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Posted 22 April 2023

Instant Pot Duo Crisp + Air Fryer 11-in-1 Multicooker, 8L - £149 @ Amazon

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SAVE ENERGY AND TIME: Save more than 80% energy and cost and up to 70% faster pressure cooking than other cooking methods 
THE BEST OF BOTH!! Air Fryer and Instant Pot all in one - With 8 litre capacity, the Duo Crisp + Air Fryer is perfect for growing families and batch cooking, or home cooks who want it all!
PUT COOKING ON AUTOPILOT WITH DELICIOUS RESULTS: 11-One-Touch Cooking Programs: Pressure cooker, Sauté pan, Steamer, Slow Cooker, Sous Vide, Food Warmer, Air Fryer, Roast, Bake, Grill and Dehydrate.
TENDER JUICY MEALS WITH A CRISP GOLDEN FINISH EVERYTIME - Unique and one of a kind technology that ensures a perfect crunch! Create tasty, healthy meals quicker than traditional oven recipes by the ideal combination of using a pressure cooker and air fryer in one appliance.
ACCESSORIES TO MAKE COOKING EVEN EASIER AND MORE VERSATILE THAN EVER: Multi-level air fryer basket with dehydrating and grill tray designed for optimal results, and interchangeable lids with protective pads for easy storage!
WHATS IN THE BOX: Pressure Cooker Lid, Inner Pot, Steam Rack with Handles, Air Fryer Basket, Dehydrating Tray and Protective Pad Storage Lid and UK power cables.
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    This a good review: "I bought my Ninja Foodie OP300 about a year ago. It sits in my holiday home and is fantastic. Guests love it. So I wanted something similar for the main home. The other name in this market is this Instant Pot. At full price they both come in around £180 but both have highly volatile fluctuations. I watched both and the Instant Pot dropped to £119 so I went for it.

    By default I use air frying more than anything else so they normally live with that lid attached.

    Both are bigger and heavier than you imagine. I would say the Ninja is wider and the IP is taller. The Ninja lid pivots left so you need even more counter space. The IP lid lifts off so you need somewhere to put it when hot but where is up to you. The pressure cook lid on the IP is smaller and easier to store than The Ninja one.

    The basic pots theoretically are the same 5.7 litres. But the Ninja is wider but less deep. That makes it more flexible for accommodating cooking dishes. I can get an 8" cake tin into the IP pot but I can't get it out easily when hot. I burned myself on the pot on its first outing which has never happened with the Ninja. For cooking direct in the pot, e.g a slow cook, there's no difference.

    For cooking in the inner air frying basket the Ninja is noticeably bigger. Food spreads out more so cooks more evenly. The IP is deeper and has an insert so you can split the food. I suspect you can cook the same amount of food but in a double decker arrangement in the IP.

    Clean-up. The Ninja had a ceramic non-stick coating on the main pot. Nothing had stuck in a year of use - magic. The IP is stainless steel. Keeping it as shiny and scratch free as new is going to be impossible.

    When it comes to controls they are both pretty easy to use. The Ninja seems to be slightly better quality. The IP has finer control over temperature and more modes but honestly I'm not going to use much other than fry, bake, slow cook, pressure cook.

    The instructions are poor for both but there are online videos to help. I do resent paying for a recipe book on top of the amount these devices cost.

    Overall if space is an issue, if you are keen to use obscure modes, and if price is a key factor, wait and watch until the IP goes sub-£120 and order that one. The Ninja low price is around £150. You need more space on the worktop and for lid storage. But clean up is easier and using other baking containers is simple. I prefer it but whether that preference is worth an extra £30 I don't know. They are both great kitchen gadgets that for some will render a conventional oven superfluous. I wouldn't be without one frankly.

    Added: I've done a few beef and chicken slow cooks with the IP now. 10 mins pressure cook first then with the same setup up to 12 hours low slow cook. Works really well for great results. I still maintain that cleanup with the Ninja is better and quicker but the food itself was fantastic."
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    The comparison is about a different size IP to this deal and THAT MATTERS!
    The different size (original style hinged lid) Ninjas have identical diameter pots, and differ only in depth. The IPs keep the same proportions.
    This affects the minimum pressure cooking quantity (depth), the 5.7 IP can do smaller quantities than the equivalent Ninja. All those Ninjas have the same large minimum (which becomes more important on the smaller ones!)
    Anyway, the point is that the subject of this deal has a wider pot - and so ALL those criticisms of the “tall and narrower” IP don’t apply to this deal’s model.

    If you want a ceramic nonstick pot for the IP they are available as official accessories. Personally I prefer the stainless!

    I like the control that the (obscure?) sous vide mode gives. It makes for a great pressure/multicooker.

    All that said, I find the top loading airfryer chimney basket to be terribly awkward to use compared to my little cheapo Aldi basket-in-drawer airfryer. Nice to have the combo facility, but not something I choose to use that often.

    No Tardis, but I paid 99 for my 5.7 litre Duo Crisp about 18 months ago. (And since then 50 for an eBay cosmetically dented 8 litre one for beeswax processing…)
  2. wdh's avatar
    I know times change, but I think this is merely an OKish price. I think folks that aren’t in a hurry might want to set a camel alert at 135, as I recall this being below that fairly recently.

    // 115 Costco members a month ago, 119 Lakeland, John Lewis etc six months ago.
    These things do come on deep discount from time to time. (edited)
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    Yup, I got mine from the last £119 deal posted here. But it's easy to benefit enough to make the slightly higher price worthwhile.
  3. tonkei's avatar
    Yes it's got two lids & you've got to swap depending on how you're cooking, but it takes up soon much less space than a pressure cooker and an air fryer.
    Does a lovely job too!
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    Do you have one? How does it perform?
  4. Saz07's avatar
    I bought one of these full price last Xmas and didn't regret it, it's rendered my cooker pretty much useless and I do near to everything in it now!
    I prefer the stainless steel pot to Teflon due to health reasons (increased links to Alzheimer's with latter) there are hundreds of YouTube recipes when you're ready to get adventurous. With ready meals I just email/call the helpline on products for alternative cooking instructions (usually bake/roast feature). It's actually made me enjoy cooking because I like to wap it all in in minimal time/attention and be done with it till it's cooked!
    It's helped me get into batch cooking and I also bought a multi stack kit off Amazon so I can dehydrate and layer up the pot for max cooking space... Learned a trick about hanging tenders instead of laying which increases usage space during cooking (I hand the chicken over the later of Chips! Limits are endless even managed to get a small pizza in there!
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