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Mother's Day Afternoon Tea For 2 - Regular & Vegetarian Options £10.00 @ Morrisons

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Update 1
The offer is now also available in Morrisons cafés nationwide from 13th - 19th March
Morrisons are doing the Afternoon Tea For 2 for £10.00 offer online via Morrisons Food To Order, you can order online and collect it instore.

Once ordered it takes 3 days before you can collect it, so please take this into consideration, when planning your purchase

Now just £10.00

Treat Mum this Mother's Day with our delightful selection of sandwiches, fruit scones, clotted cream, jam and cakes served with Yorkshire Tea

You get a selection of sandwiches, fruit scones, clotted cream, jam and cakes all served with Yorkshire Tea.

Nice to see they have a new Vegetarian option this year

Treat Mum this Mother's Day with our delightful selection of Vegetarian Sandwiches, fruit scones, clotted cream, jam and cakes served with Yorkshire Tea

This offer is on for a limited time only, and is subject to availability.

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  1. Whitey2048's avatar
    If I took my mum, or the missus, to Morrisons for Mother's Day I'd likely get stabbed in the face with a fork

    Good deal for those who will get away with it though. (edited)
    tina_Sing's avatar
    Then don't take her because some mums would love to go and have a hour with their son or daughter in Morrisons or a park bench with a picnic and flask please don't look down on the less fortunate on such a special day if its not for you scroll on and be kind
  2. Nav_A20's avatar
    The staff at these cafes are always running around doing everything. I do feel for them.
    1985ak47's avatar
    everything but serving hot food. Never again am i trusting Morrisons Cafe. If i wanted cold beans and sausages i'd have stayed home and ate what the missus served up
  3. tikibeach's avatar
    Afternoon Tea without Champagne (or Prosecco at a push) is like a scone without Jam and Cream
    Boyston's avatar
    Can’t stand prosecco or wine with afternoon tea. Got to be TEA
  4. mulletabbi's avatar
    I've said it before and I will say it again. MORRISONS CAFE is beyond inefficient. Every single time I go no matter the time and no matter the store there is never the right ingredients to make my order or missing items or substandard service. The rest of the supermarket is fine but I refuse to go to the cafe any more.
    Stephen_petrou's avatar
    Went once about 10 years ago, it was an absolute disgrace. Never been back
  5. oliver_staunton's avatar
    3 days to collect
    Won't the tea be cold by then?
  6. bryanhaines399's avatar
    By collect does it mean collect and sit in at the cafe or collect and takeaway?
    bryanhaines399's avatar
    Nobody knows?
  7. FunnyGirl's avatar
    I'd much rather make my own at home...which I do
  8. Giraffe76's avatar
    Despite other experiences I've never had any problems with our local Morrisons cafe. We don't use them often so maybe that makes a difference
  9. ASH12's avatar
    Think this offer is a packaged up takeaway version as I saw lots in store this morning. I thought it looked like a lovely little treat for two.
  10. lindy526's avatar
    Do these all the time but not as good value as used to be as no mini pork pies and £2.99 dearer.
  11. Yaymee's avatar
    I'd much rather have the usual father's Day offer...half price fry up! Never mind! At least the clocks don't change this year!
    Boyston's avatar
    The clocks do change but on 26th
  12. sandstone1's avatar
    The afternoon tea at my local is poor. Rubbish sandwiches and freezing cold,hard scones. And only 2 staff on duty rushed off their feet.
  13. suejb2's avatar
    Don’t bother nipped in for coffee and toasted tea cake. Drank my coffee still waiting 20+ minutes for the tea cake. Got a refund, shocking service.
  14. Janine_'s avatar
    Not a bad deal apart from the egg for vegetarians 🤮
    girvano741's avatar
    I think you mean vegan 
  15. Boyston's avatar
    They don’t do this offer where I live 🥲 sussex
  16. Beanie1979's avatar
    It's the thought that counts. I'd just be happy spending time with the family. Things cost too much love is free
    Whitey2048's avatar
    A sense of humour doesn't cost anything either, just saying
's avatar