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Reebok ZR8 Compact Treadmill @ Amazon
Found 17th AugFound 17th Aug
First post so take it easy! Cheapest I could find this model, if somebody can find cheaper, I'm in the market for one. Thanks

How does this compare to the JLL T350 on amazon for £394?


I can't remember exactly but something very much like the One GT60. It was around £800. Keeps breaking down, blown main board.


What model was this bad experience with? Thanks


My Reebok treadmill has been a nightmare, broken down three times, highly unreliable and unfit for purpose IMO.


Don't know about other councils but Coventry council explicitly exclude "running machines", and you have to pay a fee regardless (not the point I know, I just came here to see if anyone had anything positive to say about owning one in the past, I don't, some things are just better in the gym)

Reebok ZR7 Treadmill £306.94 delivered - Now £286.94  @ Argos
Refreshed 2nd AugRefreshed 2nd Aug
Dropped by around £20 since posting, much better Inb4 "Cheaper here" only to find it's a clothes Airer and "Why not run outside it's free" (highfive) Fair enough to a degree, b… Read more

What max speed do you need?


One big problem with this is the max speed. Once you have a good level of fitness you could run at the max speed for 2 hours easily. Need at least 15km max speed


Terrible treadmill. Absolutely appalling service. The tech guy they send out will tell you it is normal for a treadmill to creak as you run, jump on it with his dirty feet after taking his socks & shoes off & then leave without doing a repair. Buyer beware. Do not buy a Reebok Treadmill


I bought a Reebok treadmill from my brother-in-law. It is a higher spec model, cost him £800. He used it about four times in three years then sold it to me for £300. However, it has blown up three times! I have paid for a replacement board, then got a free motor under 10 year warranty, but had to pay to get it fitted, now it's blown again! Getting really fed up with it. Poor quality. Guy who fixed it said I hadn't oiled it enough. I've done that loads since, but it's still dead. :(


Coming to Ebay in about 2-3mths time for the price of £50, 1 owner, very little use, buyer must collect

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Roger Black Gold Plus Treadmill £110 OFF! £369.99 at Argos
Found 18th JunFound 18th Jun
Great Reviews Was £479.99 Improve your cardiovascular fitness or lose weight with this Roger Black Gold treadmill. Having a treadmill in your home makes exercising more convenient… Read more
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Expensive clothes hanger


Some alternate options: "Which treadmill" (from Argos) "Reebok ZR8 Compact Treadmill - £399.12 @ Amazon" (now £384.86)

Reebok ZR8 Compact Treadmill - £399.12 @ Amazon
Found 13th JunFound 13th Jun
Excellent price for this high quality treadmill With its large running surface and powered incline function, the Reebok ZR8 treadmill is ideal for burning calories and getting fit… Read more

Now £384.86.


IMHO Extremely poor quality. Bought one b4 Xmas set it up and it wouldn't function. Got it replaced and the second one has been used 3 times and now doesn't work. Seems to have the same issue as the first one i.e. no power getting to motor or dashboard.




Argos shoppers aren't the most discerning of people. Have you seen them?


Might get one of these to stand next to the cross trainer in the garage that doesn't get used either.

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Reebok Treadmill - Was £899 now £324.99 + £4.99 Del @ Sports Direct
Found 7th JanFound 7th Jan
The Reebok i-Run 3.0 Treadmill is a ultra-compact treadmill, suitable for any room in the home, it features an innovative folding mechanism enabling it to be folded complet… Read more

I agree with the physio just wanting to get you out the door. I was seeing an actual sports physio via my health insurance who wasn't working to get me better but rather getting me back out running (there is a difference). Take a look at i've had a couple of sessions with them and they are brilliant


I started running with normal trainers but after about week 5 I went to find out what was most suitable and did a gait test. I overpronate and bought suitable footwear. The issue first happened after about 13 weeks. Interestingly, the times I've run on the treadmill I was in a much warmer climate. I do stretch and walk to warm up when at home. The physio (NHS) didn't seems to be interested in looking at it further and suggested I give up and swim or cycle. I have no interest in either. I suspect that the unwillingness is probably down to cost of further investigation so my best option now might be a private referral.


I completed the c25k in the Autumn but had to stop running due to lower back and hip pain . Really sad to have had to give up but couldn't risk a long term injury


In answer to luketelfer -delivery was good and kept me informed of delivery on the day of delivery. The guys carried the box around the back of my house and into a conservatory, however I would suggest you ask about delivery upstairs as these are very heavy and carrying up 3 flight of stairs would be quite a challenge.


Its most likely an issue with your running gait. I have been running for year now and i've had knee issues for the past 2. i recently had gait retraining and now no longer have the knee issues.

Reebok Jet 300 Treadmill £599.99* Save £400.00 Was £999.99 @ Argos
Found 1st JanFound 1st Jan
IN STOCK in Newbury Berkshire The Reebok Jet 300 Series Treadmill features air motion technology which gives you effective cushioning to reduce the level of impact on your joints … Read more
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worth noting that the product info from Argos is wrong. The item weighs 102kg and NOT 62.5kg. Pretty big mistake to make, especially if you're wanting to get this to an upstairs room. If you follow sensible manual handling guidelines that makes it a minimum of a 4 person job.


Why expired? Still available as far as I can see. Unfortunately most treadmills seem to have unrealistic rrps but at this price it's a good spec for the money. The first things to look at when comparing with other models are the power of the motor and size of the running deck.


I don't quite agree its expensive, its a really good treadmill for the price range. see I do quite a lot of running on a treadmill and believe if you are going to get one then it had better be a good one.


Does it come with the chair and table?


Personally I agree with comments above that it's too expensive... but reason why I shared this deal is because some people regardless of what advise you give them... still prefers buying expensive branded stuff... So if someone already made there mind to get a Reebok 300 or whatever... then better spending £600 then £1000.. :)

Reebok One GT40S Treadmill @ Argos - £399.99
Found 28th Dec 2017Found 28th Dec 2017
Quidco 6% Cashback The Reebok One GT40s treadmill with integrated ONE Series cushioning is a must-have for any fitness fanatic. With no compromise on features, the GT40s offers t… Read more

It expired at 6pm, 28/12


Code doesn't work?


£331.94 @ Argos ebay Code PYN2018

Reebok ZR8 Treadmill £388.99 @ Amazon
Found 21st Nov 2017Found 21st Nov 2017
Seems like a good price only 7 hours left thou. Winter is coming. P.S. Free delivery included
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Expensive shirt hanger. Cheaper to buy a wardrobe.


Really good treadmill. Use with running apps like 0-5k (couch to 5k) for begginers or 5to10k etc for good goals and keeping commitment. Nice shock absorption on these.


We had the Z10 and can honestly say it was fantastic!! Not sure why this one is getting cold votes either! We had to get rid of ours due to moving house and the new house was to small else we would have kept it. They hold there price as well so you can sell on if it's not for you. :)


Would be more helpful if those who are"Colding" explain why.

Reebok ZR9 Treadmill @ Argos £342.94 inc. Delivery
Found 21st Oct 2017Found 21st Oct 2017
Good price for ZR9 treadmill seems to be in stock for delivery within 7 days. I do not know how many shirts or trousers these will hold :)

Anyone bored of theirs yet and looking to sell on?!


What size is your loft door. Oh sorry you were trying to be funny, HaHaHa.


OOS when checkin out


Just a warning. Argos do not want to know about any problems and are just outright rude. I have just managed to get mine refunded after developing a loud creaky sound, a dirty so called bare foot specialist jumping on the treadmill saying everything is ok and making racist remarks about the reebok manual; more seriously rude phone calls with Argos and finally a reebok representive issuing a refund code due to the bad behaviour of the specialist. Nightmare I never want to relive.


Can I run backwards on this?

Reebok Jet 100 Treadmill @ Argos £386.94
Found 2nd Sep 2017Found 2nd Sep 2017
Looks like a good deal for a Reebok Treadmill.Price includes delivery.

Get an extra 10% off with the code FIT10


Am I not able to work whilst at my in-laws? Are the two mutually exclusive? I said that if I went running in the park, as you suggested, I could get my phone stolen. You asked what parks I go running in, could I be mugged. I answered Bristol. I didn't say that I was buying the treadmill for my in-laws. SImply that there are parks in Bristol that I don't feel safe running in.


Work hours? You said this was for when you were at your in laws. Just jog down the streets. Buying a treadmill just for when you're at your in laws makes zero sense.


Shut up. You literally have no idea about my lifestyle. Job hours etc. Get a life.


At night? Who the hell goes jogging at night??? Get up earlier and run in the morning.

Reebok GT40S Treadmill GREAT PRICE!  Reduced from £599! £399.99 Argos ( Best price at the moment ) & good reviews
Found 23rd Jun 2017Found 23rd Jun 2017
The Reebok One GT40s treadmill with integrated ONE Series cushioning is a must-have for any fitness fanatic. With no compromise on features, the GT40s offers the perfect way to get… Read more
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Done a lot of looking around. These seem to not hold their value very well compared to higher models. This one in particular has been £380 at Argos. I have decided to go with the Zr11 due to wider deck and bigger motor. £150 more but you get more for the money and it is currently the cheapest it has been.


bought one 3 years ago in January sale, same price. wasn't the best tbh, found the belt slipped a little and million miles away from the study gym versions. needless to say it rarely got used and preference was to put a few layers on an get out on the streets. sold on eBay for 2/3 of price 5 months later... buy a better one of your gonna buy one , this is bang average at best!


Damages the knees running on street - plus if it is peeing down or freezing it's not very enticing.


Damages the knees running on street - plus if it is peeing down or freezing it's not very enticing.


COLD - its only going to be used a few times and then left in a dark corner. buy a 2nd hand one

1100W Motorised Folding Treadmill at Wowcher for £208.99 delivered
Found 28th May 2017Found 28th May 2017
£189 + £19.99 Postage, was £480. highlights Start burning those calories with an 1100W motorised treadmill. Includes a three-position incline setting and BMI/pulse sensor… Read more

​I agree,haven't really seen anything yet that I think is good value especially after you take into account the inflated postage.


​result, I work at home!


it goes neeeeerrrrrrrrrrrrrrruuuuummmmmmm fast


doesn't even tell you the max speed. Treadmills suit about 5% of people who are extremely self motivated but don't have access to decent running platform outdoors ( a lot of city dwellers don't appreciate how difficult and dangerous it is to run on dark country roads) If you are a motivated runner then you will pay good money for a decent machine. if you are thinking this will get you started then probably best to try running home from work.


get yourself a few of these.

Pro Fitness Treadmill 12kph,15(°) Automatic Elevation £196.94 delivered Argos
Found 13th May 2017Found 13th May 2017
Fed up of chavs and there untrained wolf descendants chasing you? Cyclists mowing you down? pedestrians on there phones not looking where there going? Vehicle Fumes? Tourists takin… Read more

Judging by comments on this thread, and nearly every other treadmill thread, I understand that some on here may give me grief on this. I bought my wife a treadmill last year for her birthday after having a delicate conversation with her. It's in the garage and she runs a minimum of four times a week on it. Completed a 10k Run for Life yesterday in 54 minutes. So, whilst there are many machines lying dormant, there are others that are well used and tremendous value. Just another side of the argument.


I have a treadmill and it's great for winter when I find I get ill if I run outside. It amazes me the people who claim 12km an hour is not that fast. Ok it's not world beating speed but I doubt many on here can run 10k in sub 50 minutes. I know some can but everyone claims they can here lol. Running outside is much nicer though as treadmill running is boring and it's too easy to stop at any time. I haven't been to a gym for years but also running in a gym keeps some motivated as they have people watching them and don't want to stop so soon or will run faster because of the pressure. If you do buy it buy a powerful fan to keep you cool when running as it is easy to overheat in the house.


not very quick 12km I have one which was 250 quid and it goes to 16 I think. still good for the price though. I absolutely hate the treadmill but it's handy when you can't get out of.the house, snow , ice etc.


Save your £200 you won't use it.


Max user weight 110kg lost it for me !!

Reebok ZR7 Treadmill at £349.99 @ Argos
Found 16th Apr 2017Found 16th Apr 2017
Reebok ZR7 Treadmill at £349.99 after save Save £100.00.
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Can't - ozone layer diminishing, diesel fumes increasing, greater risk of accidental death, knife crime, etc


just go out side people save your self some cash




Same thing after a few weeks...


That's a clothes airer????????

Reebok One GT60 Treadmill £599.99 @ Argos
Found 20th Jan 2017Found 20th Jan 2017
599.99 ay Argos and its going in basket (Which is very rare at Argos deal price)

some of people always think cheapest is the best, they don't care the quality and don't know there's always something behind the cheapest goods.


at time of posting it was a 20km speed treadmill for £600, so as treadmills go, it was a cracking deal. people tend to vote based on what they like, not if it is actually a good deal. the people who voted prob never had a treadmill or intend to buy one, so even a treadmill reduced to £400 from £2000 would get voted cold,as apparently they only make good clothes hangers and "you can just go outside".


stupid comment my reebox irun treadmill just broke after seven years, never used as a clothes horse. someone spending such money on a treadmill is most likely going to use it. as for the comments like "just go outside", going outside isnt an option for a lot of people due to the cold, getting dark at 4:30pm and having young children. Even where you live can prevent you going outside running, cant go out runing after dark if you live in the countryside, prob get knocked down. if you have the space it can be good, mine was set up in a spare room infront of a wallmounted tv, easy to do 40+ minutes when distracted


my first post .. very poor response .. My Bad


Good find, but surely this is abetter and cheaper bet for your clothes?

karrimor Pace Treadmill £249.99 @ Sweatshop
Found 5th Jan 2017Found 5th Jan 2017
Noticed this on tv. seemed a good price for what looks like a decent treadmill (although I am no expert on these). Delivery withing 2-3 days. copied and pasted features from the w… Read more
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It has a headphone socket too :)


reviews on this are terrible, plus mp3 input and speakers is pointless due to the noise this treadmill makes, really need to wear headphones


Not only is it cheaper in price but it has a more powerful motor and it also has a wider runway. Also has USB input for MP3 players/Phone etc and a Maximum User Weight: 140kg


I don't know anything about treadmills but am looking to buy one, why is the one you linked to better?


Better deal

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