Morrisons Curry sauce 5p per jar

Morrisons Curry sauce 5p per jar

Found 18th Aug 2008
Was in Morrisons today and they had their own brand curry sauce for only 5 pence per 440g jar


4p at tesco if you like kak.

Voted hot. We use this stuff all the time and it's fine. One of my kids doesn't like strong Indian curry and this falls someway between chip-shop/Chinese flavour and mild Indian-style. Often contains sultanas, which isn't to everyone's taste, but sometimes does not.

For putting together a 10 minute curry with tasty nan-breads and popadoms it's fantastic! If this thread is anything like the 27p Asda curry sauce thread of a few days ago then you'll have people complaining that it tastes rubbish who haven't even given it a try.

Perfectly good stuff! try it!


4p at tesco if you like kak.

yep its kak i agree, but some people eat sh#te and thats ok
voted hot not hot curry hot sh...........................

ahh my Auntie told me about this a couple of weeks ago, she always shops in Morrisons.

She is a health freak so the ingredients cant be that bad!

She was telling me its just like chip shop curry and said she will pick me up a jar next time shes still waiting!
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