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Fryers are electrical appliances which use oil and heat to cook many different types of food. They are very high powered and most models are ready to use within a few minutes. HotUKDeals seeks out each reduction and offer, then we list them together on our regularly updated fryer page.

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Gourmia 5.7L Digital Air Fryer - £49.99 delivered @Costco
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Posted 7th MayPosted 7th May
Got one of these last time and must say we have been impressed Features - 12 One-touch cooking functions - 5.7L Capacity - Time & Temperature control functions - Fryforce 360… Read more

Yes we already have one


Rather than a book, consider investing in a fast-response probe thermometer - so you can tell whether your food is cooked/heated inside. External appearance isn't the guide you might be used to, when using an airfryer! Even a cheap one will be better than none...


thanks ordered this air fryer and just waiting for delivery


this one


It comes with one which isn’t too bad, also there was a free downloadable one posted on the site yesterday I think?

TEFAL Easy Fry Classic Air Fryer - 1.2kg | £55.99 delivered using code @ Tefal Shop
Posted 4th MayPosted 4th May
TEFAL Air Fryer, was already discounted by 10%, and by adding the code "HELLO30" (credit to 'Dan_82') you'll get this badboy reduced to a total of 40% with free shipping! Info t… Read more

Bought one of these from B&M for £49.99 . Descent fryer but packed up after 7 months.




Can't understand why this is cold. Great price!


Can it be stacked with signing up to newsletter discount ?

Daewoo 4L Air Fryer is £34.99 @ The Food Warehouse Iceland INSTORE
Posted 24th AprPosted 24th AprLocalLocal
Daewoo 4L Air Fryer is £34.99 @ The Food Warehouse Iceland! 🌞 (y) £54.99 @ Currys PCWorld! £58 @ Amazon!

INSTORE Only! The Food Warehouse don't have online buying! 🌞 (y)




Are theses any good


Would Amazon do a price match?


Only available INSTORE! The Food Warehouse Iceland doesn't have online shopping! 🌞 (y)

Hairy Bikers Air Fryer 4.3L £34.99 (£3.49 delivery) @ Home Bargains
Posted 23rd AprPosted 23rd Apr
Want to create healthy fried goods? Get yourself an Air Fryer! There's a reason why they're so popular at the moment and it's because they use less fat to cook and are easy to use!… Read more

Preheat time might me a little faster on air fryer but an will cook as fast if not better as well. The marketing for these are great but if you do some research you'll find they're really just a table top oven and the food results from blind tests can often favour the oven


You'd put it in at different times if it has different cooking times, but all together. You shake it up every few minutes to ensure everything is cooked through. I have a ninja dual air fryer and that allows you to keep the stuff separate and sync up the finishing times etc, but you could do it in this one if you did like I said.


Do you mind if I ask you a quick question please? I'm thinking of converting,.. watched a few YouTube videos and tried to understand from pictures and manufacturers websites etc but I'm still not quite sure so wanted to ask someone who actually has one, and who is an advocate... How do you put food in these things? Allow me to explain... I understand they have a drawer with a 'dish' to put the food in... But if I was cooking a meal for the kiddies say, nuggets and chips, do you just load it all in the same dish, all mixed and just sat there in the dish? I suppose I can't get my head around how it cooks all the food sat in a dish like that, obviously with it not having shelves or anything to seperate the food. Sorry for the stupid question, I just can't get how it practically works. Lol TIA


I've recently bought an air fryer and tbh I've cooked most of ours meals in it the past week. Chicken wings are amazing done in it FYI. We had honey garlic chicken thighs in it last night. Its so easy to use and even the kids can operate it to make chips ect if they're hungry in the evening. I won't let mine use the oven but this is much simpler and safer.


Maybe he should actually use his eye's

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Tower T17039 Vortx 5-in-1 Digital Air Fryer Oven with Rapid Air Circulation, 60-Minute Timer, 11L, 2000W, Black - £89 @ Amazon
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Posted 22nd AprPosted 22nd Apr
Pretty decent oven replacement for most. A little different to standard airfryers, it doesn't have a basket. Three stainless shelves give you a bit of flexibility, and a n easy dis… Read more

I used mine a lot on keto, but it really is a fast oven with a better ability to crisp, and the ability to cook and turn itself off... Which my particular big oven doesn't do. You'll be doing stuff like chicken wings, hard "boiled' eggs in it, great for bacon and sausages. Roasted cauliflower /broccoli/sprouts are all great. You don't want to replace all your carbs with protein though, that doesn't work. You probably will replace a shelf of your freezer with sachets of cauliflower rice... With this and a large cast iron skillet, you'll have keto covered. 😁


From the reviews I've read, the rotisserie chicken turns out nice, well cooked & juicy. It will fit an small baby chicken no problem, maybe even an medium chicken on the smaller side as long as you tie up the legs/feet. As far as I'm aware most Air Fryers don't come with an rotisserie feature. Sometimes you can buy an attachment separately but this particular Air Fryer comes with one included.


I see the rotisserie function mentioned above! What are the results like specifically with whole chickens? What’s the largest size which fit? Also is there a rotisserie functions for standard ovens?


Air Fryer is somewhat of an counter-top oven except it uses air to heat the food instead of an heating element. It's smaller so it heats up faster & cooks the food quicker too. I have this model but in manual and I have to say it cooks things like chips, potatoes, hash brows & frozen food really well. I've not tried cooking any fresh meat in this yet but it comes with an rotisserie attachment for an whole chicken which apparently from reading reviews turns out pretty good. It's upto you but I do think it's worth buying round the £60-£80 price point.


I’m going on a keto/ carnivore diet so will be eating a lot of meat! I already have oven , slow cooker and pressure cooker! Should I get an air frier? Ti

Gourmia 5.7L Digital Air Fryer £49.99 @ Costco
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Posted 22nd AprPosted 22nd Apr
Features - 12 One-touch cooking functions - 5.7L Capacity - Time & Temperature control functions - Fryforce 360° technology - Includes: Air fry basket, crisper tray and multipu… Read more

Back in stock


Thank you. Asked a friend to get one if they find it instore


Ninja is a spurious "brand" along with sister outfit Shark that has sprung up over the last couple of years. Owned by Hedge Funds they employ a couple of hundred people worldwide with no manufacturing sites of their own instead using whatever Chinese sweatshop offers the cheapest price that week


To buy from Costco you must either have an online membership (£15 per year and only allows purchases online) or be a full warehouse member (£26.40 - 33.60 per year and allows you to shop in store and online).


Can we buy without having membership?