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Ninja Foodi MAX Dual Zone AF400UK 9.5L Air Fryer - Black £230 free Click & Collect @ Argos

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Ninja dual 9.5l in stock in argos. Can reserve for pick from 4th December in most stores

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About this product
Take mealtimes to the max with the large capacity air fryer that cooks 2 foods, 2 ways, and finishes at the same time. Mix and match meals with 2 independent cooking zones. Sync to use different programs and times in each drawer – both finish cooking at the same time! Enjoy freshly cooked mains and sides together or cater to two different tastes. Match settings across both drawers to double your serving size. Cook up to 25% more (Compared to AF300UK, 7.6L). Large 9.5L capacity feeds 8 plus people - easily fit a 2kg chicken in each drawer!

More than an air fryer with 6 cooking functions. Create everything from roast chicken and crispy chips to delicious homemade desserts.

Up to 75% faster than fan ovens (Tested against fish fingers and sausages, including preheat). Cook from frozen to crispy in minutes with Max Crisp.

Air Fry – Up 75% less fat than traditional frying methods (Tested against deep fried, hand-cut French fries). Enjoy guilt-free fried favorites using little to no oil.

  • Suggested for 6+ portions.
  • Includes dishwasher safe parts.
  • 2 cooking compartments.
  • Size H32.5, W41.5, D27cm.
  • Weight 8.8kg.
  • 0.89m cable.
  • Digital timer.
  • Pre-set programmes include: max crisp, air fry, roast, reheat, dehydrate, bake.
  • Variable temperature from 40°C to 240°C.
  • Re-heat Function.
  • Cool zone to keep the oil fresher for longer.
  • Safety cut out.
  • 2470 watts.
  • Model number: AF400UK.
  • Manufacturer's 1 year guarantee.
  • EAN: 0622356245265.

Argos More details at Argos

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    What's wrong with some people? How is this hot at such price? Paid £160 for mine. Happy with it, used daily. But I will say £100-150 is a reasonable price. We had quite a few decent similar air fryers, different brands for £100-150, I know it is a shortage and people get mad about these, but £230 is a lot IMO for what this is. I can't live without mine, but I think this is expensive.
    I got one at £219 and returned it. Way overhyped especially at these inflated rrps.
  2. Avatar
    This is a deals site, not a stock checker. RRP is not a deal!
    I found it helpful and might have missed it if it hadn’t got hot.    You should probably just ignore these posts.  It’s not often that this happens really and not worth concerning yourself IMO.
  3. Avatar
    I got this for £169 from QVC last year...why has the price gone up so much?
    Idiots have turned in to a grail purchase and no one can live without one these days
  4. Avatar
    Thanks…amazingly in stock at our local Argos/Sainsburys. Ordered for collection.

    Now I just need to decide whether I want it! Have read all about airfryers and the reviews are great for Ninja. But…

    I really am in two minds…it takes up a lot of worktop…it’d have to be convinced it’s going to significantly change the way we cook. Is that really the case? Please convince me! (edited)
    If you use your oven a lot, pretty much everything can be done in this instead in less time. However it does take up a lot of room, the 400 is massive so doubt you want to be taking it in & out of a cupboard each use
  5. Avatar
    So…now I have one coming can anyone advise on the practicalities? Any cleaning tips? Are the drawers dish washable? (Actually says dishwasher safe parts…but is that advisable?). Can I get replacement drawers if non-stick wears off?
    I personally wouldn't put anything with a Teflon coating in the dishwasher despite what they say.
    I always put water in mine straight after use & let it soak for a bit, then just use the soapy soft part of the sponge and no issues at all, cleans super easy. Once you start getting scratches is when you'll start getting problems
  6. Avatar
    Expensive for a glorified microwave. Not sure this is a deal? Cold.
    Try cooking a full roast in a microwave. Or reheated pizza. Or bake a cake.
  7. Avatar
    It will cook chicken nuggets in 10 minutes but takes 40 in a oven and it’s not going to save u money some people have sh for brains
  8. Avatar
    Glorified microwave. Cold.
    Your welcome to your opinion 🏽
  9. Avatar
    I bought ours a year ago (£180 I think direct from Ninja), when I showed my wife she was not amused..... I'm not using that, it's ugly, I prefer the oven. A year later and despite having our kitchen completely renovated with new appliances the trusty Ninja Air Fryer gets a fair bit of use for things.

    I doubt this saves any money for people but it might provide some convenience and it does cook well. This price (£230) is a sign of supply and demand. I personally would not pay more than £180 for it.
  10. Avatar
    I don't understand why it's so hot. I bought one 4 months ago for £179 from Currys
    Look at eBay selling prices
  11. Avatar
    I can imagine people buying Ninja gadgets just to impress their friends, they probably also have iPhones on an expensive contract too!
    Don't forget Dysons. They always cause a discussion at evening dinner.
  12. Avatar
    Just don't like the design and think Ninja is overpriced. Why pay £230 for two joined together when you can get two 4L ones for £50 quid each?
    1 plug, syncing cooking/finishing times, takes up less space, that's just 3 reasons off the top of my head.

    But I agree, these are way too expensive, I have the slightly smaller AF300, and rarely use it (maybe once a week), they're good, but not worth the money they are going for now (I paid £129). This (£230) is RRP, so not a deal in my eyes.
  13. Avatar
    Gosh these have increased in price with inflation!!! I got this in July for £161... With bluelight discount.
    I do use it waaaay more than the oven but at £230 it's a rip off. Don't buy at that price I'd say
  14. Avatar
    Got 8 to re sell thanks
  15. Avatar
    I'm estimating around three to four years before break-even compared to using a gas oven.
    Actually you maybe surprised.

    Air fryers are less space internally and blow the heat around incredibly well. Which ciiks everything much quicker.

    The more void space you have the more heat you need. You open an oven and a lot of that heat / energy is lost.

    metro.co.uk/202…54/ (edited)
  16. Avatar
    Still available portsmouth area, just got one for collection 4pm
  17. Avatar
    Thanks Op
  18. Avatar
    This must be the first time an Argos deal has come up and there has been stock in my local store. First Time Ever.
  19. Avatar
    No store’s have got it around Birmingham (edited)
  20. Avatar
    It’s doesn’t give me the option to reserve
  21. Avatar
    ‘Most stores’ where? I can’t find any…
  22. Avatar
    Several near High Wycombe
  23. Avatar
    No stock where I am
    You've been saved from the madness
  24. Avatar
    I got mine using the HotStock app (free version), became available at Very and was delivered within 3 days.
  25. Avatar
    Got one for local collection in London for Friday, thanks!
  26. Avatar
  27. Avatar
    My hero!!!! Thank you ordered to collect Saturday in Plymouth
  28. Avatar
    UK OOS
  29. Avatar
    Still showing as in stock at lots of places for collection but no delivery option
  30. Avatar
    Said 3 in stock then out of stock then came back up and available to collect tonight from 5pm.
    Ordered and paid see if it’s available later!
  31. Avatar
    Finally got one
  32. Avatar
    Good luck with the re sell they are popping up all over the place could have bought 4 yesterday.have you sold all your toilet roll yet
  33. Avatar
  34. Avatar
    Thank you, Got one
  35. Avatar
    Seem out of stock every where now
  36. Avatar
    Had plenty in curry’s Cambridge branch yesterday at £199 I think.
  37. Avatar
    Ordered,just hope it's as good as they say.
  38. Avatar
    Just got one ordered for collection in Leeds
  39. Avatar
    Break even is around 2 to 3 years, cost of use £60 , gas oven equivalent £120 / year.

    For a mini oven and what you'd normally do under the grill and on the hob.
  40. Avatar
    Thanks OP. My friend got one after looking for ages!
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