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When hunger strikes - whatever the time of day - Uber Eats is always on hand to bring delicious food to your doorstep (or office). You can eat exactly what you want (perfect for fussy kids) when you want without any fuss while the ordering process is quick and straightforward. It's ideal if the day has run away with you as Uber Eats is a fast alternative to getting something out of the freezer or cooking from scratch while the choice of restaurant options is endless (especially if you live in a large city). And, it's not all about unhealthy fast-food options, there are plenty of inspiring menus to select from that run from vegetarian and vegan to Italian, Japanese, Chinese, Indian and more. Visit hotukdeals for an Uber Eats discount code and you can afford to add even more dishes to your order. How to redeem Uber EATS vouchers

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35% off your next 10 orders (selected restaurants, selected accounts, fees apply) @ Uber Eats
02/12/2021Expires on 02/12/2021Posted 19th NovPosted 19th Nov
35% off your next 10 orders (selected restaurants, selected accounts, fees apply) at Uber Eats 35% off, up to a maximum of £100 offer available until 2 Dec 2021 11:30PM. Valid on … Read more

Extra 10% cashback if paying using amex


There is a glitch on the system. Add a few items that add up the the value of £10 or more, then remove the items you dont want. The code still applies to under £10 order.


Yes I am, by Amex so will get them to resolved it lol


Seems impossible to quickly contact them. The code said it was applied but then when it ordered it did not work, I'm considering a chargeback. How did you pay? I would threaten them with a creditcard chargeback, and if they did not respond to that I would be very clear in stating why it was done and ensure that you do the proper communications and then do it.


And you’ll get it even later than if you ordered direct.

Free delivery on Pizza Hut with £15+ spend via Uber Eats - Selected restaurants
55° Expired
Posted 3rd NovPosted 3rd Nov
Spend £15 & more on Pizza Hut via Ubereats and get free delivery between 1st Nov and 5th Nov (could be account specific)

Heat added and thanks for posting (highfive)


£11.99 min spend for free delivery at my local... There's also better deals if you go direct, like this one for 50% off Pizza's and Sides https://www.hotukdeals.com/deals/50-off-pizzas-and-sides-when-you-spend-ps30-or-more-at-pizza-hut-3695080


You'd have to order an extra pizza to get free delivery 😬


Thats too bad. I'd definitely order from them if there wasn't that discrepancy in pricing in deals.


Free delivery over £15 spend in my local... must be store specific as you stated.

£10 off £20 spend on groceries with code (fees apply, selected accounts) @ Uber Eats
-79° Expired
Posted 14th OctPosted 14th Oct
£10 off £20 spend on groceries with code (fees apply, selected accounts) at Uber Eats Use code AUTUMNSHOPPING10 Download Uber Eats on Android or iOS Enjoy! (y) Terms a… Read more

I agree with you. I received the email and added items from Morrisons and compared with the Morrisons website. It's not worth the excitement at all.


I am surprised big name supermarkets allow their name to be tarnished with such over priced food, far above store prices and random unregulated delivery vehicles and drivers.


Not only is the prices ridiculous but you have bag fees, service fees and delivery. A £20 spend costs £7.00 of fees. Definitely worst customer service too


Yep cold. I added 40 pints of milk from Asda in the Uber app and 40 pints of milk in the Ada app. Even with the £10 off Uber was over £6 more expensive.


I receive this code almost every other week and the prices are much more expensive than store prices and I always have missing items. Getting Uber to refund me for those missing items is an absolute nightmare. In future I'd rather just go out and buy my own groceries as Uber is a terribly customer unfriendly platform.

50% off grocery using code @ Ubereats
-88° Expired
Posted 2nd AugPosted 2nd Aug
50% off grocery using code @ Ubereats
50% off offer up to a maximum of £18 (excluding delivery fee) available until 11:30 pm on 08 August 2021. Valid on one (1) order made via the Uber Eats app from selected grocery an… Read more

Yeah pay 4.99 for a 2 liter coke


It's a joke tbh as they've utterly inflated the prices to compensate!!!!


I've never been able to make this deal profitable. It's always cheaper to order directly from asda


tho it is pain when you also got ten percent service charge


Asda is on mine,not too bad but so little items for a Asda

Royal Mail 1st class x12 & 2nd class stamps x12 = £12.56 - £13.56 (depending on your delivery fee) @ Asda via Uber Eats
1116° Expired
Posted 25th JulPosted 25th Jul
Royal Mail 1st class x12 & 2nd class stamps x12 = £12.56 - £13.56 (depending on your delivery fee) @ Asda via Uber Eats£12.56
I was looking at this uber eats deal from yesterday and I noticed they did stamps on the 60% discount deal (if you use ASDA) I'm almost sure this is a mistake from uber and will b… Read more

Annoyingly I have sent legit stamps before on envelopes and such that I have had to glue down that hadn't arrived, im guessing the machine if this is the case assumes they are reused. There was once about 10 years ago I bought a batch of stamps online quite cheap, I say cheap as it was around cost rate I just had some cash left in my paypal account at time, I used one to send to relatives and they said their local postie told them it was a out of date stamp and therefore invalid but he would let them off this time, (it was a generic 1st class stamp, not one with a price on it) so no idea what they meant unless postie was wanting that small extra cash.


Spoken like a true County Cavan Tyrone person ;)


As expected they've fixed this. Good luck to those who got some.



Someone from work popped out to Staples to get some staples and they didn't sell them. We didn't believe him and phoned the store and they no longer sticked them, how they went out of business I'll never know.

KFC Vegan Monday: Vegan Burger £2.74 on Mondays (Additional Fees apply & selected locations) @ Uber Eats
317° Expired
Posted 5th JulPosted 5th Jul
KFC Vegan Monday: Vegan Burger £2.74 on Mondays (Additional Fees apply & selected locations) at Uber Eats Whether you’re plant-based 24 / 7, cutting down a bit or just curious… Read more

Hopefully with time if people are buying the vegan burgers they might see a trend.


I get your point it happened to us we heard about the vegan burger went to try it, was told the chips are not suitable. We brought the burger because we was there and hungry at the time but have never returned simply because why would I want to go to a takeaway that is literally offering a burger and nothing else. KFC is a meat place, that is fine but if it wants to start tapping into the vegan market it needs to at least be able to offer a meal. McDonald's keeps separate vats for cooking chips don't see why KFC can't separate them too


The point is given that option people will still take the burger even if they wanted fries with it but they were not available. Removing the burger because there aren’t vegan fries to go with it just adds more restriction so it would not help anyone.


Oh I see.....Good to know


Running out is a bit different not having an option full stop ain't it

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KFC Vegan Burger £2.74 (Additional Fees apply & selected locations) @ Uber Eats
430° Expired
Posted 14th JunPosted 14th Jun
KFC Vegan Burger £2.74 (Additional Fees apply & selected locations) @ Uber Eats£2.74
KFC Vegan Burger £2.74 via Uber Eats (fees apply) Selected locations Order from... Uber Eats Android (Google Play) Uber Eats iOS (App Store) Uber Eats website

Got a Maccies from Uber eats the other weekend, literally sent a bag of stone cold, part opened food waste, one of the staff must have chucked it in to save prepping the order with custom items. Nothing to do with anything I ordered. Uber eats refused a full refund, got 50% back after a long battle, then they said they will not deal with the complaint further. If you find yourself in this situation do a chargeback, better yet, don't use uber eats


These are gorgeous. Heat added as it's made me go and get one of these on my lunch break ( at full price - but not bothered as love them - minus the mayo anyway ) .


It's showing as full price ?


Twilight zone (lol)


Greggs and KFC the same company?

20% off Meal Deals at Subway (Select Locations / Fees Apply) via UberEats
91° Expired
Posted 19th MayPosted 19th May
20% off Meal Deals at Subway (Select Locations / Fees Apply) via UberEats
Get 20% off Meal Deals at Subway with Uber Eats. Available on Uber Eats in select areas for participating shops. Extras cost more. No additional discounts. Other fees & limitat… Read more

They did that to me. An automated customer service bot refused to refund my money even though the restaurant acknowledged the mistake when I called. It was a just a couple of quid but I was so bloody angry that they were using bots to refuse, with no way to get human intervention that I wrote a letter to them threatening small claims if they didn’t refund me + £50 for my time. They paid.


They can't do anything of note with debt collectors without a court judgement. Tell them the debt is disputed and not to contact you.


I've banned us form using UberEats. Received an entirely wrong, cold, part opened order. They refused to refund and support cut me off, blocking communication, payment provider sided with me after seeing photos and issued full refund. Uber Eats now claiming I owe them what was legally refunded based on concrete evidence... Now threatening me with debt collectors. Please avoid them if you can, Just eat/Deliveroo are far from perfect but this issue is snowballing into a massive, worrying hassle over a supposedly quick & easy breakfast.

Breakfast Meal For £1.99 on Delivery at Tim Hortons (Delivery/order fees apply) @ Uber Eats
712° Expired
Posted 28th AprPosted 28th Apr
Have breakfast in bed all weekend! Get any main breakfast item, small hot drink or orange juice and a hash brown for £1.99* delivered straight to your doorstep, exclusively on Uber… Read more

Surprised I didn't get the 'small order fee' when I only ordered one of these earlier. Usually get charged extra if order is less than £5 but I didn't have to pay that for some reason. Was first time I tried Tim Horton's. Thought the Big Breakfast Wrap I ordered was pretty good actually. Kept me going til the evening. The French Vanilla drink was way too sweet though, won't be getting one of those again.


Cheers pal


Most likely :) (y)


Had this today and was not impressed. Sausage was one of the worst I ever had. Mcdonalds breakfast is wayyy better


Rookie question.. If you go on uber eats and cannot find Tim Hortons on the list post adding your location, would that mean they don't deliver to your address? Thanks

£15 off a £15 spend first order (selected accounts) @ Uber EATS
289° Expired
Posted 5th AprPosted 5th Apr
Not bad if you know the work around haha

I don't mind paying £4 delivery if the food is free or super cheap :) I'd never buy at full price.


I would leave it minimum 3 days. Some codes work after a month from registration so it can vary


how many days do you normally leave it before adding codes?


only thing that puts me off is the £4 delivery fee. Even if you ask to pickup at store!


cheers great tips

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