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Posted 13 April 2023

Oppo Reno8 Lite Like New £149 / Find X2 Neo 128GB Moonlight Black / Blue Smartphone - £119 (+ £10 Top Up New Customers) @ Giffgaff

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Oppo Reno8 Lite 5G Refurbished Like New - 24 Month Warranty. Apologies for the giffgaff spam, but I didn't see the point in adding new phones with used, or iPhone with android, hence the three separate posts.

Streamlined Design
The Find X2 Neo features a dual-curved design, streamlining its look and feel. The high-precision micro-punching process significantly reduces camera interference and produces only the most stunning visual media.

Hybrid Optical Zoom
With 5x Hybrid Optical Zoom, capture the world near and far from multiple perspectives. The Find X2 Neo's powerful AI algorithm improves the appearance of night scape photos. Whether in a brightly lit city or dim natural landscape, you'll get clear photos with vibrant colors and layered textures.

Ultra Steady Video 2.0 Supremely Smooth
Find X2 Neo raises the bar for video stabilisation, bringing two different image stabilisation functions. Ranging from daily use to intense athletics, incredibly smooth video quality is assured. You do the shooting - Find X2 Neo takes care of the rest.

Ultra Steady Video
You can depend on the Find X2 Neo for supreme image quality and clear lifestyle videos. HIS (Hybrid Image Stabilisation) technology combines optical and electronic anti-shake use accurately sense and counter-act shaking while recording.

Ultra Steady Video Pro
The ultra-wide-angle lens and wider FOV further enhance the dual image stabilisation effect. Even when in a challenging outdoor filming environments, off-road adventures, chase scenes, and other choppy endeavours, the videos remain stable so that you won't miss a thing.

Beyond Recording
Find X2 Neo provides a variety of professional video shooting functions so you can effortlessly create professional-grade videos.

Video Bokeh Effect
Highlight the subject with movie-like background blur.

Video Beautification
High resolution and AI Beauty Algorithms combine to create pro-level lighting and effects without extra equipment.

Video Hybrid Optical Zoom
Get an extraordinary close-up view.

No quibble returns
Get time to check out your new phone, with no risk. If it's not the right one for you, return it to us within 21 days of delivery and we'll refund you, easy as pie. How to return a giffgaff phone

Also, 30 days faulty returns
Sometimes things go wrong. If your phone has a fault not relating to physical damage, we'll gladly accept it back for a full refund or a swanky replacement of the same model. How to return a faulty phone
giffgaff More details at
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  1. TheCostOfLies's avatar
    The linked Neo is 128gb, not 256?
    MrSwitch's avatar
    MrSwitch Author
    Have changed to 128GB, however the 2 neo didn't come in 128GB version, so I'd assume this is the 256GB version

  2. g-diddy's avatar
    Thats an excellent price for Oppo Reno 8 Lite, currently been sold for around £259 in Argos...

    Its not trying to be a top of the range phone, but has some very decent specs I doubt you will find on many phones for this price elsewhere! Comes with 8GB of RAM, a very nice AMOLED Screen and reasonable camera with night photo capability.

    Also as it was only released 6-7 months ago, should get updates for atleast two years!

    Im a big fan of Oppo phones and found the quality to be excellent.

    Giff Gaff are usually very accurate when they give descriptions of phones from my experience, and would expect this to be like new as they describe. However Giff Gaff don't usually provide chargers, so you will miss out on the fast charger, unlike if you was buying brand new.
  3. SirSpanky's avatar
    Looks like a great deal! Tempted by one of them. Do you think the Reno8 is a better deal here given the Find X2 Neo is nearly 3 years old now?
    MrSwitch's avatar
    MrSwitch Author
    The x2 neo is the better phone in my opinion, hard to judge, newer, more updates, vs older but better spec
  4. Stubee's avatar
    Looks great, anyone have experience with refurb stuff from giffgaff? They any good?
    thedagger's avatar
    I got an oppo x3 neo from them a while.back (a Mr Switch deal off here I think). Phone arrived quickly and in perfect condition but started to exhibit problems within a week or so. No problems returning it to Giffgaff for a refund. I'd have taken a replacement but they had all sold.out.

    I'd happily use them again.
  5. lamboo's avatar
    OPPO Reno 8 Lite is my replacement for Galaxy Note 9.
    Only had it for 2 days but things are promising.
    Great screen, Micro SD Card, headphone jack
    Not so sure about the camera compared to Note 9, point and shoot and pictures are so vibrant and in detail.
    Too many options when taking photos on Reno 8 Lite, still figuring them out.

    Can be had for £179.99 from O2 on Pay as you go (I'm certain it was mentioned and linked on another Switchy deal)
    whyhellothere's avatar
    do you have a link to the £180 please?
  6. whyhellothere's avatar
    If you're not a giff gaff customer, do you just have to buy a £10 plan, and then cancel that immediately?
    MrSwitch's avatar
    MrSwitch Author
    Yeah, set up an account and stop the recurring charge, it's very simple process
  7. hashim0786's avatar
    Find x2 neo out of stock already looks lik!
  8. Cookymonsterman's avatar
    Find X2 OOS for me, but Reno8 still available. (edited)
  9. TheCostOfLies's avatar
    Good deals
  10. BT1978's avatar
    Smashing deal this
  11. gakem11's avatar
    That's look like any amazing deal wow switchy you've done it again... have some heat
  12. innocent's avatar
    Two excellent deals for the day MrSwitch. You have done it again 👏🔥
  13. Dorian_Mangel's avatar
    Wife has the neo been a great phone
  14. Joshfount's avatar
    Good deals here for someone after a cheap but decent smartphone ♨️
  15. mint_fresh's avatar
    Any sony 1?
  16. hashim0786's avatar
    Any deals on the oppo find x2 pro? I'm also after pixel 7! Any help appreciated
  17. jpram's avatar
    MrSwitch's avatar
    MrSwitch Author
    reno8 lite is still in stock
  18. hashim0786's avatar
    You have to top up £10 monthly plan if not current Giffgaff customer (edited)
  19. far's avatar
    Neo was in stock again 2 minutes ago and went out of stock as I dithered....
  20. JamesB83's avatar
    Fantastic price for a X3 neo, would pick one up if I needed a phone. Almost tempted
  21. avid.fan's avatar
    I ordered one of the Find X2 Neos, and had it delivered today - but I see they've instead sent me a Reno 3 -


    ...as a non specialist when it comes to phones, can anyone tell me if I should stick or twist?? - they seem to be at around the same price point so guess they just ran out of stock and dropped this in instead, but appears to be a little older, and unclear if its 5g (it's for someone else, so havent fully tried it out)
    MrSwitch's avatar
    MrSwitch Author
    Are you sure it is the reno 3 and not the find x3 neo? (edited)
  22. shariifi's avatar
    Bought the X2 Neo 12GB/256GB for £79 ebay. Minor screen crack. I normally use it for apk testing I develop and social media apps. Excellent phone for £110

    Main phone Iphone 13 pro max not visible to social media, mainly used for work, gov and banking related apps. (edited)
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