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Air fryers are like tiny ovens. They use the same kind of mechanism as fan ovens to move heat around, just on a smaller scale – offering a cost-effective, simple, and delicious way to make anything from authentic southern fried chicken, to samosas, curries, and even birthday cakes. There are plenty of brands on the market, and types of air fryer around. And all of them can be found for less by shopping at the hotukdeals air fryer deals. Read more
Ninja Dual Zone Airfryer Big Deal Price £139.95 Delivered @ QVC UK & if New & Not Using Easy Pays Use code FIVE4U to get £5 off this price
Posted 10th AugPosted 10th Aug
seems a great deal for a great item as its about £179.99 elsewhere The Ninja Dual Zone Air Fryer boasts a non-stick ceramic design and features six cooking functions, plus SYNC te… Read more
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Ordered thanks with 8% Topcashback (hopefully)


At the end I decided to get the Air Fryer max with blue card discount from ninja website £103.99 minus £4.42 cash back


Looks good for the price


i dont trust any trust pilot reviews as most get bad reviews from some very big names & most only complain when there is a problem is what ive found in the past with it, from mine & lots of other peoples prospective that buy an awful lot from QVC (im acutally known as the hidden item finder like finding TSVS before they launch ect) they are much better than most of the common stores that people would buy in & much better deals & value


Lots of people comment on the same return policy problem, and they say it has been bad recently after buying from them for years, so maybe things have change for the bad

Gourmia Digital Air Fryer - £64.99 @ Costco
Posted 8th AugPosted 8th Aug
In Costco Store Price £58.78 online £64.99 If you are one of those people who enjoy the great crisp and crunchy goodness of fried foods, yet shy away from unhealthy foods - you’ve… Read more

Good price on this, even better if you buy instore. Great first post @Ubh (y)


Thanks for posting, was able to pick one up in Liverpool store an hour ago (2 left on shelf, if anybody was interested)


I just... Chopped up some spuds, about enough for two layers.Rinsed them in a bowl twice then dried on a teatowel. Finely chopped a load of rosemary (optional but the bush in the garden needed trimming (lol) ) Tossed them in a bowl with the rosemary and a couple of glugs of olive oil. Pre heated then 200C / the chip setting. Gave it a good shake after 10 mins, then checked and shook them every 7-8 minutes until they looked done. Took about 25 minutes. Genuinely impressed myself as they were just crisp on the outside and fluffy on the inside.


Just ordered mine... please share the chip recipe or were they just frozen?


Made by Skynet

Tower Air Fryer 11L capacity - Digital - £87.95 from Amazon
Posted 8th AugPosted 8th Aug
The digital version of the 11L Tower air fryer is on a bit of a discount, bringing it closer to the price of the manual air fryer. Has a rotisserie mount built-in, seems to work g… Read more

I've got one, brilliant piece of kit, anything with batter or breadcrumbs is excellent. Only thing I don't think cooks well are pizzas (small ones at that) and top shelf cooks a lot quicker than others.


Bought the digital one and it arrived first thing this morning - there was a defect on the front in the silver trim. I contacted them and they offered to refund, replace or take 20% off. I accepted the 20% discount so it cost me £69.....thanks OP (y) 🏻


Chips, chicken, pizza,, best pastries in like 10 minutes, this thing is great


bought the manual one at around 60 pounds a few weeks back from amazon deal.. I love this so much its made my life easier the chicken i cooked in this cooked so well. I haven't turned my oven on since i bought this.


Always fancy one of these as I have an air fryer Which is great but limit what you can cook at the same time. At this price may take the plunge. Thank You

Tower T17023 Air Fryer with Rapid Air Circulation System, VORTX Frying Technology, 1000 W, 2.2 Litre - £29.99 delivered @ Amazon
252° Expired
Posted 6th AugPosted 6th Aug
Healthier cooking: With the use of rapid air circulation technology and a low calorie cooking spray, you can fry without the excess fat associated with traditional frying and in a … Read more

Good thing I grabbed it at £39.99


No an extra £20 just gone up by £10


What condition is the non stick coating in ?


this is £39.99,its only £29.99 if you take a credit card out


Nope, at the time i meant £10. Its now gone up in price since my comment

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Philips Airfryer XXL - £249.99 delivered @ Philips Shop
Posted 4th AugPosted 4th Aug
The Philips Viva Collection XXL HD9650/99 Air Fryer gives you the same great results as deep fat fryers, sealing the outside of your ingredients and cooking the inside. However, … Read more

And check the wattage, if your getting a large you need high Watts too


Philips are no doubt one of the best producers , if not the best, of air fryers. We had a Philips XL for 3 years and couldn't fault the food it produced. Ended up giving it to my son as we got fed up with it producing a load of smoke when cooking fatty foods like pork chops or burgers. Wish I'd have kept it as he's cured the smoking problem by putting a tablespoon of water in the fryer. We currently have a Tefal XL and get good results from that but just takes a little longer. With any air fryer I'd say always get the largest you can as the more space around the food for the air to circulate the better the results.


I was one of them and love it, gets used a lot


Far from rubbish I've had a smaller version for well over a two years


Don’t mess with this rubbish buy a ninja

Ninja Foodi Health Grill & Air Fryer £143.99 with code on blue light card @ Ninja kitchen
105° Expired
Posted 4th AugPosted 4th Aug
Imagine getting the delicious chargrilled flavours of outdoor cooking from an indoor grill. With the Ninja Foodi Health Grill & Air Fryer, it’s quick and easy to create your f… Read more

No, I purchased Foodi Max 7.5l. Admin team removed that post from Hotukdeal, therefore went on this thread. Same guy posted that deal I think.


This particular model doesn’t do pressure cook though?


My steamer/pressure cooker s now useless I suppose (horror)


Oh, I am over the moon. I tried Pressure, Steam, Air Crisp (according to Ninja :D ), Bake/Roast, Grill >> AMAZING (y) So quick, 1 person steak and chips in 7 mins, done, restaurant quality & crispiness !!


Awesome, thank you, used my BLM code so if Quidco tracks it will be under £140. We have the oven every night so hoping this makes things so much easier and better!

Ninja Foodi Max Multi-Cooker [OP500UK] Electric Pressure Cooker and Air Fryer £194.99 @ Amazon
Posted 3rd AugPosted 3rd Aug
Description Take mealtimes to the max. With a family-size capacity, the Ninja Foodi Max Multi-Cooker is suitable for feeding the whole family. Quickly and easily create delicious o… Read more

Buy instant pot instead for less than half the price.


Its the worst feeling right!! It was such a great deal...gutted I missed out!!!


Me too was just about to buy it about 10mins ago and its bloody expired any codes going much appreciated


It’s a discount scheme for emergency service, prison, armed forces workers


Thank you for this, I used this code this morning which worked and then got distracted so didnt check out! Its now showing expired...I'm so annoyed at myself! Dont suppose you have another code by any chance do you?

COSORI XXL Air Fryer Oil Free 5.5L/1700W with 11 Cooking Presets £89.99 with voucher Sold by adiman and Fulfilled by Amazon
Posted 2nd AugPosted 2nd Aug
Usually £99.99. Save £10 By applying £10 voucher. Decided to buy as my basket has finally broken on my Philips. Includes all colours now at that price

I was umming and aaaring last night whether to purchase at £85 and yes you are right the price has gone back up to £90....arghhhh


Keep an eye on the price. They often offer vouchers or discounts, so they don't show up on camelcamel or other price checkers . I paid £70 for mine a year ago, and it's often available for £75


ye it has but looks like there's a "Apply £10 voucher" on it to bring it down to £90 now which is across all 3 colours if that helps anyone


Sorry didn't mean to be rude. It's just that nothing will ever taste as good as fried food. However this is the next best alternative with using not much oil. The crispness is far superior to that of an oven. It's even noticeable on frozen chips. It's also a machine you end up using more and more because of the ease and health benefits.


they whacked the price of all 3 up to £99.00 overnight as I was in the process of ordering...!

George Home Black Compact Air Fryer - £22.00 with free click and collect @ George Asda. 2 Year Warranty.
Posted 30th JulPosted 30th Jul
Decent price reduction. Whether you’re looking to cook crispy chips or roast a chicken, this compact air fryer from George Home can do it all. The 1.5L capacity means you can co… Read more

2 young sparrows maybe


I am.kind of tempted to buy but I think i will probably only use it a handful of times and it will just take up counter space.


Actually had this in my basket until I read this


We’ve just sent our 2.2 health fry back. It’s a right faff to part boil your chips and then they don’t evenly cook after 25 mins. Might as well but the in the oven with the rest of the dinner and save energy.


"or roast a chicken" In a 1.5L one? That'll be a tight squeeze

Tower T17038 Manual Air Fryer Oven, 11 Litre, 80-200 Degrees with 60 Minute Timer, Healthy Rotisserie Function - £69.99 Delivered @ Very
85° Expired
Posted 25th JulPosted 25th Jul
Tower 11L Manual Air Fryer Oven £69.99 reduced from £99.99 available withIn 6 working days At the time of posting. also digital version available for £90.94 or less delivered f… Read more

Showing as £99.99 and also oos


It’s really easy to clean for 1 , everything just tastes better for me my fried chicken came out tasting proper nice


What the difference it made?


These have been out of stock for a while they was listed nearly 2 weeks ago and haven’t had any stock for over a week



Tefal YV960140, ActiFry, Air Fryer, 2-in-1, (6 Portions), Black, 1.5 Kg Capacity £186.99 @ Amazon
Posted 23rd JulPosted 23rd Jul
Tefal Actifry Genius 2in1, 6 portion now £186.99 Amazon quote the rrp as £299 but this usually sells for £229 (the 8 portion sells for £299) still a good saving though. Product D… Read more



The ninja by far


Which one are you saying is the better one?


I've had this and now own the ninja. Its 100% times better and has the 5 different cook settings. I love mine


To be honest once you get over 175 quid nothing really compares to the foodi max given how hard it is to get instant pots in the UK.

Gourmia Digital Air Fryer - £58.78 instore or £64.99 delivered @ Costco
1083° Expired
Posted 19th JulPosted 19th Jul
Available in-store Costco Warehouse for £58.78 or £64.99 online If you are one of those people who enjoy the great crisp and crunchy goodness of fried foods, yet shy away from unh… Read more

I got it via email, automatically, after a couple of days. With 5.99 delivery fee and items more expensive online in comparison to store, I haven't actually used it. If you buy something bigger the delivery is included so it might be worth it.


I just joined last week in store. How do you get the 10£ voucher please?


It's 25cm x 25cm or 10" x 10" in old money.


Often products out of stock online can still be had in store for weeks afterwards. I found that to be the case with my LG TV at Costco.


Missed this, but I'm sure it will be back in stock soon. In the mean time can anyone tell me the dimensions of the actual part the food is put in? I bought another brand off Amazon a while back and although it was advertised as 5.5 L with the removable basket in, it was no where near that. Ended up sending it back. Thanks.

TEFAL Actifry Original FZ710840 Air Fryer - Black - £99.99 @ Currys PC World
Posted 19th JulPosted 19th Jul
Product features Food capacity: 1 kg Only one spoon of oil needed With odour filter Dishwasher safe parts Digital timer
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Good spot @AndrewRatcliffe (ninja) Thanks for sharing!


We use ours nearly every day. Handy for chips, chicken wings, lazy roast potatoes and sausages....not all at once!!


Oven barely gets any use here thanks to this Tip for chips, prep potatoes (2 large potatoes) way before you need them (peel slice etc.) leave them immersed in cold water for a few hours, rinse off. Microwave chips without water for 10 mins (800w), then actifry with a spoonful of oil for 20 mins


Deffo not a cupboard filler. My toastie machine and waffle maker are, but this permanently lives on the worktop and is ace for chips and sausages for the odd morning cob. It’s awesome.


Do you have a link? I can’t find it, thanks

Tower Air Fryer with Rapid Air Circulation System, 60 Minute Timer and Adjustable Temperature Control 1500 W, 4.3 Litre £29.99 @ Amazon
297° Expired
Posted 17th JulPosted 17th Jul
Healthier cooking: With the use of rapid air circulation technology and a low calorie cooking spray, you can fry without the excess fat associated with traditional frying and in a … Read more

bought thanks op


I ordered one last night but I'm thinking of cancelling as some of the reviews say that the coating comes off after a few months.


It was GIFT05. This was the deal posted at that time. Tower 4.3L


What a hero! Risking breaking your own fryer in search of knowledge!


What was the £5 code people were using? Was it specific to this category, is the £5 off likely to come around again do you think?

Tower T17023 Air Fryer 1000 W, 2.2 Litre - Black for £24.99 delivered @ Amazon
328° Expired
Posted 16th JulPosted 16th Jul
Good price and easy to use air fryer. :) For Prime members there appears to be a £1 no rush delivery reward at checkout Tower 2.2L Air Fryer with Rapid Air Circulation … Read more
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Could you fry a Mars bar in one of these?


All the marketing around "air fryers".. All this is is a mini fan oven. You'll get the same results from a full sized fan oven, if not better results, as you can spread your chips out in order to prevent the unevencooking you get from stacking chips in an "air fryer".


Returned mine after one use. Rubbish. Mind you I've been used to an actifry which is so much better but you pay for that.


Also sounds good thanks.


Is it still on at this price?

Tower T17038 Manual Air Fryer Oven, 11 Litre, 80-200 Degrees with 60 Minute Timer, Healthy Rotisserie Function - £69.99 Delivered @ Amazon
266° Expired
Posted 14th JulPosted 14th Jul
Healthier cooking: With the use of hot air circulation technology and a low calorie cooking spray, you can fry without the excess fat associated with traditional frying and in a re… Read more

The digital version is currently only £7.95 more for those interested in that feature.


£80.00 and 15 in stock


Thank you for the information. (y)


I was tempted by this but thinking the digital one might be better in terms of keeping clean etc. The dials on these kitchen appliances tend to build up with grease etc over time no matter what I try. The digital once has been as low as £75 in the past so might see if that goes on a good sale again.


Back at 69.99. Bought. Thanks op

Ninja Air Fryer MAX AF160UK - large capacity £129.98 at Ninja Kitchen (also 8% quidco)
Posted 14th JulPosted 14th Jul
The price is £129.99 minus 8.25% with Quidco (£119) Take meal times to the max. With the largest capacity in the Foodi range, the Ninja Foodi MAX Multi-Cooker makes it quick and ea… Read more

Now £129.99 at John Lewis but with 2 years guarantee.


Our tefal packed up last week (annoyed) , so perfect timing, thanks for posting (y)


I've had various airfryers throughout the years and this is quite easy to clean, it's got a different coating more ceramic if that make sense but also non stick. I've cooked everything in it from chips to a beef joint, I tend to cook at lower temps than they suggest i usually cook around 180 degrees but does have the option to go up to 240 degrees c which is good to finish crispy chicken wings


For the money isn't the Foodi Max still a better deal as it adds a lot more function for about 70 quid when it's reduced?


How easy is this thing to clean? My current air fryer is a bit worse for wear and am looking for a replacement. Current one is a bit of a pain to clean though

Tower air fryer oven 11 litres was £99 now £69.99 (Free Click & Collect @ Very) @Amazom
283° Expired
Posted 13th JulPosted 13th Jul
Possible 10% cashback with Quidco ** Amazon have price matched ** Tower 11L Manual Air Fryer Oven Eliminate the e… Read more
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It has 3 compartments so depending on what you put inside it it should be ok. I fit 4 burgers and good portion of fries into it.


Yes if you put enough oil on them otherwise they taste abit dry


Maybe, I am after all one person so I don't like making meals besides microwave meals or frozen pizza since it's just too much to turn an oven on for a couple chips or to cook one or two burgers so I always cook more than I need Will this be perfect for me


Maybe so but the air flows more evenly around giving a far better chip.


Cheers, i have a 30 off 60 spend to use on Very so would have been handier. Stull tempted though

Ninja air fryer on sale - £99.99 @ Ninja Kitchen
Posted 13th JulPosted 13th Jul
Seems to be on sale everywhere atm. John Lewis out of stock though. So ordered it from Ninja directly. Arrived next morning even though it said it could take up to 4 days! :) Do… Read more
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What are people cooking in these air fryers? (apart from chips). Not sure if it will just end up as another gadget in a cupboard.


Looks like the 5.2l version has been as low as £99 quite often on Amazon according to the three camels. Think I'll hold off until the price of the larger model drops below £100.


That's great, thanks. Was enough to convince me to pull the trigger


I've got the actifry genius, to be honest seems to make chips go to mush looking for something better but need to be for family of 4


Ok, will give it a go...thank you.

Philips Air Fryer HD9218 - £79.99 @ Lidl (Chadwell Heath)
276° Expired
Posted 9th JulPosted 9th JulLocalLocal
Spotted the Philips Air Fryer HD9218 at my local store for £79.99. This appears to be 800g model which is perfect for fries.

Any left in store op?? Chadwell Heath isn't too far from me, but just wondering before I make a special trip?


Our cosori is only a couple of months old. But so far we're so impressed with it. We were going to go for a Phillips xl as wanted a larger 1 with 4 adults in the house. But it's at best £240. Checked review sites for xl air fryers and the cosori was top on at least 2 I found. So at £110 from Amazon thought it was worth a try. Digital menu with lots of standard options. Also available in red which matches our other kitchen appliances.


Purchased mine with code for £24.99 and loving it so far. Use it every day.


It's not a patch on the Phillips air fryer though.


Working fine for me

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