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Fryers are electrical appliances which use oil and heat to cook many different types of food. They are very high powered and most models are ready to use within a few minutes. HotUKDeals seeks out each reduction and offer, then we list them together on our regularly updated fryer page.

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VonShef 3.5L Air Fryer Cooker Oven Low Fat Healthy Fat Free Food Frying Litre £34.99 - eBay domu-uk
Found 18th MarFound 18th Mar
I've been after buying an air fryer for a while and the VonShef seems to be rated highly for the price (normally £45-£50) and medium size. Saw this on eBay for £35 from an official… Read more
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Just got mine... Terrible quality... I have an old philips here, don't go with this crap VonShef, will return it tomorrow... This wouldn't last 3 months...


Clearly you don't know nothing about how to use it... I use it almost every couple of days. You can even prepare delicious steaks with it. Just google it... You can make fries, sausages, breads, meatloaf, warm up pizza slices, pork belly :), etc!


What kind of things have you made? Tried a few things and was a bit meh.


I beg to differ. I really am against pointless kitchen gadgets, and hadn't ever had one of these until recently. Only bought one to put us on whilst I fit a new kitchen, but we've found ours to be amazing.


Me too, brilliant at baking part baked bread rolls

Weight Watchers Hot Air Fryer 3.2L £39.99 @ B&M
Found 15th MarFound 15th Mar
These things do far more than cook chips. As well as frying you can cook without oil in effect it is a mini oven. I hardly use my 'proper oven' now.

I think the halogen cooker is for different purposes. The air doesn’t circulate so you cook juicy things. The air fryer blasts and circulates hot air so is a healthier fryer for crispy things.


Halogen or air fryer?


So whats the difference between this and the one on sale in B&M Tower one for £19.99? Capacity? Cannot seem to conjure up 3.2L of chips? And what is the difference between chips in this and one of those Halogen air fryer glass ovens? Be interesting to see which one makes better chips and which one is more reliable but i suspect it might be this kind!


Difference from oven is crispness - the high velocity fan means chips etc get crisped all over - and time, no heat up and 15 mins for perfect ‘oven’ chips


I love my airfryer I've made loads of things in

Tefal Oleoclean Pro Fryer, 3.5 Litre, 2300 W - £78 @ Amazon
Found 6th MarFound 6th Mar
Popular easy to clean deep fat fryer. Posted a few times around this price and been quite a popular deal. I got a 3 camels alert earlier and have decided to bite since I missed out… Read more

I did them for about 5 mins at 150. Lifted the basket and turned to 190. Once up to temp. cooked them for another 2/3 mins.


What temp & how long to get the best chip's?


Ah yes. That’s right, I thought you meant the other way. I guess it’s a minor niggle but it does seem to catch on quite firmly so you can feel it. Maybe this degrades over time though.


I'm not sure what you mean, maybe i haven't described it well. On my other fryers, the bracket clip that keeps the basket out of the oil is where the heating element is. They have two poles that it hooks over. On this fryer, it clips at the rear of the basket near the handle, or nearer to you etc. On the other fryers, you can easily see that it has hooked properly. On this it is out of view unless you lean over, or look from the side. I think it is easier to make this way as the hook design doesn't interfere with the heating element design.


fulabeer: How old is your fryer? I’ve just used mine and the hook on the basket is on the front handle side and clips on at the front. I wonder if they changed the design?

Morphy Richards Health Fryer 3L 480001 Black Health Fryer @ Amazon Deal Of The Day £59.49 Delivered
Found 5th MarFound 5th Mar
Low oil frying - fry, bake, roast and grill all your favourite family meals in a healthier, more convenient way Extra large capacity - the Health Fryers 3 L capacity enables you t… Read more
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How does this compare to the Breville Halo?


Is this the biggest size health fryer you can get? Thinking of getting one for a gift but they are a family of 6, do you think it would be big enough for them?


Sent mine back, compared to my old Phillips actifry, took longer to cook stuff and crinkle cut chips allways got a mixture of cooked and undercooked ones


Have some Heat (highfive) Great Price. ;)

Cookworks 1kg Semi Professional Fryer - Stainless Steel £20.99 @ Argos free C&C
Found 25th FebFound 25th Feb
4.7/5 snap shot rating, 99% would recommend. Cheap as chips Who needs the chippy when you've got the Cookworks Semi Professional Fryer? Holding 3 litres of oil and 1kg food capac… Read more
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Semi Proffesional?


Does not change the point its a standard price for this. This is a deals site, not somewhere to point out the easiest place to buy an item from.


They may be exactly the same but different branding, for roughly the same price, but you can’t order online from those stores or check availability. Personally I would rather spend £2 more in the knowledge that I’m able to actually buy the item before I go on a wild goose chase. So for me Argos gets the thumbs up for being able to buy online, reserve or have home delivery.


Thanks for your input Deedie. Hopefully this deal will help those who need a fryer and don't have a Home Bargains nearby. (y)


They are all the exact same fryer just in a different box. There is no difference between this and the Tesco own brand one, or the one in home bargains etc.

Cookworks 1.5L Deep Fat Fryer - White £14.99 @ Argos free C&C
Found 22nd FebFound 22nd Feb
next best price to be found here . Great reviews and nice price. Rustle up some fried family favourites with this Cookworks deep fat fryer. It comes complete with a cooking time … Read more

too small to be any use even for one person, not enough room or oil to fry properly, if you put a chicken portion or piece of fish in then the temperature of the 1.5l of oil will drop too much and you will end up boiling it in the oil until it reaches cooking temperature again that is if you can fit a chicken or fish portion into in the first place. Much better and healther to buy a larger fryer with a 3L oil capacity so the oil keeps a nice high cooking temperature.




A throw away price because you can never get them clean again.


Just a couple of packets of Lard and you're sorted.


Perfect for mars bars and other Scottish delicacies

Daewoo Halogen Air Fryer Low Fat Oven 12L for £17.99 w/code @ Robert Dyas
Found 20th FebFound 20th Feb
Good halogen air fryer seen on offer. Was £24.99, now £19.99 and using code VCFEB10 you can take the price down to £17.99. :) Free c&c available at Robert Dyas or Ryman sto… Read more

I have 4 soldering irons and a hot air gun. (shock) I repair everything (plasma tv's, laptops , mobile phones, even did a vcr and crt tv last month) but these things hmmmmm I thought most of them have replaceable elements? Must be right cheap then! The question is do they make demonstrably better chips than a hot air fryer like the one they are selling in B&M for £20 sovvs? I am at an impasse! (shock) ;) (cheeky)


I did soldering at secondary school in the mid 2000s. Remember making a hell of a lot of tiny balls out of the solder wire (lol)


I've had that model for about 15months now, barely ever need to use my stove these days, best thing I've bought for the kitchen, use it pretty much every day.


You made the " broad unqualified statement " first . "A repair shop? For a two week old faulty product rather than return to retailer for refund or replacement? Or Lets spend time seeking out that technically competent friend who can use a soldering iron in the hope they can fix it. Yep, so helpful aren't you, we certainly do know who's trolling now.


Does this make good fried chicken/wings?

Tefal ActiFry GH840B40 Fryer - Grey £119 free delivery from
Found 19th FebFound 19th Feb
Fantastic price for this chip and everything fryer, cheaper than anyone else ive seen. wife would love this for the whole family!
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Hahaha luckily not...!


This one has 1.2kg food capacity, the black one in above link has 1k capacity. Ok for small family. We use ours about 3 times a week and not just for chips- it does nice roast potatoes too. Chips turn out really nice with such little oil.


Wait a while, someone will post shortly


Lol I don’t think there is a toilet that colour


Black one is here for £109 delivered

VonShef 3.5L Air Fryer for Healthy Cooking with Temperature Control 1300W £29.99 @ Amazon DOTD Sold And Dispatched By Domu UK
Found 19th FebFound 19th Feb
MODERN DESIGN: Stylish high shine black finish with modern copper accents, 2.5L detachable non-stick food basket for easy access and cleaning, non-slip feet and cool touch handle … Read more
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You missed out, got mine no probs


What's the promotion code for 20percent off


Should apply at the checkout page


How does this compare to a halogen oven?


I have the voucher added but price still shows £29.99 right til the final payment page? Any help guys please

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Tefal easyfry precision 4.2L digital health fryer £49.50 at Tesco instore
LocalLocalFound 1st FebFound 1st Feb
Tefal easyfry precision 4.2L digital health fryer £49.50 at tesco instore
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Can’t seem to find this fryer in any stores :(


Air fryer has literally replaced my oven for most food. It does everything so quick and uniform. Also keep a crispy edge and moist inside. I actually have 2 air fryers and am planning on getting a 3rd haha. Before you judge, I regularly cook for 8 people :). Also, I didn't realise but you can bake stuff in them, such as donuts and muffins etc. I haven't tried it yet but I'm hoping to explore more recipies. Invest in food and your time, can go wrong. You'll save time and eat healthier. Well worth 50 quid on any budget ;)


Not going to profess to being an expert on air frying.. Sorry I have no idea if you can do fresh Chips in them.And tbh i never bought it for that.I bought it for convenience My own personnel experience is they cook shop bought Chips in a more uniform way. In my opinion Chips done in the oven are hit and miss.A few will be cooked how you want the,a few will incinerated, and some will be white and inedible.Always some wastage.They are rarely ever crispy either. The air fryer cooks them all at the same heat,So you you get a perfect Chip nice and crispy.I also think it has health benefits,at the bottom of the tray excess Oil drips off food. Also the 20 minutes you wait for an Oven to heat up before putting food in,you can cook food in the air fryer the time it takes the oven to heat up. I will be trying other foods like southern fried Chicken as i go along. First impressions are i am impressed with the air fryer.


saving energy i guess as your not heating a big cooker oven, got a timed switch off when programming it


Genuine question. What's the advantage of using one of these over using the oven if you're using oven chips?

Salter 1500W 3.2L Hot Air Fryer £34.99 w/code @ Robert Dyas (Free C&C)
Found 25th JanFound 25th Jan
Good sized air hot air fryer for £34.99 w/code JAN19DD (£5 off £30+ spend) Free C&C or + £3.95 postage costs Simple to use – The adjustable timer and power & ready… Read more

Which? test gives it a "don't buy" rating of 44% A disappointing air fryer44% Pros: Cooks chicken well, quiet, energy efficient Cons: Chips don't taste good, food needs lots of stirring, unpleasant smell when cooking chicken, awkward to use and clean


Good question. Anyone used them both or have any experience of them? Looking at model HD9218 for the Phillips.


How does 5his compare to the more expensive Phillips

Wilko Multi Cooker with Deep Fryer 5.6L £20 @ Wilkos
Found 23rd JanFound 23rd Jan
5.6 litre capacity Removable pot for easy cleaning Use as a steamer, slow cooker, deep fryer and more Our versatile 5.6 litre Multi Cooker will steam, stew, roast, sear, slow co… Read more

There's one review that makes no sense, one that is overwhelmingly positive and a question submitted as a review. I bought one and have been impressed.


mine works well


Not very good reviews at all, I was tempted until I read them!

Breville VDF105 Halo+ and Health Fryer £69.99 @ Argos
Found 14th JanFound 14th Jan
£69 in Argos seems to be around £80 elsewhere so thought it was a good deal. I have used one before and was impressed.

The green on this puzzles me. As if it wasn’t bizarre looking enough, be better if they designed it with more kitchen neutral black/white/silver to match more kitchens and not stick out like a sore thumb! I’m in need of a new health fryer but the colour of this one makes it a no from me...


I've had both this one and it's predecessor. I can confirm that this is much improved. The old one destroyed more delicate items and mushed up veggies & potatoes. A pan of mixed roasted veggies on tilt mode cooks like a dream and goes down great with my lot on a Sunday! :3


It is a big improvement on their original design as when in tilt mode it turns chips and similar food very well and as honeydragon says it doesn't mash them like the paddle did on the earlier model. I found that if I use a similar amount of the solid beef dripping instead of a scoopful of oil, the chips taste more like real chips used to do without the smell you would get for days after if you used beef dripping in a deep fat fryer. :)


Yes, but without the annoying paddle that breaks or mushes stuff under it.


Doe it stir the food automatically like the Actifry?

Philips Air Fryer - £49.99 instore @ B&M
LocalLocalFound 9th JanFound 9th Jan
B & M have Philips Air Fryers for £49.99

A hot deal if you need to fry some air! (y)


I got one of these in the Yeovil (SOmerset) store and they had one left on Saturday.


Couldn't find any in the Darnley store, so ended up buying a Weight Watchers one for £40. Happy with it so far.


Anyone managed to find one of these mythical beasts on Scotland?


Thanks,that sounds good,just bought a new top for my Halogen and I will consider something like this when that blows again

2lt deep fat fryer £7 @ Asda
LocalLocalFound 8th JanFound 8th Jan
Found in store at Asda dundonald, which is a small sized store. plenty in stock. £15 online and in large Asda stores. So may be reduced in other small stores.

Full price in Pipps Hill, Basildon


Full price at my Asda superstore


Obviously not his one eh


They r on a promotion for next 3 weeks in all asda


Ambiano  2 in 1 17ltr Air Fryer £29.99 ALDI
Found 7th JanFound 7th Jan
The quicker, healthier way to whip up delicious fried foods
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had halogens for years, had an air fryer for a week. IMHO, the air fryer was only good for ready cooked(frozen) foods ( and in that respect was worse than the halogen as the halogen was glass and so easier to check when food was cooked). speed of cooking about the same. I guess both use hot air to cook (so are "air fryers", so maybe only the heating element is at issue ? do prefer the halogens with a hinged lid though.....


That's definitely a Halogen Oven....isn't it? I've noticed the phrase 'Halogen Air Fryer' seems to be creeping in these days but is a Halogen oven really the same as an air fryer?? Certainly the halogen oven we had back in the day in no way made chips as nice as the Air Fryer we currently have...


it has a 5l extender ring which makes the 12l into 17l.


I think that one is a 12 ltr. This one is 17 litre capacity.


looks identical to the daewoo one at Robert Dyas for £24.99.

Mo Health Low Fat Fryer - £34.99 @ B&M
Found 6th JanFound 6th Jan
Family size low fat air fryer

Thanks for the link, that one looks the biz at a great price, and with lots of accessories. Heat to OP, too. (y)


Or this one at ALDI looks good


If you want the same fryer a bit cheaper then try Robert Dyas its branded differently but same item i believe £24.99 here


Nice find but I will be the one to say... Halogen oven not air fryer, Heat for price though


Heat added for the price 🔥

Mo Farah Air Fryer - £34.99 instore @ B&M
LocalLocalFound 3rd JanFound 3rd Jan
17L capacity Features: Triple Cooking Power Removable Glass Bowl Browning, Roasting & Flavour Enhancement Even Heat Distribution Uses Little or No Oil

Lol saw on hulk hogan interview on YouTube but i don't always take as gospel truth ;)



Truer story


Hogan had the same agent as Foreman. He missed the agent's call who wanted to pitch two products to him so that Hogan could pick one to endorse. Instead Foreman got to choose because he picked up the agent's call.


I wonder how many people in store will see this and buy it thinking ‘well if mo uses it,I’m using it’?

Tower Compact Air Fryer 1.5L £24.99 B&M Retail
LocalLocalFound 3rd JanFound 3rd Jan
Tiny but for the price its not bad i think it's for a single person or couples more than having it for a family Tower Compact Air Fryer. Cook some delightful chips at home wit… Read more

These are really small, suitable for two only if you have tiny portions.

Breville VDF105 1.3kW 1.25kg Halo Air Health Fryer £59.49 C&C @ Argos ebay (or £3.95 P&P)  [Price matched by Amazon]
Found 28th Dec 2018Found 28th Dec 2018
Breville VDF105 1.3kW 1.25kg Halo and Health Fryer - White. Get today using Free Click and Collect from Argos It's so easy to make healthy, tasty food for your family with the Halo… Read more

Amazon have price matched on this and the VDF122 to reflect the cheapest from companies on EBay with the 15% vouchers.


Newer updated version is here:


Amazon Breville VDF105 Halo Plus Health Fryer - White/Green

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