Posted 12 January 2023

New, Dark Blue / Agua Marina / Acqua Fresh Eau de Parfum 100ml - £4.99 each instore @ LIDL, Lisburn (NI)

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Some female ones in store as well

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    Dark blue is inspired by D and G pour home

    Acqua Fresh inspired by Acqua di Gio

    Unsure about Agua Marina

    I tried a couple in store and went back and bought 2 X each of the Acqua di Gio and pour home "allegedly inspired by"

    Some female ones too
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    Is this any good?
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    Any idea what the dupes are meant to be replicating?
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    New editions.. will take a look
    Are they new formulations? I have an older bottle of nearly done dark blue and I did think when I tested the one in store recently was a slightly more well rounded. Fantastic little fragrance.
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    I just got the dark blue and the one fragrance. Everything else was oos. I like the blue one, haven't tried the others. Unfortunately no acqua in my lidl
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    49331767-cRk0F.jpgI would buy this again if I had the chance, but they were sold in Lidl stores longer than two years ago. It's better than Açqua dì Gïîo.
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    When are they coming to mainland UK?
    No idea mate

    Thinks it's just a case of looking about

    I've only seen these ones in 1 Lidl

    But I've seen bthe boss,Dior and 1 million in a few different stores
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    They have one called Deep, which apparently is a dupe of Bleu de Chanel. Stay away from that one. Smells of the cheapest of the cheap shower gel. Really poor even for a fiver

    X Bolt is good. Smells like Boss Bottled but doesn't last any length of time. Maybe an hour and a bit. It's 5 quid though so pretty decent
    Lol, I actually quite like the Deep one and I think it's pretty close to Bleu. But it's very subjective. I want to try Xbolt but it was oos in my lid. I liked Homme, which apparently is like Sauvage. And One fragrance is not bad, apparently like One Million PR, but I'm not a fan of either as a bit too sweet for me