Pedro Almodovar Collection - 5 Discs - £11.99

Pedro Almodovar Collection - 5 Discs - £11.99

Found 19th Apr 2007
Pedro Almodovar Collection - 5 Discs!

This 5DVD box set pulls together five of Spanish director Pedro Almodovar's best known films, included in the set are: Bad Education, Talk To Her, All About My Mother, Live Flesh and Tie Me Up, Tie Me Down

AMAZING price - the next cheapest is £17.99 from amazon and most other retailers are selling it at £30/£40!

INCREDIBLE boxset with FANTASTIC movies!


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Oh and dont forget your 10% quidco bringing it down to £10.80 :thumbsup:

Great price Some excellent viewing. Just wish a complete works would come out.

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Just wish a complete works would come out.

Dont we ALL :thumbsup:

Hes made some utterly FANTASTIC movies:-D

great value..i paid more.

only of my (many) moans about movie companies is the widescreen/anamorphic/lack of clear labelling issue.

without looking again, i'm sure at least some of these discs are letterbox widescreen for 4X3 screens ( ie poor quality) as opposed to (good quality) anamorphic widescreen.

guess which is cheaper for the movie company?

Great find.:thumbsup:

Voted volcanic.

I believe that All About My Mother and Live Flesh are non anamorphic but, at least with the former, the picture quality is still very good. At this price you'd be churlish to turn your nose up at these films over that issue... at full price then that would be a different matter. I bought this set last year from HMV when it was something like £15 and really, even if you only ever watch Talk To Her out of this set, you will have had more than your money's worth!
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