as @mystogan12 said, these have always been on for me with justeat


These stores aren't far from me, i spotted the 99p delivery last night but no email. I think it's usually £2.50


Got one of these emails earlier and now one saying it was a mistake :D


lol wifey works for them in the call centre complaints department, I know exactly what you mean, their drivers leave a lot to be desired.

Just Eat - 25% off min spend £20 (participating restaurants) - Black Friday (26 Nov) / Cyber Monday (29 Nov) - del fee applies @ Just Eat
679° Expired
Posted 10th Nov 2021Posted 10th Nov 2021
Just Eat - 25% off min spend £20 (participating restaurants) - Black Friday (26 Nov) / Cyber Monday (29 Nov) - del fee applies @ Just Eat£20
Heads up on the Just Eat Black Friday 26/11 and Cyber Monday Offer 29/11. Just Eat will be offering 25% off orders (min spend £20) from the restaurants that participate in the promo. Below i…

Will this work with the Quidco £5.00 bonus


No, I used it after work at 2:05pm


Is that the one you can only use from 12-2 am? Cause that's the one I received and it doesn't work in my postcode (annoyed) .


Cold. Noone participting here and certain places offer discounts so not sure this is a deal.


I got emailed a 25% off code with no minimum spend, available to use at all restaurants including McDonald's. Used it on a bakery I like near work yesterday for pick up (y)

Buy One Whopper Get One Free at Burger King - On Wednesdays via Just-Eat (Min Spend / Delivery Applies)
838° Expired
Posted 6th Oct 2021Posted 6th Oct 2021
Buy One Whopper Get One Free at Burger King - On Wednesdays via Just-Eat (Min Spend / Delivery Applies)£4.49
Buy one WHOPPER®, get one free Say hello to WHOPPER® Wednesday – because nothing tastes better than a burger you didn’t pay for. So, whether you fancy a classic Burger King® WHOPPER® or a…

Me too! I ate meat for 25 years, so the thought doesn't bother me THAT much. If I was served actual meat I'd be pretty upset, but I can live with this.


I'm in that camp (y)


You'd be surprised how many people don't care about this. I run a vegan Instagram account and a poll I ran suggested 52% aren't bothered about cross contamination. It's rare that you can entirely eliminate the possibility anyway, so most people are happy enough as long as they're not literally consuming animal flesh and creating the demand for it.


Depends how strict you are. It's cooked on the same metal chain as the meat products, albeit not at the same time


Why is the plant based whooper not suitable for veggies!?

KFC Matchday Double Bucket - £15 + Minimum £1.49 Delivery Charges @ KFC via Just Eat
622° Expired
Posted 12th Jun 2021Posted 12th Jun 2021
Introducing the Matchday Double Bucket. Kick things off with a 10 Piece Original Recipe bucket. Before starting a second half of Wings. That’s two match-winning buckets, delivered to your…

Aren't King Prawns and Tiger Prawns different? Anyway, I was referring to average size differences. And the original point was about chicken wings here are smaller (mostly because ppl here have figured out that they can chop up the wing into two small pieces and sell you one wing as two pieces). Prawns aren't dirt cheap in Asian supermarkets (in fact, they're more expensive unless you're referring to the rubbish frozen ones Asians rarely buy) Edit: I should caveat that I don't expect all the prawns sold in the likes of Sainsbury's etc to be labelled as small. It's just a UK quirk I've long since gotten used to but still like to tease about from time to time. The reduced sized chicken wings though are a different matter 😏


That's not true, they are just called different names. What Americans and other nations call king prawns is what we call "tiger prawns" in the UK. Those are the "large king prawns" they speak about You can find them dirt cheap in the Asian supermarkets but only because they haven't been cleaned fully just prepped and flash frozen. In the main franchise supermarkets in the UK they clean the prawns but then mark the price up by almost 30%-40%.


I'm talking about East and southeast Asia. On a slightly different note, ALL the 'large' king prawns sold here are considered very small in Asia


That's because they pump the chicken with water and preservatives in America. In Europe those practices are widely banned. The animals in America are also fed hormones to make them bigger which you'll be consuming too. Count yourself lucky that all you're getting in the UK KFCs is just plain grease to clog your arteries and nothing else.


(lol) The wings are literally standard wing size that you get from anywhere in the UK.

Free Sausage Roll When Ordering £5 Food @ Greggs Via Just Eat
428° Expired
Posted 10th Jun 2021Posted 10th Jun 2021
Free Sausage Roll When Ordering £5 Food @ Greggs Via Just Eat£5
Fancy a free sausage roll? Of course you do! To celebrate every goal scored in the UK during UEFA EURO 2020™, we’ll be giving you a free sausage roll the day after the match with your Gregg…

Interesting ... we had multiple items missing from an order and no human response from their customer service, just an autoreply saying sorry there's nothing we can do... the restaurant even agreed we were in the right but JustEat had taken the payment and they never refunded. Will never use them again after that experience. The customer service was a joke, sending the same reply over and over I am convinced they are just using AI instead of human customer service reps, that might be why you got an auto refund, there's probably restaurants where they accept missing items are common. The milkshake machine at mcdonalds is never working for instance, so this is a common item that's missing from orders.


I had an offer of a free sausage roll through my vodafone app once. First and last time I've ever eaten at Greggs. If I ever get the urge for a cold sausage roll with no meat in them now, i just buy a pack of ASDA smart price ones.


They auto refunded me on my missing maccy Ds milkshake, I wonder if the big chains probably accept responsibility easier.


JustEat customer service is non existent so good luck getting a refund if anything is missing or cold.


Who the hell spends £5 in Greggs? Their hot foods always tepid at best and pretty nasty anyway.

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