Unfortunately, this deal has expired 7 September 2023.
Posted 22 June 2023

Gourmia 6.7l air fryer instore £44.38 at (Members Only) Costco Gateshead + Chingford

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The Gourmia 6.7L Digital Air Fryer allows you to eat great food that is both delicious and nutritious. The easy to use Air Fryer features guided cooking options with optimal preheat and reminders of when to turn your food.
Its FryForce 360° Technology fries with air for up to 80% less fat than deep frying. Gourmia’s 10 One-Touch Cooking Functions, including air fry, bake, and dehydrate, make it easy to prepare your meals without fuss. Guided Cooking Prompts offer the option to preheat the air fryer and enable the Turn Food Reminder, giving you the freedom to use the settings needed to get the perfect result every time. Includes a nonstick basket and crisper tray, and a multi-purpose rack, that are all dishwasher safe, making cleaning up even easier.

Pre-Set 10 One-Touch Cooking Functions
Guided Cooking Prompts with optimal Preheat and Turn Food reminders
FryForce 360° Technology with air for up to 80% less fat
Capacity: 6.7L
32°C to 200°C temperature range, up to 24 hours with auto shut-off
Includes dishwasher safe basket, crisper tray, and multi-purpose rack, for easy clean up
Digital Dual Time/Temperature Control
Cord Management System
Dehydrate function lets you prepare a variety of healthy dried snacks
Free from PFOA & PFOS
You will need a a Costco membership to purchase this item. See here Costco Membership
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Also available at Costco Stevenage
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Saw this instore yesterday and there were still lots of them there today
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  1. bargainbabs's avatar
    I have this and LOVE it worth every penny
  2. Ru8z's avatar
    One of the best air fryers within this price range and I’ve tried few. I only replaced with ninja dual max as I wanted dual option otherwise would have kept this. My husband did suggest I buy 2 of these ones and it becomes a dual! Seems like this price is standard now at most warehouses. (I would not recommend the dual one from Costco) (edited)
    jeannie.joseph's avatar
    Is that the Sur la Table?
  3. littlecoupe's avatar
    I have one, it has a large volume. Only issue is if your hand is dampnor wet, it's difficult to press the buttons
    rporteo's avatar
    Who cares about that when it’s got a dedicated bacon setting
  4. bargainhunter2009's avatar
    I have it but it isn't the best quality
    rporteo's avatar
    They use them in Gateshead for the samples they dish out, I asked one of the them how many have broke, she said she wasn’t aware of any, now bare in mind these are running constantly I’ll be more than happy if it lasts a year for what I paid considering my £200 ninja is playing up after just over 2 years of getting used a few times a week
  5. stamfordblue's avatar
    Great price.

  6. phatbear's avatar
    Love the airfryer hate the rack inside that i never seem to be able to get clean
    mcguire85's avatar
    Buy the rubber mats
  7. babagika's avatar
    I’ve had it for 3 months now and cannot fault it. Brilliant for the money.(y)
  8. levitron's avatar
    Much easier to clean compared to my old Cosori. Also quieter. This is always a good buy.
  9. dipak.hirani's avatar
    I’ve had mine 2 months now and love it. I’ve purchased the rubber mat and cleaning it is a breeze
    grovebright1's avatar
    What rubber match is this please? Can you provide a link 🙏
  10. jeannie.joseph's avatar
    I brought one today. Plenty left at Chingford
    50541533-CL5t2.jpg (edited)
  11. vento21's avatar
    We bought one from
    Costco Farnborough. Half the buttons on the display didn’t work so returned it. There were 5 others behind the counter having been already return for the same reason. Just beware
  12. magough's avatar
    Anyone know if they've got this at Sunbury please?
  13. Blender's avatar
    Had 2 of these within a year that have stopped working. They audibly went 'POP' and then gave an 'E2'. On returning to Costco they told me quite a few have come back with the same problem. Probably worth paying more for a better quality appliance.
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