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Daewoo 5.5L Digital Slow Cooker Stainless Steel £19.99 (Free C&C) @ Robert Dyas
Found 16th JanFound 16th Jan
Good bit of kit at a decent price. Free C&C or otherwise £3.50 for delivery. There is also the code JAN19DM which takes £5 off a spend of £25 if you clubbed with something e… Read more
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My sister bought me this slow cooker for Christmas as I've always thought of having one. Used it for the first time last weekend to make a spag bol. It's brilliant, it got really hot on the high setting so next time I'll set to low and go slow. It's quite large so I'm not sure how suitable it would be just to make one meal in it at a time, but it will undoubtedly still be more energy efficient than using the oven. With the Spag bol, I made a big batch and decanted the rest and froze them. The timer is a great feature and after the set time has expired the cooker turns itself on a automatic warm up mode. I never experienced any evaporation (as previously mentioned) however I did leave the glass lid on throughout cooking and never took it off as this is apparently a big no, no for slow cooking. Thus far I would highly recommend this cooker (y) 🏻


Not as much of a deal as this, but on a related note I just recently bought a pressure cooker and that's the main advantage I've found so far - no evaporation, so even though it's a 6 litre pot, it really gets the flavours out. Plus it takes 15 mins instead of 3 hours! Can't recommend pressure cookers enough.


Back in those days car boot stuff used to cost under 50p, now they made a business selling stuff for £100


Wow 10p cooker still going after 30 years / that surely has to be the best 10p ever spent record (highfive)


Great price but in my experience this is a bit too big - you want a slow cook to stew in its own juices whereas when I had one with these dimensions the juice tended to evaporate. I bought a smaller one in a car boot for 10p about 30 years ago, still using it to this day. Maybe I should post that. Prob about 1/150th of a p per meal.

Half Price Wilko 6L Pressure Cooker with 2 year guarantee - £25 + Free C&C @ Wilko
Found 16th JanFound 16th Jan
Serve up a feast with our versatile 6 Litre Electric Pressure Cooker. It cooks quickly to lock in flavour and goodness and has 10 automatic programmes making it perfect for cooking… Read more

anyone know what pressure it cooks at?


Picked up mine on Saturday - instructions aren't great, but thank heavens for Google and the Facebook Pressure Cooking groups.


Teflon coated pot, but bargain. We have the (£50 Amazon now £110) Cosori which comes with a stainlees steel cooking pot and a glass lid.


Aluminium or stainless steel? Aluminium is not good for cooking!


soz! you're right. Carnivore over here keeps forgetting about vegetables (cheeky)

Daewoo 1.5L Manual Slow Cooker - Stainless Steel - £8.99 + Free C&C @ Robert Dyas
Found 13th JanFound 13th Jan
Prepare a meal for up to 2 people using the 1.5L slow cooker from Daewoo. You can switch it on in the morning, head to work or simply get on with chores while your meal cooks away.… Read more

Why didn't you post it on here


Great discount


Some people dont have gas though. To have something hot for when you get in and slow cooked does make meat more tender as well, not as good as a pressure cooker though. Have you ever tried cooking a chicken in a pressure cooker?


I wont buy any cookworks stuff after trying to return one of their kettles, very very very slow to switch off, was boiling for 45 seconds. and they went and boiled it in the back. I didnt get a refund , if it was another brand not owned by Argos i would have been able to return it. One of the staff thought it wasnt an Argos brand so was going to refund me. Another staff member said no as its their own brand, weird rule. I tried arguing the point and that its a kettle, all that someone needs to do is boil it to sterilize it again. One of them had a severely bad attitude as well. Make sure you know what you need to know before buying a cookworks itemi, id open the box and check it there as well. esp if its for food related.


Agree! See my post above and for under 20 quid! :D

3L Stainless steel Slow Cooker £10 @ Asda instore.
Refreshed 14th JanRefreshed 14th JanLocalLocal
Also online but OOS at the moment.
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I have a tefal electronic slow cooker which I use mainly for rice, extremely easy to clean just like the pot in your cookworks one. Would defo upgrade to pressure cooker style of slow cooker. Makes me want to dig out my 50 year old pressure cooker which you just stick in the hob.


I have a Jamie Oliver branded machine made by Tefal that i picked up for £15 in a charity shop and a cookworks one, of the two it is usually the cookworks one that is used as it has more programs for rice, slow cooker +++


Fair enough, id consider getting a pressure cooker but only when my slow cooker pops its clogs - my kitchen is tiny and space is a premium. What model of pressure cooker do you have?


no hassle as such but the gravy always reduces a fair amount in a slow cooker while the pressure cooker you would not see much if any difference as it is a sealed unit and only releases a small bit of steam before it closes the valve.


looks like you have memories of your grans old pressure cooker :) the newer breed of electric ones you would not even notice they are on

Instant pot Duo v2 £70 off! 7 in 1 cooker - poss energy saving £100 Sold by Instant Pot UK and Fulfilled by Amazon.
Found 11th JanFound 11th Jan
Ive heard so much about this pot and I was going to buy this two days ago for £140 but for some reason waited went to get it today and its another £40 off. If you use the amazon sm… Read more
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You only need a plug shape adaptor to use in India. They use 220v 50hz, UK items will work without issue. The advise above is incorrect.


I purchased one for £79 on black Friday from Amazon. I also tried the Pressure King Pro and there are lots of cheaper ones. However the IP is really well made, specifically the inner stainless steel pot which can be put on a hotplate with the lid on. I have a second inner pot so I can then cook more things for the same meal and of course you can get inner stackable pans as another accessory to cook multiple things at the same time. I haven't stopped using it every day since then and my wife loves that I now do most of the cooking :)


May be you are right and I dnt want to sound like an advocate for IP but I have boiled 6 eggs today in IP in 5-7mins and have made porridge in the past (with no stirring or baby sitting) in 10mins.


Also I got all my accessories online either from amazon or ebay but some here and some in USA.


The price isn't too bad if I'm honest.. And about cooking foods that need same cooking times.. You will get more confident as you use it more and understand how to find a happy medium. For example if I cook dal in one box rice in other and dry veg curry in third, I know dal needs more time so I will either soak it for few mins bef cooking or use hot water from kettle to make the cooking faster. All three things cook in 15 mins and no clean up at all other than the 3 boxes. Happy days!

Cookworks Pressure Cooker - £19.99 @ Argos (Free C&C)
Found 6th JanFound 6th Jan
Cookworks pressure cooker back in stock at Argos price is now £19.99 but still a bargain

Maybe it means the sauté setting?


Bought one of these yesterday website says Keep warm mode.Delay timer.I cannot find switch, recipe book says on several recipes reduce heat to medium? no such switch misleading again from argos, junk


Normally over an hour with lentils


How long does a veggy soup take you normally? :/


I managed to get one of these for £15 honestly I’d definitely have paid more it’s excellent. I used it last night I made homemade vegetable soup and it took all of 15 minutes :o

Wilko Multi Cooker 5L Now £25  was £40 @ Wilko
Found 6th JanFound 6th Jan
Serve up a feast with our Electric Multi Cooker. Take the hassle out of home-cooked meals with our 5 litre multi cooker that has 12 automatic cooking options. With an easy to use p… Read more

Is this a pressure cooker? It doesn't state but it looks like one.


Looked at this yesterday but ended up buying the 6ltr pressure cooker, OK only has 10 functions but some functions will do other things as you can add or subtract the cooking time of each function. Does all this can do plus 1ltr bigger and a pressure cooker to boot for same price ;)

Cookworks 1.5L Rice Cooker - Black £14.99 Argos
Found 4th JanFound 4th Jan
ABOUT THIS PRODUCT Enjoy precisely cooked rice every time with the Cookworks rice cooker. Say goodbye to standing over the hob checking your rice isn’t burning and the water isn’t… Read more

Don't understand why it's cold. :/ Price wise stays the same(1l=£10, 1.5l=£15). And good reviews, most of them just recently.


Asda one is 1l this is 1.5l so basicly the same price only different brand. ;)


Asda one is only £10

Cookworks Pressure cooker at Argos for £19.99 -Back in stock
Found 4th JanFound 4th Jan
There was a deal for this last week at 14.99 but i missed it due to out of stock, it is now showing as in stock for collection in 4 days in all my local branches so fought it might… Read more

I also bought one last week for £14.99. Wanted one for a while but I’m far too tight but couldn’t resist at that price. I’m disappointed in myself for waiting so long. It’s great to use, saves so much time and the pot cleans really easily. Definitely reco


and over the course of lunchtime they've all sold out!


Missed it last time when it was posted... This time also I almost missed, I reserved the last one of my nearest store. Thanks OP


My mum bought a pressure cooker when I was a child over 35 years ago now. Not sure about the ones of today, but when I was a child they were pretty noisy and scary and when the food was cooked I'd quickly make an exit from the kitchen - I honestly thought that the thing was going to blow up. After experiencing that one, I've never actually bought one myself, though I should imagine that the ones of today are a lot safer.


I have it . Voted hot

Rice cooker £10 Asda - free c&c
Found 4th JanFound 4th Jan
Create the perfect rice dish using this hassle-free and stylish rice cooker. With two settings, cook or warm, the compact rice cooker couldn't be simpler to use and comes with a no… Read more

This could literally be my story. I find cooking it in a pan this way actually makes better rice too.


Thanks but been posted before



OK so many moons ago I bought a Cookworks rice cooker from Argos and thougt it was the dogs danglies for cooking rice. Probably cost the same back then. Since the paint, non stick layer, came off it was eventually consigned to the "give to son when he moves out box". I now use a small Scoville neverstick pan and cook 1 portion of rice to 2 of boiling water for 20 minutes on lowest heat with lid on then allow 10 minutes rest without removing lid then fluff up afterwards and get same resulting perfectly cooked rice.... Obviously depends on the type of rice youre cooking but easy cook and basmati cook fine, some of the starchier rice might need lots more rinsing prior to cooking...


yeah i really should stop listening to the likes of the FDA, the UK FSA and even the EU FSA which each advise that this is a real problem and take steps to monitor it. not sure why you are against a little salt in the cooking water, it raises the boiling pint giving you a few seconds to react before it flows all over the stove and will be mostly washed away as you rinse the rice so can't see any health risk unless of course you are using one of these and the salt will spoil the taste of your extra arsenic :D

Wilko Slow Cooker 3.5L Was £12.00 now £9.00 @ Wilko free C&C 2 Year Guarantee
Found 4th JanFound 4th Jan
Price issue now resolved .Originally £16.00 then £12.00 now £9.00 Our 3.5 Litre Slow Cooker is ideal for cooking stews, curries and casseroles. The glass cover lets you see what's … Read more
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Hmmmmmmm (mad)


It will warm you up but very slowly.


How many portions would this be able to hold?


Thanks ordered one last wk for my daughter. Will ask her if theres a timer or not. X


Great deal, just a shame no timer on it that I can tell.

Pressure King Pro 3 Litre Pressure Cooker £34 @ Amazon
Found 2nd JanFound 2nd Jan
Lowest ever price on Amazon for the 3 litre size in Chrome. This pressure cooker is well reviewed and was recommended to me by a friend, a great deal at this price for anyone looki… Read more

Best not go into a pro kitchen then. XD


I have this model from Amazon and it's got the sauté option. Its called 'Browning' and is on the same button as 'meat'. You just have to keep the lid off to use the function. I got mine from Amazon a few months ago when it was £25 so this should be the same model. ;)


aluminium was a popular material during the 60's and 70's.... today, Alzheimer’s is as popular as aluminium cooking pots were then.


Difference from pushing a couple of buttons and walking away then automatically switching to keep warm if needed versus fanning around getting correct continuous pressure on cooker. It can also be used as a slow cooker and for sautee


It doesn’t have the sauté option if anyone is bothered.

Cooks Professional Cast Iron 8 piece pots and pans set, £117.89 with code @ Groupon
Found 1st JanFound 1st Jan
The price for the 8 piece set is £130.99. The code 'TRIPLE' works for new accounts to bring the cost down to £117.89 (use a different/new email address). You should also be able … Read more

I've received these. Very happy with the '5 piece's grouping but the handles on the saucepans seem a bit ropey. Also it's (maybe) being delivered by Hermes (annoyed)


Already tracked @ £23.58 so if it confirms I've paid £107.41. There's always a chance Quidco won't play ball if you use a code anyway so I'm happy regardless. Maybe the TRIPLE code has expired perhaps now we're into 2019?


There are usually loads of Groupon codes kicking about but fingers crossed for your cashback!


Cheers OP. Couldn't get the code to work, even with a new account, but a possible 18% Quidco softens the blow. Have some heat like these pans will when they get here ;)


Delivery is 'expedited' so they're going to work off some extra turkey!

Rangemaster Kitchener 90 £899.99 @ Currys
Found 31st Dec 2018Found 31st Dec 2018
Thought this is very good deal if anyone is looking for a new oven. Next price is £300 more. Extra 10% off £999.99

How big will this get if you don't mind me asking?


Every single manufacturer does it, they all have products out there with their name on it but not made by them, this was a particularly bad move by Rangemaster as it can put people off of their in house made cookers that are actually made really well.


It was indeed the Rangemaster 60cm cooker. Such a rubbish and misleading thing to do and put their brand on it then?


Do ovens come exclusively as gas or are they all electric now?


Are both ovens electric on this cooker?

iVide Cooker by SousVideTools Professional Sous Vide Water Bath Thermal Circulator SousVideTools Amazon £42.98 was £140
Found 30th Dec 2018Found 30th Dec 2018
Bright touch screen working temperature display App Controlled Wi-Fi Enabled Easy to use water proof controls for selecting desired temperature and time Near silent running

How is your guys ivide doing. Does it work as stated, holding temp properly etc? The one I bought is faulty so going back


I reckon pie and chips will do the little Munchkin, but the wife has other ideas (lol) (lol)


Well spotted, no good if it only uses proprietary bags, gumtree and eBay are great ideas as well, will keep my eyes peeled. The one you linked to on Amazon looks good, I have a kettle by the same company and fair play it’s well made and gets a load of use with baby bottles. Again thanks for taking the time to post (y)


Ah the joy of baby weening. I lost days of my life steaming, blitzing and adding tofu to a range of fruit and veg. All very worthwhile though of course.


I just had a quick look at the Andrew James one. A bit concerned at one of the reviews that said it didn't work with other bags than those that came with it. The review might be talking rubbish but worth checking a bit more. This one doesn't look too bad: A few people saying it didn't seal after a while, but one said this was due to storing it closed which damaged the air seal (I think they mean with the pressure clips engaged), so maybe most of the poor reviews are the same problem. I couldn't decide either when it came to picking the sealer. I opted to look at more expensive models thinking they were likely to be better built, which might be completely stupid, but who knows. I was just a bit put off by some of the reviews of the cheaper options. That said, I picked my Foodsaver V2860 up for £70 off gumtree with three big rolls of bags included. Might be worth having a look as these seem to pop up quite a lot (also on ebay).

Pressure King Pro 5 litre (Chrome) 12 in 1 pressure cooker - £46 instore @ Tesco
LocalLocalFound 29th Dec 2018Found 29th Dec 2018
Pressure King Pro 12 in 1 (Chrome), 5 litre digital pressure cooker is £46 in Tesco at the moment. It was £49 before Christmas. Seems a good price considering it's around £60 elsew… Read more

Just been to Brighouse store none in stock and customer service says no way to check other stores. Really wanted to try one and this price was so good.


Just saw this in the Redditch Extra. We’ve been considering the ‘Instant Pot’ device - this is less than the half the price, so may give it a go


Tesco don't have an online store anymore


argos have the cookworks 3l simple version of this 1kw rated for £15 if they aren't sold out yet.


Have you cooked a pizza in it yet?

Cookworks Pressure cooker at Argos for £14.99 (free C&C)
Refreshed 29th Dec 2018Refreshed 29th Dec 2018LocalLocal
Was looking to buy one of these for a while. They were recently discounted to 30 and now 14.99. Most stores don't have stock, but many allow reservations (I collected one yesterday… Read more
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Its £19.99 now


Quite a lot of locations with availability this morning. Use checknow dot co dot uk with item number 7117288 to see if there is anything around you.


All out of stock again in London :(


Lots of stock showing up in London. Reserved one for tomorrow even though I got the 6ltr PK Just picked one up from Camden. I’ve got an extra reservation for Wembley Central till Wednesday if anyone wants it.


Thanks OP, managed to pick one up yesterday :)

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