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Fischer Duopower Nylon High Performance Plug 6 x 30mm 100 Pack - £3.99 with Free Click & Collect @ Toolstation

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Fischer Duopower Nylon High Performance Plug 6 x 30mm

Product details

• 2 component nylon material ensures higher displacement and load capability

•Suitable for pre-positioned and push through installation
• More expansion volume in both solid and hollow building materials
• Self activating functions (expansion, folding, knotting) depending on the substrate.
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  1. Tensketch's avatar
    As a new build owner who never had to do any DIY work until the last few years, these plugs are amazing. No need to figure out which colour plug you need, these will do the job in anything.
  2. britalian's avatar
    Only plugs you need.
  3. MasterBlaster_'s avatar
    Recently, I've been fixing an antena to the wall. I use plugs that come with it. After I finished antena was moving and I was afraid that it would fall. I went back to shed ,find those plugs. Replace the previous ones, and the different is like night and day. Solid plugs. (edited)
  4. NoNamesLeftWhy's avatar
    Can I use these in brick walls? I need to hang some atmos speakers and rear speakers up and they are 3.9kg and I worry they would fall. (edited)
    F_F22's avatar
    I use these (various sizes) in everything. Brick, plasterboard hollow, dibdab plasterboard. No Issues. If you want some assurance watch this guy just search the video

  5. ssc1's avatar
    Best wall plugs imo.
  6. Ciarlo2006's avatar
    I use these for everything, threw out all my other plugs, highly recommended.
  7. jazzyb88's avatar
    Best thing I like about these plugs is you can use a 6mm drill bit unlike the cheaper red plugs where you need a 5.5mm bit which is more uncommon.

    No slippage using these with a 6mm bit!
  8. andy108uk's avatar
    Use these all the time at work. Best you can get.
  9. alared's avatar
    £4 in Wickes
  10. rodders86's avatar
    People in this thread really hanging TVs on their wall using plug and screw into plasterboard?

    MrsPickleJuice's avatar
    what else would you recommend?
  11. teaks's avatar
    Might be worth adding to the title that you get 100 in a pack to make the deal look more appealing.
    jaypee24's avatar
    Damn I was looking for wall plugs last week and saw these and thought they were expensive at 6 for £4!
  12. Dman100's avatar
    Best plugs I have used, really good! recommended 
  13. Thoughtful's avatar
    Or use concrete framing screws and never use these at all !
    brettreading321's avatar
    Not in plaster board.
  14. bakerpaul1977's avatar
    Best plugs around 👌
  15. AlexEvans-39769.77635's avatar
  16. Empwan's avatar
    What size screws do you need for these?
    Jammer's avatar
    The length of screw depends on the fixture thickness, but diameter would be 4.5mm screws.

    So 4.5x40mm or 4.5x50mm would be suitable
  17. Antics's avatar
    + £4.99 if not spending a minimum of £30.
  18. kingosticks's avatar
    Is everyone here really recommending three 30mm plugs?!? Maybe in brick they are good but for plasterboard I found they consistently didn't form a knott behind and easily come loose. the next size up are much, much better.
    chattwali's avatar
    I used them to hang 50 inch philips led TV (not a lightweight at all) holding it perfect. This is a game changing product for us diyers. Go buy it without hesitant, this will not let you down. Big one is for more heavy duty work. Normal indoors DIY this is perfect. Heat for a good product. I think it's this price all the time
  19. greg666's avatar
    Best ever, I know them since I am a child and never disappointed me. I have enough but would highly recommend them
  20. slybunda's avatar
    These plugs have a very good feedback and feel then screwing into them. Think it may be the thicker plastic but they are nice to use
  21. MrsPickleJuice's avatar
    those are terrible. I'm in a new build and they used these to fix towel rails and such but they just pull right out.
  22. MrsPickleJuice's avatar
    got them cheaper at Screw Fix.
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