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Gosh gluten free and vegan bites £1.49 @Lidl in store
22/08/2018Expires on 22/08/2018LocalLocalFound 17th AugFound 17th Aug
At Lidl this week is the vegetarian/vegan week. Choose from Sweet Pumpkin & Chilli Bites, Beetroot Falafel and Spinach & Pine Nut Falafel. In store for £1.49 each.

Brilliant thank you.


Yes, there is written suitable for home freezing on the box.


Are they freezable? Might stock up, my local Lidl never has vegetarian or vegan stuff in.


You need to get some Googles first.


They are vegan. Google it

Quorn Meat Free Cocktail Sausages (180g)  4 Packs For £1 @ Heron Foods
LocalLocalFound 15th AugFound 15th Aug
£1.50 each in other retailers B/B/D 20/08/2018,
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These are so good! Heat :D


Do these taste like pork sausages??? Cos I don't want porky type ones!


Love these, heat


They are £1 each in Asda not 4 for £1 as in heron.


hated them, disgusting, threw half the package away

Linda McCartney's 6 Vegetarian Sausages 300g £1 @ Iceland
Found 14th AugFound 14th Aug
Vegetarian Society approved. Suitable for vegans.
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No he takes sausage though (excited)


And she still hasn’t worked out a sausage is supposed to have meat in it!!!


You aren't meat but you are a complete sausage...... (lol)


High in protein and low in saturated fat too. Taste as good as a meat burger imo


Love these and the sausages. Partner is a veggie and this is a great way to not have to cook 2 meals.

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I Love Haribo Vegetarian-Friendly (also suitable for Halal) 1000g - £2.99 instore @ Home Bargains
31/08/2018Expires on 31/08/2018LocalLocalFound 9th AugFound 9th Aug
Haribo Soft Jelly - Fruit Flavour Jelly Candy Halal 1000g
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No gelatine at all - Sugar, Glucose Syrup, Gelling Agent: Pectin, Humectant: Sorbitol, Acid: Citric Acid, Acidity Regulator: Trisodium Citrate, Fruit Juice Concentrates: Lemon, Orange, Strawberry, Apple, Fruit and Plant Concentrates: Black Carrot, Spirulina, Safflower, Radish, Apple, Flavouring, Invert Sugar Syrup, This product does not contain any Pig Gelatine or any other Pig based ingredients


Oh my god, he even liked his own pointless comment (lol) (lol) (lol) It's only halal because it doesn't contain animal products, in the same way water and air are halal. If only all the knuckle-draggers would boycott those (cheeky)


(annoyed) my comments deleted also i did not say anything wrong or against any religion or race (annoyed) jus showed some moron some sense(cheeky)


This site is becoming like Rpoints with such a heavy moderation that you will think twice before posting anything.


My comment didn't contain any profanity whatsoever. I literally questioned why someone would comment if they weren't interested in buying in the first place. I said I wonder if he comments by saying, "Sorry not interested" on baby products because he doesn't have a baby, or female products because he's a male. It was a redundant comment to make and it's ridiculous that a moderator deletes my comment. Talk about stifling a discussion.

Quorn Southern Fried Bites 300G - Tesco - £1
27/08/2018Expires on 27/08/2018Found 6th AugFound 6th Aug
Vegetarian chicken chunks coated in a Southern Style crispy crumb.
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I do all.the time


These are amazing. Hot!


Will give them a go at this price. Thanks


I will use oven


They'll be awful, I put them in the air fryer for 10 mins from frozen, quick enough.

Linda McCartney Vegetarian Sausages (6 X 50g) for £1 @ Tesco
Found 6th AugFound 6th Aug
Starting tomorrow half price at Tesco. Similar price at Morrisons if thats more convenient.
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Same price in home and bargain aswell


Myn come out D R Y sometimes, is the pre-microwave tip above a way to avoid this ... :/


Top tip: smoosh em, make lorn shapes (thats a rhombus if you're English) and they're even more enjoyable. Just stick them in the microwave prior to cooking to thaw them out a bit, get the kids involved if you like, smoosh em all up. Fun and filling.


Also agree these are very nice and much better than Quorn sausage


Great these are.

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Aunt Bessie's meat free toad in the hole (vegetarian) 50p @ Heron
03/09/2018Expires on 03/09/2018LocalLocalFound 4th AugFound 4th Aug
Found these at Heron, usually about £1.25 190g




Or a meat eating troll with too much time on their hands. (poo)


Only thing worse than a veggi is a vegan!! 🖕


Everyone has their flaws (lol)

Quorn Meat Free Peppered Fillets @ Heron Foods - 50p
LocalLocalFound 4th AugFound 4th Aug
Usually £2.50 to £3.20 and dated till September in the chilled section
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its not the vegetarians requesting meat flavoured products its what the companies are making, and whats the problem with making something taste meaty by use of spices and not killing animals in the process, next you'll be saying meat eaters shouldn't be eating cheese & onion crisps,


Assume what you want, we were given teeth for a reason, all this veggie and allergy nonsense, Ooo i can't eat this, i can't eat that, i'm allergic to tomato etc...Get a Grip, I'm not bitter that we just lost either.


I'm going to assume this is a troll post, otherwise I feel extremely sorry for you.


I don’t get the nonsense you’re typing...

Quorn Mexican Fillet Strips  @ Heron Foods
LocalLocalFound 3rd AugFound 3rd Aug
£2.50 In Other Retailers, Enjoy Quorn Mexican Fillet Strips in tortillas and salads, or straight from the pack as a snack.Gone down from 69p to 50p a pack
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These are so good! Hope my local has some :)


Its a 10 from Bob 10 Bob (flirt) Heat


My local heron never seems to have all the good offers

Iceland Carrot Fries 600g 50p
LocalLocalFound 21st JulFound 21st Jul
Carrot sticks in a crunchy coating pre-fried in sunflower oil.
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Heat for veg.




Me and you gonna tangle XD


1 of my 5 a day.


Nice done in actifry

Linda Mccartney Vegetarian Scampi Bites (180g) £1 @ Heron Foods
LocalLocalFound 21st JulFound 21st Jul
High protein Low saturated fat
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Might take a punt. Can always feed it to the ducks if it tastes like carboard, which it probably does... Kindest regards


(nerd) well soya needs disgising doesn't it? Is that the whole point of the stuff? Sounds and tastes are not really the forte of Vegetarians it seems. I like your dip into reverse psychology though!


That sounds like an admission that you've lost the argument. You're not very good at this.


What's wacky on here is that people want to eat vegetarian meals that taste like scampi, duck, chicken and beef, and don't seem to understand how weird it sounds. Maybe soya isn't that good in maintaining mental balance. Thanks for for the encouragement by the way (y)


Popular opinion here seems to be that maybe you should be thinking through your wacky comments (lol) I guess you've gone too far to backtrack now though so carry on


Yes those sausages are great the red onion ones for bangers and mash and the chorizo ones are fantastic on the BBQ


Was just wondering where they were on offer now, as couldn't see a deal in my Tesco! Thanks OP. Wish they'd do the regular cheese-less and "pulled pork" burgers on offer more though.


The burgers are lovely, though I have learnt not to over buy them as I find they get a bit peppery tasting if kept in the freezer too long. They are always on offer for £1 every month or so somewhere so best to buy when required imo.


Same price for the burgers at Tesco, so have bought a bunch of them. Better than meat burgers in my opinion!


If ever they come on offer, try the Red Onion & Rosemary or the Chirozo ones. All good <3

Quorn Chicken Style Nuggets 300g £1 @ Morrisons
Found 19th JulFound 19th Jul
High in protein and fibre
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I think quorn is only banned in Canada I believe and that is down to labelling apparently, if they changed that it would probably be allowed


Processed meat is classed as a carcinogenic too...


Having puked for 24 hours after eating this message , you are correct, but if should be banned. 5% is a huge amount of people


Quorn (non-vegan) is funny, because it has egg in it which is probably more cruel than meat...


That's a canny chunk mind

Quorn Meat Free Peppered Fillets @ Heron Foods 69p
LocalLocalFound 19th JulFound 19th Jul
Usually £2.50 to £3.20 and dated till September in the chilled section
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Oh thanks. I’ll have a look


have a look in your local b and m bargains they have stared to put freezers in there stores so they might have them


I've never had 'real' peppered chicken. What does this taste like?


I so need these


Thanks. If I had a Heron near me I’d try at this price unfortunately I don’t. Heron has some good offers. Love Pepper so may like. The chicken pieces could be the way they’ve been cooked for me XD Maybe I’ll try them again myself.

Nakd bars for £9.39 @ Amazon (Prime Day Deal) lightning deal
Found 17th JulFound 17th Jul
Works out 53p a bar. Can’t find it cheaper anywhere
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I think the key here is "when compared to". Everything has to be in moderation when you're a diabetic. We have a Type 1 in the household. Simply assuming that sugars from fruit does not raise your glucose level is naive to say the least. Why do you think fruit juices and smoothies are now classified as junk food even when made fresh?


This is not supported by, who say the following: "The concern has been that because fruits contain sugar, it makes your blood glucose go up. In fact, most fruits have low to medium glycaemic index, so they do not lead to a sharp rise in your blood glucose levels compared to other carbohydrate containing foods like white or wholemeal bread."


Afraid that there's no such thing as an offset if you are diabetic. Glucose is glucose no matter what the source is. Talk to any Type 1s. The next meal depends on the measurement of the blood glucose level just before the meal. You cannot offset the measurement with fibre or vitamins ;-) The measurement also tells one how much insulin to inject.


My point was never about weight gain, and if you are equating something being "unhealthy" with being related to whether or not they can help you lose weight then we are not talking about the same thing. I don't personally eat these bars, but the original post was questioning how they can be a healthy snack, since they have "an awful lot of sugar in them". Most fruit has 'an awful lot of sugar' in, and are clearly healthy snacks. A fruit as a whole food contains fibre and other nutrients which offset the bad effects of the sugar. I would be interested to here your take on the article I posted above, as well as this: I get the impression we are both getting rather bored with this discussion however (lol)


The issue is that there really is no healthy sugar. Sugar is the worst thing you can really have because its the hardest to work off, Vitamins from fruit are great, but your also getting the negatives from the sugar. Don't get me wrong if you have fruit as a balanced diet and are active, its not a problem. If your struggling to lose weight, then its not going to help you. Your better off eating protien bars which only have 1-3 grams of sugar as a snack. But each to there own, i wouldn't touch these. Id rather buy and eat that banana.

Schär - Gluten Free pasta - Try me free (3.75 / £3.50) @ Morrisons
Found 11th JulFound 11th Jul
Eligible Products: Please make sure that the product you’ve purchased from Morrisons is listed below: Schär Bontà D’Italia Gluten Free Tortellini With Prosciutto 250g Schär B… Read more
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Yeah, I really like it. Expensive at £3.75 though, it would need to be a LOT cheaper than that for me to switch.


This pasta is AMAZING!


Thanks OP....on my shopping list (highfive)


Is this stuff any good?


@OfferSeeker thanks for flaggin the above, it's now been moved over to deals.

Korres basil & lemon shower gel 250ml £3.49 from £8.00 @ Waitrose Mere Green.
LocalLocalFound 25th JunFound 25th Jun
Looked like store specific only as the shelf ticket still had full price on it. Free from mineral oil, petrolatum/paraffin wax, silicones, parabens, propylene glycol, ethanolamine… Read more
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A lot of the stuff they say their product does not contain is not found in most similar products that are far cheaper. It's like a milk seller advertising gluten-free milk! Personally, I recommend good quality soaps, which are difficult to find on the high street but easily available online. £4-£5 for a huge bar that will last a few months and a bit longer if in a soft water area. For e.g, something by Nesti Dante brand (Loccitane also good but expensive).


I don't know why people are giving it such a cold rating. If i were you, and if they don't seem bothered, buy a huge amount of them. You could give them as gifts or wash with them - they're my weapon of choice. I'm jealous.

Linda McCartney 6 Vegetarian Sausage Rolls - £1 @ B&M
Found 6th JunFound 6th Jun
Pop them in the oven for half an hour and serve covered in baked beans with brown sauce on the side... Currently half the price of Tesco, Asda etc.

I’m fasting today, and this is making me huuuungry!


Why one-up on the question marks??????


I love them. Try her plaits (cheese, leek & red onion.) They’re pukka. However, Quorn is where it’s at if you’re veggie ...


Why would you comment on something you don't want to buy ?????


In fact I bet they taste sheet (embarrassed)

Linda McCartney Vegetarian Sausages x6 300g £1 @ Sainsburys
Found 24th MayFound 24th May
Now only £1 at Sainsburys
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We enjoy these as people who do eat meat but less than others and regularly pay 1.50 or 2 for them . Good deal!


Without a doubt


Do these taste better than those awful ones advertised by the Somalian?


As a meat eater, I actually quite like these. The only problem is they are loaded with salt.


They are for people who want sausages but don't want to consume the corpses of tortured animals (y)

Linda McCartney vegetarian sausages - £1 @ Morrisons
Found 20th MayFound 20th May
Spotted in Morrisons. Regular price £1.97. Available instore & online.

£1 pack is hot for 1st veggie processed item non-veggie me ever unreservedly enjoyed eating + herbed-up ones are new to me, Sainsburys, Iceland here I come.


Sainsburys is doing the Rosemary and red onion ones at the moment also for a quid.




Sounds nice although I would keep the diet coke and ice separate.The ice would cool my beans to fast and the coke would ruin the sausage flavour


Do you use the coke as a gravy?

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