Posted 14 March 2023

Red Dead Redemption on Xbox 360, One and Series X|S - £4.47 @ Xbox Hungary Store

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No need for a VPN

America, 1911. The Wild West is dying. When federal agents threaten his family, former outlaw John Marston is forced to pick up his guns again and hunt down the gang of criminals he once called friends. Experience an epic fight for survival across the sprawling expanses of the American West and Mexico, as John Marston struggles to bury his blood-stained past, one man at a time.


Undead Nightmare add on pack is £2.82 from the Hungary store.
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  1. turnbug's avatar
    £7.33 for both the game and undead nightmare dlc
    kissmyfurrybutt's avatar
    Wish I'd seen this before I just clicked buy
  2. Inyourendo's avatar
    Rockstar's best game to this day. A masterpiece.
    markgh's avatar
    Better than Red Dead Redemption 2?
  3. SampleX's avatar
    Just gave myself a heart attack by buying this and then checking the price exchanged to GBP on Google... forgot the comma among the digits and screamed like a girly girl when it told me I'd just bought a 13 year old game for £45...

    Composed myself, rechecked and all is now good with the world with only my goldfish to know what noise I made. And he's not telling anyone. I made sure of that. Poor Nemo.
  4. LOKKO's avatar
    This isnt RDR2 btw, I found out after buying it
  5. otta's avatar
    Great deal, got it last time round but heat
  6. LOKKO's avatar
    Is this just buy and it's on your library
    whatupdog's avatar
    Yep, I’d use chrome to translate the page. It works exactly like the uk store (edited)
  7. abs4190's avatar
    Do you get the enhanced version of this?
    whatupdog's avatar
    I don’t see a separate option to purchase an enhanced edition but on the page it states it’s Xbox One X Enhanced

    49763814-l83w7.jpg (edited)
  8. fake_name's avatar
    Just such a fantastic fantastic game to be a part of. So immersive
  9. Raks82's avatar
    Any ideas how to translate the payment page?
    whatupdog's avatar
    its the same as the uk page so you could use that as reference or if you have a mobile use google lens to translate the page
  10. Crumbles's avatar
    Thanks for this, been thinking about playing again but had sold my disc way back when and gotten a Series S so this is perfect!
  11. inkyas's avatar
    Never played this but heard great things about it. At this price I can’t resist.
  12. DJN2020's avatar
    Much better than the sequel
  13. R4YYYJ's avatar
    I bought this thinking it was a good deal but after checking noticed it's only 50p from Xbox Argentina
    whatupdog's avatar
    Ah shame it’s a pain to get Argentina credit to buy it. You could have a look for a cd key for it but don’t think it be 50p
  14. keith_williams14a's avatar
    Description page gets translated but payment/basket page is in hungarian and not translated. what do I click on to pay, I clicked on my microsoft payment of bank debit card and nothing happens after that. :-(
    whatupdog's avatar
    should be just click on buying  then that window will pop up and just click on vasarlas

    you might need to add a Hungarian address, its the same layout as the uk page so you could use that as a reference, or if you have a mobile use google lens to translate the page (edited)
  15. Rob_Nisbet's avatar
    do you get the xbox series x 4k hdr10 version? looking at the uk page it looks like thats £54, there are that many different versions!
    VideoGameFan's avatar
    There is only one released version of the game. It works on every xbox from 360 onwards. It got enhanced for xbox one x, Series X will also run the enhanced version.
  16. SampleX's avatar
    Appears to be straight X360 version, NOT Xbox Series x/s Enhanced unless I'm mossing something...
    SampleX's avatar
    Clarification - the optimisation was for Xbox One X - dang Microsoft and their idiotic naming conventions.

    On the Series consoles it runs in compatibility mode, so not a native adaption. Oh well... cheep enough for a puntage.
  17. Gazzie's avatar
    I recall this being a horse riding simulator.
  18. BootStrapWill's avatar
    Just an FYI, this game runs at 4k no matter what version you get (if playing on a one X or series X). Unfortunately it's stuck at 30fps.
  19. Mauldor's avatar
    Mine cost me £4.44 for the Game and 13p Transaction fee from my bank, not sure why I thought this was an xbox 1 game - still worth the coin though.
  20. sy600's avatar
    Anyone know what to do at the details page after bank details - I assume it's address etc?

    - update I just autofilled with my address and managed to checkout £7.22 for rdr and the undead add on (edited)
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