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Posted 6 May 2023

Gerber Straighlace Folding Knife - Blue - £21.83 @ Amazon

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About this item
  • If you're looking for an easy-to-operate everyday carry with a classic style, look no further than the straight lace
  • The mirror polished blade houses an exaggerated nail nick that for easy deployment and looks slick doing it
  • The slip joint mechanism Requires no lock to open or close, making operation nearly foolproof
  • The modern sheepsfoot blade is shaped to handle utility and detail tasks alike
  • Blade length: 2. 9” 7CR stainless steel blade4131281_1.jpg
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  1. Hurtnevada's avatar
    Is this legal to carry as it’s over 2.5” blade?
    deleted1970577's avatar
    Yes as the law is 3” or less. Try to keep up at the back
  2. Suerte's avatar
    The quality of gerber knifes can be quite variable. I sent mine back and bought a qsp and a ganzo instead. Not this specific knife but something to be aware of.

    Edit: I should also add that it was frequently stated on r/knives that the steel was poor and build quality variable. That's what guided me towards other brands. (edited)
    Spiritjambo's avatar
    One hundred percent agree.
    The steel quality on these Gerbers is rubbish compared to the standard martenistic steel on a Swiss Army knife. For info... I've carried a legal S.A. all my life.
    That's what comes of having a dad who's like a characters out of 'Tom Browns School days'. Constantly scrumping....and whittling wood, & building dams in Richmond park.

    Also whether you like it or not... a small... legal Swiss army is safer to carry in the UK, given how many police member don't understand UK laws.
  3. seamonkey's avatar
    This should be good.
    smile78's avatar
  4. Ploppy69's avatar
    Can't understand why any knife would be desribed as 'an everyday carry'
    newt182's avatar
    Why wouldn't you carry a pen knife? They are very useful tools
  5. gringo1804's avatar
    Every day carry (EDC) isn’t just an American thing; there are lots of people who regard a small, UK legal knife as part of their daily pocket contents. Just because you choose to carry a legal knife everyday, doesn’t mean you’re going to be part of the crime statistics. In fact, I’d go so far as to suggest that the people who choose to carry a legal, useful tool everyday, for whatever reason, are probably not likely to be part of those statistics at all. 
    Renoir64's avatar
    I've carried one for over 40 years. Use it for all sorts.
    As I say, you're one of 2 sorts of people. Someone who has a small useful knife or someone who might rely on someone having a small useful knife.
  6. MildmanneredCalvin's avatar
    Call that a knife? That's not a knife... THIS IS.
  7. john_butlerOep's avatar
    Seems a false deal given the pricing on the black optio.
    deleted1970577's avatar
    This false deal has been opening boxes and sorting twine out for the last hour.

    Very sharp and very handily attaches to a belt / belt loop
  8. Chuchi's avatar
    I know a knife like this for fruits while out, what is good?
    deleted1970577's avatar
    Melon or apple
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