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PawHut Cat Treadmill (Wheel) £139.99 (£118.99 with code) @ Aosom

Free from United Kingdom · Aosom Deals
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Ordered considering how much these things typically cost. 🤞 my cats actually use it.

You can try: BACK20 but not sure it works for other accounts.
3 vouchers available but only 1 can be used:

Aosom More details at Aosom
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  1. Adddddd's avatar
    I'd get this, but I know my cat would only use the box.
  2. FieldMarshal's avatar
    These should be illegal and not allowed! Animal cruelty. Im actually upset just seeing this.
    Crotchwig's avatar
    What is cruel about it? It's not like they are forced to use it. Most cats would probably just ignore it but if they like it why shouldn't they use it?
  3. Reigan's avatar
    This is not good for the cats spine btw.
  4. geriatrix's avatar
    Can you attach a small electrical generater to one of these to top up the electrcity supply?
  5. hugster's avatar
    Can you get one of these for children? Asking for a friend.......
    dragonballz78's avatar
    Sadly, not available in adult size, nor for child size ... Gutted! Was asking for a friend
  6. johnszi23's avatar
    Imagine spending over 100 for a cat
  7. TreeMunky's avatar
    Might be worth it just to laugh at my cat, I won the spannerz lottery with mine (she probably feels the same about me to be fair)"
  8. AnkerMan's avatar
    My friend bought one and I was so impressed. Thought it was an art piece or something until told it was for cat that used it few times and then now just collects dust (both toy and cat). Pet owners crack me up
  9. smudgerama's avatar
    For this price, I'd expect my cat to ride around it on a motorbike, juggling balls of wool, and purring The Windmills Of Your Mind.
  10. Bob_Ross_The_Boss's avatar
    Cats are pretty lazy, they will most likely use this to file there claws
  11. happi's avatar
    Good for hyper kittens but adult cats will just ignore it.
  12. gianthair's avatar
    Tempting. It might be a little bit small.
  13. Carlo_Abbona's avatar
    Ours is so lazy that she'd probably smell it for 5 seconds before ignoring it forever
  14. shirika88's avatar
    Can get the same in 30-40£ ali express
  15. fedex1401's avatar
    Just keep your money. The only thing that our cat uses regularly is her preferred place to sleep which is on top of her scratch posts.(nerd)
  16. Utakos's avatar
    OK for kittens nut the wheel needs to be larger for an adult cat.
  17. pfpf's avatar
    a lot of money for snotty cats to turn their nose up at.
  18. jonbee56's avatar
    What a complete and utter waste of money... 😄😄
  19. Lex_Harggsi's avatar
    If cats want to walk/run wont they just go for a walk/run
    around? I dont get it - had cats all my life suspect they'd be intrigued for 10 seconds roll their eyes and never look at it again. feels like a waste of money, space and materials. if ANYONE has lots of success with these though would love to see a vid. There only seems to be one maybe two vids on the tube lasting seconds which again makes me suspect cats had a one off accident or instance of being intrigued rather than "using" it. (edited)
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